Herbert Logan Moran, Death Certificate

Herbert Logan Moran, Death Certificate

A death certificate gives more information per person than any other vital statistics record.  That’s the silver lining in every cloud.  Now lets talk about the black clouds forming on the horizon – how good that information is depends on the knowledge of the informant.

In the example above, the informant was the deceased’s wife – who should know the most information of all.  Sometimes the informant is a cousin, uncle, grandchild, who may know less pertinent facts.

From the death certificate we know Herbert Logan Moran lived at 2512 St. Cecilia in Louisville, Kentucky.  He was a white male, married, age 35 years and 23 days at his death on April 16, 1932, at 6:20 p.m., at St. Anthony Hospital, in Louisville.  He was born March 24, 1897 – with Kentucky listed as place of birth.  Herbert’s wife is Mary Sallie Moran – no maiden name given.  He was a railroad conductor.  Parents are James L. Moran and Catherine Janes, both born in Kentucky.  He was buried in Springfield, Kentucky, April 18, 1932.

The second half of the death certificate gives the information about illness and eventual death.  The doctor was John Stites and he states cause of death was actinomycosis, which began in June of 1931.  Actinomycosis is an infection, often occurring in the neck or face region, and characterized by a slowly enlarging, hard, red lump.  This is caused by bacteria normally found in the mouth, but which can cause disease when it enters tissues following an injury.  Tooth extraction, root canal, tooth disease or jaw surgery can allow this to begin to grow.  Today this is probably not as serious a problem as it would have been in 1931.

Taking the information from the certificate, how would we proceed to find other facts about this couple and possible children?  Since Herbert was buried in Springfield, Kentucky, Washington County, it is possible he was born there, or has other family living there.  A check of their marriage records and the Louisville, Jefferson County, records, may produce a marriage date.  Census records for 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 of both counties may give information about parents and/or children.  Cemetery records from Washington County would give place of burial.  Jefferson County newspapers, and possibly Washington County, should have obituaries which may list survivors other than spouse.  These are just a few ideas – does anyone have others?

Today In Genealogy History – November 6, 2011

Henrietta Cambron and John Yates were married 213 years ago – November 6, 1798 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Henrietta was the daughter of Henry Cambron and Margaret Harbin.  John was the son of John Estes Yates and Elizabeth Gaines, both of Virginia.  John and Henrietta had 6 children:  John, Francis, Edward, Mary Polly, Theresa and Henry.

Mrs. Melvina Smith Carrico, Obituary

The Springfield Sun, Washington County, Kentucky

Thursday, June 11, 1931

Mrs. Melvina Smith Carrico, age eighty-one years, died at 12:20 o’clock Wednesday afternoon at her home on the Saint Rose and Lebanon Road, 5 miles west of this city, death being caused by infirmities incident to age and followed an illness of several months.

Mrs. Carrico was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, and was born and raised in the county.  In early womanhood she was united in marriage with Joe B. Carrico, who preceded her to the grave five years ago.  Surviving are eight children, as follows:  four sons, John Henry, Fletcher and Rue Carrico, this county, and Arthur Carrico, Bushland, Illinois, and four daughters, Mrs. Ed Smith and Mrs. Garland Hamilton, Louisville; Mrs. Bernard Smith and Miss Nell Carrico, both of this county.  She also leaves one brother, J. Rich Smith, and one sister, Mrs. Frank Carrico, both of this county.

Funeral services for Mrs. Carrico will be held at St. Rose at 9 o’clock Friday morning.  Interment will be in Saint Rose Cemetery.

Today In Genealogy History – November 5, 2011

Stith Thompson was born 206 years ago – November 5, 1805 – the son of John Thompson and Sarah Shipley Mitchell.  Stith married Catherine McIlvoy in Washington County, Kentucky, in 1835.  They had 8 children:  Alexander, William Robert, John M., Sarah Jane, Magdalene Alice, Rosaline, Daniel McIlvoy and a stillborn daughter.

