1860/1870 Fashion Show


A lovely wedding photo – from the 1870’s – according to the bustle!  I love the layers of ruffles.  Taken by Bowman Photographer, Ottawa, Illinois, a carte-de-visite.


This very nice photo of a middle aged woman.  The ruffled collar of her dress and the collar of her blouse, with its large bow, make quite the impression – as do her earrings!  Photo taken by Fred C. Low, 110 Cambridge Street, E. Cambridge, Massachusetts, a carte-de-visite.


The dress in this photo is all about the stripes – and special sleeves!  Early to middle 1860’s.  The photo was taken by P. Jones Photographer, Hope Street, Wrexham, Wales, a carte-de-visite.


This is a great example of the 1870’s bustle!  Victorian all the way!  The photo was taken by D. Jones Artist, 66 Bold Street and 11 Church Street, Liverpool, England, a carte-de-visite.


This is an old tintype from the late 1850’s, very early 1860’s.  The fullness of the lower sleeves on the woman’s dress help date this photo.  There is a slight hint of color in the cheeks of both the man and woman – a hand-tint that was used during that time period.


This is a beautiful photo, although not in the best shape!  The woman wears a dress reminiscent of the early 1860’s, but has a lovely check shawl over her shoulders that just makes the picture!  The photo was taken by F. Gutekunst, 706 Arch Street, Philadelphia, a carte-de-visite.

I hope you have enjoyed the 1860-1870 fashion show today!  Good luck with your research!

2 responses to “1860/1870 Fashion Show

  1. Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey

    The photographs were lovely. What a privilege to see these moments in time. Thank you so much. I always enjoy your website. Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey

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