July 30th – Happy Wedding Day!

Mercer Cty., KY Abraham Lucas married Mary Evans 30 Jul 1792
Mercer Cty., KY Daniel Curd married Jenny Curd 30 Jul 1795
Mercer Cty., KY Peter Brients married Priscilla Pitman 30 Jul 1795
Mercer Cty., KY James Downey married Mary Riley 30 Jul 1805
Mercer Cty., KY John Duncan married Elizabeth Neff 30 Jul 1807
Mercer Cty., KY Ellis Stone married Peggy Denny 30 Jul 1810
Washington Cty., KY John Wheeler married Mary Ann Thompson 30 Jul 1814
Washington Cty., KY John Lynch married Nancy Buckler 30 Jul 1830
Lincoln Cty., KY William Parks married Susanna Parks 30 Jul 1831
Washington Cty., KY Samuel Daniel Cunningham married Sarah Lewis 30 Jul 1833
Washington Cty., KY James Sutton married Susan M. House 30 Jul 1841
Washington Cty., KY James Yates married Matilda A. Awberry 30 Jul 1850
Washington Cty., KY James T. Wells married Eliza Ann Darnell 30 Jul 1885
Washington Cty., KY Martin Mullican married Mattie Weathers 30 Jul 1889

Young Woman with Coat and Hat

Scan173 1Doesn’t this young woman look as if she is ready for a journey?  She wears a dark, heavy, velvety coat, which looks like she is expecting cold, cold weather!  And notice the button holes – quite fancy!  Her hat is quite handsome – I suppose there are more flowers hidden by the upturned brim.  Her jewelry is very pretty, from the watch pinned to the lapel of her coat, with its long gold chain, to the brooch at her neck, to the bracelet on her right arm.  The white lacy fringed purse seems rather at odds with the dark components of her outer clothes, but she is wearing a white dress underneath the coat.  And finally we notice she holds a rosary in her right hand and a book – a prayer book? – in her left.  There is a title on the book but I cannot make it out.  She seems a little old, but has she just been confirmed?  Or just joined the Catholic Church?  Another of those mysteries we try to understand but will probably never know the whole story!  Photo taken by Kauffman Photography in Philadelphia.

Deatley Plot at Maysville Cemetery


Severn P. Deatley, born January 25, 1830, died May 3, 1892.  Maysville Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky.


Bettie W., wife of S. P. Deatley, born February 14, 1837, died August 28, 1882.


Nannie A., wife of Severn P. Deatley, after his death wife of W. S. Wallingford, born September 24, 1857, died March 23, 1949.

from The Daily Public Ledger, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

May 4, 1892

S.P. Deatly, a prominent Oddfellow of Tollesboro Lodge, whose serious illness is noted in our correspondence elsewhere [he was ill with pneumonia], died early this morning at his home near Tollesboro. He was a brother-in-law of W.W. Ball of this city, his first wife being a sister of Mr. Ball. His second wife was a daughter of Charles Coryell of this county. He leaves a widow and several small children. Mr. Deatly was a good citizen, whose loss will be keenly felt.


Jeremiah Morgan 1795 Will – Nelson County

Morgan Will 1 2Will Book 1, Page 1-2, Nelson County, Kentucky

In the name of God amen.

One.  Knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, I hereby make and ordain this to be my last will and testament.

Two.  I lend to my beloved wife, Mary Morgan, the plantation wherein I now live as now laid off, during her widowhood, then the same to become the real property of my daughter, Susannah Morgan.  Also, I hereby give and bequeath to my son, Armstead Morgan, my land in the territory south of the River Ohio containing one hundred acres, it being a part of John Morgan’s where he now lives.  Be it remembered that all my just debts be first paid out of my moveable estate.

Three.  My horses, cattle, hogs, beds, household and kitchen furniture, all moneys and property due me, and then the remainder of said moveable estate to be vested in my beloved wife, Mary Morgan, to be at her disposal as she may think fit.  Also be it remembered that the money arising from my locations made in the territory south of the River Ohio, located by Jesteenah Cartwright and transferred by him to me, I say such moneys to be put into the public treasury of the state of Kentucky and there to remain until my two children Susannah and Armstead Morgan severally come to age or marry.  At the same time be it remembered that the cumulative interest of said money are to be called for by my executors annually, or as often as they may see proper and the same to be disposed of as to the best advantage equally between my wife and two children as above named, to their maintenance and in a most particular manner to the use of schooling my children.  Be it known I hereby appoint my beloved wife, Mrs. Mary Morgan, Captain John Morgan, Colonel William Cogling executors and executrix.  Also Major Henry Bradford executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all and every other will and testament by me heretofore made.

