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Hon. William Henry Payne Biography

Scan_Pic1583from Kentucky – A History of the State, by Perrin, 1887

Warren County, Kentucky

Hon. William Henry Payne (deceased), a grandson of William Payne, of Revolutionary fame, was born in  Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1817.  He was a son of Edmund and Catherine T. (Hawley) Payne, and was of Scotch-English descent.  Edmund Payne was also born in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1791, and the paternal grandfather was a native of the same state.  The Payne family immigrated to Kentucky in 1819, and made a settlement in Warren County.  Edmund Payne died in this county in 1851, and his widow in 1859.  Hon. William H. Payne was educated at the early schools of Warren County.  In 1835 he began the study of law and subsequently attended a law school at Lexington, where he graduated in 1837; then located in Bowling Green and began the practice of his profession.  In 1850 he was elected judge of the county court of Warren County, and twice re-elected to that position.  He was the first county judge of this county after the revision of the state constitution.  In 1868 he was elected to the Kentucky Senate, and while a member of that body he took an active and leading part in the improvement of the Green and Barren Rivers and the organization of the Green and Barren River Navigation Company, and was the first president of that company.  In 1883 Judge Payne was elected to represent the Lower House in the State General Assembly, but on account of failing health was not permitted to serve in that capacity.  He was a true Democrat and was always found at the front in the interest of that party.  He was a member of the Masonic fraternity, and was also a Knight Templar.  He married, at the age of twenty-two, Miss Lucy Loving, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, who died one year after marriage.  His second marriage took place in September 1846, with Euphemia Y. Stubbins, a native of this county and a representative of one of the leading families of Warren County.  Mrs. Payne was born in 1828, and is the daughter of Samuel and Hettie (Garrison) Stubbins.  Judge Payne was one of the most enterprising men the county ever knew; he was widely known as the poor man’s friend; the humble and lowly were always placed at ease in his presence, and the distressed never made their appeal to him in vain.  His death, which took place March 25, 1884, was mourned by the entire community.  The judge was a Union man until after the war was fully organized; was very much opposed to secession, and was a strong advocate of peace.  After the Confederate troops came to Bowling Green he made a speech to them and was kindly dealt with by the Confederates, notwithstanding it was generally known his sympathies were with the Union.  He was a great admirer of the Kentucky people and only decided to cast his lot with the Confederacy when it became evident that the war was inevitable.  Previous to the war he belonged to the Whig party, but united with the Democrats after the struggle had begun.  He was endowed with a great deal of natural ability as an artist and draftsman, and was the architect of the beautiful home his widow now resides in at Bowling Green.

Washington County Revolutionary Soldiers

from Newspaper Articles by Orval W. Baylor – Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky

Some of Soldiers of the American Revolution Living in Washington County, Kentucky

Justin McCarty, born 1757; enlisted for one year and nine months in 1776 in the State of Pennsylvania and continued in the service until 1781; discharged at Falls Point, Baltimore; in Battle of Long Island and Brandywine.  “Keeps a little A.B.C. School” in Washington County in 1820; has wife and 9 children, 3 of whom are married.

William Thurman, born in 1756; enlisted in February, 1776, in the 3rd Virginia Regiment; in Battles of York Island, White Plains, Germantown and Brandywine; discharged at Valley Forge in February, 1778; farmer with wife aged 64 years; wife’s father, very aged and infirm, living with him.

Michael Hagan, born 1730; enlisted in 1774 or 1775 in Pennsylvania; in Battles of Brandywine, Germantown, White Plains, Short Hills, Three Rivers, Lake Champlain, Quebec, Saratoga, Stony Point, Gloucester and York; discharged in South Carolina in 1781 or 1782.

Robert Yates, born 1760; enlisted in State of Maryland in February, 1777.

William Hill, born 1748; enlisted in Virginia in 1781.

John Keets, born 1759; enlisted in Maryland in 1777; in Battles of Monmouth, Brandywine and Germantown; discharged at Annapolis in 1783.

James Gibbins, born 1757; enlisted in Pennsylvania for one and afterward reenlisted for two years in 1775; Battles of Long Island, White Plains, Trenton, Germantown, and Brandywine; discharged in State of New York in 1779; wife aged 50 and son at home.

