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Pine Knot Cemetery – McCreary County

A few of the photos taken in Pine Knot Cemetery in rural McCreary County.  Take US27 south past Whitley City, to the little area of Pine Knot, turn left to 1651.  If you get to Strunk, you’ve gone too far!  And if you reach the Tennessee border it’s time to turn around!

Kizzie King Lay, November 6, 1910 – April 8, 1941.  She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother, and a friend to all.

Nettie King Young, 1875-1935.  Aunt Net is gone with Jesus.

Nancy L. Campbell, 1866-1920.  M. B. Campbell, 1866-1928.

Martha A. Swain, born April 9, 1864, died December 3, 1937.  The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Dr. P. Medekle, March 23, 1844 – October 28, 1928.  At rest.

Ella Wood, wife of Harry Jones, born February 10, 1878, died July 11, 1913.  Ella, we miss you at home.

Calvin Richardson, Pvt CO E, 32 KY INF, Civil War, 1828-1888.

William J. Lee, March 20, 1853 – October 8, 1909.


War Memorial in Carlisle Cemetery

War Memorial at Carlisle Cemetery, Nicholas County, Kentucky.

Ritchey and I visited the Carlisle Cemetery in Nicholas County about three and one-half years ago.  It is a beautiful cemetery, with an exceptionally nice War Memorial to the veterans of the World Wars and Korean War.

World War I soldiers buried here are:

  • Ernest Harmon, 1894-1918, died at Camp Meade, Maryland
  • James W. McCracken, 1894-1919, died at Coblenz, Germany
  • William H. Brooks, 1892-1918, killed in action, St. Die Sector, Vasges, France
  • James F. Delaney, 1893-1920, died at Carlisle, Kentucky
  • Eddie Roy McGinley, 1892-1918, killed in action, Argonne Forest, France
  • Samuel F. Watkins, 1892-1918, died of wounds, Aimes Hts., France
  • James Spencer Huffstetter, 1890-1918, died at Cruthe, France
  • Walter Purcell, 1893-1918, died at Camp Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Orville Edward Mann, 1896-1918, died at Camp Funston, Kansas
  • Aquilla D. Stone, 1897-1918, died at Great Lakes, Illinois
  • Michael Bryan Laughlin, 1897-1918, died at league Island Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • George Rector Clark, 1892-1918, died at Part Clinton, Ohio

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Saturday, October 12, 1918

Ernest Harmon, Milltown

Carlisle, Ky., Oct. 11 – Relatives at Milltown, this county, of Ernest Harmon, who died of influenza at Camp Meade, Maryland, have been notified that his body will be shipped home for burial.  The burial will take place in Carlisle beside the three Nicholas County boys who have heretofore died of that disease.  A lot has been provided here for a burial place of all young men from this city and county who die in the country’s service.

A newspaper article from 1919 gives more information, including a few names not listed above.  These men were from Nicholas County, but not all buried in Carlisle Cemetery.  Of the fourteen listed, eleven died of disease.

The Richmond Daily Register, Madison County, Kentucky

Tuesday, June 8, 1920

German Gas Kills

James Delaney, 27 years old, son of Robert E. Delaney, died at his home in Carlisle.  He became ill Saturday after setting tobacco all day and never rallied.  Mr. Delaney was a captain in the 801st pioneer infantry during the war.  While serving in France he was severely gassed and never recovered from the effects.

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Sunday, May 9, 1926

At a meeting of the members of Nicholas Post, No. 17, American Legion, last night, it was decided to hold Memorial Day services at the graves of the soldier dead in the Carlisle Cemetery Sunday, May 30.  The graves of the twelve soldiers who died during the World War, and who are buried in graves around the $10,000 memorial erected to their memory in the Carlisle Cemetery, will be decorated.

