Hanging Rock Baptist Cemetery – Grayson County

IMG_5442Hanging Rock Baptist Church is a very beautiful, small church, located in northern Grayson County, on back, country roads.  From Highway 259 north of Leitchfield take a left on Hanging Rock Church Road.  We followed a school bus delivering children home from classes – it would have been almost impossible to meet and pass someone on this road!  But then you arrive at the church and cemetery and realize it was definitely worth the trip!

IMG_5390As you can see, the cemetery is small, but many loved ones of the local area are buried there.

IMG_5399Alice Fraze, 1858-1885.  Ephraim Fraze, 1857-1922.  Jane Fraze, 1861-1923.

Are these three siblings?  There is no information other than the names and dates.

IMG_5408Rev. H. B. White, June 3, 1843 – July 25, 1914.  Nancy, his wife, July 31, 1846 – November 28, 1904.

Perhaps Rev. White served at Hanging Rock?

IMG_5433Alfred Harrell, born October 15, 1807, died May 1, 1897, aged 89 years, 8 months and 16 days.

What a wonderful, long life!


Bettie M., wife of C. M. Kelly, and daughter of S. F. and M. E. Sands, born December 25, 1878, died October 22, 1899.  ‘A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home which never can be filled.’

Twenty-one years old – such a short life!  Bettie must have been greatly loved.  The verse and the beautiful carvings on her gravestone are a testament!


This is a sign of love from this church to raise a monument to those buried here who have no marker for their grave site.  And the women’s maiden names are in parenthesis for us!  What a great find!

Hanging Rock Baptist Church

Gone But Not Forgotten

  • Alexander Probus
  • John Wesley Probus
  • George White
  • Nancy (Rogers) White
  • John Rogers White
  • Catherine (Stone) White
  • Charles Hampton Carter
  • Susan (Dennison) Carter
  • Josiah Barnes Stone
  • Artemecia (Sands) Stone
  • Samuel Sands
  • Cinderella (Canningham) Sands
  • Moses Stone
  • Catherine (Barnes) Stone
  • Charles E. Carter
  • Nancy (Barnes) Carter
  • Tramel Dennison
  • Frances (Carter) Dennison
  • Joshua White
  • Frances (Carter) White
  • James Rogers White
  • Judah (Wilson) White
  • William White
  • Mary L. (White) Stone
  • Lloyd Paris
  • Sarah F. (White) Paris
  • Claiborne Dennnison
  • Sarah (Wilson) Dennison
  • Artemecia Carter
  • Jesse Carter
  • Henry Carter
  • Ralph Carter
  • Eliza A. (Weedman) Dennison
  • J. A. Bozarth
  • Gertrude (Lashley) Bozarth
  • Samuel T. Sands
  • James W. Stone
  • James B. Stone
  • Josiah Carter
  • Nancy (Mattingly) Carter
  • John F. Carter
  • Elizabeth (Barnes) Carter
  • Gertrude Stone
  • Rebecca (White) Layman
  • Nannie Wilson
  • Squire Dennison
  • Matthew Dennison
  • George Dennison
  • James Dennison
  • Hubbard Dennison

and all of the other people that are buried in this church cemetery without a monument.

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