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Mercer County Residents Who Gave Supplies to General Harrison in the War of 1812

In doing research for a client the other day, I ran across a treasure trove in one of my books. The History of Harrodsburg and “The Great Settlement Area” of Kentucky 1774-1900 by George M. Chinn, 1985. On pages 287-288 is a list of person, names and articles of clothing delivered to William McBride in Harrodsburg, to be sent to the Volunteers in the North Western Army under the command of General Harrison – later to become President William Henry Harrison. This list is taken from the Draper Manuscripts, 5CC, 53, 54. How I would love to sit and search those papers for about a month!

This list will be a of great value to anyone searching for their ancestors from Mercer County. I have made the list into a chart and alphabetized it for an easy search. Notice that some bundles were directed to a particular person – most likely sons of those who made the donation. My Dutch Cousins will be interested since many of their forebears are on this list, but anyone with Mercer County connections should find this very interesting.

Draper MSS. 5CC 53,54
List sent to Mr. W. Worsley, Lexington Reporter
Oct. 24, 1812A list of persons, names and articles of clothing delivered to William McBride in Harrodsburg to be sent to the Volunteers in the North Western Army under the Command of General Harrison
Oct. 20Adams, Davidblanket, shirt, waist-coat, socks, shoes, mittens
Oct. 24Allin, Thomas$2.50 cash
Oct. 24Armstrong, Lanty2 blankets, shirt, coat, 3 overalls, waist-coat, 6 pairs socks, 2 pair mittens
Oct. 15Banta, Henry1 blanket, 1 pair socks
Oct. 23Banta, Henrysocks, mittens
Oct. 19Banta, Peter, Jr.blanket, overalls, socks
Oct. 23Banta, Peter, Sr.blanket, socks, mittens
Oct. 16Bice, Dennis1 blanket, socks, shoes
Oct. 23Bigler, Johnblanket, socks
Oct. 17Bilbo, Capt. Archibald6 pair mittens, e blankets, 1 coat and shirt, 1 overall, 14 socks
Oct. 24Bishop, Vichelone bundle directed to Valintine and Daniel Bishop
Oct. 16Bogart, Isaac2 pair socks, 2 pair mittens
Oct. 17Brewer, Daniel1 blanket, shoes, mittens
Oct. 24Brewer, Mrs. Marybundle directed to Garrett Brewer
Oct. 16Brewer, Pollyoveralls, 2 waist-coats, mittens
Oct. 23Brocau, Peterblanket, socks
Oct. 24Buckley, Mrs.socks
Oct. 23Carmick, Mrs.socks, mittens
Oct. 17Cary, Ebenezer1 bundle directed to John Cary, 7th Reg. and said to contain 2 coats, shirts, 2 overalls, 3 waist-coats, 2 pair socks, 2 shoes and 2 mittens
Oct. 24Comingore, Abrahamwaist-coat, mittens
Oct. 22Comingore, Henrywaist-coat, mittens
Oct. 23Comingore, John, Jr.waist-coat, socks
Oct. 17Commingore, Johnblanket, socks, mittens
Oct. 23Cousine, Corneliussocks, shoes 
Oct. 17Covart, Isaacblanket
Oct. 19Cozine, Garrettwaist-coat, socks, shoes, mittens
Oct. 24Curry, James, Sr.coat and shirts
Oct. 23Darling, Garrettsocks, mittens
Oct. 23Davis, Johnblanket, socks
Oct. 23Demaree, Corneliuscoat, shirt, socks, shoes
Oct. 24Denny, David3 pair socks
Oct. 24Evins, Polly5 pair socks
Oct. 23Fairman, Richardoveralls, shoes
Oct. 19Gaunt, Mrs. Jane1 pair socks, 1 pair mittens
Oct. 17Gordon, Mrs. Nelly1 pair mittens
Oct. 15Gritton, Johnone bundle
Oct. 22Haggin, John, Sr.2 blankets
Oct. 24Hale, Thomas2 pair socks, mittens
Oct. 23Hanna, Stephenblanket, socks
Oct. 24Lapsley, Janeshoes
Oct. 17Lillard, David19 blankets, 18 coats, shirts, 19 overalls, 32 socks, 2 shoes, 24 mittens
Oct. 23Lyen, Ezekielbundle directed to Stephen Lyen
Oct. 22Magoffin, Mrs.coat, shirt, overalls, socks, mittens
Oct. 17Mahan, Col. John4 pair socks, blanket, 2 pair mittens
Oct. 20Marshall, Johncoat, shirt, 2 pair socks
Oct. 24McAfee, William2 pair socks
Oct. 23`McGinnis, Johnsocks and mittens
Oct. 14McKaney, Johnone bundle 
Oct. 17McKool, Johnwaist-coat, socks
Oct. 24Morgan, Josephblanket, coat, shirt, overalls
Oct. 20Mosley, Robertcoat, shirt, overalls, socks, mittens
Oct. 24Munday, Susanbundle contents unknown and directed to Edmund Slaughter
Oct. 24Passmore, Georgeblanket
Oct. 20Prather, Henry2 blankets, coat and shirt, 3 pair socks
Oct. 17Randolph, Malikiahblanket, socks
Oct. 20Robards, Capt. Georgesocks, shoes, mittens
Oct. 23Shepherd, Mrs.socks
Oct. 23Slaughter, Augustinecoat, shirt, overalls, socks, shoes
Oct. 20Slaughter, Col. Gabriel2 blankets, 5 pair socks
Oct. 16Slaughter, Mrs. Lucy1 overalls, 1 pair socks
Oct. 20Smock, Henry2 pair socks, mittens
Oct. 20Smock, Isaacblanket, socks, mittens
Oct. 20Smock, Johnblanket, socks, mittens
Oct. 13Springate, bundle contents unknown
Oct. 20Stagg, Jamessocks, mittens
Oct. 24Sterling, Williamcoat, shirt, overalls, socks
Oct. 24Thomas, Captainsocks, shoes, mittens
Oct. 23Toomey, William50 cents cash, socks
Oct. 15Vanarsdall, CorneliusBlanket, coat, socks
Oct. 23Vanarsdall, Simon I.socks
Oct. 17Vanderipe, Harmonsocks, mittens
Oct. 16Vandivier, Henrysocks, mittens
Oct. 23Vanice, Corneliusblanket, socks
Oct. 16Voorhice, Coert4 pair socks, blanket, 2 pair mittens
Oct. 16Voorhice, John1 pair socks, 1 pair mittens
Oct. 16Westerfield, Corneliussocks
Oct. 22Whitenack, Abrahamsocks, mittens
Oct. 23Wicoff, Nicholasblanket, one bundle directed to John Wicoff
Oct. 23Wilhite, Abraham12 socks, 12 shoes, 8 mittens
Oct. 15Williams, Joel J. Thompsonone bundle directed to Elisha Williams
Oct. 15Wilson, ThomasBlanket, coat socks, mittens
Oct. 20Woods, Andrewblanket
Oct. 24Woods, Jameswaist-coat

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  1. I see and ancestor’s name and a relations name. May I use this as a resource in my family tree? The Draper manuscripts are a gold mine. ________________________________

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. One of my ancestors, Christopher Gordon, was a veteran of the War of 1812. I was happy to see his mother, Nelly Gordon, on this list. I had found no documentation of Nelly after Christopher’s birth. I now know she made it to Mercer County. Thank you so much.

    Debbi in Iowa

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