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J. R. Skaggs Obituary

from The Weekly Advance

Ballard County, Kentucky

In Memory of J. R. Skaggs

On August 20, 1918, at Hinkleville, Ballard County, Kentucky, the relatives, brethren and friends were called together in a funeral service to pay the last debt the living owe to the departing brother.  J. R. Skaggs was born on February 15, 1843, and died August 19, 1918, age 75 years, 6 months and 4 days.  While in his teens he volunteered his service to the Confederate States of America, where his loyalty rendered continuous and acceptable service.  After the war he located in Ballard County and began energetically to solve the problem of life with a success socially, which made him a kind husband, devoted father, honored citizen, loyal Mason and Odd Fellow, and a public businessman of a universal good name.  In early life he became a member of the Church of God under the Christ and so remained till death.  In 1880 was married to Miss Anna Bondurant, one of Ballard County’s most amiable daughters.  From this happy union were born one daughter, Mrs. Williams, of Hinkleville, and one son, S. L. Skaggs, now in the U.S. Service.  He was for several years in public life in this county, where he won an extensive acquaintance and held a life-long friendship.

His philosophy of life was “Do you best, don’t fret.”  Taking the pointing of the index finger of temporal life as a guide, we can but say he is in the home of his Father and elder Brother, there to remain in safely till we shall meet him again.  Kind hearts watched over him in his age, ready hands ministered and a beautiful farewell was spoken by a host of appreciative citizens and friends in his interment at Hinkleville cemetery.

Now we can say:

Farewell father, brother, friend, In mem’ry we shall hold; A place for thee to the end, Where life’s story is told.

May brightest stars ever shine, From they celestial Crown; Eternal glory be thine, Nothing thy peace to drown.

W. W. Morris

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Births – 1911-1915

Kentucky Vital Statistics

Births – January 1911 – December 1915

  • Infant of H. H. Schafer, McCracken County, April 7, 1912, Vol. 48, #19044, mother, Esmer Lovell
  • John Schafer, Montgomery County, April 30, 1914, Vol. 42, #20533, mother, Stella E. Maninni
  • John Jerome Jacob Schafer, Campbell County, November 3, 1915, Vol. 114, #56783, mother, Hilda Wink
  • John Lewis Schafer, Breckinridge County, March 29, 1914, Vol. 25, #12260, Mary F. Haycraft
  • Laverne Emma Schafer, Campbell County, July 8, 1915, Vol. 68, #33914, mother, Emma Hohlhampt
  • Lawrence Allen Schafer, Carroll County, March 25, 1913, Vol. 36, #17755, mother, Ella Harmon
  • Loraine Schafer, Kenton County, October 25, 1912, Vol. 150, #59807, mother, Nannie Bailey
  • Louis Albert Schafer, Jefferson County, April 1, 1911, Vol. 47, #18534, mother, Teresa Fleger
  • Mary Elizabeth Schafer, Bath County, January 6, 1912, Vol. 3, #851, mother, Alice Ragan
  • Robert Schafer, Campbell County, May 25, 1914, Vol. 47, #23145, mother, Stella Moran
  • Frederick Albert Schaffeld, Campbell County, August 16, 1915, Vol. 80, #32525, mother, Katherine Shardt
  • George Leonard Schaffeld, Campbell County, July 15, 1915, Vol. 76, #37624, mother, Elsie Root
  • Annie Susan Schaffer, Union County, July 9, 1914, Vol. 76, #37941, mother, Adaline R. Walker
  • Beatrice Schaffer, Jefferson County, June 16, 1913, Vol. 63, #31456, mother, Viola Sutton
  • Charles Nelson Schaffer, Trimble County, Jun 19, 1915, Vol. 64, #31575, mother, Nancy Ellen Harmon
  • Clements Joseph Schaffer, Kenton County, September 17, 1914, Vol. 92, #45744, mother, Marie Anna E. Nuxol
  • Dorothy Schaffer, Kenton County, August 29, 1913, Vol. 85, #42150, mother, Marie Anna Huxol
  • Edna May Schaffer, Breckinridge County, March 22, 1911, Vol. 28, #10808, mother, Hattie Louise Pinnell
  • Edward Wellar Schaffer, Jefferson County, October 5, 1911, Vol. 125, #49830, mother, Viola Sutton
  • Elinora J. Schaffer, Jefferson County, August 4, 1912, Vol. 101, #40029, mother, Josephlin Gamble
  • Erulia Schaffer, Campell County, January 26, 1913, Vol. 4, #1646, mother, Anna Elkins
  • Francis Antonette G. Schaffer, Jefferson County, August 10, 1914, Vol. 80, #39940, mother, Francis Josephine Glosser
  • Laura Louise Schaffer, Henderson County, October 20, 1912, Vol. 128, #51190, mother, Mable Crawley
  • Marie Schaffer, Campbell County, July 17, 1911, Vol. 82, #32500, mother, Josephine Hartman
  • Mary Katherine Schaffer, Campbell County, August 12, 1911, Vol. 94, #37559, mother, Catherine Lambers
  • Virginia May Schaffer, Jefferson County, December 28, 1912, Vol. 157, #62647, mother, Nellie M. Thompson
  • Albertia Schaffner, Jefferson County, October 17, 1914, Vol. 103, #51139, mother, Mamie Doohn
  • Mildred Elizabeth Schaffner, Jefferson County, August 25, 1914, Vol. 81, #40050, mother, Sarah Kidd
  • Bernard Schafstall, Campbell County, March 17, 1911, Vol. 28, #11055, mother, Blanche Stanbach
  • Bernhard Schafstall, Jr., Campbell County, February 17, 1914, Vol. 14, #6993, mother Blanche Stanbach
  • Jacob Irwin Schaft, Campbell County, October 16, 1915, vol. 103, #51005, mother, Anna Nadleman
  • Otto Francis Schaftlein, Jefferson County, March 7, 1914, Vol. 28, #13809, mother, Mary Messmer
  • William Albert Schaftlein, Jefferson County, March 21, 1915, Vol. 27, #13183, mother, Emma A. Graf
  • Benjamie Schftner, Jefferson County, September 14, 1911, Vol. 120, #47629, mother, Annie Gering
  • Irene Mary Schaftner, Jefferson County, November 11, 1912, Vol. 144, #57315, mother, Mamie Dohr
  • Charles Schagene, Jefferson County, September 9, 1913, Vol. 95, #47278, mother, Sophia Schagene
  • Millard Edward Schaggs, Rowan County, September 11, 1911, Vol. 120, #47824, mother, Susie Mank
  • Joseph Henry Schaiper, Campbell County, February 25, 1913, Vol. 14, #6969, mother, Mary Bluette
  • Elmer Hugo Schalch, Laurel County, July 23, 1915, Vol. 72, #35821, mother, Viola Barnes
  • Mariah May Schalch, Laurel County, August 15, 1914, Vol. 81, #40481, mother, L. Ellen Steele
  • Clyde Schalck, Pendelton County, October 2, 1913, Vol.. 100, #54531, mother, Minnie May Viers

