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Thomas Family at Antioch Christian Cemetery

IMG_8806Thomas Family at Antioch Christian Cemetery

Casey County, Kentucky

Isaiah Thomas married Susan L. in 1877, according to the 1900 Casey County census.  Isaiah is listed as 52, married for 23 years.  Susan is 45, listed as having born five children and all five still living.  The children in the 1900 census were M. J., 22, a daughter, Cleo, 20, Lula B., 18, Lucy A., 15, and Estelle 13.  In the 1880 census, the family is living in Russell county.  Isaiah Thomas is listed as 32, a store clerk, Susan, 24, Mary, 2, and Cleo, 8/12.

If we go to the 1850 census for Casey County, Isaiah, 2, is listed with his parents, Charles C. Thomas, 30, Polly, 24, Margaret, 5, and Zephrona, 3, a daughter.

Daughter Mary J. died September 11, 1902, and Isaiah followed soon afterward on November 13th.  Did they have a similar illness?  Consumption was very typical at that time.

IMG_8727Isaiah C. Thomas, Mary 23, 1848 – November 13, 1902.  Susan L. Thomas, March 2, 1855 – September 29, 1931

IMG_8726Mary J., daughter of I. C. and S. L. Thomas, born January 10, 1878, died September 11, 1902

IMG_8728In Loving Remembrance, Stella, daughter of I. C. and S. L. Thomas, born November 4, 1886, died June 8, 1909

Stella died June 8, 1909, leaving the mother and three children.  Even though Susan Thomas lived until 1931 I cannot find her listed in a census.  Perhaps she married again?

Antioch is a beautiful church and the cemetery is well-kept.  Ritchey and I enjoyed our visit!

Deaths – Hancock County, Kentucky

Deaths – Hancock County, Kentucky

  • William B. Snyder, age 22, died February 27, 1855, born in Hancock County, son of Frederick and Louisa Snyder
  • James Starks, age 56, died June 9, 1855, born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • William Steinbaugh, age 39, died December 24, 1853, born in Ohio
  • Henry D. Sterett, age 31, died December 1, 1854, born in Hawesville, son of Green and Liles Sterett
  • Irene E. Stinger, age 33, died March 10, 1859, born in Jefferson County, daughter of Edward Stinger
  • Elizabeth Stowers, age 34, died April 7, 1852, born in Hancock County, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Maxy
  • Elizabeth Strow, age 35, died November 8, 1861, born in Hancock County
  • Eliza Jane Tabour, age 42, died July, 1858, born in Bushville, daughter of L. and Susan Nichols
  • John Tindale, age 18, died July 27, 1852, born in Hancock County, son of H. and Eliza Tindale
  • Elizabeth Wallen, age 52, died March 11, 1858, born in Virginia, daughter of William and Jane Pointer
  • Susan Watkins, age 26, died June 10, 1855, born in Hancock County, daughter of Jacob and Tabitha Corley
  • Wolford Wheatley, age 38, died August 11, 1853, born in Nelson County, son of Leonard and Nancy Wheatley
  • William Wilkey, age 74, died 1859, born in Perry County, Indiana, son of Jonathan and Nancy Wilkey
  • A. Williams, age 15, died November 18, 1861, born in Hancock County, son of T. P. and E. S. Williams
  • Catharine Williams, age 28, died September 16, 1854, born in Harrodsburg, daughter of James and Dorothy Starks
  • Elisha Williams, age 42, died February 10, 1853, born in Breckinridge County, son of William and Frances Williams
  • Elvira Williams, age 21, died June 23, 1854, born in Hancock County, daughter of James and Sarah Gatewood
  • Frank Williams, age 20, died October 16, 1854, born in Hancock County, son of Henry W. Williams
  • John H. Williams, age 26, died March 28, 1859, born in Hancock County, son of H. W. and Nanny Williams
  • Levi Williams, age 15, died April 7, 1859, born in Hancock County, son of H. W. and Nanny Williams
  • Molly Ann Williams, age 16, died February 21, 1853, born in Hancock County, daughter of Nathan A. Williams
  • Pullen Williams, age 47, died October 28, 1854, born in Shelbyville, daughter of Henry and Milly Pullen
  • Emily Wilson, age 22, died June 1, 1857, born in Hancock County, daughter of James and Mary Frazier
  • Sarah Wilson, age 40, died March 8, 1852, born in Boone County
  • Nancy Young, age 53, died September 14, 1858, born in Breckinridge County, daughter of George and Polly Bruner
  • Ann Younger, age 18, died October 5, 1859, born in Shelby County, daughter of George M. and E. Younger