Morgan will 2 2Done and executed.  Witness my hand and seal this 17th day of June, 1795.  Signed, sealed and acknowledged,                                          Jeremiah Morgan

In the presence of us, John Ewing, William Morgan, James Gambell, James McClaine.

July 25th, 1795.  A codicil annexed.  Be it also remembered that it has formerly been and is yet my desire that my beloved wife Mary Morgan, at my decease, shall have her choice of my two plantations within mentioned, between the one in Logan County and Whipperwill and the other in the territory to live on during life, then to remain as within mentioned.  Witness my hand the seal the date as above.

Jeremiah Morgan

John Ewing, Mary Moldrim, Toby Morgan, James Gambill

Logan County Court

The last will and testament of Jeremiah Morgan, deceased, was produced in Court with the Codicil thereto amended by Mary Morgan, the executrix therein named and proven by the oaths of John Ewing, William Morgan, James Gambill and James McLean.  Mary Moldrim and Toby Morgan subscribing witnesses thereto.  And ordered to be recorded.

Teste.  Samuel Caldwell, County Clerk

Preston J. Hill Biography

from Kentucky – A History of the State, Perrin, 1887

Warren County

Preston J. Hill, second of the three sons of Elijah W. and Susan (Potter) Hill, was born April 14, 1853, five miles east of Bowling Green.  Elijah W. Hill is an extensive farmer, and formerly owned a large number of slaves.  He is a leading member of the Baptist church; also of the K. of H. [Knights of Honor]; before the war he was a Whig, but is now a Democrat.  He is a son of Nathan and Ann Hill, both natives of South Carolina, born respectively in 1799 and 1802.  They were brought to Warren County, Kentucky, in an early day.  Nathan Hill was the owner of a large form and some forty or fifty Negroes.  He died in 1875, his widow in 1881.  He was a son of Joseph Hill, of South Carolina.  Mrs. Susan Hill’s parents, Frederick and Elizabeth (Kirby) Potter, were natives of South Carolina, and were brought to Warren County in childhood.  Frederick Potter was a son of Thomas Potter; was born August 12, 1785; was a soldier in the War of 1812, and died in November 1868.  His wife was born in January, 1790, and died in January 1867.  Thomas Potter was one of the first settlers of Warren County, where he became a large land and slave owner.  Mrs. Elizabeth (Kirby) Potter was a daughter of Jesse Kirby, a soldier in the war for independence; he emigrated from South Carolina to Kentucky about 1795; was born in October, 1757, and married Sophia Choice in 1778.  She was born in September, 1760; they lived together seventy-five years.  Preston J. Hill was reared on a farm and educated at Bethel College.  He now resides on a farm two miles east of Bowling Green, where he is engaged in farming, and in breeding short-horn cattle, Berkshire hogs and Cotswold sheep.  October 25, 1877, he married Nellie R. Sansom, of Evansville, Indiana, who has borne him one child.  Mrs. Hill is the daughter of Saunders and Susan (Watts) Sansom.  Her father was born in England, came to the United States in 1852, and settled in Evansville, Indiana.  He was a contractor and builder, and died in 1878.  His wife is a daughter of William Watts, and was born in Indiana in 1829, shortly after her parents came from England.  Mr. Hill and wife are members of the Baptist Church; he is a member of the K. of H.  In politics, in which he takes but little interest, he is a Democrat.

