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Hooper Family Bible

How many of you know the wonderful genealogical research by Faye Sea Sanders.  Ms. Sanders could almost be called ‘Ms. Washington County’!  She was a powerhouse when it came to genealogy, and her books are used by many.  I was fortunate enough to meet her at a Maryland to Kentucky Reunion at St. Catharine College. 

The following Bible record on the Hooper family of Washington County was kept by Elijah Hooper until his death in 1927.  I have a slight connection with the Hooper family – one of my Hill relatives married a Hooper (not in this list).

Elijah Hooper was a private in Company D, 11th Kentucky Cavalry, for the Union during the Civil War.  He was captured on June 9, 1864, at Altoona, Georgia, and held at Andersonville Prison, and was one of the few who survived.  He started receiving his pension October 23, 1880, and Lucy received one from February 11, 1928, after his death.

In the 1850 and 1860 Washington County census Elijah is living with parents John and Mary Hooper.

After the war Elijah married Lucy Ann Comley and raised a large family.  In the 1900 census it says Elijah and Lucy have been married for 34 years, have had twelve children and nine are living.  This corresponds to the family Bible – David, Ellic and John died before 1900.  Daughter Jannie (also listed as Pamelia J. in the 1870 census) is living with her parents, listed as a widow, and her son, Perry W. Burkhead, is one year of age.  Jannie married James W. Burkhead September 26, 1897, who evidently died shortly after the marriage.  Her second marriage was to James Comley on May 15, 1906.

Martha A. Hooper married James Alexander Walls on September 28, 1895.  Richard T. married Grace Olive Smoot, November 7, 1910.  Berry married Ada Louise Dibben, September 19, 1911.  Sallie married James Monroe Lovorn August 4, 1908.  Maggie married Will Lonzo Bunch; and Edward married Nellie Lewis.

Hooper Family Bible

Elijah Hooper and Lucy Ann Hooper [Comley] married August 6, 1869


  • Elijah Hooper – March 7, 1845
  • Lucy Ann Hooper – March 28, 1851
  • Mary L. Hooper – September 2, 1869
  • Martha A. Hooper – December 28, 1871
  • Jannie Hooper – March 4, 1874
  • John W. Hooper – May 6, 1876
  • Richard T. Hooper – September 11, 1878
  • David Hooper – November 14, 1881
  • Berry L. Hooper – January 9, 1883
  • Sallie S. Hooper – March 4, 1885
  • Maggie E. Hooper – January 21, 1887
  • Eddie H. Hooper – December 16, 1889
  • Ellic Hooper – July 30, 1892
  • Nannie May Hooper – October 4, 1894
  • Willie Lewis – November 12, ____
  • Anna Mae Hooper – October 11, 1925
  • Marshall Hooper – August 11, 1929

The last three are grandchildren?


  • David Hooper – March 18, 1888
  • Ellic Hooper – August 6, 1892
  • John W. Hooper – September 18, 1898
  • Elijah Hooper – December 2, 1927

David Hooper and Ellic Hooper were not listed in any census records since they were born and died between.  David was seven and Ellic was an infant when they passed away.  We would never have known of their existence if it weren’t for this Bible.


August 8th – Happy Wedding Day!!!!!

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Mercer Cty., KY John Shannel married Sally Atkinson 08 Aug 1796
Washington Cty., KY Edward Askins married Eleanor Graves 08 Aug 1803
Washington Cty., KY Barton Mattingly married Polly Cambron 08 Aug 1804
Mercer Cty., KY Daniel Cooney married Betsy Hale 08 Aug 1810
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Wright married Mary Graham 08 Aug 1810
Washington Cty., KY John Scott married Nancy Clampett 08 Aug 1811
Washington Cty., KY William E. Head married Margaret Pickett 08 Aug 1820
Washington Cty., KY George Graham married Mrs. Sally Tully 08 Aug 1821
Washington Cty., KY William Mann married Perlinia Roberts 08 Aug 1824
Lincoln Cty., KY William E. Myers married Minerva Flack 08 Aug 1827
Washington Cty., KY Alexander Handley married Letitia Cleaver 08 Aug 1829
Washington Cty., KY James Clements married Teresa Brown 08 Aug 1829
Washington Cty., KY Daniel Collier married Zerilda Utley 08 Aug 1836
Washington Cty., KY Joseph Moore married Eliza Lovell 08 Aug 1845
Washington Cty., KY John H. McPherson married Martha E. Herbert 08 Aug 1852
Washington Cty., KY William M. Summers married Mary J. Searcy 08 Aug 1852
Washington Cty., KY John Marks married Frances M. Hays 08 Aug 1856
Washington Cty., KY John Sandusky married L. A. Barbour 08 Aug 1858
Washington Cty., KY C. F. Bosley married Margaret E. Baker 08 Aug 1866
Washington Cty., KY Elijah Hooper married Lucy Ann Comley 08 Aug 1867
Washington Cty., KY William S. Ray married Lucy A. Breeding 08 Aug 1870
Washington Cty., KY James T. Hickerson married Mary E. Adams 08 Aug 1876
Washington Cty., KY Joseph Riley married Mary F. Satterly 08 Aug 1876
Washington Cty., KY Uriah Wilham married Rosannah Durr 08 Aug 1877
Washington Cty., KY George W. Gordon married Nannie Dennis 08 Aug 1880
Washington Cty., KY William Mattingly married Lou Ann Grimes 08 Aug 1883
Washington Cty., KY James L. Moran married Kate Janes 08 Aug 1888
Washington Cty., KY James H. Butler married Clara V. White 08 Aug 1889