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100 Years of Washington County Marriages CD

Washington County, Kentucky, Marriages – December 23rd

Sorry it has taken a little while to get back to the contest we had – I asked that you guess which month and day had the most marriages during the 100 year period of 1792-1892 in Washington County, Kentucky.  There were some great guesses, but no one guessed the correct date.  There were 50 marriages on December 23rd.  Could it be that with family would be visiting for Christmas, that date was popular since relatives were already gathered?  Tom Gibertini guessed December 24th – the closest to the actual date – so Tom, send me your address and I’ll send you a copy of 100 Years of Washington County Marriages!  Congratulations!

Looking at the chart above you can see December 23rd was the day with the most marriages, and June 25th and July 30th were tied for the least at 7 each.  January was the month with most marriages and June the month with least!

After Saturday’s post I’ve already had several requests for CDs.  If you are interested in purchasing one send a check for $17.50 to Phyllis Brown, 449 Pope Avenue, Harrodsburg, Kentucky 40330.

And now, those 50 marriages on December 23rd!

Thomas Hall married Amanda Moore 23 Dec 1797
James Johnston married Susanna Roach 23 Dec 1797
Jeremiah Riney married Polly Moore 23 Dec 1797
Jacob Robison married Sally Wade 23 Dec 1799
David Duggins married Nancy Riney 23 Dec 1802
John Bowman married Hannah Cannon 23 Dec 1807
Aaron Cecil married Anne Springer 23 Dec 1815
John Hughes, Jr., married Martha Hughes Nantz 23 Dec 1817
Robert Hughes married Letty Price 23 Dec 1817
William Riggs married Catherine Lewellen 23 Dec 1817
William Knott married Cynthia Sandusky 23 Dec 1819
David A. Shannon married Nancy Alexander 23 Dec 1819
Richard Lyons married Ann Alvey 23 Dec 1820
John Way married Elizabeth Woods 23 Dec 1822
Richard Broady married Eleanor Drayne 23 Dec 1823
Washington Taylor married Harriet Robertson 23 Dec 1823
Hugh M. C. Thompson married Mary P. Swan 23 Dec 1823
Rozin Naylor married Mrs. Martha W. Stone 23 Dec 1824
William Pearce married Temperance Patterson 23 Dec 1829
Shelby Fabler married Audrey Scott 23 Dec 1833
Andrew Serious married Lucinda Ann Riley 23 Dec 1834
Valentine Mudd married Lucinda Montgomery 23 Dec 1843
Elijah Duggins married Rachel Foster 23 Dec 1850
Jacob S. Barlow married Sarah J. Bentley 23 Dec 1852
Josiah M. Bland married Martha E. Rinehart 23 Dec 1852
William Green married Ruth E. Graham 23 Dec 1852
Gilford Hillard married Elizabeth Carrier 23 Dec 1854
James M. Trent married Mary J. Barnett 23 Dec 1858
Hardin B. Mitchell married Mary E. Hahn 23 Dec 1859
Jesse Webb married Susan E. Rigdon 23 Dec 1859
A. R. Burns married Louisa Satterly 23 Dec 1860
Isaiah Prather married Mary Elizabeth Sutton 23 Dec 1860
Enoch Warren married Margaret Jane Baker 23 Dec 1863
Peter G. Barlow married Sarah Sappington 23 Dec 1866
Alexander Mays married Mary Parrott 23 Dec 1869
John T. Settles married Julia Shewmaker 23 Dec 1869
W. J. Berry married Ann E. Ensor 23 Dec 1874
John E. Yeager married Mary E. Hahn 23 Dec 1874
Aquilla Reed married Charlotte Adams 23 Dec 1875
James Perry Riley married Sarah E. McCarty 23 Dec 1875
Garrett Walker married Annie Caldwell 23 Dec 1875
Gabriel Kightley married Mattie Walker 23 Dec 1877
Elias Perkins married Queen R. Mobley 23 Dec 1877
Charles Baker married Annie Arvin 23 Dec 1878
Richard Thurman married Kate Froman 23 Dec 1878
Juett Gully married Lavina Parrott 23 Dec 1879
Milton Wakefield married Rosa J. Sansberry 23 Dec 1884
Samuel Coffman married Lizzie Hayes 23 Dec 1887
Harvey Dunn married Janie Bottoms 23 Dec 1890
William S. Alford married Bell Pinkston 23 Dec 1891

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