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Lovely Brides – Handsome Grooms


Such a young couple!  I love the bride’s dress – from the bustle I would guess this was made in the 1870’s.  It is a CDV – carte de visite photo – taken at Bowman Photographers in Ottawa, Illinois.


This is a particular wedding favorite of mine – just look at her dress and veil – and a tiny shoe peeking out below!  There are no names on the photo.  It was taken by Rider Photography at 339 W. Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois.  Again, I believe this photo is from the 1870’s.


Very nice wedding photo from the early twentieth century.  Note the man is wearing the large flowers in the bridal bouquet.  I think the greenery and flowers trimming the veil is a nice touch.  Unfortunately no name or address.


Happy wishes to the bridal couple – whoever they may be!  I love her veil!  The rest of her attire is a bit modern for me.  The photo was taken by V. J. Barki in Wagner, South Dakota.


This is a non-traditional wedding – no white dress – but perhaps for the time it was the thing to be married in a suit.  Nevertheless this bride is quite lovely.  Surprise – I do have a name for this couple – Marvin and Edna Bauman Saenger, from Greenleaf, Wisconsin.  The photo was made by Arthur Meumeyer in Brillon, Wisconsin.

Does anyone recognize any of the brides or grooms?

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  1. My daughter is getting married on Sat and her dress is sleeveless, looks absolutely risque compared to these! I forwarded this to her and my sister. Thanks! April Brown


  2. I’m sure having the bride standing in the photos is to keep her dress from getting all wrinkled .. or too much fabric to look nice in a sitting position.

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