The Spout Springs Times – Estill County

The Spout Springs Times, Estill County, Kentucky

January 17, 1901

James B. Ireland, who would have been one hundred and four years old next June, died Sunday near Skillman, Kentucky.

John G. Fee, the noted abolitionist and founder of Berea College, died suddenly at his home at Berea Friday evening.

Frank Flinchum, of Powell County, was struck in the breast by a slab and instantly killed while working in a saw mill at Natural Bridge.

John W. Elkin was in the village Tuesday. He has bought a building site near Iron Mound post office and will build at once and run a general store at that place.

Mr. Jesse Fitzpatrick and Miss Julia Ann Crow were married at the residence of William Stone, Friday, January 11, Elder B. S. Burgher officiating.

Mrs. Bettie Vaughn, wife of Milt Vaughn, of near Irvine, died at her home, Thursday, January 10. Burial Saturday at the Christian Church on Hardwick’s Creek.

Rankin Clemmons, one of the wealthiest farmers in Fayette County, was assaulted and robbed at the front door of his home, five miles from Lexington, about 8 o’clock Saturday night. The robbers are unknown.

Married at Jackson, January 1, Mr. Archie Scott to Miss Cappie Little. Mr. Scott lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He used to be in business at this place. We extend congratulations.

Died January 11, Mr. Corey, a former assistant cashier in the Clay City National Bank. Mr. Corey was a good old man and had a host of friends in Clay City who will be grieved to hear of his death. Mr. Corey had been in failing health for some time, but was confined to his room only a few weeks. He was taken to Lexington to the hospital last week, where he died. He had no relatives in this country, and was about 75 years old.

Clinkinbeard-Strode Families – Winchester Cemetery

IMG_1704_1Clinkinbeard and Strode Families

Winchester Cemetery, Clark County, Kentucky

William Clinkinbeard was born in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, October 10, 1761.  He came to Kentucky at an early age since he married Mary Mooney in 1781 at Fort Boonesborough in what is now Madison County,  According to the above plaque William was a Private in the Fayette County Militia during the Indian Wars.  He was also a Private in the 5th Regiment of the Mounted Kentucky Volunteers during the War of 1812.  Mary Mooney Clinkinbeard was born May 10, 1756, and died March 15, 1840, in Clark County, Kentucky.  William Clinkinbeard died October 13, 1844.

IMG_1703_1William Clinkinbeard, born October 10, 1761, died October 13, 1844

William’s son, John Clinkinbeard, was born August 16, 1792, in what is now Clark County, Kentucky.  He married Sally Strode, daughter of John Strode and Ruth Constant, from Strode’s Station.  Strode’s Station was within the county, not too far from Fort Boonesborough.

In the 1830 census of Clark County John Clinkinbeard is listed with four males under the age of 5, two males aged 5-9, one male 30-39; two females aged 5-9, one female aged 10-14 and one female 30-39; three male slaves under the age of 10, one male slave aged 10-23, and one female slave aged 10-23.

In the 1850 census John is listed as a farmer, age 57, Sally, 52, Jonathan, 23, Stephen, 22, James, 21, Elmore, 16, Thomas, 15, Simeon, 14, Ruth E., 13, Andrew, 11, Allen, 10, and Sally, 7.  In 1860 the children listed living with John and Sally are Elmore, 25, Jonathan, 28, Ruth, 20, Andrew, 18, Allen K., 17, and Sallie 15.

