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Kentucky Kindred Genealogical Research

I am a family historian, a genealogist, one who puts families together, who finds those who have been lost for many years and acquaints modern day generations with their ancestors. There's nothing like having a full family tree! Email me at

Burdette Clifton Pile and Mary Ann Cunningham Celebrate Golden Wedding in 1884 – Clark County, Indiana

Today we take a short trip across the Ohio River to Jeffersonville, Indiana – Clark County.  In 1884 Burdette Clifton Pile and Mary Ann Cunningham celebrated their golden wedding anniversary – 50 years together.  They were married January 29, 1834. Burdette was the son of Richard Pile (1761-1816) […]

1763 Indenture Between John Ballendine and Wife Mary to John Tayloe and Presley Thornton – Prince William County, Virginia

Early Virginia deeds were quite long and elaborate.  There is mention of who owned the land, how he purchased it.  Wills are quoted during these long passages, giving information that may be found nowhere else.  Especially in a county such as Prince William, where many of the early […]