Pearley Hill Death Certificate


Pearley Hill Death Certificate

While at the Kentucky History Center on Friday I made copies of several death certificates.  This one is for Pearly Hill, a young woman in Owen County, who died October 16, 1918.  Cause of death is influenza complicated with acute pneumonia.  Pearley was ill for six days before death.

Death certificates are very helpful in our genealogy research.  As with this one they give the sex – female, color or race – white, and martial status – married.  Pearley was born January 10, 1890, makes her 28 years, 9 months and six days old at the time of death.  Her profession was house work – it doesn’t elaborate whether she is a housewife, or works for others.

Sh was born in Owen County, Kentucky.  Her parents were Wesley Jackson and Minnie Cammack, both also born in Owen County.  The informant, who gives all the necessary information, was Richard Hill, from Owenton, probably her husband.  A quick check of the Owen County marriage records would confirm this information.  Pearley was buried two days after her death, but the place of burial is hard to read, and even though I did a google search, couldn’t find anything.  Is anyone from Owenton, Kentucky, familiar with this cemetery?

How many of you have used death certificates in your research?

Montgomery – Holland Bible Records

Montgomery – Holland Bible Records

Adair/Green Counties, Kentucky

from The Adair County Genealogical Society

David Montgomery and Tabitha B. Holland were married the 4th day of January, 1821.

