Joe May Photos

Scan_Pic1525 2I have three photos to share with you today.  The handwriting on back are all identical, so I feel they are the same family.  The above photo reads as follows on back, ‘Loyl Legin at Jasper May’s.  Joe took it.’  It’s a possibility the words should be loyal legion.  The Loyal Legion is a patriotic order organized April 15, 1865, – 150 years ago today! – after the Civil War.  It’s members included veterans of the war and their descendants.  Notice the banners in the photo – two behind the group and one on the fence.  The Stars and Stripes is flying in the background.  One of the banners reads ‘Frances Willard Cardington, 1898’ – should that be Francis?  The banner on left is difficult to read, but the word Army is at the bottom.

Scan_Pic1526 2This photo shows men roofing a house.  On back it reads, ‘Joe May ruffing Rhermond’s House.’  Quite an interesting photo – men on the roof, one holding the ladder, some at ground level.  Unfortunately there is no indication where these photos were taken.  I bought them in Cincinnati, but that doesn’t guarantee they are from Ohio.  But we do know the family’s last name was May.

Scan_Pic1527 2This last photo are two young women – Myrtle and Lillie Beatty.  There are two boys at the back.  The photos are similar, but not the same size.  But the edging has the same distinctive pattern.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip to a time long ago.  Does anyone recognize anyone in the photos?

Any thoughts?

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