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McCall-Hutton Family of Anderson County

Thomas McCall was born December 31, 1791, in York City, Pennsylvania, the son of John and Martha McCall.  The family moved to Washington County, Virginia, where Thomas met and married Jane Hutton, daughter of James and Isabella Orr Hutton, who was born November 19, 1801.  The couple married before 1823, when their first daughter, Martha Orr McCall, was born.  Five children were born in Virginia – Martha, John, Isabella, James and Sarah Elizabeth.  The family moved to Lincoln County, Kentucky, in 1828, and one year later to Anderson County.  Three more children were born in Kentucky, William A., Almira Jane and Mary Catherine.  Members of Jane Hutton McCall’s family also moved to the area, including sister Sarah Hutton (who never married), and brothers James and John.

Most of the members of this family are buried at Mt. Hebron Methodist Church Cemetery in Anderson County, located on US 127, just north of the Mercer County line, on the left side.

Our Father & Mother, Thomas McCall, born December 31, 1791, died February 19, 1844.  Jane, wife of Thomas McCall, born November 19, 1801, died June 4, 1888.  ‘Servant of God, well done. Rest from thy loved employ. The battle fought; the victory won. Enter they master’s joy. Soldier of Christ, well done, praise be thy new employ. And while eternal ages run, rest in they Saviour’s joy.’  Mt. Hebron Methodist Cemetery, Anderson County, Kentucky.

Martha Orr McCall, January 15, 1823 – August 27, 1922, daughter of Thomas and Jane, married John M. Scott, November 14, 1844.  Her husband died in 1863 (during the war?).  Martha lived with her mother according to the census of 1880.  Afterwards she moved to California where she lived to the grand age of 99 years.

Martha McCall, wife of John McCall, born April 11, 1837, died June 4, 1855.

John McCall, son of Thomas and Jane, married first Martha Miller, November 11, 1852.  She died at the very young age of eighteen.

John McCall, born August 8, 1824, died October 25, 1898.  Sarah F., wife of John McCall, born October 31, 1834, died January 28, 1897.

John McCall, August 8, 1824 – October 25, 1898, son of Thomas and Jane, married Sarah Frances Searcy, October 31, 1834 – January 28, 1897.  Sarah was John’s second wife.  They married August 29, 1857, and had many children.

Isabella McCall, 1825-1915, daughter of Thomas and Jane, married Andrew J. Miller, May 15, 1851.  I have no further information about the couple.

James McCall, 1828-1907.  Mary H. McCall, 1842-1863.

James McCall, son of Thomas and Jane, 1828-1907, married Mary Hannah Smith, February 18, 1858.

Sarah E. Boston, 1830-1911.

Sarah Elizabeth McCall, daughter of Thomas and Jane, 1830-1911, married Benjamin Logan Boston.

B. L. Boston, born December 8, 1824, died June 8, 1871.

Our Brother & Sisters, Mary C., born September 21, 1841, died October 16, 1848.  Almira J., born June 21, 1838, died October 25, 1848.  William A., born November 24, 1832, died August 24, 1850.

The three youngest children of Thomas and Jane did not live longer than eighteen years.

Sarah Hutton, born October 2, 1813, died April 16, 1863.

Sarah Hutton, born October 2, 1813, died April 16, 1863, was a sister, perhaps half-sister, to Jane Hutton McCall, and was living in the household of the widowed Jane in 1850 and 1860.  Sarah Hutton never married.

John Hutton, born October 11, 1797, died November 20, 1871.

John Hutton, born October 11, 1797, died November 20, 1871, was a brother to Jane Hutton McCall.

Our Mother, Susan A., wife of John Hutton, born March 11, 1798, died May 23, 1889.

Susan A., wife of John Hutton, born March 11, 1798, died May 23, 1889, was a sister-in-law to Jane Hutton McCall

Martha Hutton, January 31, 1827 – November 15, 1919.

Martha Hutton, January 31, 1827 – November 15, 1919, was a daughter of John and Susan A. Hutton, niece to Jane Hutton McCall.

Martha A., wife of James Hutton, born December 7, 1827, died January 23, 1871.

Martha A., wife of James Hutton, born December 7, 1827, died January 23, 1871, was a sister-in-law of Jane Hutton McCall.

From A History of Anderson County, begun in 1884 by Major Lewis W. McKee and concluded in 1936 by Mrs. Lydia K. Bond, I found the following paragraph on the McCall-Hutton family:  “Spring Hill,” the home of the late James McCall, is, perhaps the oldest frame building in Anderson County, having been built prior to 1795.  The house was built by Thomas Lillard.  This property had been in the McCall family for more than seventy-eight years.  Thomas McCall, the father of James McCall and Mrs. S. E. Boston, of Lawrenceburg, moved from Washington County, Virginia, in 1828, to Lincoln County, Kentucky, and the following year moved to this place, having purchased the farm from the Lillard heirs.  To give an idea of the amount of labor necessary for the preparation of material in the building of homes then, we give details of this building:  this house is fifty-five feet long by twenty-eight wide.  There is a cellar the whole length of the building.  The sills are twelve by twelve inches, twenty-eight feet long; the joists four by twelve inches, eighteen feet long; the studdings four by eight inches, eighteen feet long; the corner posts are twelve by twelve with rabbet cut on inside to eight inches; the rafters are five by six inches at foot and three by four inches at crown.  The heavy timbers are all hewn, while the other material was cut by an old-fashioned whip saw.  The framing is all mortised and tenoned; the wall is eight inches thick, filled between the studs with brick and mortar, making a very strong as well as warm house.  The door and window frames are eight by eight inches, with raised molding for facing, and are all black walnut; the doors are walnut also.  The doors and wainscoating are all paneled and beaded, the nails were hand forged.  The chimney standing near the center of the house, was originally eight by eight feet at base, and had four fireplaces to it, but a good many years ago the house was struck by lightning and this chimney was torn down and in rebuilding was made smaller.  About fifty yards south of the house is the most noted spring in Anderson County.  This spring afforded water for Gen. Bragg’s army, which was encamped on this farm for several days when he retreated through this county during the Civil War.  On the west side of the pike is the old muster field, and race track which witnessed many scenes of carnival as well as of conflict.  Today this old McCall landmark is owned by Dr. J. B. Lyen, of Lawrenceburg.

Finally, if you are interested in the 1844 will of Thomas McCall it is on the website.

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  1. Great job of covering the Hutton/ McCall family info. I have followed the Hutton families for some time researching Joseph Hutton in Harrison co. KY He seems to be younger but associated with Samuel of Franklin co.KY These are my husband’s ancestors.
    If there is anyone in your knowledge who did DNA for any of these or James Orr Hutton’s families I’d like to compare to my husbands DNA on Family Tree Dna or Thanks

  2. Phyllis, you are incredible! I think we may have connected several years ago when I was first seeking info re Hebron “residents”
    I am compiling data for the lineage of Huttton Spouses. It will be data only but I would like to be able to refer readers to your website. Please tell me the preferred site to recommend.
    Thank you – and, again, kudos!!!!! Elizabeth (Libby) Hutton George.

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