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West-Burdyne 1799 Washington County Marriage Bond and Consent

Know all men by these presents that we, Lewis West and George Edelen, are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency, the Governor of Kentucky, in the sum of fifty pounds current money, the payment of which well and truly to be made, to the said Governor or his successors.  We bind ourselves, our heirs, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 16th day of November 1799.

The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended between the above bound Lewis West and Elizabeth Burdyne, for which a license has issued.  Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage, then this obligation to be void, else to remain in full force.

Lewis West, George Edelen

Witness, Moses Rice

Mr. Reed, will please issue marriage license for Lewis West to marry Elizabeth Burdyne, my ward.  Given under my hand and seal this 16th day of November 1799.

Elizabeth Burdyne, guardian

Teste.  David Hughes, George Edelen

Mrs. Nannie McIntire Edelen Obituary

J. Polin Edelen, 1850-1926.  Nannie Edelen, 1850-1909.  St. Rose Catholic Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky.

The News-Leader, Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky

Thursday, September 23, 1909

Estimable Woman

Was Mrs. J. Polin Edelen Who Died Last Week

After fighting long and heroically against a most painful disease, Mrs. Nannie Edelen died Wednesday, September 15, 909.  About one year ago her health began to fail, at that time she suffered a severe attack of sickness from which it was thought she had nearly recovered, but in the spring of this year, the hopes that had been raised by her apparent recovery were to be displaced by disappointment, for the old trouble began to manifest itself in an aggravated form.  In the hope of bettering her health an operation was advised and performed.  It then developed that her case was hopeless, as she was found to be suffering from cancer of the liver.  After a few weeks at St. Joseph’s Infirmary in Louisville, she was removed to her home, where she remained until her death.

Mrs. Edelen was born in Washington County, March 19, 1850, and during the whole of her life remained a resident of her native county.  She was a daughter of the late John H. McIntire who for many years served the people of this county in the official position of County Judge, and is favorably remembered as a man of absolute fairness and the strongest integrity.  On September 20, 1870, she was married to J. Polin Edelen, to which union twelve children were born, eight of whom with her husband survive, namely, Walter, Ray, George, Joseph and Thomas Edelen, Mrs. W. T. Leachman and Misses Pearl and Stella Edelen, all of whom are residents of this county.

Mrs. Edelen was an exemplary Christian woman, possessing all those virtues which go to make a noble character.  She was never happier than when doing something to alleviate the pain and suffering of those in sickness or distress and whatever acts of charity she performed was done for charity’s sake for she never sought to place them in the public glare in order to gain the applause of the world, for she was satisfied when she knew in her own heart that she had done the right as she saw it, and when once her path of duty was clear to her mind she was absolutely fearless in the discharge of that duty.

Funeral services were conducted Friday at St. Rose where a High Requeim Mass was sung by Rev. Father Kennedy, after which the remains were laid to rest in St. Rose Cemetery.  The large crowd which was present and the many beautiful floral designs was evidence of the high esteem in which she was held.  So consistent was her life in its every phase that were we to write it in one word, that word would be ‘Sincerity.’

