Today In Genealogy History – August 11, 2011

Elizabeth Linton was born 194 years ago – August 11, 1817 – in Breckinridge County, Kentucky, to Benjamin Franklin Linton and Lucy Crewdson.  Elizabeth married Jacob Vaught Rhoads in Logan County, Kentucky, March 19, 1839.  Elizabeth and Jacob lived a long life together celebrating 56 years of marriage before his death March 24, 1895.  Elizabeth lived only two months longer.  They had 11 children:  Louis Stephens, Benjamin Linton, Lucy Ann, Elizabeth Sarah, Mary Susan, Millie Mason, David Crewdson, Moses Linton, Barnabas Gilbert, Millie M. and Delia Forest.

Rudd Family of Washington County, Kentucky

Rudd Family

According to The Centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky by the Honorable Benjamin J. Webb, published 1884, “James Rudd removed with his family to the neighborhood of Springfield from Prince George County, Maryland, in the year 1796.  His children, eight in number, were named William, Charles, Henry B., John, Richard, James, Margaret and Christopher.  James Rudd died in the year 1816, and his wife, Susannah Brooke Rudd, in 1822.”

And in a footnote, “Of James Rudd’s children, it will be necessary to speak of but three.  Richard Rudd was a soldier of the War of 1812.  He was a bachelor lawyer of much prominence, practicing in Bardstown when I was a boy.  He was much esteemed for his probity and for the blamelessness of his life.  He died more than forty years ago.  The late Captain James Rudd, of Louisville, was his father’s sixth son.  Of him I will have to speak in another chapter.  The Dr. Christopher Rudd, of Springfield, was as well known and as much respected as any man in the county.  Having studied medicine and established himself as a physician in Springfield, he took to wife Nannie Palmer, a sister of Dr. R. C. Palmer of Washington County.  He was a skillful practitioner and a deservedly popular man.  One of his daughters, Louisa Rudd, became the wife of the late Hamilton Smith, proprietor of the Cannelton [Indiana] cotton mills, and one of her sons, Ballard Smith, was but lately, if he is not now, managing editor of The World newspaper, in the city of New York.  Dr. Christopher Rudd died in 1840

Rudd marriages in Washington County

James Rudd married Mary Parent October 8, 1846

John Rudd married Louisa Morgan August 30, 1848

William Rudd married Jane Mudd January 25, 1814

William Rudd married Eleanor Bean January 23, 1833

William Brooke Rudd married Hettie A. Edelen February 13, 1860, witnesses Edward Kelly and Elizabeth Fenwick, bondsman James Edelen.

William married Alice Edelen at St. Rose Church, March 1, 1870, witnesses M. C. Graham, C. M. Kelly, Miss Kate Edelen and Sally May.

Rudd burials at St. Rose Catholic Church:

Christopher A. Rudd, born August 7, 1791, died 1810.

John Rudd, died august 13, 1825, age 42 years.

James Rudd, died September 25, 1822, age 71 years.

Hettie Rudd, wife of W. B., born September 13, 1838, died February 12, 1866.

William B. Rudd, born 1838, died 1926.

Alice Rudd, wife of W. B., born 1843, died 1893.

Rudd-Montgomery Connection

Alexander Brooke Rudd, son of William Brooke and Alice Edelen Rudd, married Louise Mary “Lilly” Montgomery August 22, 1905.  Louise was the daughter of William Peter and Martha Ann Carrico Montgomery, and sister of my great-grandfather Robert E. Lee Montgomery.  Alexander and Lilly Rudd had six children:  Nellie, Sarah Frances, Elizabeth, William Brooke and Mary Houston.

Today In Genealogy History – August 10, 2011

Mary Louisa Ann Linton was born 158 years ago – August 10, 1853 – in Nelson County, Kentucky, to Moses Filmore Linton and Margaret Willett.  Mary Louisa married George Napoleon Nalley May 26, 1879.  They had 8 children:  Minnie, Aden Benedict, Jeanie, Annie, William, Bernie, Ralph and Linton.

Remodel of William McKee’s Barn

Note by Phyllis Brown:  William McKee came to Rushville, Illinois, Schuyler County, in 1826 with his wife and children.  Here they settled, purchasing a land warrant for 160 acres.  According to information in The Book of McKee, he “erected a double log cabin, using wooden pegs instead of nails; the door was constructed of puncheons, and was furnished with the historic latch-string”.  It doesn’t surprise me that the barn mentioned below was built just as sturdy.

The Rushville Times – October 17, 1934

Remodel Barn Built On The William McKee Farm In 1833

Workmen are now engaged in remodeling a barn on the Wm. McKee farm, two miles north of Rushville, that was erected in 1833, and the massive hewed oak timbers are today in a good state of preservation and will last another hundred years in the remodeled structure of which they are now a part.

This old barn, 60×85 ft., was erected on the northeast quarter of sec. 18, Rushville township, by William McKee, who had settled there in the spring of 1826, and his son, William, then a lad of twenty years of age, who the year before had served with Abraham Lincoln in the Black Hawk war.

Wm. McKee, Jr., was the father of Mrs. C. L. DeWitt of this city and he lived and died on this farm.  Several years ago, Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt made a memorial gift in memory of their daughter to Illinois Woman’s college, Jacksonville, and among the securities, this farm had to be taken over by the college under court decree in which Harry Pratt was named receiver and he now looks after the farm as agent for the college.

Fisk & Sargent are the carpenters engaged in doing the remodeling operations on the old barn and they find much of the timber in fine shape.  Some of the frame sills are 10×10 in. oak timbers, hewed from trees near by, and they will be used again in the new barn, which will be reduced to 36×60 ft. which is the size of the main frame, a twelve foot shed surrounding the entire barn as originally constructed.

The McKee barn without question is the oldest timber frame structure in Schuyler County and the farm where it is located was owned for almost one hundred years by three generations of the McKee family.  Fred S. Phillips is tenant on the 200 acre farm taken over by the Woman’s college, Jacksonville, which now holds title.

Today In Genealogy History – August 9, 2011

Matilda Mary Grimes died 191 years ago – August 9, 1820 – in St. Louis, Missouri.  Matilda married Daniel Carrico, son of Vincent and Susannah Quick Carrico.  Matilda and Daniel had two children, Susan and Vincent.

Death Certificate for Elevrie Switzer

Elverie Switzer was born November 17, 1869.  She was the daughter of William Champion and Ann Peyton.  Elverie married James Switzer; they had four children – Velera, Charles, Ralph and Dora.  Elevrie Champion Switzer died March 11, 1928.   The informant for the death certificate was Charles Switzer, her son.  Elverie was buried at Willisburg, Kentucky, in Evergreen Cemetery, on March 12, 1928.

Today In Genealogy History – August 8, 2011

Jessie Delbert Hill was born 118 years ago – August 8, 1893 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  His parents were Isaiah Hill and Lydia Ann Ross.  Jessie married Nannie Belle Coulter June 27, 1911, in Marion County, Kentucky.  They had eight children.