World War II soldiers buried in Carlisle Cemetery:

  • Ollie C. Bussell, 1921-1945, killed in action, Germany
  • William L. Morris, 1925-1944, killed in action, Italy
  • Edgar L. (Jack) Ham, 1921-1945, killed in action, Italy
  • Howard J. Ritchie, 1918-1944, killed in action, Layte Island
  • William L. Jenkins, 1911-1944, killed in action, Italy
  • Lloyd J. George, 1919-1943, killed in action, North Africa Area
  • Marion M. Letcher, 1924-1944, killed in action, France
  • Leslie B. McVey, 1913-9144, killed in action, France
  • Lloyd F. Duncan, 1914-1945, killed in action, Belgium
  • Robert T. George, 1916-1944, killed in action, Normandy
  • Ollie Guthrie, Jr., 1926-1945, killed in action, Iwo Jima
  • Cecil Kenneth Jolly, 1924-1944, killed in action, Italy
  • Andrew B. Metcalfe, 1920-1945, killed in action, Italy
  • Everett S. Cook, 1915-1945, killed in action, Belgium
  • Lloyd Waugh, 1918-1944, lost in action, Invasion of Normandy, France

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Wednesday, May 2, 1945

Kentucky Navy Dead

Gutherie, Marine Pfc. Ollie, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Gutherie, Sr., Sharpsburg.

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Friday, May 4, 1945

Bussell, T/Sgt. Ollie C., son of Mrs. Annie B. Bussell, Moorefield.

More information on WWII soldiers from Nicholas County.

A Trip Through Belmont Cemetery – Todd County

During our fall visit to western Kentucky we stopped at the small cemetery known as Belmont, in Todd County.  As you travel from Logan County to Todd on US79, just a couple of miles over the county line turn left onto Hwy102.  The cemetery is perhaps a mile up that road, on the left.

Susan W. Bailey, 1850-1921.

Wilson Page, born March 26, 1822, died October 21, 1883.  Susan Page, born November 24, 1825, died October 30,1897.

John S. Cunningham, March 8, 1848 – July 6, 1921.  Elizabeth, his wife, January 26, 1844 – July 12, 1919.

Patterson Allen and Sallie Ann Wims

Sallie Ann Wims, born in Todd County, Kentucky, November 29, 1817.  Wife of P. A. Wims.  (no death date).

Patterson Allen Wims, born in Albemarle County, Virginia, April 23, 1808, died in Todd County, Kentucky, June 13, 1879.

Pioneer Cemetery – Bowling Green, Warren County

While on our western Kentucky trip in October, Ritchey and I visited the Pioneer Cemetery in downtown Bowling Green, located at the corner of College and Center Streets, Warren County.  It is believed the first burial was in 1811, although there are no records to prove that fact.  It is known that many owners and their slaves are buried here.  This cemetery was filled to capacity by 1861 due to the high number of deaths from cholera, typhoid fever, whooping cough and railroad accidents.  More that 103 soldiers from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War and Civil War are buried here.  Many graves have no stones to mark the deceased names and dates.

We visited on a cold, blustery day.  Even with coats, hats and gloves we froze!  It was so overcast I wasn’t sure how the pictures would come out.  So many of the stones are so old it is difficult to read what is written on them.

Pioneer Cemetery

In memory of Mary Curd, consort of S. Curd, was born November 11, 1821, and died January 10, 1850.

This stone is very difficult to read, I cannot make out the name.   It was a little one, born in 1815, and died of cholera July 1, 1819.

Walkway through the cemetery.

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. S. E. Clark, wife of John B. Clark, born January 17, 1820, died March 2, 1862.

Sacred to the memory of John B. Clark, born September 25, 1813, died January 17, 1863.

Sacred to the memory of Harriet Reese, consort of Isaac Reese, who was born September 17th, 1788, and died August 18th 1831.

Henry Grider, Sergeant, Virginia Regiment, Revolutionary War.  May 9, 1755 – February 5, 1853.

John Mancy, born April 4th, 1787, died October 6th, 1818.  Margaret Nancy, wife of John Mancy, born January 3rd, 1789, died March 23rd, 1819.

Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Nelson Crawford, a man of color, who was born July 13, 1793, and departed this life October 23, 1862.

Sacred to the memory of Kitty Crawford, consort of the Rev. Nelson Crawford, who was born April 12, 1790, and departed this life September 7, 1862.


Lonely Cemetery In Wayne County

Through his geocache network Ritchey found one cemetery in Wayne County that was very aptly named – Lonely Cemetery.  Coming south on Hwy 90 to the county seat of Monticello, do not take the bypass, but go through town on Main Street.  Turn left onto Frisby Street, and continue up and around, it will turn into Morris Hill Road.  Just when you think you’ve lost your way, a road appears to the right – Lonely Cemetery Road.  Continue on this road until the cemetery appears before you.  On top of a little knob or knoll, not sure which it should be, you have a most beautiful view of the town.

