Will of Elizabeth Berkeley

Note by Phyllis Brown:  Elizabeth Berkeley, nee Hancock, is my 6th great-grandmother.  She married William Berkeley.  Their daughter Elizabeth Berkeley married Benjamin Mason, and their daughter, Ann Nancy Mason, married Captain John Linton.  Ann Mason Linton is mentioned in her grandmother’s will.

Will – Loudoun County, January 23, 1772 – May 26, 1772

In the name of God, amen.  I, Elizabeth Berkeley of Loudoun County, Virginia,  being sick and weak, but of sound and perfect memory, blessed be God for it, do declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner following:

Imprimis – I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God who gave it – in certain hopes of a blessed salvation and my body to the earth to be buried at the direction of my executor hereafter mentioned and as for my worldly estate which it hath pleased God to bless withall I give and bequeath as followeth.

Item – I give and bequeath to my son John Berkeley one horse called Jumper and two cows and calves the first choice and half of my sheep the first choice and all the hogs that I have, one large iron pot and hooks, one large pitcher and basin and two chairs, one bed that’s in my loft with my linen rug and one cotton sheet with one aull table and one new hat.

Item – I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Ann Linton one young red cow and my spinning wheel.

Item – I give and bequeath to my daughter Althea Hancock all my wearing clothes to distribute as I myself shall direct her.

Item – My will is that the remainder of my house furniture with the remaining part of my sheep and my other cow which has not been yet mentioned to be equally divided between my son Rueben Berkeley and my daughter Hancock.

Item – I give unto my son John Berkeley also all the remaining part of my estate that has not been yet mentioned let it be real or personal debts or money both after my just debts are paid and also appoint him the said John Berkeley to be whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 23rd day of January in the year of our Lord 1772.

Elizabeth Berkeley

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Elizabeth Berkeley as for her last will in the presence of us.  Charles Clark, Scarlett Berkeley

At a court held for Loudoun County the 26th day of May 1772.  This last will and testament of Elizabeth Berkeley, dec’d was proved by the oath of Charles Clark and Scarlett Berkeley witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of John Berkeley the Executor, therein appointed certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form, he having sworn to the same and given bond and security according to law.

Today In Genealogy History – July 24, 2011

Isaiah Hill and Lucy Murphy were married 184 years ago in Garrard County, Kentucky – July 1827.  The actual date is not to be found.  The marriage bond at the courthouse is not in the individual sleeve like the others.  It is unsure if it has been misfiled or taken.  The clerks did not know until I brought it to their attention.  Isaiah was the son of Jesse Hill and Jane Southern; Lucy is the daughter of John Murphy and Mary Polly Yarbrough.  Isaiah and Lucy had thirteen children.  Lucy died during or shortly after the birth of their daughter, Lucy, March 4, 1850.  Isaiah was killed in the Hill-Evans Feud two years later, March 13, 1852.

1901 Linton Family Photo

From my great-grandmother Frances Barber Linton Montgomery’s notes: “This is one of the homes built by Captain John Linton.  One of his sons was married in the log room, which is still part of the house.  At the death of Aunt Mary Janes the other heirs’ interest was bought by Catherine Linton and her children Alice and Edgar Linton, where they continued to live until his death in 1919.  The home place and forty-five acres of land was then sold out of the Linton family to Howard Mudd for $158.00 per acre.  The log room is still in this home to date of this writing, October 1944.  The picture of this home was made in the year of 1901.  Four generations are represented.”

This picture was taken in Washington County, Kentucky.  I have great-grandmother Frances’ list of who is in the picture and spent a good part of yesterday trying to figure out who is who!  She did give directions as to who is standing by whom, sitting, etc.  The hardest part were the children!  I think I have everything correct – however, there are two small boys on the left side of the picture that are not mentioned, and are not in any of the lists.  The numbered picture and list follows:

