Today In Genealogy History – July 15, 2011

Richard Keene was born 202 years ago – July 15, 1809 – in Loudoun County, Virginia.  He died August 27, 1874, in Washington County, Kentucky.  He was the son of Richard Keene and Elizabeth Rebecca Linton, and grandson of Captain John Linton and Ann Mason.  Richard married Susan Linton Moran January 21, 1840.  They had nine children.

Mary Hill and Bert Thompson

Marriage of Bertram Thompson and Mary Hill

Samuel Bertram Thompson, son of William and Daisy Catherine Thompson, and Mary Lydia Hill, daughter of Jessie Delbert and Nannie Belle Hill, were married March 22, 1930, at the court house in Marion County, Kentucky.  She would die less than three years later.  A son,  Henry Thompson, was born January 4, 1931.  On March 7, 1933, Nancy Jeanette Thompson, a baby girl, was born.  Mary died four days later from scarlet fever – she was nineteen.  Little Nancy Jeanette died five months after her mom and was buried beside her in St. Joseph Cemetery.

Mary Lydia was my father’s oldest sister – she was born and died before he ever came along.  I didn’t know about her until later in life and never had the opportunity to ask him about her.  Mary’s husband, Bert, married again and raised a family.  The saying that ‘life goes on’ is true.  But it was sad story from a lovely beginning for a husband and wife.

This is the only known photo of Mary and Bert Thompson.  The original picture was in bad shape and one of my cousins had it restored.  What a priceless treasure!

Today In Genealogy History – July 14, 2011

John Murphy and Mary Yarbrough were married in Lincoln County, Kentucky, 216 years ago – July 14, 1795.  Mary was the daughter of Randolph Yarbrough and Mary Bailey, and was born in Virginia.  Two of John and Mary Murphy’s daughters married into the Hill family and both their husbands were killed in the Hill-Evans Feud in Garrard County, Kentucky.  Jane Murphy married Frederick Hill and Lucy Murphy married Isaiah Hill.

Margaret Ellen McIlvoy Walker

Obituary taken from “The Springfield Sun”

Washington County, Kentucky

Funeral services will be held at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church in this city at 9 o’clock Friday morning for Mrs. Mattie McIlvoy Walker, with interment in the church cemetery.

Mrs. Walker died at 4:45 Wednesday morning [13 Dec 1939] at the home of R.L. Boldrick on East Main, with whom she had made her home the past twenty years. She had been critically ill the past two weeks.

The daughter of Dan McIlvoy and Matilda Hardin McIlvoy, Mrs. Walker was born November 4, 1846, at the old McIlvoy homestead at Hillsboro, this county. She attended local schools and completed her education at St. Catherine Academy, being the oldest Alumna of that historic institution, having recently celebrated her ninety-fourth birthday. It is said Mrs. Walker had not missed a meeting of St. Catherine Alumnae in 74 years, a record unsurpassed in history, perhaps.

Endowed with many beautiful traits of character, Mrs. Walker possessed a pleasing personality that won for her the love and respect of her associates. She was given to charity, was a devout Catholic, which faith sustained her throughout her long and useful life, was a member of the U.D.C. and was for many years active in church and social circles. Though she bore no children of her own she was devoted as a mother to her great nephews and nieces, Mrs. Walker Thomas and Sister Virginia Maria, Louisville; Mrs. W.W. Slaton, Florence, Alabama; Dr. Thomas Boldrick, Owensboro, and Oscar Boldrick, with whom the home was shared from infancy to manhood and womanhood.

The widow of the late Oscar Walker, for many years one of the most prominent farmers and stockmen of this county, Mrs. Walker was the last member of her immediate family, her only survivors being a number of nephews, the McIlvoys of this county, and numerous great nephews and nieces.