Philip Walker, born in 1755; enlisted in State of Pennsylvania for term of 3 years, August 27, 1776; served to September 16, 1779; discharged in Pittsburg; in Battles of Germantown and Brandywine; farmer with wife about 55.

George Fielder, born 1756; enlisted in Virginia in 1776, in Daniel Morgan’s Regiment; discharged at Fredericktown, Maryland.

John Lawson, born 1758; enlisted in State of Virginia for 18 months; continued in service for about 14 months and reenlisted in the horse service for a term of 3 years in Baylor’s Continental Dragoons; in Battles of Savannah, Guilford, Eutaw Springs; married but no children.

James Lewis, born 1760; enlisted in Virginia in 1780 and served in Baylor’s Continental Dragoons.


Elliot County Births 1874

Elliot County, Kentucky – Births – 1874

  • Missouri E. Williams, born March 24, 1874, daughter of Joseph C. Williams, born Lee County, Virginia, and Cloe E. Oney, born Carter County, Kentucky
  • Mandy Fraley, born January 11, 1874, daughter of Stephen T. Fraley, born Carter County, Kentucky, and Surrepta Carter, born Scott County, Virginia
  • Sarah Bell Bowling, born September 12, 1874, daughter of Jesse Bowling, born Lee County, Virginia, and Eunice E. Fraley, born Russell County, Virginia
  • John W. Sturgeon, born July 5, 1874, son of George W. Sturgeon, born Carter County, Kentucky, and Polly Stephens, born Morgan County, Kentucky
  • Nancy Jane Johnson, born December 11, 1874, daughter of Henry Johnson, born Carter County, Kentucky, and Nancy Branham, born Carter County, Kentucky
  • Calvin Mabry, born June 26, 1874, son of Calvin Mabry, born Grayson County, Virginia, and Martha Branham, born Floyd County, Kentucky
  • Cordella J. Parson, born February 22, 1874, daughter of Squire O. Parson, born Greenup County, Kentucky, and Mary McDaniel, born Rush County, Indiana
  • Thomas H. Oney, born April 27, 1874, son of Richard Oney, born Tazewell County, Virginia, and Lillitha Williams, born Carter County, Kentucky
  • Sarah Bell Waggoner, born September 29, 1874, daughter of Isom Waggoner, born Carter County, Kentucky, and Drusilla Stephens, born Morgan County, Kentucky
  • Martha E. Waggoner, born March 26, 1874, daughter of Daniel Waggoner, born Carter County, Kentucky, and Marinda Brickey, born Scott County, Virginia
  • Hulda J. Lewis, born May 17, 1874, daughter of Jeremiah Lewis, born Perry County, Kentucky, and Delila Branham, born Floyd County, Kentucky
  • Edwin Dell Sparks, born January 23, 1874, son of Isaac N. Sparks, born Lawrence County, Kentucky, and Mary Branham, born Carter County, Kentucky
  • Larcenia Lewis, born January 17, 1874, daughter of Abijah Lewis, born Perry County, Kentucky, and Malinda J. Stephens, born Morgan County, Kentucky
  • Sally Stephens, born April 5, 1874, daughter of Stephen Stephens, born Floyd County, Kentucky, and Perlina James, born Carter County, Kentucky
  • Dorcas Collins, born March 7, 1874, daughter of John Collins, born Morgan County, Kentucky, and Lottie Stephens, born Morgan County, Kentucky
  • Daniel Collins, born February 27, 1874, son of Elijah Collins, born Morgan County, Kentucky, and Susan Stephens, born Morgan County, Kentucky

Jouett McCoun Obituary


Jouett F. McCoun, 1840-1908.  Fannie Hudson McCoun, 1848-1933.  Old Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, October 2, 1908

Old Soldier Passes Away at His Home Near Salvisa

Mr. Jouett McCoun, one of the most prominent men of the Providence neighborhood, died last Thursday evening of a complication of diseases, after a lingering illness.  His funeral took place at New Providence Church on Saturday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Harvey Glass, and the remains were interred in the Providence Cemetery.  Mr. McCoun was a splendid gentleman and one of the most prosperous farmers of that section of the county.  He was a member of Morgan’s command during the Civil War, and on the last raid of that famous Confederate through Kentucky in 1864, Mr. McCoun was captured at Cynthiana and was held a prisoner at Rock Island until the close of the war.  He was a native of the county and has always been held in the highest esteem.  He leaves a wife and three daughters, Misses Ora and Mabel McCoun, and Mrs. Dulin, of Shelbyville.  The pall bearers were Dr. J. W. Powell, Dr. J. P. Lapsley and Messrs. George Forsythe, Eb. Adams, James Armstrong and Henry McGee.



