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Stained Glass Gravestone in Cave Hill Cemetery – Jefferson County

Ensor Plot

During our visit to Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, the first weekend in October, we chose just the perfect moment to visit this gravesite.  When we drove past, this stone captured our eye immediately.  If we had come earlier or later in the day the view would not have been as spectacular.  The sun hit the stain glass to make all the colors pop and look amazing.

Clyde Franklin Ensor, Sr., June 20, 1922 – November 17, 2009.  Beloved husband and father.

Anna Ashcraft Ensor, October 23, 1924 – August 10, 2003.  Beloved wife and mother.

I do not know anything about the family but wanted to share this glorious gravesite with you.

New Castle Cemetery – Henry County

Joseph S. Roberts, March 10, 1847 – June 22, 1905.  New Castle Cemetery, Henry County, Kentucky

G. Mortimore Roberts, September 4, 1839 – February 25, 1889.

Jesse Fears, 1833-1883.  His wife, Elizabeth Fears, 1834-1923.

Thomas H. Coombs, 1838-1900.

Minnie S. Coombs, 1868-1930.

Dr. Sanford Brent, born July 5, 1800, died April 21, 1892.  Nancy, wife of Dr. S. Brent, born, August 23, 1807, died July 12, 1889.

A Walk Through The Winchester Cemetery – Clark County

The small town of Winchester has a beautiful cemetery.  I find all cemeteries fascinating – thinking about the people who are buried there, what their lives were like, in what time periods they lived, what historic events happened while they were living on this earth.  Today I share a few photos from our visit of April 23, 2014.

Andrew Hood died November 16, 1859, in his 64 year.  (Born in 1795).

Charlotte F. Buckner, born November 23, 1815, died January 12, 1884.

Mary Skinner, born 1807, died February 12, 1879.

Harrison Eubank, died September 7, 1857, aged 63 years.  (Born in 1794).

My dear husband.  Marcus C. Evans, born January 13, 1806, died February 16, 1864.

Mollie Evans, born December 4, 1775, died January 9, 1863.

Elizabeth Byrd, born July 16, 1788, died December 13, 1874.

Video of Machpelah Cemetery – Mt. Sterling,Montgomery County

Here is another try with a video – this time photos were taken in Machpelah Cemetery in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery County.  I took suggestions from you.  Pictures will remain on the screen a little longer – seven seconds each.  In addition I have a chart with information on all the gravestones.  If you need one or more of the photos for your research I can send them to you – just send me an email along with the number of the photo – included in the chart. 

The four arrows on the bottom right of your screen makes the video full screen; pushing the Esc button changes it back to regular.  Once you start the video you can pause it by pushing the button on the lower left of the screen.