Today In Genealogy History – July 13, 2011

Catherine Walsh Linton was born 149 years ago – July 13, 1862.  Catherine was the daughter of John Walsh (sometimes the name is spelled Welsh), born in Galway, Ireland, April 1, 1826, and died in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, April 2, 1871; and Sarah Hollard, born January 12, 1826, in Galway, Ireland, and died February 1, 1899, in Middlesboro, Kentucky.  Catherine married William F. Linton, January 7, 1879, in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.  She died September 27, 1931, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sarah E. Linton – Sister Mary Baptista

While researching in Prince William County, Virginia, ten years ago, Ritchey and I found Linton Hall School.  It, indeed, had significance with our Linton family.  Land that had been handed down through the generations came to the last daughter – Sarah E. Linton, daughter of John Tyler Linton and Cecilia Ann Graham.  Unfortunately, Sarah never knew her father – he died before she was born.  The area of Dumfries, where the family lived, was rather swampy and had affected his health.  He had numerous bouts with malaria and eventually developed consumption.  He died September 8, 1821, at the age of 26.  But being his only child she inherited all his property.  Sarah attended Catholic schools and became very devout in the Roman Catholic faith – which was very disconcerting to her family!  And even more so when she took the veil, becoming Sister Mary Baptista.

John Tyler Linton

When we visited Linton Hall School, run by the Benedictine Sisters of Bristow, Virginia, we were shown a portrait of Sister Baptista’s father – and his diploma, a law degree from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania – that hang in the foyer of the school.

John Tyler Linton was the only son and heir of John Augustine Elliott Linton.  John Augustine also had a daughter Elizabeth, but she died at the age of twelve.  An additional 1,000 acres of land were purchased to add to the original 740 acres on Broad Run – and it was named “Lintonsford”.  The mansion that was built stood at Lintonsford until it was destroyed by fire just before the Civil War.

Sister Ernestine, our tour guide, showed us around the school.  We were invited to the convent for lunch, and she brought out the available Linton information.  Sarah, or Sister Mary Baptista, was a wonderful historian.  She studied history for so long and knew so much history that she wrote a textbook that was a manual, and a series of Linton charts (of history) that were so good they won first place at the Chicago World’s Fair.  Colleges even used the charts!

Before her death on October 25, 1901, Sister Mary Baptista divided Lintonsford into two parts.  One tract was turned over to the Benedictine Fathers and a school for poor boys erected; the Benedictine Sisters were given the remaining 500 acres for a school for poor girls.  St. Joseph’s Institute for boys opened in 1894 and St. Anne’s School began accepting girls in the autumn of 1897.

Then Sister Ernestine directed us to the old Linton Cemetery across the road – where Sister Baptista’s parents and grandparents are buried.

There is one large stone in the center, with smaller head and foot stones for each grave with the individual’s initials.  On each side of the large stone is an epitaph.  They read as follows:

Sacred to the memory of John Augustine Elliott Linton, original founder of Lintonsford.  Born January 9, 1769, died December 2, 1822.

Sacred to the memory of Sarah Tyler, born 1763, widow in 1822 of John Augustine Elliott Linton, died August 19, 1835.

Sacred to the memory of John Tyler Linton, only son of John Augustine Elliott Linton and Sarah Tyler, his wife.  Born January 4, 1796, died September 8, 1821.

Sacred to the memory of Cecilia Ann Graham, born July 9, 1804, widow in 1821 of John Tyler Linton, widow in 1828 of R. H. Philips, died May 21, 1878.

There is a medium-sized stone for the daughter Cecilia had with her second husband R. H. Philips.  It reads:

In memory of Anne Cecilia Philips, born August 14, 1828, died July 17, 1917.  “In thee, O God, do I put my trust.”

John Tyler Linton (1796-1821), was the son of John Augustine Elliott Linton (1769-1822) and Sarah Tyler, grandson of John Linton (1730-1775) and Elizabeth Elliott, and great-grandson of William Linton  (1693-1733) and Susanna Monroe (1695-1752).  William Linton was a brother to Moses Linton (1698-1752) – father to my Captain John Linton.  Therefore, Captain John Linton and John Tyler Linton were cousins – 1st cousins twice removed, or 4th cousins once removed – (I don’t really understand this!), let’s just say down the line!

Today In Genealogy History – July 12, 2011

Euphemia Nesbitt Linton was born 165 years ago – July 12, 1839, in Virginia, to James Nesbitt Linton and Rachel M. Humphreys.  She was the granddaughter of William Linton and Euphemia Nesbitt; and William Humphreys and Hannah Dolan.