June 28, 1903 Photo

Scan_Pic1579 2What a lovely photo!  A mother and daughter, Helene and Greterl Lauer with Erich Steiner – photo taken June 28, 1903, in Germany.  There are many aspects of this photo I enjoy – the outfits of all three!  From Erich’s sailor outfit and little boot, to Greterl’s white pinafore with huge ruffles over the sleeves, to Helene’s gorgeous lace blouse and pendant.  You can see the detail of the lace in the shadow on her skirt!

Inside the house a birdcage is easily seen through the front door.  Does it contain a canary or two – or something a little larger – like a cockatiel?  Further in the room is a large table with a white tablecloth.

It would be interesting to know who took the photo – Erich’s mother?  Were the two women enjoying a day with their children?  I suppose we will never know.


1824 Will of Edward Barber Edwards

Scan_Pic1578Edward Barber Edwards is my 4th gr-grandfather, born in Maryland April 21, 1768, the eldest son of Jonathan Edwards and Sarah Barber.  He married Nancy Linton, daughter of Captain John Linton and Ann Mason.  Edward’s sons are mentioned in his will, but not his daughters.  They were Susan Clark Edwards, my 3rd gr-grandmother, Catherine Kitural Edwards, Mary Jane Edwards, Martha L. Edwards and Sarah Barber Edwards.

Will Book D, Page 112 – Washington County, Kentucky

I, Edward B. Edwards, of the county of Washington and state of Kentucky, being sound in mind do make this my last will and testament and do dispose of my estate as follows.  It is my desire that all my just debts be paid.  I give my wife, Nancy, the land that I now live on with all the stock and Negroes and household and kitchen furniture during her life except one hundred acres of the land that I give to my son John at the expiration of seven years from this date to be laid off on the north-west line and at the death of my wife the balance of the land is to belong to my son Benjamin and the rest of my estate to be equally divided between my daughters and my son Jonathan, but my wife may at any time that she thinks proper give any part of my property to any one of the girls or Jonathan, except the land, provided it be no more than their 10th portionable part and it shall stand good and in order that this my will be duly executed, I leave my beloved wife Nancy and my son John my executors.  Given under my hand and seal this sixteenth day of January one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four.

Edward B. Edwards

William T. Caldwell, John H. Linton, John Linton

At a County Court began and held for Washington County on Monday, the 8th day of March, 1824 – This last will and testament of Edward B. Edwards was produced in court and proved by the oaths of John H. Linton and John Linton, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and thereupon ordered to be recorded, which has accordingly been recorded in Will Book D Page 112.  Att. John Hughes, Jr. WCC

William McCohon Obituary


William McGohon, born December 21, 1864, died February 4, 1898.  Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, February 11, 1898

William McGohon met death in a most shocking manner at Burgin, Friday night.  he had been in the employ of Mr. Rob. Goddard for some time, but occasionally worked for the railroad.  Friday morning he asked for and was granted permission by Mr. Goddard to go to work for the railroad during the bad weather.  At 7 o’clock that night he was assisting in cleaning a switch engine that is used jointly by the Cincinnati Southern and Louisville Southern railroads, and had gone into the pit beneath the engine to clean the ask pan.  Finishing this work he attempted to crawl out between the wheels, but when half way out Engineer Sandifer started the engine and one of the wheels passed over the lower part of his abdomen.  the only words the unfortunate man uttered were: “Oh, I’m killed!”  McGohon was a native of this county and was stood high with those who knew him.  He was thirty-two years of age and leaves a wife and one child.  Funeral services were held Sunday morning and the remains were brought to this place, and interred in Spring Hill Cemetery.  It is said the engine that killed McGohon, is the one that crushed Miss Scroggins to death in Louisville some days since, and that is was in the head end collision that occurred at the depot here last September.  Coroner Gibbs went out and impaneled a jury and a verdict was returned that the killing was through the negligence of the crew in charge of the engine at the time.