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A Visit to St. Francis de Sales Catholic Cemetery in Scott County

Saturday Ritchey and I visited the beautiful St. Francis de Sales Catholic Cemetery in Scott County, Kentucky.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, as you can see from the photos – deep blue skies, white fluffy clouds and lots of sunshine, but a moderate temperature of about 80 degrees.

The present church was built in 1820 at a cost of $3,600.  Doesn’t that sound amazing in today’s world?  This is the oldest parish in the Covington Diocese, and was a pioneer mission for East Kentucky.  The parish, second oldest in the state, was formed by Maryland settlers who arrived in 1786; the first church was built about 1794.

The cemetery is across the road from the church – small, but very beautiful.  Trees and several benches give visitors the chance to sit and enjoy the cool breeze while contemplating all those who have gone before.

I was amazed at how old the stones are – there are several Revolutionary War soldiers buried here.  I share with you today seven gravestones representing some of the oldest people buried in this cemetery.

Sacred to the memory of Bennett Greenwell, born December 7, 1761, died July 12, 1838, aged 77 years.  Revolutionary War soldier.

Sacred to the memory of Allouisa Gough Greenwell, consort of Bennett Greenwell, born November 28, 1784, died May 8, 1842, aged 58 years.

In memory of Mrs. Matilda Combs, consort of James Combs, born 28th January 1788, and departed this life 8th February 1839, aged 51 years and 11 days.

James Combs, born August 7, 1772, died April 13, 1852.

Sacred to the memory of John B. Gough, who was born February 29th, 1767, and departed this life February 19th, 1839, aged 72 years.

Sacred in memory of James Twyman, born June 17, 1761, died February 22, 1834, aged 73 years.  Revolutionary War soldier, orderly, sergeant, guard and Indian spy, Virginia.

Elizabeth Jenkins, born June 25, 1785, died November 9, 1862, aged 77 years.

Gravestones From St. Charles Catholic Cemetery In Marion County

St. Charles, located at St. Mary in Marion County, Kentucky, was my home parish for many years before my marriage.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t realize the amount of history there at the time – isn’t that the way?  Today I share nine photos of gravestones from this cemetery.

Mother – M. Harriet Hamilton, 1857-1901.  Resting in Peace.

Richard Bowman, October 22, 1915 – September 27, 1918.  ‘A precious one from us has gone, A voice we love is stilled.  A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.  Mama’s Babe.’

W. B. Higdon, 1842-1923.  Emma O’Bryan, his wife, 1847-1933.

Andrew Jackson Mudd, born June 9, 1815, died October 11, 1883.  ‘The just shall be everlasting remembrance.’

S. A. Buckman, relict of B. Spalding, wife of A. J. Mudd, born March 12, 1827, died September 15, 1873.

Cynthia Ann, wife of C. Cissell, born June 15, 1825, died January 7, 1872.

Mahala A., wife of G. L. Hamilton, born May 15, 1824, died September 2, 1876.  ‘Bereft of thee, mother dear, Thy grave will be a holy spot.  But still we’ll think that thou art near, For thou art not to be forgot.’

William Logsdon, 1799-1880.  Alice Logsdon, 1818-1903.

John Lancaster, born in Charles County, Maryland, January 27, 1766, died April 24, 1838.  Catherine Lancaster, born March 29, 1773, died June 29, 1847.

New CD – Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Cemetery List and Photos

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This is the CD I promised from last week.  Included on this CD are 856 names, 740 photos. Included is an alphabetical listing of those buried at Pleasant Grove, Washington County, Kentucky, including birth and death dates, and sometimes additional information.  Just click on the number in the photo column and the photo will pop up.  Adding those hyperlinks took forever!  But I hope you will enjoy and that it will be very useful.  I have been told that my cemetery photos have been used to verify information for DAR applications!

Duncan Cemetery On Main Street In Nicholasville

The small, iron fence-enclosed Duncan Cemetery on the corner of Main Street and Duncan Street reminds me of the Linton family cemetery in Washington County – just a simple family cemetery, but one with lots of stories and history.

William Duncan, born January 1, 1788, died September 6, 1863.

William Duncan and Nancy Blackford married in Jessamine County, Kentucky, December 22, 1813.  Between the twenty year span of 1814 and 1834, the couple had nine children.  A family Bible gives births, marriages and deaths, which came in handy since a few of the stones were difficult to read.

