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Biographical Information – Hancock County, Kentucky

Hancock County, Kentucky

Daviess L. Adair was born November 26, 1824, in Hardin County, Kentucky. His paternal ancestors came to America from Scotland and first settled in New York. Later they moved to North Carolina where his great-grandfather was born. He moved to Ohio and then to Maysville, Kentucky. His grandfather, Joseph Adair, was born in North Carolina and moved to Montgomery County, Kentucky, and then on to Missouri. His father, Isaac C. Adair, was born in Montgomery County, Kentucky. He moved to Hardin County in 1820 and died there in 1826. Isaac C. Adair was married to Milly Edwards. She was born in Nelson County, Kentucky, and died in Hardin County about 1852. They had two children, Daviess L. and Mary C. By a previous married Mrs. Adair had five children. Daviess L. married December 20, 1849, to Sarah A. Sterrett, daughter of William and Eliza Sterrett, of Breckinridge County. Their children were William, John, Isaac, Eliza, Mary and Dodd.

J. Q. Adams was born May 31, 1845, in Hancock County, Kentucky. He was the son of William and Mary Ann (Bright) Adams. William Adams was born near Frankfort, Kentucky, on July 22, 1799, his family having come from Pennsylvania, the son of John Adams. The family came to the Hancock County area in 1808. John had two children: David and William. John was a soldier in the War of 1812. Mary Ann (Bright) was born in Madison, Indiana, the sister of John Bright. She died in 1850. William and Mary Ann’s children were Georgette, Jesse and J. Q. J. Q. was married in 1867 to Nancy E. Hawes, daughter of Benjamin Hawes of Daviess County, where she was born. Nancy E. (Hawes) Adams died in 1872. She was the mother of Georgette. J. Q. married, secondly, on December 16, 1875, to Margaret J. Crockett, daughter of Anthony and Susan (Robb) Crockett. She was born in Franklin County, Kentucky, June 15, 1850. The only child of this married was Jesse Crockett Adams.

Joseph L. Allison was born October 7, 1823, in Hancock County, Kentucky. He was the son of William L. and Elizabeth (Lewis) Allison. William L. was born in Kentucky in 1794.

Captain E. K. Ayres was born March 13, 1839, in Jefferson County, Kentucky. He was the fourth child of Thomas H. and Sarah E. (Ebbert) Ayres. Thomas H. was born in Virginia, and his wife in Kentucky. Thomas H. Ayres moved from Louisville to Hancock County about 1820. He was a brick mason and died in 1876, aged 73. Sarah E. Ayres was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, and died in Hancock County in 1844. Captain E. K. Ayres was married February 4, 1862, to Mary E. Tinsley, daughter of Willis and Sarah (Howell) Tinsley of Shelby County. Children of this marriage were Samuel E., Sarah E., and Phillip.

Millard B. Babbitt was born October 27, 1857, in Hancock County, Kentucky. He was the son of Stephen B. and Martha M. (Nichols) Babbitt. Stephen B. Babbitt was born in Pennsylvania.

Marriages – Clark County, Kentucky

Marriages – Clark County, Kentucky

  • James Craig married Rebecca Hill – December 12, 1793
  • Orland W. Craig married Maria Bellis – March 24, 1839
  • Zachariah Craw married Rachel Grigg – August 2, 1840
  • John Crawford married Dalley Fort – June 22, 1796
  • Robert Crede married Matilda Niblick – March 31, 1826
  • John Creed married Julia Ann Owen – November 28, 1849
  • Ambrose Crim married Betsy Cummings – 1804
  • Enoch Crim married Betsy Roundtree – August 21, 1805
  • George W. Crim married Levina Rutledge – October 26, 1848
  • John Crim married Lucinda Duvall – January 3, 1826
  • John Crim married Milly Sears – September 28, 1826
  • Martin Crim married Margaret Phemester – November 21, 1822
  • Nimrod Crim married Elizabeth Eubanks – October 2, 1807
  • William Crim married Julia C. Bush – May 20, 1830
  • James Crimbul married Sally Brown – October 25, 1826
  • James Crockett married Nancy Lusk – June 27, 1816
  • John Crockett married Margaret Young – March 28, 1811
  • Samuel Crockett married Fanny Lusk – January 23, 1812
  • William Cromwell married Catharine Sharp – June 23, 1828
  • James Crooks married Abigail Friar – 1809
  • William Crosthwait married Polly Lampton – April 6, 1806
  • William Crosthwait married Polly Haggard – February 13, 1816
  • Thomas Croswhite married Nancy Ann Reese – December 22, 1835
  • Francis Crouch married Jenny Sparks – May 3, 1798
  • David Crow married Julia Ann Scott – October 10, 1847
  • James Crow married Nancy Elkin – March 27, 1823
  • Mayfield Davies married Elizabeth Baber – October 3, 1805
  • Christopher Davis married Charity Lockett – November 14, 1808
  • Elijah Davis married Catharine Miller – December 20, 1814
  • Henry Davis married Permelia Morton – February 5, 1824
  • Jacob Davis married Betsy Hardman – September 9, 1812
  • James Davis married Rachel Atchison – March 23, 1797
  • James Davis married Danna Smith – 1794
  • Joseph Davis married China Whitsett – June 26, 1820
  • Matthew Davis married Lucy Baber – February 17, 1803
  • Mathias Davis married Sarah Rulon – March 1, 1796
  • Oliver Davis married Rebecca M. Fry – September 17, 1846
  • Richard Davis married Hannah Burch – November 26, 1815

