Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today we eat our way through turkey and dressing, candied yams, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie – and everything in between!  The food is first and center, but the real Thanksgiving is the families that gather together, perhaps for only this one day of the year. 

It’s the stories, the memories that make Thanksgiving. Remembering the way grandma made her cranberry sauce, or broccoli casserole, and hoping ours will taste the same. 

It’s meeting new members of the family, whether newborns, or in-laws who have married into the family.  And remembering those who have gone before us – those who passed during the last year, or those from decades or centuries ago 

It doesn’t matter – we are thankful for all. All those people down through the years that have made us who we are today. Our ancestors are as much a part of us as our parents and siblings. 

So after your good meal, remember all those for whom you are thankful, as well as the many other blessings we have received. And they are indeed numerous. 

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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  1. So true that our ancestors recipes are still part of the feast! Though I have been separated from where my folks are from,when speaking to those who live around Marion County,the staples hold true in their Households as they do in mine. Besides the usual,there is fruit salad,banana croquettes,oyster casserole…..all very old tradition of that area. I hope they know how much I appreciate what they did for us!

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