IMG_1697_1John Clinkinbeard, born August 16, 1792, died April 28, 1870

IMG_1696_1Salley, wife of John Clinkinbeard, died November 29, 1866, aged 68 years

John Strode and Ruth Constant, parents of Sally Strode, are also buried in Winchester Cemetery.  They were from James County, Virginia.

IMG_1702_1John Strode, born September 25, 1768, died August 2, 1834

IMG_1701_1Ruth, wife of John Strode, born March 24, 1770, died August 21, 1845

Isaiah Hill and Emeline Coulter Marriage

Scan_Pic0294The  Commonwealth of Kentucky:  To any minister of the gospel, or any other person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony:  You are permitted to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between Zay Hill and Miss Emeline Coulter, the requirements of the law having been complied with.  Witness my signature as Clerk of Washington County Court this 24th day of August, 1904.  W. T. Booker, Clerk.

This is to certify that on the 24th day of August, 1904, the Rites of Matrimony were legally solemnized by me between Zay Hill and Miss Emeline Coulter at Springfield, in the county of Washington, in the presence of Jonah Hardin and John Hardin, signed, Albert T. Felix, minister.

Isaiah ‘Zay’ Hill and Emeline Coulter are my great uncle and great aunt – being the brother and sister of my paternal grandparents, Jessie Delbert Hill and Nannie Bell Coulter – siblings married siblings!  They are the children of Isaiah Hill and Lydia Ann Ross, and George R. Coulter and Mary Elizabeth Crow.

Taken from the 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 census records of Marion County the children of Zay and Emeline are as follows:  Irvine, George, Otis, Hubert, Nellie Gladys, Mary A., Frank, Eugene, Estelle, Anna and Isaiah, Jr.

Isaiah ‘Zay’ Hill died August 9, 1942, in Marion County, Kentucky.  I do not have a death date for his wife, Emeline.

Funeral Notices – Mercer County, Kentucky

Funeral Notices – Mercer County, Kentucky

  • Byron L. Allin died April 27, 1886, age 26. Services at Mrs. W. J. Waterfill’s by Rev. W. Y. Davis. Interment Lawrenceburg Cemetery.
  • Ben C. Allin, Sr., funeral September 28, 1895, at Harrodsburg Christian Church. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • William B. Allin funeral at residence of Bush Allin, Harrodsburg, July 25, 1900. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Lucy H. Allin funeral at Christian Church, Harrodsburg, January 26, 1910. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Mary B. Allin, consort of Thomas, funeral at Christian Church, Harrodsburg, August 30, 1860. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Nancy C. Alexander funeral at Harrodsburg Baptist Church, September 28, 1888. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Miss Keturah Alexander funeral at Harrodsburg Baptist Church, November 3, 1858. Interment at the burial ground on the farm of the late Samuel Alexander.
  • Winter S. Brewer funeral at Harrodsburg Methodist Episcopal Church, May 2, 1891. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • John H. Buford funeral at Harrodsburg Baptist Church, March 20, 1859.
  • H. Burford funeral at the family residence, Harrodsburg, May 7, 1888. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Colonel Richard G. Burton funeral at Harrodsburg First Presbyterian Church, March 27, 1881. Interment at Perryville, Kentucky.
  • Thomas H. Buckner, infant son of Thomas H. and Louisa Buckner, from his father’s residence to Spring Hill Cemetery, May 12, 1861.
  • Martha A. Canada funeral at her home on Lexington Street, July 11, 1896. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Creed Caldwell funeral at Harrodsburg M. E. Church South, October 8, 1892. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Van B. Carter from the residence of his father to Spring Hill Cemetery, June 1, 1862.
  • Alonzo C. Chinn funeral at residence of his brother, Dallas Chinn, February 4, 1889. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • M. A. Cook funeral at residence of W. A. Cook, May 12, 1862. Interment Harrodsburg Cemetery.
  • Mary L. Cleveland at residence of Mrs. Emma Wood, September 6, 1890.
  • M. J. Curry, consort of D. J. Curry, at the family residence, April 13, 1862. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Nellie Runyon Curry, youngest daughter of B. J. and E. S. Curry, at Assembly Presbyterian Church, February 8, 1886. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • John B. Daviess funeral at First Presbyterian Church, Harrodsburg, March 29, 1881. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.

