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Litton Family Buried At Briar Creek Cemetery


Hiram and John Litton.  Briar Creek Cemetery, Whitley County, Kentucky

Today I am sharing photos of gravestones of the Litton family who are buried in Briar Creek Cemetery in Whitley County, Kentucky.  This cemetery is located in the city of Williamsburg, right off Interstate 75 at exit 11.


In Memory of Hiram Litton, was born March the 29, 1787, and died October the 9, 1852, aged 65 years, 6 months.

Hiram Litton married Martha Cox October 26, 1812, in Knox County, Kentucky.  There are many Cox family members buried in this cemetery, very likely relatives of Martha, that will be included in another post.  Martha died in 1829, the couple enjoying only 17 years of marriage.  At least two children were born to the couple, Emily and John, since their birth precedes their mother’s death.

In research on Ancestry it gives Hiram’s parents as Solomon Litton and Martha Duncan.  However, the 1852 death records of Whitley County tell us a different story.  Hiram and his brother, Burton, both died in 1852, and fortunately that was the first year Whitley County kept death records.  Burton died April 28th of fever; his parents were listed as Hiram and Mary Litton; he was a farmer and was born in Washington County – which I believe to be Virginia rather than Kentucky.  Hiram Litton died October 2nd of that year, also of fever, and his parents are listed as Hiram and Mary Litton.  Since the death dates on the gravestones match the death dates in the Whitley County records, I feel sure Hiram and Mary are the correct parents of the two brothers.


In Memory of Martha Litton, wife of Hiram Litton, was born June the 19, 1797, and died September the 18, 1829, aged 32 years, 3 months.

Dying at the young age of 32, Martha probably had complications during childbirth – or any number of other illnesses that, which in our day and time would not be fatal, but in those early days of our country could easily take a life.


In Memory of Emily N. Litton, daughter of Hiram and Martha Litton, departed this life August 29, 1841, aged 21 years, 11 months and 16 days.

  Emily was born September 13, 1819.


In Memory of John S. Litton, was born March 20th, 1826, died June 12th, 1854, aged 28 years, 2 months and 23 days.

The gravestones for the Litton family are quite beautiful.  The color is a light reddish brown, with scroll work, leaves, and drapes – and an angel at the top.  All four match – were they purchased at the same time?  What a loving tribute to these family members.

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  1. I also have family buried in the Briar Creek Cemetery. The relatively new headstone for the Rev James Sullivan. He was the first of my family in Kentucky. He was a Methodist/Episcopal minister and performed his first marriage there in about 1805. He came from Virginia by way of Knoxville. Nice little cemetery. My other Sullivan ancestors are buried across town in the Sullivan Cemetery with a lot of the Rains family. Read your posts everyday. Nice site.

  2. I am looking for any information on Malinda Welch Shepherd. She married James Shepherd on 02 October 1837 in Louisville Ky.  After that I can find no info on her death or burial place. I assume she is buried somewhere in Bullitt county, Ky.

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  3. It looks like you spent an incredible amount of time with your research on the Litton family and for that you must be commended. In reviewing your comments concerning Hiram Litton. I find some inconsistencies with the conclusions you have made and posted on the web. Please review the information below.
    1. For reasons I have listed below your conclusions concerning the parents of Hiram Litton are inaccurate.
    2. It is my professional opinion that the death records are inaccurate.
    a. I have a certified copy of Solomon Litton’s family bible and it lists a Hiram Litton with a birth date of March 29th,1787 and this Hiram Litton was born in KY.
    Summary: As with any family research our conclusions are drawn from state, county records, etc… that may or may not be 100% accurate. Any researcher could float your hypothesis and have adequate justification to make your conclusions but for there to be two (2) Hiram Litton’s with the same day/month/year for a birth date is not impossible but highly unlikely. I really don’t think any other professional genealogist would refute my statement that the Whitley County death records are inaccurate. With that being said if you have other documentation I’d be happy to look it over. Keep researching!!!!!!

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