Revolutionary War Heroes – July 4th Celebration!

Before we begin our fireworks display for this Fourth of July – let’s think back to our country’s beginnings and the many men who fought for our independence.  Many of us can trace our roots back to a Revolutionary War veteran – and those that can’t most likely have one in your line – you just haven’t found him yet!  As a tribute to all these men I have pictures of the plaques from the Old Mud Meeting House cemetery in Mercer County, Kentucky, dedicated to the Revolutionary War veterans buried there.

Abraham Banta, Pvt 2 BN York County, General Mercer’s PA Militia, Revolutionary War, 1745-1793.

Peter Luyster, Private, Somerset County, New Jersey Militia, Colonel Van Dyck’s Regiment, Revolutionary War, May 31, 1761 – January 5, 1830.

Lawrence DeMott, Private, Somerset County Militia, Colonel Quick’s 2nd New Jersey Regiment, Revolutionary War, October 14, 1719 – May 14, 1800

Daniel Coovert, Private, Captain Baird’s Company, Monmouth, New Jersey Militia, Revolutionary War, June 1758 – December 1848

James Westervelt, Corporal, Colonel John Freer’s 4th and 5th Regiments, Duchess County, New York, Militia, Revolutionary War, August 15, 1755 – June 1, 1826, Brooklyn Heights

Cornelius O. Vanarsdall, Private, Colonel Vroom’s New Jersey Regiment, Revolutionary War, November 14, 1760 – February 24, 1843, Spy

Cornelius A. Vanarsdall, 1st Lieutenant, Colonel Vroom’s New Jersey Regiment, Revolutionary War, July 5, 1748 – January 5, 1840, Millstone, Monmouth, Springfield

Abraham Banta, Private, 2 Bn York County, General Mercer’s Pennsylvania Militia, Revolutionary War, 1745-1793

Thomas Kyle, Private, General Putnam’s Brigade, Pennsylvania Line, Revolutionary War, 1757-1846, Bunker Hill, Trenton, Germantown

Peter Huff, Private, Colonel Taylor’s Regiment, New Jersey Lint, Revolutionary War, March 10, 1756 – November 11, 1840, Monmouth, Springfield

Peter DeMott, Private, Colonel Quick’s New Jersey Line, Revolutionary War, April 14, 1758 – October 15, 1832

John Comingore, Private, Colonel Vanarsdall’s Regiment, Pennsylvania Line, Revolutionary War, September 16, 1749 – October 6, 1845

Henry Comingore, Private, Colonel Vanarsdall’s Regiment, Pennsylvania Line, Revolutionary War, September 16, 1749 – January 29, 1836, Yorktown

Samuel Brewer, Private, Colonel Vance’s Regiment, Pennsylvania Line, Revolutionary War, 1757 – January 31, 1835, Spy and Scout

Daniel Brewer, Private, Molyan’s Dragoons, Pennsylvania Line, Revolutionary War, July 5, 1719 – January 15, 1791

Gerardus Ryker, Ensign, Colonel Dey’s Regiment, New Jersey State Troops, Revolutionary War, November 16, 1740 – September 15, 1781

Francis Adams, Trumpeter, Colonel Washington’s Regiment, Virginia Line, Revolutionary War, 1751 – January 11, 1837, Yorktown

In memory of John Demaree, Private, Jefferson County Militia, Revolutionary War, 1762 – May 14, 1839

Thomas Gaunt, Sargent, Captain Kincaid’s Company, Illinois Regiment, Revolutionary War, December 17, 1842 – August 19, 1782

James Stagg, Captain, New Jersey Militia, Revolutionary War, September 18, 1738 – May 3, 1826

John Moore, Private, Captain Harrod’s Company, Illinois Regiment, Revolutionary War, 1757 – June 26, 1836, Kaskaskia, Vincennes

Barney Smock, Private, Pennsylvania Militia, Revolutionary War, October 5, 1738 – September 1812

Samuel Moore, Private, Captain Prather’s Company, Kentucky Militia, Revolutionary War, 1759 – August 8, 1780

In memory of John Banta, Sr., Drummer, Captain Campbell’s Company, 2 BN, York County, Regiment, Revolutionary War, March 15, 1757 – October 7, 1815

Thomas Moore, Captain, General Clark’s Virginia Regiment, Revolutionary War, 1754 – February 25, 1835, Kaskaskia, Vincennes

Simon Wan Arsdale, Major, 4 BN York County, Pennsylvania Militia, Revolutionary War, December 6, 1746 – 1802

Can you imagine the stories these men could tell?  There was a drummer, a trumpeter.  Some of these men were at Yorktown at the end of the war, some at Bunker Hill, Germantown, Trenton,Vincennes, Kaskaskia.   Samuel Brewer was a spy and scout!

Daniel Brewer, 1718-1791, Private, Pennsylvania Militia

In memory of Peter Vanderveer, 1760 New Jersey – March 12, 1823 Kentucky, Private, New Jersey Militia, Revolutionary War

In memory of Jacob Sortore, 1730 New Jersey – 1824 Kentucky, Private, Alarm at Raritan, Revolutionary War

John Smock, 1739 New Jersey – 1812 Kentucky, Private, York County Militia, Revolutionary War, A leader at Old Mud Meetinghouse

In memory of Simeon Moore, 1734 Maryland – 1814 Kentucky, Battle of Kaskaskia, Revolutionary War

In memory of Francis Montfort, 1746 New Jersey – 1825 Kentucky, Private, York County Militia, Revolutionary War

In memory of Samuel Britton, 1754 New Jersey – 1834 Kentucky, Private, New Jersey Artillery, Revolutionary War, 1776

In memory of Samuel Banta, 1753 New Jersey – 1833 Kentucky, Private, Scout, Revolutionary War, 1776

Let us ever remember why the revolution was fought – for our rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  Let Freedom ring!

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  1. Phyliss, Gerardus Ryker, John Demaree, Smocks and others are in my husbands family line. This was really nice to see. Thank you so much. I do so appreciate your efforts and all your good work. Happy 4th to you and yours and our wonderful, faithful and dedicated ancestors.

  2. What fun to find many family markers! Banta, DeMotte, Brewer and more, sure wish my Grandmother and Great Aunt were around to enjoy the research of our family on the Internet! Thanks for this site

    • How wonderful so many of your ancestors are buried there – in one cemetery! My good friend and fellow genealogist, Sally Keene, would have loved all the great way to research on the internet – and my blog! Unfortunately she passed away before I started Kentucky Kindred. She helped me get started with my genealogy! I miss her so!

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