Chelf Family – Culpeper County, Virginia, to Casey County, Kentucky

IMG_8733Frank E. Chelf, April 14, 1821 – August 25, 1903, Antioch Christian Cemetery,  Casey County, Kentucky

Franklin Early Chelf was the son of William Milton Chelf and Judia Burke of Culpeper County, Virginia.  In 1831 they brought their family to Marion County, Kentucky, the Bradfordsville area.  Frank married Delilah Dickens about 1843.  In the 1850 census they are listed, 29 and 27 respectively, with children Simon, 6, William, 5, and Mary 1.  Frank is listed as a cabinet workman.  By 1870 the family moved to Casey County, where they remained.  One son, H. E. Chelf, was born December 15, 1855, but is not listed in any census records.  Other children were Logan, Thomas, Amanda (born November 18, 1853), Henrietta, James F. (born July 4, 1857), Julia B., Lily D., George and Dolly.  Delilah died in 1902 and Frank in 1903.  They are buried at Antioch Christian Cemetery in rural Casey County.

IMG_8734Delilah E., wife of F. Chelf, April 18, 1825 – October 11, 1902

from Perrin’s Kentucky – A History of the State, 1887

William J. and Judia (Burke) Chelf were natives of Culpeper County, Virginia, and of English descent.  William M. was born August 6, 1797, and was educated and married in his native county and at an early age learned the fulling business, serving an apprenticeship of four years, after which he followed his trade for several years.  In 1831 he came to Kentucky with his wife and family of six sons – Franklin Early, Littleton Peroy, William U., John Wesley, Fletcher and Willis G. Chelf, accomplishing his journey over the Blue Ridge and Cumberland Gap in a four-horse wagon.  He first settled at Bradfordsville, Marion County, where he erected and operated a carding mill, which was driven by an old-fashioned tread-wheel.  In 1837 he removed to what is now Taylor (then Green) County, and bought a farm on Robinson’s Creek, some two miles above the present village of Mannsville.  There he engaged in the cabinet business in connection with farming until 1844, when he sold out and returned to Bradfordsville, where he again engaged in the carding business and also in grinding corn.  This mill was also driven by a tread-wheel.  In 1852 he brought in steam power and erected a flouring mill; in 1858 he sold the mill and removed to Green River Knob, Casey County, where he bought a farm and engaged in agricultural pursuits in connection with the distilling business until 1863, when he sold a part of the farm, and later made his home with his children.  His death occurred at the home of William U., at Rolla, Adair County, December 11, 1881.  He and wife were members first of the Baptist and later of the Christian Church.  He was also a bright member of the Masonic fraternity and was buried with the honors of the order.  His father, Elias Chelf, was also a native of Virginia and was a soldier in the War of 1812.  In 1832 he came to Kentucky and settled near Bradfordsville, where he resided until his death, in 1836, at the age of about eighty-five.  He married Miss Katie Weaver, of Virginia.  Mrs. Judia (Burke) Chelf was born July 19, 1807, and died November 7, 1881.  Her father, William Burke, was a native of Virginia, where he was educated, married and engaged in agricultural pursuits all his life.  The Burke family were for many generations among the first families of the old commonwealth, and also among her most wealthy planters.

Note – Fulling is a step in woolen clothmaking which involves cleansing the cloth to remove impurities and make it thicker.