1.  Catherine Taylor Linton, my great-great-grandmother, niece of #2 & #3

2.  Mary Edwards Janes, owner of the home

3.  Sallie Edwards, sister of #2

4.  Alice Linton, daughter of #1

5.  Edgar Linton, son of #1

6.  Frances Linton Montgomery, daughter of #1

7.  Robert E. Lee Montgomery, husband of #6

8.  Mary Alice Montgomery, daughter of #6 & #7

9.  Margaret Ann Montgomery, daughter of #6 & #7

10.  Laura Frances Montgomery, daughter of #6 & #7

11.  Lillie Catherine Montgomery, daughter of #6 & #7

12.  Minnie Taylor Clements, great-niece of #2 & #3

13.  Walter Clements, step-son of #12

14.  Will Clements, husband of #12

15.  Bill Edwards, nephew of #2 & #3

16.  Lucy Edwards, niece of #2 & #3

17.  Margaret Clarkson O’Bryan, niece of #2 & #3

18.  Margaret Taylor Hennessy, niece of #2 & #3

19.  Susie Edwards, niece of #2 & #3

20.  Margaret O’Bryan, daughter of #17

21.  Regina O’Bryan, daughter of #17

22.  Lawrence O’Bryan, son of #17

23.  Etta Taylor Clarkson, great-niece of #2 & #3

24.  Barbour Clarkson, husband of #23

25.  Albert Walker, husband of #26

26.  Margaret Taylor Walker, great-niece of #2 & #3

27.  Etta Walker, daughter of #25 & #26

28.  William Wallace Walker, son of #25 & #26

29.  Margaret Walker, daughter of #25 & #26

30.  Albert Walker, son of #25 & #26

31.  Mitchell Walker, son of #25 & #26

32.  Thomas Clarkson, son of #23 & #24

33.  Mary Sallie Clarkson, daughter of #23 & #24

34.  Marguerite Clarkson, daughter of #23 & #24

35.  Mary Catherine Clarkson, daughter of #23 & #24

36.  Frank Clarkson, son of #23 & #24

37.  Annie Clarkson, daughter of #23 & #24

38.  Martha E. Clarkson, daughter of #23 & #24


Linton Indenture and Contract

Note by Phyllis Brown:  This indenture is important since it lists all the children of William and Eliza Lyon Moran Linton, and the husbands of the two married daughters.  William and Eliza are my great-great-great-grandparents.  I am descended through their son Edward Linton.

William is the son of Captain John and Ann Nancy Mason Linton.  Eliza is the daughter of William Moran, Jr., and Mary Barber.

There was no day listed – only month and year.

Washington County Court Order Book

R-627, September 1850

This Indenture and Contract made and entered into on this    day of September 1850, between William Linton and Eliza his wife, Basil Green and Jane his wife, Daniel L. Mock and Susan his wife, Bushrod Linton, Margaret Linton, George Mason Linton and Mary Rebecca Linton of the first part and Edward Linton of the second part all of the County of Washington and State of Kentucky.  Witnesseth that whereas John Linton, by his last will and testament, devised to John H. Linton in trust for said Eliza Linton and her children above listed, and to secure to said William Linton a support out of the same.  The tract, parcel of land lying in said County containing about 160 acres, whereon said William Linton now lives and also contains negroes therein described.  To wit:  Henry and Mariah and her children part of which are yet living and in said William and Eliza Linton’s possession.  To wit:  Lea, Louisa, Abraham and John.  And whereas many years ago William Moran conveyed to said John H. Linton in trust for said Eliza Linton and her children aforesaid a certain negro man slave named Amos, also in said William and Eliza Linton’s possession and whereas said John H. Linton has been dead for a number of years and no other trustee has ever been appointed in his stead for the management of said estate and since the death of said John H. Linton said Edward Linton has furnished necessaries, expended money and rendered services necessary to the maintenance and support of said William and Eliza Linton and their children in infancy to the full amount of $500 for which said estate is chargeable – now for and in consideration thereof and of said Edward Linton’s contract and agreement hereinafter contained they, the said William Linton and Eliza his wife, Basil Green and wife, Daniel L. Mock and wife, Bushrod Linton, Margaret, George Mason and Mary Rebecca Linton have bargained, sold and conveyed and do by these presents bargain, sell, align and convey unto the said Edward Linton the share, interest, right and title and claim of them and each of them in and to said land and its appurtenances, uses, issues and profits and said slaves and their increase for and during the terms of the natural life of said William Linton and Eliza Linton and the survivor of them but not longer and the said Edward Linton, besides his claim of $500 aforesaid as a further consideration of the aforesaid conveyance to him in consideration thereof covenant and agreed and hereby obligates and binds himself for and with said parties of the second part that he will provide for support and furnish all necessary and suitable maintenance of and for said William and Eliza Linton and such of their infant children as may reside in the family for and during the lives of said William and Eliza Linton and for and during the life of either of them.  It is understood that the said William Linton and wife and their children living with them are to live on the premises and should said Edward Linton die before said William and Eliza Linton or the survivor of them then this contract is to cease and the rights hereby conveyed shall remit to the said parties as though this deed had never been made.

In testimony whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals on this the day and year first above written.

Edward Linton

Eliza Linton

William Linton

Bushrod W. Linton

Daniel L. Mock

Susan Mock

Jane Green

Margaret Linton

George Mason Linton

Mary Rebecca Linton

Today In Genealogy History – July 22, 2011

Daniel Mock and Mary Rebecca Linton were married 146 years ago – July 22, 1865, in Washington County, Kentucky.  Mary Rebecca was the daughter of William and Eliza Lyon Moran Linton.  This was a second marriage for Daniel.  He was married to Susan Linton, older sister of Mary Rebecca, in 1838 – they had ten children.  Daniel and Mary Rebecca had one daughter – Susan Mock.

St. Charles Catholic Church Cemetery

St. Charles Catholic Church

St. Charles Catholic Church is located in Marion County, Kentucky, in the St. Mary area.  The following are a few of the gravestones located in the cemetery behind and beside the church.  I am working on a CD of all the gravestones in this cemetery, which should be finished towards the end of the year.  Let me know if you would be interested in a copy.  I have taken 848 photos at this time – I may be half finished!

William and Alice Logsdon
Nancy Mills
William Russell
Felix E. Newton
Nancy, wife of Felix Boarman
John Hagan
W. D. Queen and Georgia Cambron, his wife