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Lonely Cemetery In Wayne County

Through his geocache network Ritchey found one cemetery in Wayne County that was very aptly named – Lonely Cemetery.  Coming south on Hwy 90 to the county seat of Monticello, do not take the bypass, but go through town on Main Street.  Turn left onto Frisby Street, and continue up and around, it will turn into Morris Hill Road.  Just when you think you’ve lost your way, a road appears to the right – Lonely Cemetery Road.  Continue on this road until the cemetery appears before you.  On top of a little knob or knoll, not sure which it should be, you have a most beautiful view of the town.

Lonely Cemetery is small, with perhaps 30 or 40 graves, and very well attended.

Charles Robert Lair, February 24, 1912 – May 1, 1978.  Ethel D. Lair, September 17, 1917 – April 6, 2005.

Oliver J. Crabtree, Kentucky PFC, 347 A AF FTR SQ, World War II, January 19, 1922 – August 2, 1943.

Millard Brumett, March 15, 1880 – April 19, 1935.

Jacky Junior, son of Leslie and Ina Brummett, born and died January 6, 1933.

Oscar Crabtree, 1898-1937.

Oliver C. Crabtree, December 31, 1880 – January 6, 1934.

Beckham Crabtree, July 10, 1903 – June 22, 1948.

Mollie Crabtree, May 30, 1906 – May 28, 1942.


Old Roberts Cemetery In McCreary County

Old Roberts Cemetery, McCreary County, Kentucky

Old Roberts Cemetery, which I believe is known as Roberts Cemetery #2 in McCreary County, is in the rural area of the north central part of the county.  The last turn was on to a rocky road that led back and up.  The cemetery sits on a small knoll, just a short walk from where we parked.  It is in the midst of trees, and has the lushest moss you can imagine – it makes your steps spring!  We found this cemetery through Ritchey’s geocache locator!  Head south on US27 from Pulaski County; turn left onto Hwy 1045; very shortly afterwards turn left onto a rock road known as Roberts Cemetery Road.  The geographical coordinates are N 36° 49.050 W 084° 29.029.

Find A Grave says there are 28 people buried in this cemetery.  I didn’t photograph every stone, but want to share some of those photos with you today.

Beautiful, lush and green!

Find A Grave says there are 28 people buried in this cemetery.  I didn’t photograph every stone, but want to share some of those photos with you today.

Elisha Roberts, October 5, 1873 – January 7, 1906.

Irene, wife of Elisha Roberts, June 18, 1874 – February 24, 1954.

Estelle Roberts Loudermilk, July 5, 1909 – March 25, 1968.

Annie, daughter of J. W. & B. Anderson, born March 22, 1886, died June 7, 1903.

Elsie F. Jones, October 20,1899 – June 27, 1921.

James F. Peters, 1845-1919.  Sarah J., his wife, 1844-1929.

Budd Ball, Co. E, 4 KY Inf. Spanish American War.

Ann Roberts Ball, 1895-1917.  Mother of Oscar, Arnold and Pearl.

Earl H. Roberts, October 12, 1929 – October 14, 1929.  ‘A precious one from us is gone.’

Phineas W. Roberts, May 12, 1902 – May 31, 1942.

Jack W. Roberts, June 11, 1930 – March 17, 1951, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Roberts.  ‘God took our sunshine away.’

I hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to Roberts Cemetery.  It is a beautiful little spot in southern Kentucky.

Eckstein’s Buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati

Eckstein family plot, Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

While in Cincinnati earlier in the year, Ritchey and I stopped by several cemeteries.  Spring Grove Cemetery was huge, and contained some of the most unusual gravestones.  This is the family stone for Frederick Eckstein and his wife, Harriet Holabird Eckstein.  Harriet was the daughter of Amos Holabird, 1787-1852, and Isabella Gibson Holabird, 1810-1874.

Frederick F. Eckstein, born September 10, 1821, in Philadelphia, and died April 8, 1893, in Cincinnati. 

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio

Monday, April 10, 1893

Frederick Eckstein’s Funeral

The funeral of the late millionaire, Mr. Frederick Eckstein, who died Saturday at 12:30 p.m., will take place at 2:30 this afternoon from the family residence at No. 114 East Fourth Street.  The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. John Goddard, of the Church of the New Jerusalem.  The remains of the deceased will be laid to rest in the family lot in Spring Grove Cemetery, and the burial will be private.

The surviving children were Isabella E. Pendleton, Harriet H. Eckstein, James B. Eckstein, and Janet E. Bullock.

Harriet Holabird Eckstein, December 3, 1834 – May 12, 1931.

A Trip to Greensburg Cemetery in Green County

John Scott, born in Culpeper County, Virginia, died in Greensburg, Green County, Kentucky, January 4, 1873, aged about 92 years [born1781].

Elizabeth W., wife of Alexander Adair, born June 7, 1793, died June 22, 1866.