  • 8101 – View of Mt. Sterling from Machpelah Cemetery
  • 8110 – Mary G., born September 23. 1860, died October 28, 1861. Madora L., born March 22, 1867, died March 3, 1871.  Baby, born and died December 2, 1878.  Children of F. A. E. Senieur.
  • 8096 – Albert H. Howard, July 6, 1868 – February 8, 1915. Rosa L. Howard, May 26, 1872 – December 9, 1962.
  • 8115 – In memory of our father and mother, Nicholas and Nancy Hadden. Nicholas Hadden, born April 27, 1799, died March 22, 1875.  Nancy, his wife, born December 25, 1805, died April 19, 1875.
  • 8126 – Robert Botts, born November 25, 1779, died September 4, 1855.
  • 8129 – Elizabeth, wife of Robert Botts, born August 18, 1780, died April 21, 1856.
  • 8137 – Captain J. A. Crawford, born September 25, 1765, died April 9, 1851. Dorothy Crawford, born April 22, 1775, died September 21, 1846.
  • 8141 – Jesse Grant, born June 1803, died April 14, 1853.
  • 8146 – Nancy, wife of John Voris, December 1, 1815 – September 14, 1893.
  • 8148 – Bettie B., daughter of T. H. & C. Probert, born March 18, 1860, died October 14, 1860. Maggie O., daughter of Th. H. & c. Probert, born September 25, 1864, died September 16, 1865.  Speed Fry, son of T. H. & C. Probert, born February 14, 1862, died November 22, 1865.  William H. Probert, born July 6, 1835, died June 5, 1860.  Thomas H. Probert, born August 29, 1824, died October 9, 1876.
  • 8163 – William Curry Hoffman, March 16, 1872 – July 16, 1903.
  • 8165 – Julia Lansdowne, daughter of Albert and Laura
  • 8172 – Rebecca Hamilton, born in Virginia, January 12, 1782, died June 25, 1855.
  • 8174 – Archibald William Hamilton, born in Virginia, August 16, 1774, died December 5, 1826.
  • 8187 – Thomas Grubbs, born January 16, 1775, died March 9, 1859.
  • 8197 – Robert Harvey Gatewood, born April 25, 1806, died August 7, 1865.
  • 8207 – Mattie Lee Mitchell, In the innocence of her babyhood, entered life, August 29, 1852. In the purity of her womanhood she departed it June 1, 1881.  Father and mother, Strother D. Mitchell, born October 15, 1824, died August 23, 1854.  Annie E. Mitchell, born June 9, 1828, died March 4, 1916.  Richard A. Mitchell, born May 26, 1850, died August 4, 1907.  Little Jameson, born December 25, 187, died July 15, 1876.  Lula Weaver Mitchell, born September 23, 1879, died March 18, 1956.
  • 8209 – Col. James Mason, September 29, 1769 – March 1855.
  • 8212 – Married January 7, 1799, Elizabeth Fishback Mason, died July 11, 1871.
  • 8214 – William Hoffman, born September 19, 1819, died December 19, 1884. Julia A. J. Wilkerson, wife of William Hoffman, born April 1, 1820, died August 7, 1883.
  • 8219 – Andrew J. Freeman, born June 10, 1818. Mary E. Freeman, born April 5, 1827, died April 10, 1888.
  • 8226 – Virginia, wife of O. B. Dorsey, bon February 24, 1824, died September 28, 1854.
  • 6424 – William H. H. Miller, November 5, 1840 – June 28, 1913. Nannie Gibson Miller, December 19, 1840 – January 24, 1908.
  • 6426 – Annie Hainline, July 29, 1802 – April 17, 1884. Dollie Hainline, born February 22, 1844, died November 9, 1885.  George W. Hainline, born June 30, 1836, died April 17, 1915.
  • 6440 – Ella Trimble
  • 6430 – General Samuel L., son of R. & R. Williams, born October 27, 1781, died September 3, 1872. Fanny, wife of General S. L. Williams, born January 12, 1797, died July 6, 1855.  Thomas J., son of General S. L. & F. Williams, born March 30, 1827, died August 9, 1851.  Arabella A., wife of Dr. C. B. Williams, born September 19, 1806, died December 1, 1832.  Carro, wife of W. A. Buckner, born September 19, 1839, died September 8, 1859.  John, son of R. & R. Williams, born September 15, 1787, died January 15, 1855.  Margaret F., daughter of Col. J. & C. Williams, bon October 16, 1833, died February 5, 1850.  Miranda B., daughter of F. R. & M. F. Stockton.
  • 6446 – Napoleon B. Lloyd, August 4, 1821 – April 22, 1901. Julia Lockridge, his wife, December 11, 1833 – July 5, 1899.
  • 6441 – J. Greenville Trimble, Jr., born August 11, 1870, died March 13, 1958. G. Trimble, June 15, 1823 – June 22, 1919.  Nannie Mize Trimble, September 24, 1824 – December 25, 1891.  Ella O. Trimble, August 22, 1857 – October 2, 1931.
  • 8284 – View

Something New

I’m always trying to think of new things to try to keep you interested – as if gravestone photos aren’t enough!!  This is my first attempt at adding a video to the blog.  We’ll see if it works!

These photos were taken in June 2017 at St. Lawrence Catholic Cemetery in Daviess County, near the little area known as Knottsville.

If you hover your mouse over the lower right-hand corner you can make the video full screen.  Pushing your Esc button at the top left of your keyboard will change it back.

Let me know what you think.

White Family Buried at Rockbridge Baptist – Washington County

Elisha White, born March 24, 1828, died September 24, 1906.  Rockbridge Baptist Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky

Elisha White is the son of Samuel Riley White and Martha Lewis.  He married Mary Elizabeth Armstrong March 4, 1847, in Washington County.  Their children included William, Elizabeth Jane R., Sarah M. and Nancy White.

Mary, wife of Lishey White, born October 4, 1828, died October 24, 1888.

Samuel White, September 16, 1837 – November 27, 1914.  His wife, Nancy E., October 25, 1843 – May 8, 1919.

Samuel White is also a son of Samuel and Martha, and a brother to Elisha.  He married Nancy Ellen Dean, a daughter of Henry and Winney Dean, January 12, 1865.

Elisha White, 1866-1946.  Betty J. White, 1871-1956.

Elisha White is a grandson of the first Elisha, and a son of William White and Mary Hill.  Elizabeth J. ‘Betty’ Gordon is a daughter of William Gordon and Mary E. Willis.  Elisha and Betty married October 20, 1887.  They had at least two children, Annie L. and Robert C. White.

Anna Lee White, January 29, 1890 – April 25, 1907, daughter of Elisha and Betty White.

Henry White, 1869-1952.  Rebecca White, 1881-1944.

Henry White is a son of Samuel Riley White and Nancy Ellen Dean.  He married Rebecca Young April 15, 1909.  I have found no children for this couple.  Henry’s first wife was Eliza Dean whom he married March 27, 1892.

John W. White, 1872-1929.

Martha A., wife of J. W. White, born December 17, 1876, died July 29, 1904.

Rockbridge Baptist Church and Cemetery is located on Rockbridge Church Road in rural northern Washington County.  If you take Hwy 555 north from Springfield, in about 13 miles turn right onto Hwy 1796.  In about a mile 1796 joins with Hwy 1754.  In another mile Hwy 1796 turns left.  In less than a mile Rockbridge Church Road is a right turn.  The cemetery is just down the road on the left.