Lincoln County Marriages

Frederick Mouser married Betsy Donar 25 Jun 1797
William Mudd married Artemesia Hocker 19 Apr 1825
Albert G. Mullins married Lucinda Blackerby 02 Feb 1828
William E. Mumford married Ermine E. Ball 23 Aug 1832
William Mumford married Polly Patton 25 Oct 1803
William Mumony married Susanna Linn 10 Sep 1783
James Muny married Fanny Burch 20 May 1802
William T. Murphy married Polly Ann Leach 05 Sep 1850
John Logan Murphy married Eliza Jane Lynn 07 Dec 1846
William I. Murphy married Betsey D. Gooch 10 Dec 1804
Cornelius Murphy married Priscilla Leach 10 Mar 1818
John Murphy married Polly Yarbrough 14 Jul 1795
John Murphy married Susanna Dean 16 Oct 1815
William Murphy married Nancy J. King 24 Nov 1834
John S. Murphy married Paulina C. Myers 26 Jan 1846
William Murphy married Elizabeth Singleton 28 Jul 1837
Milton Murphy married Louisa Christopher 28 Jul 1840
Thomas Murrell married Rachel Holt 14 May 1796
John Murrell married Sally Shackleford 17 Sep 1821
Samuel Murrell married Letitia Hays 18 Nov 1823
George Murrell married Lucinda Blain 23 Oct 1809
Edward Murrey married Sarah Moore 19 Dec 1837
Michael Murvin married Jenny Cathy 22 Apr 1792

Hanging Rock Baptist Cemetery – Grayson County

IMG_5442Hanging Rock Baptist Church is a very beautiful, small church, located in northern Grayson County, on back, country roads.  From Highway 259 north of Leitchfield take a left on Hanging Rock Church Road.  We followed a school bus delivering children home from classes – it would have been almost impossible to meet and pass someone on this road!  But then you arrive at the church and cemetery and realize it was definitely worth the trip!

IMG_5390As you can see, the cemetery is small, but many loved ones of the local area are buried there.

IMG_5399Alice Fraze, 1858-1885.  Ephraim Fraze, 1857-1922.  Jane Fraze, 1861-1923.

Are these three siblings?  There is no information other than the names and dates.

IMG_5408Rev. H. B. White, June 3, 1843 – July 25, 1914.  Nancy, his wife, July 31, 1846 – November 28, 1904.

Perhaps Rev. White served at Hanging Rock?

IMG_5433Alfred Harrell, born October 15, 1807, died May 1, 1897, aged 89 years, 8 months and 16 days.

What a wonderful, long life!


Bettie M., wife of C. M. Kelly, and daughter of S. F. and M. E. Sands, born December 25, 1878, died October 22, 1899.  ‘A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home which never can be filled.’

Twenty-one years old – such a short life!  Bettie must have been greatly loved.  The verse and the beautiful carvings on her gravestone are a testament!


This is a sign of love from this church to raise a monument to those buried here who have no marker for their grave site.  And the women’s maiden names are in parenthesis for us!  What a great find!

Hanging Rock Baptist Church

Gone But Not Forgotten

  • Alexander Probus
  • John Wesley Probus
  • George White
  • Nancy (Rogers) White
  • John Rogers White
  • Catherine (Stone) White
  • Charles Hampton Carter
  • Susan (Dennison) Carter
  • Josiah Barnes Stone
  • Artemecia (Sands) Stone
  • Samuel Sands
  • Cinderella (Canningham) Sands
  • Moses Stone
  • Catherine (Barnes) Stone
  • Charles E. Carter
  • Nancy (Barnes) Carter
  • Tramel Dennison
  • Frances (Carter) Dennison
  • Joshua White
  • Frances (Carter) White
  • James Rogers White
  • Judah (Wilson) White
  • William White
  • Mary L. (White) Stone
  • Lloyd Paris
  • Sarah F. (White) Paris
  • Claiborne Dennnison
  • Sarah (Wilson) Dennison
  • Artemecia Carter
  • Jesse Carter
  • Henry Carter
  • Ralph Carter
  • Eliza A. (Weedman) Dennison
  • J. A. Bozarth
  • Gertrude (Lashley) Bozarth
  • Samuel T. Sands
  • James W. Stone
  • James B. Stone
  • Josiah Carter
  • Nancy (Mattingly) Carter
  • John F. Carter
  • Elizabeth (Barnes) Carter
  • Gertrude Stone
  • Rebecca (White) Layman
  • Nannie Wilson
  • Squire Dennison
  • Matthew Dennison
  • George Dennison
  • James Dennison
  • Hubbard Dennison

and all of the other people that are buried in this church cemetery without a monument.


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