Willis Stapp, March 20, 1788 – October 13, 1855.

Sacred to the memory of Ellen Melvina, late Scott, wife of John R. Robinson, born February 19, 1837, died June 30, 1864.

Elizabeth Spence, born September 8, 1814, died July 4, 1833.  ‘A pure and guileless heart lies here.’

Greensburg Cemetery is located on North Main Street in the city of Greensburg, in Green County, Kentucky.

A Visit to Hammondsville Cemetery in Hart County

James Ferguson, born on September 11, 1811, died February 24, 1890.

Lucinda, wife of James Ferguson, born January 17, 1812, died October 29, 1876.  ‘Dearest mother, thou hast left us, here thy loss we deeply feel; but tis God that has bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.’

Bettie F., wife of C. T. Thurman, born September 10, ,1870, died August 25, 1897.

Jeremiah Lamkin, born August 13, 1791, died February 23, 1877.

Elijah T. Hodges, May 29, 1848 – November 26, 1934.

G. W. Highbaugh, born February 22, 1818, died February 7, 1869. 

Hammondsville Cemetery and Bacon Creek Baptist Cemetery are side by side on Hwy 357 in the area of Hammondsville in Hart County, Kentucky, at the junction of Hammondsville-Jonesville Road with 357.

Three Young Wives Buried in Elizabethtown City Cemetery

Today I share with you three gravestones of young mothers who died before the age of 40.  All three are old graves in the Elizabethtown City Cemetery in Hardin County, Kentucky.

If you notice all three stones are similarly shaped – indicative to the 1820-1840 time period.  Some have weathered the years better than others.  I think it so important to photograph the older stones – we don’t know how much longer they will last.

Consort is an older term for husband or wife – spouse.  I have seen its used for men and women.  It’s not a negative term as some think!

In memory of Mrs. Jane B. Rogers, wife of G. L. R., who departed this life on March 22nd A.D. 1823, aged 27 years and 4 months.

Jane Rogers was born in 1795, married George Lawson Rogers (1793-1892), and had one son, George Edward Rogers, before her death in 1823.

In memory of Nancy Park, consort of James Park, who departed this life April 27, 1820, aged 27 years.

Nancy Williams, born in 1793, and James Park (1796-1823) were married Augusts 10, 1818, in Hardin County.  She gave birth to two sons, James Williams Park and George P. Park.  Since James Park died three years after his wife, the young boys must have been raised by grandparents or other relatives.

In loving memory of Nancy Strickler, consort of G. W. Strickler, who departed this life in the full knowledge of faith, May the 26, 1833, aged 27 years.

Nancy Peck Strickler was born in 1796.  She and husband George had two children before her death – George W. and Elizabeth Strickler.

Saturday’s Genealogy Adventure

Ritchey and I spent a delightful day Saturday visiting cemeteries in three counties – Montgomery, Bath and Powell.  It was a warm day, but the breeze usually made it quite nice.

Our first stop was Machpelah Cemetery in Mount Sterling, Montgomery County.  When we drove into town they were having a festival and looked like everyone was having a great time!  The cemetery is on both sides of E. Locust Street, Hwy 713.  When we arrived, an artist was painting and allowed me to take her photo.

Then I started taking photos.  There were many old gravestones.

Capt. J. A. Crawford, born September 25, 1765, died April 9, 1851.  Dorothy Crawford, born April 22, 1775, died September 21, 1846.  Machpelah Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. 

Some were large and elaborate.

Next we drove to Bath County.  At Crown Hill Cemetery, in the small town of Sharpsburg, I found this stone with a family tree between the two names.

At Longview Cemetery, in the little town of Bethel, I was amazed at the shape of the very old section.  Hopefully they will repair the old stones.

The rest of the cemetery is beautiful and very well taken care of.  We lunched under one of the trees.  It was on a slight hill and breeze was wonderful!

After lunch, we headed for Powell County.  The first cemetery we visited there was Powell’s Valley Baptist Cemetery in Clay City.  It was a rather small cemetery.

B. S., husband of Elizabeth Burgher, born December 7, 1814, February 7, 1900.  Elizabeth, wife of B. S. Burgher, born August 8, 1828, died March 9, 1912.  Powell’s Valley Baptist Cemetery, Clay City, Kentucky.

Clay City Eaton Cemetery is another small cemetery.

Dock F. Philleps, June 15, 1844 – November 14, 1916, served in Civil War, Co. H. 14, Kentucky Cavalry.  Clay County Eaton Cemetery, Powell County, Kentucky.

Our last stop was Kennon Cemetery, in the rural part of Powell County.

Amanda Druzela Lyle, February 3, 1862 – May 19, 1941.  ‘Sweetly sleeping.’  Kennon Cemetery, Powell County, Kentucky.

It was a wonderful day, spent doing what we love!  More pictures and information will follow!