Burials In Cloverport Cemetery – Breckinridge County

Mark Wedding, August 26, 1820 – February 25, 1894.  Cloverport Cemetery, Breckinridge County, Kentucky.

The Breckinridge News, Cloverport, Kentucky

Wednesday, February 28, 1894

An Old Resident Dead

Mr. Mark Wedding, seventy-two years of age, died of consumption at his home in this city at 1 o’clock p.m. Sunday, February 25.  His remains were interred in the Cloverport City Cemetery yesterday.

Mr. Wedding had been in bad health for some time, and his death was not a surprise to those who were acquainted with his condition.  He has been a respected citizen of Cloverport for many years and his death is regretted by many friends.  He raised a family of four sons, who are filling lucrative and honorable positions in other parts of the country.  He leaves a widow to mourn the loss of a good husband.

Dudley Hambleton, 1821-1898.

The Breckinridge News, Cloverport, Kentucky

Wednesday, September 28, 1898

Two Old Citizens Pay Nature’s Debt

Hon. Dudley Hambleton Passes Away

Represented Breckinridge Twice in the Legislature

Was a Consistent Member of the Baptist Church

Hon. Dudley Hambleton, a man who was loved by all who knew him, died early Tuesday morning.

For a week he has been hovering between life and death, and although his precarious condition was known to almost everyone in the county, the news of his final passing away came like a shock.

Hon. Dudley Hambleton has always been prominently identified with Cloverport.  He was born in this county, April 19, 1821.

He was married to Jane Watkins in November, 1843, and the following children were the result of the union:  James Hambleton, Samuel Hambleton, Mrs. Courtney Babbage, and Mrs. Martin S. Whitford, now living in England.

For many years Mr. Hambleton was regarded as a leading business man of Breckinridge County.  He practically bought all the tobacco that was brought to Cloverport for sale and was the largest buyer until the war came on.

At the close of the Civil War he purchased the A. A. Gordon farm at Holt’s paying $25,000 cash for it and engaged in farming.

He was always a man of affairs and stood high in the estimation of all who knew him.  He was twice elected to the legislature by the Democratic Party.

Hon. Dudley Hambleton was one of the best men Cloverport ever had.  During the days of his prosperity he was known as the young man’s friend and his purse was always ready to back some poor young fellow struggling for a foothold on the ladder to success.  He was charitable to a fault.

He was a consistent member of the Baptist Church, also a member of the Masonic fraternity.

His funeral took place today and was largely attended, the remains being interred according to the rites of Masonry.

Julius Hardin Has Been Laid to Rest

Was a Prominent Democratic Worker

A Man of Strong Convictions and Fine Character

By the death of Julius Hardin, Breckinridge County has been deprived of one of her most substantial citizens.

The deceased had been suffering for some time with a carbuncle on the back of his neck and his death was looked for daily for a week or more before the end came.

He passed away Friday, September 23rd, with hardly a struggle.

Julius Hardin was born in this county October 9, 1846.

He was a man of strong character and firm convictions.  He took an active interest in politics during his life and for years was regarded as one of the staunchest Democrats in the county.

While he was a hard worker for party success he never sought office or preferment of any kind.

He was honest, sincere and his agreeable personality won for him a host of warm friends.

He was a scion of the noted Hardin family, coming from the pioneer stock that settled Breckinridge County over a century ago.

The deceased leaves a wife and four children to mourn his loss.

The funeral took place Saturday, the services being conducted by Rev. Sneed, of Hardinsburg, who preached a sermon eloquent in its sympathy for the bereaved wife and children and rich with its tributes to the character of the dead.

The remains were interred in the Cloverport Cemetery and were followed to their last resting place by one of the largest funeral corteges that has ever been seen in the city.

The News with the whole community extends sympathy to the bereaved family.

Peter Dhonau, born January 30, 1812, died September 13, 1899.  Mary Elizabeth Dhonau, born January 1, 1815, died March 27, 1896.

The Breckinridge News, Cloverport, Kentucky

Wednesday, September 20, 1899

Peter Dhonau

An Old Resident of the County Passes Away

Mr. Peter Dhonau, one of the county’s oldest citizens, died at his home near Balltown last Wednesday.  He had not been confined to his bed and death was due to the sudden giving away of his constitution.

Mr. Dhonau was born in Sobenheim, Prussia, January, 1813.  He came to this country in 1844, and located at Rome, Indiana, on a farm.  He continued farming until the year of 1869, when he moved to this part of Kentucky where he has resided ever since.

His most estimable wife departed this life in March, 1896, leaving eleven children to mourn her loss.  Two died in infancy, one at nine years and one at mature age.  Seven children are still living who are, Mrs. Michael Hamman, Mrs. Phillip Dick, Mrs. Charles Fuchs, Mrs. William Sanders, Miss Harriet Dhonau and William and Albert Dhonau.  There are twenty-seven grand-children and twelve great-grandchildren.

Mr. Dhonau was probably one of Breckenridge County’s most prosperous farmers, and was well liked by everyone.  He was a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church.  His remains were laid to rest in the cemetery near Rome, Indiana.  [Although this gravestone leads us to believe he was buried in Cloverport Cemetery.]