St. Rose Catholic Church Cemetery Listing


St. Rose Catholic Church Cemetery Listing

Washington County, Kentucky

  • William J. Devit, son of A. and M. Devit, born in Bardstown October 26, 1863, died October 18, 1865
  • Margaret Devit, daughter of A. and M. Devit, born April 24, 1861, died May 6, 1865
  • Ellen Donahue, wife of Edward Donahue, born in Ireland, died June 2, 1872
  • Edward Donahue, born in Ireland, died December 17, 1872
  • West E. Dorsey, born December 2, 1844, died July 14, 1867
  • John Dougherty, died August 24, 1851, aged 26 years
  • Aloysious Edelen, born July 2, 1818, died November 20, 1845
  • Edward Edelen, born May 17, 1806, died May 27, 1847
  • Elizabeth H. Edelen, wife of R. Edelen, born August 10, 1788, died October 14, 1859
  • Robert Edelen, Sr., born May 28, 1784, died August 22, 1855
  • James Edelen, died March 13, 1858, aged 55 years
  • Rose Edelen, wife of James Edelen, died January 20, 1872, aged 66 years
  • John C. Edelen, born March 24, 1848, died May 14, 1908
  • Catherine Edelen, wife of John C. Edelen, born September 26, 1853, no death date
  • J. Polin Edelen, born 1850, died 1926
  • Nannie Edelen, wife of Polin Edelen, born 1850, died 1909
  • George H. Edelen, born 1845, died 1932
  • Lula (Clements) Edelen, wife of George Edelen, born 1859, died 1925
  • Benedict Edelen, born March 22, 1797, died June 7, 1871
  • Mary S. Edelen, daughter of R. P. and Susan (McGill) Edelen, born December 30, 1857, died September 21, 1863
  • Kate Edelen, born February 22, 1861, died January 1, 1910
  • Leonard Edelen, born May 1, 1823, died December 23, 1887
  • Lucetta Edelen, born May 15, 1829, died March 25, 1906
  • Belle Edelen, born October 23, 1866, died March 19, 1888
  • George Edelen, born April 17, 1811, died June 19, 1863
  • Horace Edelen, born May 1, 1880, no death date
  • Eliza L. Edelen, wife of James Edelen, born September 11, 1811, died March 20, 1878
  • James Edelen, born June 10, 1813, died October 1, 1897
  • Catherine Edelen, wife of G. F. Edelen and daughter of H. and M. Stansbury, born December 14, 1847, died June 25, 1882
  • John C. Edelen, born March 24, 1846, died May 14, 1906
  • Catherine Edelen, wife of John B., born September 22, 1853, no death date
  • Catherine Ellery, wife of John Ellery, born September 14, 1804, died August 15, 1866
  • John Emmerson, born July 20, 1799, died October 20, 1872
  • Mary Emmerson, wife of John Emmerson, born March 14, 1810, no death date
  • Mrs. J. R. Evans, born June 20, 1879, died November 29, 1910
  • Sarah Farrell, wife of John Farrell, died April 4, 1893, aged 49 years
  • Theodore Faulkner, born March 2, 1918, died October 31, 1918
  • James R. Fenwick, born June 29, 1836, died November 5, 1854
  • Hattie E. Fenwick, born September 22, 1834, died October 1, 1852
  • Martin Fenwick, born November 8, 1856, died May 1, 1857
  • Thomas Y. Fenwick, son of H. and S. E. Fenwick, born December 28, 1876, died September 1, 1877
  • Henry Fenwick, born September 6, 1840, died January 14, 1881
  • Thomas Y. Fenwick, born October 20, 1806, died April 27, 1877
  • ? Fetter, daughter of R. and S. Fetter, born October 18, 1845, died September 15, 1846
  • James A. Fields, son of Wilfred and Sarah Fields, died August 4, 1853, aged 20 years, 2 months and 5 days
  • Henry P. Fields, born October 13, 1835, died November 29, 1864, Co. E., 10 KY Volunteers
  • Sealia A. Fields, wife of Wilfred Fields, born May 6, 1818, died May 27, 1863
  • Wilfred Fields, born April 11, 1795, died May 10, 1875
  • Nazarie Filiatreau, born March 20, 1809, died December 30, 1898
  • Belinda Filiatreau, wife of Nazarie Filiatreau, aged 68 years, no dates
  • Mary E. Fowler, daughter of Thomas J. and Susan Fowler, born June 14, 1861, died April 16, 1877
  • T. J. Fowler, born August 10, 1845, no death date
  • Susan Fowler, wife of T. J. Fowler, born January 2, 1843, died April 6, 1916
  • James M. Fowler, son of S. E. and D. E. Fowler, born January 2, 1843, died April 6, 1916
  • Michael Fox, son of William and Bridget Fox, born March 5, 1859, died February 7, 1865
  • William Fox, born November 7, 1806, died June 18, 1889
  • Bridget Fox, born June 6, 1817, no death date
  • James Fox, born June 6, 1817, no death date