Their Children:

  • Josh F. Montgomery was born the 18th day of September, 1821
  • John H. Montgomery was born the 16th day of April, 1823
  • Mary L. Montgomery was born the 9th day of September, 1824
  • William D. Montgomery was born the 3rd day of March, 1826
  • James T. Montgomery was born the 3rd day of March, 1828
  • Martha Ann Montgomery was born the 24th day of April, 1830
  • Albert W. Montgomery was born the 30th day of March, 1832
  • Lucinda Montgomery was born the 13th day of July, 1834
  • Elizabeth J. Montgomery was born the 5th day of September, 1835
  • Nancy Montgomery was born the 17th day of June, 1837
  • Sarah Frances Montgomery was born the 23rd day of December, 1839


  • William D. Montgomery and Miss Fanny J. Frogget were married May 27th, 1852


  • Lucinda Montgomery departed this life the 6th day of August, 1834
  • Nancy Montgomery departed this life the 5th day of August, 1837
  • Sarah Frances Montgomery departed this life the 20th day of April, 1866
  • David Montgomery departed this life the 24th day of March, 1876
  • Tabitha B. Montgomery departed this life the 17th day of September, 1879
  • Mrs. Mary Holland departed this life the 9th day of June, 1842 (mother of Tabitha above)
  • Mrs. Jane Montgomery departed this life the 31st day of July, 1845
  • Mrs. Martha Holland departed this life the 14th day of September, 1875

Note by John Paul Grady, a Montgomery descendant:  “This photocopy is of the family record of Hugh Montgomery and his wife Jane.  Tradition in our family is that Jane was an Indian.  The first two children, Margaret and Jane, probably were born at Danville, Kentucky.  Hugh was a tailor at Danville at this time as proved by Mercer County records.  Hugh died in 1827 per Green County records.  David Montgomery was born in Washington County according to the 1850 census of Green County.”

Aquilla Willett Mausoleum


Aquilla Willett Mausoleum

One of the most unusual finds Ritchey and I have made during our cemetery adventures is an old mausoleum found in the Old Millersburg Cemetery in Nicholas County, Kentucky.  Mausoleums are very common in large cemeteries, but in one as small, and old, as this cemetery, it is quite the oddity.

As you can see by the picture, the mausoleum is in bad shape.  The walls looks as if they could buckle at any moment.  The top of the wall looks almost like a turret on a castle.


This side view shows buckling, and also the interesting form at the top of the wall.

SAM_1968 2

This stone is very hard to read – Aquilla Willett, died September 29, 1843, aged 55 years.  Aquilla Willett was the son of Edward Willett and Eleanor Fisher.  He was the first blacksmith in Bourbon County, and was appointment U.S. Postmaster January 23, 1841, for Millersburg, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

On December 20, 1837 Aquilla married Electra Francina Wilder Lane, daughter of Josiah Lane.  Electra was born June 19, 1817 and died less than two years after her marriage, December 20, 1837.  Was it for Electra that he built this unusual mausoleum?


Aquilla Willett married Louisa Alcott Snow April 13, 1843 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  She was born February 13, 1813, to Henry Holland Snow and Sarah Jameson in Piscataquis County, Maine.


Before the end of the year Aquilla had died, leaving Louisa a widow.  There is a burial stone at the entrance to the mausoleum for Aquilla and Louisa – Louisa’s reads “Louisa Snow, 2nd wife of Aquilla Willett, aged ___ years’.  No number of years is registered into the stone block – because she was not buried in Kentucky!


Louisa was a true pioneer woman – born in Maine, married in Ohio, lived in Kentucky.  But she moved westward – always westward!  In the 1900 census she is living in Alpine Township, San Diego, California.


Louisa died March 2, 1907, in San Diego, California, and was buried on her property which she named Mount Pisgah.  There is a modern stone with her name and dates of birth and death, along with two other names.  You can view that image on  Louisa lived to the great age of 94 years!  Can you imagine the exciting events she lived through!  She lived history herself moving across country from Maine to California with several other places in between!  She lived through the Civil War, saw many new states be admitted through the years.  Just think of the new inventions at which she marveled.  Think of the many fashions that came and went during her time!  From full skirts, to fuller skirts with hoops, to bustles, the great sleeve fashions of the 1890’s and the lovely white dresses of the early 1900’s!

We all have that experience – perhaps in not quite as many years – but the time to go through this life and marvel at the wonders, the history, the experiences – and produce memories for those that come after us that will one day enjoy what their great-great-grandparents did in the wonderful year of 2014!

Early Tintypes 1865-1875

Early Tintypes 1865-1875

Yesterday was a glorious but busy day!  It started at the Kentucky History Center in  Frankfort, researching for several blogs I plan in the next several weeks.  Then it was on to Candleberry Tea Room for a lovely luncheon – olive nut spread on wheat, herbed tomato soup, a tea time biscuit (ham and melted Swiss) and a cherry coconut congealed salad, served in a tea cup with a dollop of whipped cream!  And, of course, my favorite Earl Grey!  This was enjoyed with my dear sister, Donna.  Then on to a bit of shopping since our baby sister (she would love that!) has a birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Laura Lair!  She is nineteen years younger, so she will always be my baby sister!  By the time we arrived in Harrodsburg we wrapped presents and left quickly to met Laura in Danville for a birthday supper (along with nephew Noah)!  Everyone came back to my house, and my daughter Kate and hubby Todd arrived shortly.  The laughter and fun was never-ending.  Laura and Donna are planning a baby shower for Kate and Todd.  My grandson, Julian Alexander, will arrive about January 11, 2015.  I can’t wait to hold him in my arms!