Nancy, wife of William Duncan, born December 17, 1791, died June 24, 1860.

Nancy Blackford Duncan’s parents are also buried in this cemetery – Benjamin Blackford and Catherine Sadowski.

In memory of Benjamin Blackford, born February 19, 1762, died November 21, 1842, aged 80 years, 8 months and 2 days.

In memory of Catherine Blackford, born October 6, 1770, died February 8, 1832, aged 62 years, 3 months and 2 days.

Rion Duncan was born November 6, in the year of our Lord 1814.  Departed this life September 5, 1849.

Rion Duncan was the eldest son of William and Nancy.  He married Louisa Tompkins.

Louisa Duncan, born February 26, 1816, died April 19, 1853.

In memory of Margaret Duncan, born January 14, 1817, departed this life January 3, 1848, aged 30 years, 11 months and 2 days.

Margaret was the oldest daughter of William and Nancy.

James Blackford Duncan, born February 7, 1824, died August 16, 1854, son of William and Nancy.

Charles W. Duncan, born April 28, 1831, died January 14, 1852, son of William and Nancy.

Alexander Crockett Duncan, born in Russell County, Virginia, June 30, 1787, died May 10, 1857, aged years, brother to William Duncan.

Ann, wife of James B. Duncan, died March 20, 1849, aged 48 years. 

This Ann cannot have been married to the James B. Duncan in this cemetery due to the age difference.  They are not buried side by side.

Information taken from the Bible of William and Nancy Duncan:

  • William Duncan was born January 15, 1788, and died September 6, 1863.  He married Nancy Blackford December 22, 1813.
  • Nancy Blackford Duncan was born December 17, 1791, and died June 24, 1860.


  • Rion Duncan was born November 6, 1814, and died September 5, 1849, from cholera.  He married Louisa Tompkins June 20, 1837.
  • Margaret Duncan was born January 14, 1817, and died January 3, 1848.
  • Catherine Duncan was born July 27, 1819.  She married James Bourn January 21, 1847.
  • Sally Ann Duncan was born October 21, 1821.  She married Robert Carlisle April 9, 1851.
  • James Blackford Duncan was born February 7, 1824, and died August 16, 1854.
  • Robert Duncan was born September 8, 1826.  He married Virginia Nave November 28, 1865.
  • Benjamin Sandusky Duncan was born February 13, 1829.  He married Lucy A. Funk May 22, 1856.
  • Charles William Duncan was born April 28, 1831, and died January 14, 1852.
  • Mary Deziah Duncan was born September 25, 1834.  She married James Carlisle October 5, 1854.

Nancy’s parents:

  • Benjamin Blackford was born February 19, 1760, and died November 21, 1842.
  • Catherine Sadowski Blackford was born October 6, 1770, and died February 8, 1832.


A Trip To Metcalfe County and Center-Asbury Cemetery

One of the most delightful cemeteries we’ve visited is the Center-Asbury Cemetery in Metcalfe County.  When Ritchey and I were there this past October it was a beautiful sight – the cemetery was surrounded by a cornfield on three sides.  The cemetery is in the northwestern part of the county on Hwy 314, just north of Hwy 1243 on the left.  It is close to the town of Center.

The photo above shows a row of above ground gravestones.  These must be very old as they are extremely difficult to read.  I believe the last name for these graves is Newman – and, honestly, that’s a guess – but I could not read any dates.  What a shame!

Now a closer look at some of the stones.

Malinda F. Cummins, born October 23, 1830, married Charles E. Witt June 16, 1852, died November 1, 1900.

Mary E. Lain, June 29, 1833 – March 31, 1925.

Mary E. Burks Higgason Butler Lain.

Dr. S. F. Higgason, born November 29, 1830, died November 19, 1871.

Dr. Suprey Rush Higgason married Mary E. Burks in 1854.  The couple had two daughters, Leona L. and Lucy E.  In the 1870 Census of Metcalfe County the daughters are listed as age 13 and 1, respectively.  It is very likely there were other children who did not survive.  After Suprey’s death in 1871, Mary married Preston Robert Butler, with whom she had at least three children.  After his death Mary married James William Lain.

William Thomas, born December 6, 1834, died October 21, 1901.