Dr. Eli J. Desha Biography

Perrin’s Kentucky – A History of the State, 1885

Ballard County Biographical Sketches

Dr. Eli J. Desha was born October 13, 1838, in Madison County, Missouri, where he was reared until 1858, when he came to Ballard County, Kentucky, where he now resides. His father, Eli D. Desha, a native of Louisiana, died in 1874 at the age of sixty-three years. He was the son of Robert C. Desha, a soldier in La Fayette’s army, who remained in the United States after the American Revolution and died at St. Michael, leaving a wife, two sons and a daughter, the daughter marrying Sterling Smith, of New Madrid. Eli D. married Eva, daughter of Henry La Lee, of Virginia. She is now living at the age of ninety years. Their offspring are Elizabeth (Ravelle), Eliza (Ellison), subject and Eva J. Subject in youth obtained a good education at Fredericktown, and from choice pursued school-teaching as an occupation and medicine as a profession. He was married December 7, 1862, to Miss Angie, daughter of James M. and Elizabeth (Owen) Childress, of McCracken County, (born in 1844), and to them have been born Hillen G., Arthur T. (deceased), Owen L., Iona LeRoy, De La S., Angie E., Roxie V., Lucius Co., Orville U. and Julia E. Arthur T., a bright youth of seventeen years, of unusual mental capacity and of great promise, died January 23, 1882, and was lamented by all who knew him. Our subject owns a farm at Weldon Park, on which he resides, and has devoted much of his time and means to agriculture as a science. He is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and in politics affiliates with the Democratic Party, of which has ever been the political record of his ancestry.

Baby Julian Alexander!

10945034_10204802901169101_1872457041837793036_nI was just a little busy last night and didn’t get the blog ready to post this morning!  Hopefully you will forgive my tardiness – due to the arrival of this little guy!  My first grandchild!  Julian Alexander is so beautiful – as every grandmother would say!  Mom and dad are doing well.  He’s quite a mixture of the two with Kate’s nose and heart-shaped mouth – and Todd’s eyes and hair!  They will make the most marvelous parents!  Julian is my first descendant in 30 years!

Tomorrow we will return to the world of our ancestors and finding the secrets of those who came before us.  Today is a day to celebrate the living and the new life we are blessed with!


Thaddeus and Adelia Miles Smith – Lexington Cemetery

IMG_1504_1Thaddeus Smith, born at Lexington, Kentucky, August 1, 1827, died at Pelee Island, Canada, June 11, 1902

When I first looked at the gravestones for Thaddeus Smith and his wife, Sarah Adelia Miles, at the Lexington Cemetery, Fayette County, Kentucky, I was amazed to find they died at Pelee Island, Canada.  That sounded like such a far distance from Woodford County, Kentucky, where they lived until their marriage.  Thaddeus was the son of Byrd  and Elvira Smith; Sarah Adelia was the daughter of Samuel Issac Miles and Elizabeth W. Hawkins.

They are both listed in the 1850 census of Woodford County.  In addition to his parents, Byrd, 63, and Elvira, 41, Thaddeus, 23, William, 21, and Mary M., 4, make up the household.  In the Miles household are Samuel, 47, Elizabeth, 50, John E., 28, William, 20, Elizabeth, 22, Sarah, 18, Mary H., 14, and Samuel J., 9.  Thaddeus and Adelia married within the year.  By 1860 Byrd Smith had died.  Elvira is listed as head of household, 51, with son Thaddeus, 33, Sarah A., 25, and grandchildren Lilla, 8, and Bertha, 3, and her youngest daughter, Mary M., 14.

Then the family made an unusual move – to Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada.  It is the most southerly community in Canada, 10,000 acres.  Over 1/2 of our United States states are north of Pelee Island!  Well, I was intrigued!  Thank goodness for Google!  Pelee Island is located in Lake Erie.  If you were to come straight south you would land at Sandusky, Ohio!  Can you guess what Thaddeus did for a living on Pelee Island?  He was a grape grower!  More research turned up that Pelee Island is at the same latitude as the wine growing regions in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal!  How fascinating!

