Old Holy Name of Mary Cemetery Database – Marion County

Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church is located in central Marion County, south of Lebanon on Hwy 208, in the small town of Calvary.  This was the location of one of the early Maryland to Kentucky pioneers.  Known as the Rolling Fork area, it was settled after 1790.

There are two parts to the cemetery of Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church – the old part is where the original settlers, the older people, were buried.  This part is rather small.  The newer part is much larger.  Only the older cemetery is included in this book.  There is a path up the hill from the new cemetery to the old cemetery, at the top of which is a monument in concrete which includes pieces of broken stones.  What a wonderful way to display them – and so much better than throwing them away!  This book includes photos of all the stones in the older part of the cemetery, and some from the new, a total of 70 names.

I have attached a regular file, which is very large.  And I have also added an Excel spreadsheet that just has the list of names and dates.  I hope you can open the large file, but it will depend on your computer, Ipad, or phone.  After you click on a file, a box will come up.  Click to open and wait another minute or so.  Be patient, it is a large file.  This file includes cemetery photos, which are in alphabetical order.  The Excel spreadsheet, the last file, is the cemetery list like others I have posted.

Kindle Holy Name of Mary

Holy Name of Mary Cemetery List

As always, you can email me at and ask for photos and I will send them.

Enjoy this trip back into early Kentucky history.

John Caffey, born September 13, 1798, died August 6, 1881.  Holy Name of Mary Catholic Cemetery, Marion County, Kentucky.

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  1. I am looking for some help. I am trying to find the burial plot or Headstone of a Benedict Joseph Murphy. He passed away on Feb. 3, 1920 & is buried unmarked in the cemetery. He was a civil war vet & i would like to put a headstone on his grave.
    Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. I am enclosing my phone # if you have any questions. It is 563-726-3997.
    Thank you Danny

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