William Thomas was first married to Susan Hays, with whom he had three children – Luellen, James and Mary Belle.  His second wife was Nancy Catherine Philpott.  In the 1880 Census for Metcalfe County are listed the following children:  James A., 14; Clarence, 3; Ernest, 2; and Charley, 1/12, born in May.  It is possible Luellen was married by this date, but I fear Mary Belle must have passed away as she would be under the age of 14.

Mother – N. C. Thomas, October 11, 1845 – August 6, 1925. 

Nancy Catherine Philpott Thomas.

Daniel F. Blain, born March 7, 1834, died October 28, 1899.  Co. B, 19th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry.

In the 1880 Census of Metcalfe County, David Blain is listed as 42, a shoemaker, born in Ireland.  His wife, Rebecca Squires, was 36, and born in Kentucky.  The couple married September 3, 1873.

John Snider, born September 14, 1777, died March 20, 1865.

In the 1860 Census of Metcalfe County, John Snider is living with his son, P. J. Snider, who is a saddler.  John is 84 years of age.  According to the census he was born in Tennessee.  Philip J. Snider is buried beside his father in this cemetery.

John W. Wells, January 16, 1887 – September 20, 1946.  Effie L. Wells, February 27, 1890 – April 21, 1960.

A Trip Through Bethlehem Baptist Cemetery In Green County

Bethlehem Baptist Cemetery in Green County is small, the stones are not very elaborate, but it is well taken care of – you know these deceased family members are very important to the remaining loved ones.

img_7885C. B. Lowe, January 5, 1884 – August 24, 1947.  At Rest.

img_7886Lou Annie Lowe, January 21, 1887 – January 1, 1932.

img_8447W. B. Heizer, January 25, 1850 – November 29, 1916.  At rest.

img_7893Sarah Lile, 1857-1944.

img_7899Jane Polley, 1801-1894.

A beautiful stone, though faded – the gates of heaven stand open, flowers within.

img_7900Miley Polley, Company B, 13 Kentucky Infantry.

img_8451A view of the cemetery.  Notice the line of stones going almost diagonal in the  photo – markers, but no names.

img_7901Maggie S., daughter of Thomas and Frances Burress, born November 7, 1872, died August 12, 1900.

img_7902Thomas Burress, October 28,, 1845 – January 5, 1925.  Private Company E, 37th and 55th Regiment, Volunteer Kentucky US Mounted Infantry, Civil War.

img_7892Another view of the cemetery.

img_7907Mamie Herron, October 8, 1913 – February 8, 1931.  Wife.

img_8441I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to Bethlehem Baptist Cemetery in Green County, Kentucky.

A Visit To Valley Cemetery – Spencer County

Valley Cemetery is located at 1082 Mt. Washington Road in Taylorsville, Kentucky.  This cemetery was established in the year 1900.  Old Taylorsville Cemetery is in the downtown area, and was used until Valley Cemetery began accepting burials.  Ritchey and I visited in May of 2014.


John L. Martin, June 16, 1849 – June 28, 1905.  Mattie, his wife, November 5, 1848.


Oliver P. Tichenor, born July 28, 1830, died September 6, 1896.  Susan P. Tichenor, born May 24, 1834, died August 25, 1919.


Thomas Stone, born August 13, 1801, died September 10, 1873.  Sallie A., wife of Thomas Stone, born November 28, 1814, died February 19, 1890.  Mary O. Stone and Eli D. Stone, infants of S. A. & T. Stone.


Isaiah Yocum, 1831 – 1925.  Kate Froman, his wife, 1845-1924.


M. A. Barker, July 29, 1815 – January 28, 1895.  T. A. Yocum, May 21, 1861 – December 15, 1893.  M. Yocum, May 1859 – July 1859.  M. J. Yocum, October 28, 1830 – July 1863.  M. A. Yocum, March 25, 1836 – July 1866.  M. C. Floyd, July 21, 1840 – October 22, 1868.  E. J. Barker, December 11, 1821 – December 18, 1891.


Andrew J. Webster, born February 8, 1837, died March 31, 1901.  Eliza J. Webster, born January 30, 1847, died December 10, 1894.


George William Hedges, 1839-1870.  Sallie Cox Hedges, 1842-1925.


William E., husband of Mamie I. Gaddie, 1882-1946.


Buddy Grayson, July 18, 1946 – October 14, 2006.  Beverly Ann Grayson, September 16, 1947 – May 21, 1999.