Will of Vincent Young, Stafford County, Virginia

Stafford County, Virginia, Deed and Will Book, 1690, pp. 157a-158

In the name of God, Amen.  The Last Will and Testament of Vincent Young, being very well in body and thanks be to God of perfect mind and memory do hereby make my Last Will and Testament revoking and making void all former wills, etc.  Imprimis.  I bequeath my soul to Almighty God that give it and my body to ye earth to Christian burial in hope through ye merits of Jesus Christ of a joyful resurrection and for my personal estate I do give and dispose of as followeth.

Item.  I give and bequeath unto my two sons, William and Samuel Young, all my land in Virginia to be equally divided between them, and in case of mortality of either of them before they come to age or die without lawful heirs of their own body, then to redound to ye other and further it is my will that my son William shall have and enjoy my now plantation I live upon and further it is my will that my son Samuel shall have his being upon ye plantation I now live on with as much privilege of anything that doth or shall belong to it as his brother seven years after my decease if he do not find himself in a capacity for settling himself before and for all ye rest of my estate I leave it wholly to my very loving wife Elizabeth Young, paying my just debts and in case that both of my sons die without lawful heirs of their body then my land redounds to my daughter Ann Williams and her heirs of her own body, only one hundred acres of my above said land I give to Vincent Rowland and his lawful heirs of his body lying at ye North East side of my land.

Item.  I give to my son William Young my land in ye county of Kent in ye kingdom of England, lying and being in Kingston and in case he should die without heirs lawfully begotten of his own body then to my son Samuel Young and his heirs.  It is my desire that whatsoever money is due to me for the rent of my land within ye county of Kent aforesaid be one half to my wife and ye other half to my son Samuel Young and my daughter Anne Williams and my money by bond due to me from my uncle Mr. Richard Sharp recorded in St. Mildred’s Office in Canterbury ye quantity of one hundred and ten pounds and six pence sterling be equally divided between them.  Also make my well beloved wife Elizabeth Young and my son William Young my whole and sole executors.  In witness of ye truth I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th of October 1687.                                      Vincent Young

In the presence of us, James Nelson, John Porter, John Robinson

This will was sufficiently proved in this court by Elizabeth Young, executrix, in ye said will nominated and by ye oaths and testimonies of James Nelson, John Porter, witnesses thereunto subscribed on ye 12th day of June 1690 and was then recorded.

Today In Genealogy History – September 10, 2011

James Sylvester Ritchey was born 164 years ago – September 10, 1847 – in Schuyler County, Illinois, the son of Charles Ritchey and Amanda McKee.  His grandparents were James Ritchey and Susannah Sawyer, and William McKee and Cassandra Frakes.  He died August 30, 1876.  I have no record of a marriage or children.

Letter to Ben Edwards, 1851

Milburn, KY  Sept. 18th, 1851

Mr. B. Edwards

Dear friend,

So soon as I could, after receiving your last letter, I informed Messrs. J. W. Janes and William King and requested them to meet me as soon as they could in the town of Milburn, and I suppose some two months ago, we three met and had an overhauling of the rents and the improvements pertaining to your place where Mr. King now lives, and found the following state of case viz.

That a Mr. Blackwell was down until the termination of this crop.  Mr. King will owe for rents $129.00 cents and has paid rents by clearing of ground, making rails and putting same up, at prices agreed upon , to the amount of $86.37 cents.  And has built a house in which he now lives for which he charges $50.00 cents.  Mr. King told Mr. Janes and myself if we were not willing to allow him fifty dollars for the dwelling house that we might call on two or three disinterested men and let them say what it was worth.  But we felt satisfied that the building could not be put up for that amount of money, so we concluded to let his charge, $50, stand until we could hear from you.

This statement leaves you in Mr. Kings’ debt at the end of this year $7.37 cents which prevents us from taking his bond for rents and possession at the end of this year.  There has been no taxes paid since Esqr. Janes paid them for you.

Mr. King is willing to leave your place at the end of the year if you wish, or he will rent for another year, if in time to sow wheat and give bond for rent and possession, as may hereafter be agreed upon.

If you wish, I can at some more leisure moment inform you of the No. of rails that Mr. King has made and put up, the amount of ground he has cleared and the amount of ground he has cultivated each year – all of which has been closely investigated by Esqr. Janes and myself – the result of which I have given you above.

