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Beautiful Woman from Arbroath Scotland

This beautiful woman is from Arbroath, Scotland.  The huge sleeves are from the late 1890’s.  The high neckline and rosettes are also from this time period.  She has just a sense of sadness on her face, but that is not unusual.

The photo was taken by Geddes and Son Photographers in Arbroath.  Arbroath was a Pict village from the Iron Age.  William the Lion built an Abbey there in 1178.  The village was very small for many years, The Declaration of Arbroath was signed in the Abbey in 1380, after the Battle of Bannockburn, by 38 Scottish Lords who agreed to the independence of Scotland.  The Abbey, although a ruin today, is a popular tourist attraction.

Two Little Beauties From Flint Michigan

Aren’t these two little girls adorable?  So sweet in their matching outfits – muffs, coats, hats, white hair bow and shoes!  How I wish we knew their names!

This photo was taken in Flint, Michigan – at a time when there were not the problems the city is having now.  How can such a tragedy happen?  And to children who are just as sweet and adorable as these two.

Chandler Photography was the studio where this photograph was taken.  With a bit of research I found there were three photographers in Flint, Michigan, by that name, but only one located on East Street, as marked on front of the photo – Cassius E. Chandler.  He was born July 25, 1875, the son of John and Jane Chandler.  Cassius was a photographer from 1909, but was located at 528 East Street 1929-1931, which was when this photograph was taken.  The backing for the photograph is very much like others I have from this time period.

Lace and Roses at Her Throat

Don’t you love this photo – such a beautiful lace shawl or collar, with roses pinned to the front.  This photo was probably taken in the late 1890’s or early 1900’s.  It is a cabinet photo 6.5×4.25, taken by Burnette Studio, Albion, New York.  I’m happy to share with you the photo of this lovely lady!

Little Brother and Sister Photograph

Isn’t this an adorable photograph?  Tiny brother and sister, arms linked, standing in Mahan & Keller’s Photography Studio, 1427 Ridge Avenue, in Philadelphia.  Both are dressed in the late 1860’s/1870’s fashion for children.  The girl’s plaid dress with white lace collar and lace pantalettes is so sweet.  And the little boy, with his outfit, similar to little Lord Fauntleroy, is just as cute.  His parted and combed hair is just as precise as his sister’s.

Mahan & Keller Photography were at the above address, I believe, since 1842.  In the Important Events of the Century:  Containing Historical and Important Events During the Last 100 Years, published by the US Central Publishing Company in 1876, the bi-centennial year, Mahan & Keller are listed on the page 343, under Philadelphia’s Leading Business Houses.

This photo is a carte-de-visite, 4×2.5.

Adorable Children Photographed By T. C. Partridge

I have two photographs to share with you – two little ones.  Photos were taken on the same day, different poses.  These were taken from the large red photo album I purchased through Ebay.

Unfortunately there are no names on the photos.  The dresses are the same – a smocked upper bodice and cuffs, full sleeves and trim at the hem.  You know how I love little boots!

In my research I found little about T. C. Partridge.  He did have a studio in Sudbury from around 1888 to 1900.


Little Miss Mariva Anna Eubella Gerard

Let me introduce you to Mariva Anna Eubella Gerard!  What a beautiful name for a beautiful child.  This is a delightful photo, this tiny baby encased in a huge dress.  The detail is amazing, the little ruffles and lace, and eyelet embroidery on the bottom half of the skirt.

When this photo was taken little Mariva was five weeks and four days old.  She is truly a little sweetheart.

This photo was taken by Powell Studios in Kankakee, Illinois.

1900-1906 Family Photograph

I love this family photograph.  First, there are ten family members included – father, mother and children?  Or are there husbands/wives included?  The mother wears the large leg ‘o mutton sleeves of the late 1890’s.  Most of the younger women are more fashionable dressed, in the white lacy blouses and skirts of the early years of the 20th century.  The gentlemen wear a variety of ties and collars.

This truly looks as if this photograph was taken in their home.  The wallpaper is of the time period, and very bright.  There are real curtains at the window, and a piano to the left.  Two large photos hang on the wall – a woman and a man.  Perhaps parents or grandparents of this family?  Notice the feathered fan attached to one of the photos.

I’m not sure about the frame on the right side – with a dove at top it could be a death memorial, although there is something that looks like an anchor in the center – could it be a war memorial?

This is a large photograph, 8 x 6 inches, mounted on a grey cardboard backing that adds an additional two inches on each side.  It is warped and has water damage.  I could just make out the photographer’s name, embossed on bottom right.  This wonderful photo was taken by James Ezra Crill who had a studio in North Manchester, Indiana, Wabash County, from 1900 through 1906.  His studio was located on West Main Street.  I believe he and his family moved from the area in 1906.