100 Years of Washington County Marriage Records

Some of you have had problems getting past ‘H’ in this database.  I have divided the information into three databases – A-H, I-O and P-Z.  Let me know if this works better.

washington county ky marriages groom a-h

washington county ky marriages groom i-o

washington county ky marriages groom p-z

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  1. Everything worked fine. While these dates don’t apply to my early Washington County ancestors, your research is very much appreciated.

  2. This is very valuable information on many of my ancestors. Thank you for spending the time to make research much more simple.

  3. Though this particular data doesn’t help me overcome my Kentucky roadblock in another county; I want to express my appreciation for all the work you do to aid amateurs like me learn more about Kentucky genealogy. Happy trails!!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful info, but I always source my info and I have no idea how to source this. What was your original source for this database? Did you did into old courthouse records, was it from another similar database, or something different? Any help on this would be appreciated!

  5. There’s a lot of missing information on lonely cemetery I have facts and prove on our family and I need a genealogy look forward

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