In the 1871 Canadian census are Thaddeus, 43, Adelia, 39, Lereta, 14 (could this be Bertha?), and Minnie Rood, 9.  In 1881, Thaddeus, 53, Delia, 49, Minnie, 19, Effa Miles, 22, and Thomas Davison, 15.  In 1891 only Thaddeus and Adelia are listed, with T. V. Sanford, 53, a bookkeeper, Mary Sanford, 44, and Elvira, 16.  This must be Thaddeus’ sister Mary – with a daughter named for their mother.

IMG_1503_1Adelia Miles, wife of Thaddeus Smith, born in Woodford County, November 3, 1832, died at Pelee Island, Lake Erie, age 62 years, 5 months

Sadly Adelia passed away in April of 1895 – according to the information on her gravestone.  In the 1901 Canadian census Thaddeus, 73, is living with his widowed daughter, Bertha Wray, 42.  He died the next year.  I suppose, since there are stones for them in the Lexington Cemetery, that their bodies were brought back to Kentucky for burial.  What an interesting story!  I think Pelee Island may make a great vacation spot!

Deaths – Bullitt County, Kentucky

Deaths – Bullitt County, Kentucky

  • Robert Jackson, died May 19, 1854, born in Bullitt County, age 18, son of Isaac and Parthena Jackson
  • Francis Jennings, single, born at Salt River, son of John Jennings
  • Priscilla B. Jenkins, died October 8, 1854, married, born in Bullitt County, age 72
  • Jennings, born at Salt River, son of George Jennings
  • Joseph Johnson, died July 24, 1855, born in Baltimore, Maryland, age 76, son of Ephraim and Nancy Johnson
  • Jerry Jones, died August 22, 1856, married, born in Spencer County, age 30
  • Mary Jones, died March 16, 1852, married, born in Nelson County, age 26, daughter of George and Sophia Riley
  • Richard Joyce, widower, born in Virginia, age 69, son of George and Delilah Joyce
  • Elijah McCormick, died June 30, 1854, born in Pennsylvania
  • Harriett McCormick, died July 7, 1854, born in Pennsylvania, daughter of Mary Hume
  • Henry F. Keafus, died September 2, 1852, born in Jefferson County, age 53, son of Henry Keafus
  • Nancy Kensinger, died July 1, 1855, married, born at Greenswell Ford, age 42, daughter of William and Amelia Roby
  • Alexander King, died December 16, 1854, born at Brier Creek, age 2 months
  • Nelson King, died May 5, 1854, married, born in Bullitt County, age 47
  • I. Lagle, born at Knob Creek, child of I. T. Lagle
  • James Langin, died June 28, 1854, single, born in Ireland, age 25
  • John Langsdon, died June 28, 1854, single, age 66
  • John R. Larkin, married, born in Hardin County, age 48, son of William and Elizabeth Larkin
  • William Larkin, died July 6, 1854, married, born at Pitts Point
  • Elizabeth Lee, died February 9, 1855, married, born at Pitts Point
  • Eita Lee, died July 17, 1857, married, born in Kentucky, age 49, daughter of James and Lucy Cundiff
  • Enoch Leach, died August 18, 1856, age 76
  • Lucinda Lee, died December 13, 1859, born in Bullitt County, age 23, daughter of Richard and J. Lee
  • William Lee, married, born in Nelson County, age 65, son of John and Mary Lee
  • Elizabeth Leffler, died November 17, 1857, married, born in Kentucky, age 28, daughter of Thomas E. and Frances Hicks
  • Nancy Lewis, died August 15, 1852, widow, born in Virginia, age 55, daughter of Henry and Minia Gentry
  • Hellin Lilly, died November 12, 1859, married, born in Spencer County, age 50, son of John and Sarah A. Lilly
  • Matthew Litsey, died June 7, 1852, married, born in Washington County, age 64, son of Anthony and Susan Litsey
  • John Lyons, died July 14, 1854, married, born in Ireland, age 45

Mansfield Crow and Lena Green Marriage Bond

Mansfield Crow and Lena Green Marriage Bond

Scan_Pic0244Mansfield Crow and Lena Green are my 4th great-grandparents.  Mansfield was the son of John Crow, and a sister of Sally Crow who married John Hill, listed on the marriage bond.  John Crow is a direct ancestor of my father’s through his mother, Nannie Bell Coulter, who was descended from Mansfield Crow, and his father, Jessie Delbert Hill, who was descended from Sally Crow.  Both families lived in Garrard County, Kentucky, which is where Mansfield and Lena procured their marriage bond and license.

Scan_Pic0245Know all men by these presents that we Mansfield Crow and John Hill are held and firmly bound unto James Garrard, Governor of Kentucky, in the sum of fifty pounds current money of Kentucky.  The payment of which well and truly to be made.  We bind our selves, our heirs, and jointly, severally, and firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 13th day of February 1801.

The condition of the above obligation is such that where as there is a marriage shortly to be solemnized between the above abound Mansfield and Lena Green for which a license hath issued.  Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct a marriage then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.                                                        Mansfield Crow

                                                                    John Hill

Teste – Benjamin Letcher