Lonely Cemetery is small, with perhaps 30 or 40 graves, and very well attended.

Charles Robert Lair, February 24, 1912 – May 1, 1978.  Ethel D. Lair, September 17, 1917 – April 6, 2005.

Oliver J. Crabtree, Kentucky PFC, 347 A AF FTR SQ, World War II, January 19, 1922 – August 2, 1943.

Millard Brumett, March 15, 1880 – April 19, 1935.

Jacky Junior, son of Leslie and Ina Brummett, born and died January 6, 1933.

Oscar Crabtree, 1898-1937.

Oliver C. Crabtree, December 31, 1880 – January 6, 1934.

Beckham Crabtree, July 10, 1903 – June 22, 1948.

Mollie Crabtree, May 30, 1906 – May 28, 1942.


Old Roberts Cemetery In McCreary County

Old Roberts Cemetery, McCreary County, Kentucky

Old Roberts Cemetery, which I believe is known as Roberts Cemetery #2 in McCreary County, is in the rural area of the north central part of the county.  The last turn was on to a rocky road that led back and up.  The cemetery sits on a small knoll, just a short walk from where we parked.  It is in the midst of trees, and has the lushest moss you can imagine – it makes your steps spring!  We found this cemetery through Ritchey’s geocache locator!  Head south on US27 from Pulaski County; turn left onto Hwy 1045; very shortly afterwards turn left onto a rock road known as Roberts Cemetery Road.  The geographical coordinates are N 36° 49.050 W 084° 29.029.

Find A Grave says there are 28 people buried in this cemetery.  I didn’t photograph every stone, but want to share some of those photos with you today.

Beautiful, lush and green!

Find A Grave says there are 28 people buried in this cemetery.  I didn’t photograph every stone, but want to share some of those photos with you today.

Elisha Roberts, October 5, 1873 – January 7, 1906.

Irene, wife of Elisha Roberts, June 18, 1874 – February 24, 1954.

Estelle Roberts Loudermilk, July 5, 1909 – March 25, 1968.

Annie, daughter of J. W. & B. Anderson, born March 22, 1886, died June 7, 1903.

Elsie F. Jones, October 20,1899 – June 27, 1921.

James F. Peters, 1845-1919.  Sarah J., his wife, 1844-1929.

Budd Ball, Co. E, 4 KY Inf. Spanish American War.

Ann Roberts Ball, 1895-1917.  Mother of Oscar, Arnold and Pearl.

Earl H. Roberts, October 12, 1929 – October 14, 1929.  ‘A precious one from us is gone.’

Phineas W. Roberts, May 12, 1902 – May 31, 1942.

Jack W. Roberts, June 11, 1930 – March 17, 1951, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Roberts.  ‘God took our sunshine away.’

I hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to Roberts Cemetery.  It is a beautiful little spot in southern Kentucky.

Eckstein’s Buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati

Eckstein family plot, Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

While in Cincinnati earlier in the year, Ritchey and I stopped by several cemeteries.  Spring Grove Cemetery was huge, and contained some of the most unusual gravestones.  This is the family stone for Frederick Eckstein and his wife, Harriet Holabird Eckstein.  Harriet was the daughter of Amos Holabird, 1787-1852, and Isabella Gibson Holabird, 1810-1874.

Frederick F. Eckstein, born September 10, 1821, in Philadelphia, and died April 8, 1893, in Cincinnati. 

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio

Monday, April 10, 1893

Frederick Eckstein’s Funeral

The funeral of the late millionaire, Mr. Frederick Eckstein, who died Saturday at 12:30 p.m., will take place at 2:30 this afternoon from the family residence at No. 114 East Fourth Street.  The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. John Goddard, of the Church of the New Jerusalem.  The remains of the deceased will be laid to rest in the family lot in Spring Grove Cemetery, and the burial will be private.

The surviving children were Isabella E. Pendleton, Harriet H. Eckstein, James B. Eckstein, and Janet E. Bullock.

Harriet Holabird Eckstein, December 3, 1834 – May 12, 1931.