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Newton Barnard and Nancy Coulter Marry!

Scan_Pic0280Marriage License, The Commonwealth of Kentucky

To any Minister of the Gospel, or other person legally authorized to solemnize Matrimony:

You are permitted to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between Newton Barnard and Nancy M. Colter, the requirements of the law having been complied with.  Witness my signature as Clerk of the Washington County Court, this 24th day of December, 1878.  W. F. Booker, Clerk, Attest by E. W. Royalty, Deputy Clerk.

Scan_Pic0279Marriage Certificate

This is to certify that on the 24th day of December, 1878, the Rites of Matrimony were legally solemnized by me between Newton Barnard and Nancy M. Colter at Emeline Colter’s, in the County of Washington in the presence of William Moore and George Falon, signed, Thomas Bird.

Nancy M. Coulter was the daughter of William Coulter and Emeline White, born in January of 1859 in Washington County, Kentucky.  William was the son of Mark Coulter and Nancy Taylor.  Emeline was the daughter of Samuel R. White and Martha Lewis.  William Coulter was a soldier in the Civil War and died in September of 1865.  I have no information on Newton Barnard’s family.

The following children for Newton and Nancy are from the Washington County census records:  John T., George W., Fred P., Martha E. and Emma E. Barnard.

Nancy is my gr-great aunt; I descend from her brother George.

Today In Genealogy History – July 18

Starling Coulter was born 188 years ago – July 18, 1825 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Starling was the son of Mark Coulter and Nancy Taylor.  He married Sarah Rigdon in 1854.  They had 4 children:  Isaiah Thomas, Emily Elizabeth, John and William D. Coulter.

Today In Genealogy History – June 8

Starling Coulter died 110 years ago – June 8, 1903 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Starling was the son of Mark Coulter and Nancy Taylor, born July 18, 1825.  He married Sarah Rigdon in 1854.  Starling and Sarah had 4 children:  Isaiah Thomas, Emily Elizabeth, John and William D. Coulter.

Washington County, Kentucky – 1860 Census

Washington County, Kentucky – 1860 Census

356 – Farris, J. J.   39   M   KY

  • Sarah   29   F   KY
  • Martin D.   7   M   KY
  • Susan E.   6   F   KY
  • William   4   M   KY
  • Victoria   1   F   KY
  • Vandevanter, J.   68   M   PA
  • Vandevanter, Rebecca   67   F   KY

(John J. Farris married Sarah A. Vandevender September 27, 1852.)

357 – Farris, Isaac   35   M   KY

  • Amanda   32   F   KY
  • George   9   M   KY
  • Martha   7   F   KY
  • Stephen   6   M   KY
  • Nancy M.   4   F   KY
  • John W.   2   M   KY

358 – Richardson, P. C.   22   M   KY

  • Nancy   19   F   KY
  • Nantz, E. W.   60   M   KY

(Preston C. Richardson married Nancy A. B. Nantz August 9, 1859.  E. W. Nantz is most likely her father.)

359 – Pearson, W. H.   22   M   KY

  • Susan   26   F   KY
  • Nancy B.   7/12   F   KY
  • Hill, Wm. W.   29   M   KY
  • Hill, Sarah M.   18   F   KY
  • Hill, William T.   3/12   M   KY

360 – Coulter, Henson   40   M   KY

  • Sarah J.   33   F   KY
  • Mark   14   M   KY
  • Mary A.   11   F   KY
  • Catherine   7   F   KY
  • Sarah J.   3   F   KY

(Henson Coulter married Sarah J. Crow January 6, 1846.  Henson is the son of Mark Coulter and Nancy Taylor.  His mother Nancy Taylor Coulter is listed next.)

361 – Coulter, Nancy   67   F   KY

  • Whitten, Ruth   46   F   KY
  • Whitten, Martha   19   F   KY
  • Coulter, Ruth   12   F   KY

(Lindley Whitten married Ruth Coulter February 8, 1835.  Ruth Coulter, age 12, is most likely the daughter of Harrison Coulter and Elizabeth Leonard.  Harrison was the son of Mark Coulter and Nancy Taylor, Ruth being their granddaughter.)

362 – Owens, Alvin   29   M   KY

  • Delilah   22   F   KY
  • Mary J.   1   F   KY
  • Gordon, Nancy   60   F   KY

(Alvin Owens married Delilah Gordon February 17, 1858.  Nancy Gordon was Delilah’s mother.)

363 – White, John   29   M   KY

  • Margaret   26   F   KY
  • Martha   6   F   KY
  • Sarah   4   F   KY
  • Georgie   3   F   KY
  • Miles   2   M   KY
  • Amanda   3/12   F   KY
  • Whitten, M. J.   21   F   Ky

(John L. White married Margaret Whitten August 15, 1853.)