We have had a very sickly season here and from this lamentable fact have not had time to write these few lines before, since bout the middle of July.  My family and connection are all in tolerably good health at this time.  Sickness is abating.


H. Reid

Today In Genealogy History – September 8, 2011

Ruth Gaither was born 332 years ago – September 8, 1679 – probably in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, the daughter of John Gaither.  Ruth married John Warfield, son of Richard Warfield and Eleanor Browne.  Ruth and John had 9 children:  Richard, John, Ruth, Benjamin, Eleanor, Alexander, Edward, Mary and Philip.

Biography of Lewis A. Jarman

From Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, Volume II, Schuyler County:

Lewis A. Jarman

For many years public opinion has accorded Lewis A. Jarman a foremost place among the citizens and legal practitioners of Schuyler County, and so stable a fixture has he become in the affairs of Rushville that his election to his present position as Mayor, in April, 1905, would seem a natural and expected continuation of the many honors growing out of his ability, integrity and large capacity for useful citizenship.

Of Southern ancestry on both sides of his family, Mr. Jarman was born in Greensboro, Maryland, September 28, 1858, a son of Thomas H. and Mary E. (Lewis) Jarman, natives of Maryland and Delaware, respectively.  His grandparents, Thomas H. and Elizabeth Jarman, were born in Maryland, and his maternal grandparents, Thomas H. and Sabra Lewis, were natives of Delaware and Maryland, respectively.  Completing his preliminary education at the Western Maryland College, at Westminster, he then entered the Maryland University, at Baltimore, and after graduating therefrom in the class of 1881, spent a year acquiring the rudiments of law in a law office in Baltimore, and has been in the active practice of law in Rushville since 1882, building upon the foundation of splendid personal qualities, a reputation for reliable, conservative and dependable professional service.

An abiding belief in the best tenets of the Republican Party has led Mr. Jarman to espouse its cause with vigor and enthusiasm, and through various local official channels he has labored to promote the best interests of the community.  Mr. Jarman was a delegate from the Fifteenth Congressional District to the Republican National convention in June, 1904, and in April, 1905, was elected chief executive of the city of Rushville.  His marriage to Lizzie B. Ray, a native of Rushville and graduate of the Northwestern University, at Evanston, Illinois, occurred June 26, 1889.  The distinguishing characteristics of Mr. Jarman are force of character, indomitable energy and executive ability, potent agencies for the advancement of men to important stations in life.

Captain Burr Harrison Family Sheet

Family Group Sheet for Captain Burr Harrison

Husband: Captain Burr Harrison
Birth: 21 May 1699
Death: 1775
Marriage: 1722 in Port Tobacco, Maryland
Father: Colonel Thomas Harrison
Mother:  Seth Elizabeth Short

Wife: Anne Barnes
Father: Captain Matthew Barnes

Name: Thomas Harrison
Birth: 1723
Death: 1756
Marriage: 02 Jul 1747 in Overwharton Parish, VA
Spouse: Anne Peyton

Name: Jane Harrison
Birth: 09 Dec 1726 in Prince William County, VA
Death: 03 Apr 1759
Marriage: 1743 in Hamilton Parish
Spouse: John Linton

Name: Seth Harrison
Birth: 1729
Spouse: John Peyton

Name: Elizabeth Harrison
Birth: 30 Jan 1731
Death: Aug 1780
Spouse: Joseph Combs

Name: Burr Harrison
Birth: 1734
Death: 1790
Spouse: Mary Anne Barnes

Name: Anne Harrison
Birth: 1736
Spouse: Craven Peyton

Name: Matthew Harrison
Birth: 1738
Death: 1798
Marriage: 03 Oct 1770 in Fauquier County, VA
Spouse: Ann Slaughter

Name: Sarah Harrison
Birth: 1740
Death: 1815
Spouse: Leven Powell

Name: George Harrison
Birth: 1745
Death: 1805
Marriage: 13 Dec 1772 in Shenandoah, VA
Spouse: Elizabeth Beale

Name: Cuthbert Harrison
Birth: 1749
Death: 1822
Marriage: 24 Dec 1772 in Shenandoah, VA
Spouse: Ann Beale