All of this introduction is to let you know why the blog is late this morning!  Too much fun to be had yesterday with no time left for blogging!  The living do take precedence over the dead!

However I have three tintypes purchased at an antique shop in Paris, Kentucky, that I want to share with you.  Tintypes were popular during the 1860’s and 1870’s, and enjoyed a resurgence during the turn of the century.  I believe we can date these to 1865-1875 due to dress and hairstyles.

The process to produce a tintype photo was very similar to the ambrotype, the preceding photos that produced a direct positive on a piece of glass.  Tintypes used a thin sheet of iron, coated with dark lacquer or enamel.  I have several ambrotypes of my gr-gr-gr-grandparents and other relatives.

Scan_Pic1218 2

This first tintype I would date to the middle to late 1860’s.  The women still wear the full skirts of this time period, although with a lower and more defined waist than the earlier 1860’s.  Notice the bit of color on the scarf, and just a hint of color in their cheeks – this was usually hand painted after the photo was taken.

Scan_Pic1219 3

This photo was taken about 1865-1870.  The skirt is still rather full, not the narrow, pulled back to a bustle style of the 1873-1879 time period.  The bell-shaped over-sleeves are also an 1860’s style.  This woman’s cheeks have just tint of pink.

Scan_Pic1221 2

And the third photo is definitely taken in the 1870’s – the narrow skirt, fitted sleeves.  If the woman was turned a little more I’m sure we would see her bustle!  I’ve always wondered, with the narrow skirts and huge bustle in back – how did they comfortably sit?  I hope you’ve enjoyed the parade of tintypes!



1787 Jefferson County Marriages

1787 Jefferson County Marriages

Jefferson County, Kentucky

  • Jeremiah Arnold married Elizabeth Rizley – January 1, 1787
  • John Doherty married Eliza McClayn, widow – January 1, 1787
  • Charles Broughton married Hannah Hynes – January 4, 1787
  • David Morgan married Anne Craig – January 15, 1787
  • Elisha Hall married Fanny Eastin – February 2, 1787
  • James Lindsey married Susanna Hinch – February 7, 1787
  • Garrett Cavenaugh married Nancy Rook, widow – February 10, 1787
  • Simon Caviss married Elizabeth Shaver – March 7, 1787
  • Robert Elder married Hannah Hinch, widow – March 15, 1787
  • Richard Seaton married Fatima Cummins – March 23, 1787
  • John Caughey married Sarah Moss, widow – April 4, 1787
  • John Shrade married Mary Keister, widow – April 9, 1787
  • John Weible married Mary Barkman, widow – May 1, 1787
  • John Oliver married Margaret Nelson, May 8, 1787
  • William McClure married Margaret Mossman – May 10, 1787
  • John Harrison married Mary Ann Johnston – May 24, 1787
  • Felix Cunse married Mary Rice – June 29, 1787
  • Jacob Case married Dorcas Gillespie – July 24, 1787
  • Stacey Applegate married Mary McClayn – July 30, 1787
  • Thomas Neale married Elizabeth Dirk, widow – August 9, 1787
  • David Hankins married Mary Ann Bogart – August 11, 1787
  • Rodham Seaton married Mary Curry – August 11, 1787
  • Richard Clough Anderson married Elizabeth Clark – August 14, 1787
  • Howson Cliffton married Nancy Brashears – August 22, 1787
  • Richard Eastin married Sarah Taylor, widow – September 13, 1787
  • William Andrews married Catherine Larkins, widow – October 30, 1787
  • Daniel McClellan married Margaret Holmes – November 12, 1787
  • William Frame married Margaret Keiser – November 19, 1787
  • James Dunn married Sarah Depue – November 26, 1787
  • James Christian Sanders married Rhoda Qutermous – December 1, 1787
  • Alexander Maryfield married Rachel Boone – December 6, 1787
  • Vinson Robins married Charity Rycker – December 22, 1787
  • Abner Martin Dunn married Priscilla Tyler – December 28, 1787