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John Linton’s Signature

When Ritchey and I were in Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia, in March, this was one of the treasures we found!  Mr. John Fishback, Historical Records Manager, was most helpful in finding wills and other documents from my ancestors.  Not only did we just find the will, Mr. Fishback produced the original wills written by Benjamin Mason, William Moran and others!  I now have their signatures!

My 4th great-grandfather, Captain John Hancock Linton moved from Loudoun County, Virginia, to Washington County, Kentucky, in 1818, so I knew we would not find his will in Leesburg.  But we found this note written to William B. Harrison concerning an affidavit that would be taken.  I am overjoyed to find this – well, to give credit where credit is due, I believe Ritchey found it!  He always finds the best things!  I have my blinders on and have my lists of what I am particularly looking forward.  He just jumps in and looks through records and finds the best things!  I guess we make a good pair!

Wm. B. Harrison, Esq. –

Take notice, that on Friday next at the tavern of John Drisk in Leesburg, I shall, between the hours of 9 o’clock A.M. and 5 P.M. take the affidavit of Wm. Eskridge to be used in the injunction depending in the County Court of Loudoun in which you and John Littlejohn are complainant and I am defendant.

                                       Your Obedient Servant, John Linton

January 26, 1812

Such a small piece of paper, rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but quite precious to me – in John Linton’s handwriting!

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  1. I am interested in William Eskridge.. being that my maiden name is Eskridge.. Remember I wrote you about Hannoke “Eskridge” I thought that Eskridge was the maiden name, but turned out to be her middle name.. Is there anyway to find out what was going on with William ?

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