364 – Coulter, William   32   M   KY

  • Emeline   31   F   KY
  • Martha   8   F   KY
  • George   6   M   KY
  • Nancy M.   11/12   F   KY

(William Coulter married Emeline White April 26, 1851.  He fought in the Civil War and died by September of 1865.)

365 – White, Riley   51   M   KY

  • Martha   52   F   KY
  • Elizabeth   26   F   KY
  • Samuel   23   M   KY
  • Henry   20   M   KY
  • Matthew   17   M   KY
  • Nancy   14   F   KY
  • James   10   M   KY
  • Nathaniel   8   M   KY

(Samuel Riley White married Martha Lewis March 22, 1827.  Emeline White Coulter, line 364, is their daughter, as is Elijah White their son, listed below.)

366 – White, Elisha   32   M   KY

  • Mary E.   31   F   KY
  • William   10   M   KY
  • Elizabeth   9   F   KY
  • James R.   6   M   KY
  • Sarah   1   F   KY

(Elisha White married Mary Elizabeth Armstrong March 4, 1847.)

367 – Shields, Milton   26    M   KY

  • Mahulda   25    F   KY
  • James   6   M   KY
  • Maranda    4   F   KY
  • Alvin   1   M   KY

(Milton Shields married Mahulda Satterly in 1853.)

368 – Keeling, Marion   28   M   KY

  • Nancy   22   F   KY
  • Benjamin F.   2   M   KY
  • Martha J.   3/12   F   KY

(Marion Keeling married Nancy Searcy October 21, 1857.)

369 – Moberly, E. L.   54   M   KY

  • Sally A.   16   F   KY
  • Squire   13   M   KY
  • Eliza   8   F   KY
  • Henry   6   M   KY

370 – Cheatham, O.   55   M   KY

  • Anna   65   F   VA
  • Isabelle   19   F   KY
  • Samuel   17   M   KY

371 – Chesser, J. M.   36   M   KY

  • Sarene   35   F   KY
  • Mary E.   14   F   KY
  • William T.   12   M   KY
  • Eliza T.   10   F   KY
  • Doras   7   M   KY
  • Harry P.   6   M   KY

(James Chesser married Serena Davis November 22, 1843.)

Minerva Coulter Obituary

from The News-Leader, Springfield, Kentucky

April 12, 1906

Death of Mrs. Coulter

(Hillsborough correspondent)

The angel of death visited this community Wednesday morning and took from our midst Mrs. Minerva Coulter, widow of the late Spencer Coulter.  Mrs. Coulter was at the time of her death 80 years, 10 months and 14 days of age and had been for 52 years a member of the Baptist Church at Rockbridge and was ever true to her profession of religion.  Many noble traits of character adorn her life.  The home in which she reared her children was a model one and when they pitched their craft on life’s sea she was a light for them to be constantly guided by.  Her mission on earth was also fulfilled and the death angel called to take her to the golden shore where there is no sorrow, no death but sweet peace and eternal rest.  The funeral was conducted Friday at the church by Rev. W. Ezra Sutherland before a large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friends, after which her body was tenderly laid to rest beside that of her husband, to await resurrection morn and then arise to walk in the newness of life.

Minerva J. Casteel married Spencer Coulter June 18, 1844, in Washington County, Kentucky.  Spencer was the son of Mark Coulter and Nancy Taylor.  Minerva and Spencer had 8 children:  Nancy A., William S., Andrew McHenry, Elizabeth, Samuel P., James R., Milly A. Coulter, and an infant who died at birth.  After almost 50 years of marriage, Spencer Coulter died June 22, 1892, and was buried in Hillsborough Church Cemetery.  Minerva was buried beside him, per her obituary.

Today In Genealogy History – April 26, 2012

Emeline White and William Coulter were married 161 years ago – April 26, 1851 — in Washington County, Kentucky.  Emeline was the daughter of Samuel Riley White and Martha Lewis.  William was the son of Mark Coulter and Nancy Taylor.  Emeline and William had 3 children:  Martha Ann, George F. and Nancy M. Coulter.  William was wounded during the Civil War and died before September of 1865.

Today In Genealogy History – March 2, 2012

Elizabeth Leonard and Harrison Coulter were married 179 years ago – March 2, 1833 – in Mercer County, Kentucky.  Harrison was the son of Mark Coulter and Nancy Taylor.  Elizabeth and Harrison had 8 children:  Nancy Jane, James Harrison, Sarah D., Amanda J., Rutha A., Mary L., Maranda S. and Rhoda E. Coulter.  The family lived in Washington County, Kentucky.