Peter B. Green

from History of Clayton County, Iowa, Volume 2

Peter B. Green was born on the 5th of June, 1853, and passed his entire life in the State of Iowa, where he rose to prominence and large prosperity as one of the representative agriculturists and stock-growers of Clayton county and where he was the owner of a valuable landed estate, which his widow still retains in her possession and to the management of which she gives careful and judicious supervision. Mrs. Green resides on the finely improved homestead farm, eligibly situated in Sperry township, about one mile distant from the village of Volga, and she is the owner of a valuable estate of two hundred and sixty-seven acres, the homestead place being endeared to her by the gracious memories and associations of the past and being valued the more by her because it figured as the stage of the earnest and successful labors of her honored husband. Peter B. Green was a resident of Clayton county from his infancy until the time of his death, which occurred on the 27th of March, 1900, and his character and achievement were such as to cause his memory to be honored by all who knew him, his remains being laid to rest in the cemetery at Volga. He was a loyal citizen, a progressive and reliable business man, a staunch advocate of the cause of the Republican party and an earnest and consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal church, in the work of which his widow still continues to be actively concerned and of which she is a devoted adherent. Mr. Green was adopted in infancy by Daniel and Hartley (Brown) Green, whose marriage was solemnized in Cambridgeshire, England, on the 21st of June, 1840, both having been born and reared in that fair county of merrie old England.  Daniel Green was born at Wittlesea, Cambridgeshire, on the 22d of December, 1818, and was there reared and educated. After their marriage he and his wife continued their residence in their native land for somewhat more than a decade, and on the 4th of April, 1852, they severed the cherished ties and set sail for America. In 1854 they became pioneer settlers in Clayton county, Iowa, where Mr. Green secured a tract of wild land and developed a productive farm, both he and his wife having passed the remainder of their lives as well known and highly honored citizens of this county.  They had no children of their own but gave to their adopted son, the subject of this memoir, the true love and solicitude of actual parentage. Peter B. Green was afforded the advantages of the public schools and virtually his entire active career was marked by close and successful association with the basic industries of agriculture and stock-growing, through the medium of which he gained substantial and enduring independence and prosperity, the concrete evidence thereof being given in the finely improved landed estate still owned by his widow. He purchased the homestead now occupied by Mrs. Green shortly after their marriage, and here he continued his well-ordered activities until death set its seal upon him.  On the 12th of October, 1872, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Green to Miss Lydia E. Sherman, who was born and reared in this county, and who is a daughter of Joseph and Jane (Moon) Sherman, of whose ten children six are now living.  The parents were born and reared in the state of New York and were numbered among the pioneers of Clayton County, Iowa, where they established their home on a farm and where they passed the residue of their long and useful lives, their names meriting enduring place on the roll of the honored pioneers of Clayton County.  Mr. and Mrs. Green became the parents of three children, all of whom survive the honored father:  William is now a resident of the state of Wisconsin; Walter has a farm in Sperry township near the city Volga, and Valeria is the wife of Otto Germar, of whom individual mention is made elsewhere in this publication.

Today In Genealogy History – November 4, 2011

Frank G. Casteel was born 155 years ago – November 4, 1856 – in Washington County, Kentucky, the son of William Casteel and Rebecca J. Armstrong.  Frank married Martha L. White.  They had 10 children:  Alexander, Margaret E., Annie J., Ida M., Bettie E., John W., Lillie, Beckie, Addie and Alsie.  Frank was killed by a neighbor in 1914 (see an earlier blog).

St. Rose Baptismal Records – Janes

St. Rose Baptismal Records – Janes

Washington County, Kentucky

Parents:  Benjamin Janes and Elizabeth Wathen

  • Stephen Janes, baptized 22 Aug 1830

Parents:  Benjamin Janes and Mary Gibbs

  • Henrietta Janes, baptized 25 Jun 1832
  • Alfred Janes, baptized 13 Aug 1833
  • Richard Lloyd Gibbs Janes, baptized 09 Jun 1836
  • Robert Janes, baptized 28 Jan 1840
  • Mary Melvina Janes, baptized 19 Dec 1841
  • Elizabeth Martina Janes, born 03 May 1844, baptized 04 Jun 1844

Parents:  Isaac Luke Janes and Ann Elizabeth Janes

  • Ann Benedicta Janes, born 02 Nov 1865, baptized 26 Nov 1865
  • Joseph Janes, born 08 May 1867, baptized 22 Jun 1867
  • Isaac McClellan Monroe Janes, born 23 Aug 1869, baptized 30 Oct 1869
  • Thomas Benedict Janes, born 31 Dec 1873, baptized 15 Feb 1874

Parents:  James G. Janes and Charity Ann Cooper

  • Mary Ellen Janes, born 05 Sep 1848, baptized 18 Nov 1848
  • Henrietta Janes, born 20 Feb 1850, baptized 13 Apr 1850
  • Benedict Janes, born 20 Aug 1853, baptized 20 Nov 1853

Parents:  James Thomas Janes and Rose McIlvoy

  • Mary Magdalene Janes, baptized 09 Jan 1843
  • Anna Catherine Janes, born 12 Feb 1845, baptized 25 Mar 1845
  • Margaret Frances Janes, born 11 Feb 1847, baptized 27 May 1847
  • Benjamin Alexander Janes, born 30 Mar 1849, baptized 04 May 1849
  • Sarah Jane Janes, born 30 Mar 1849, baptized 04 May 1849
  • Cardome Janes, born 26 Nov 1853, baptized 09 May 1854

Parents:  John Janes and Susan Lee

  • Thomas Janes, baptized 08 Mar 1831

Parents:  John Janes and Henrietta Gibbs

  • Elizabeth Catherine Janes, baptized 19 Jun 1831
  • Benjamin Thomas Janes, baptized 28 Dec 1832
  • John Henry Janes, baptized 29 Jan 1835
  • George Washington Janes, baptized 19 Oct 1837
  • William Polin Janes, baptized 10 Jun 1840
  • Joseph Miles Janes, baptized 21 Feb 1842
  • Sidney Constantine Janes, born 25 Mar 1844, baptized 28 Mar 1844
  • Elizabeth Catherine Janes, born 22 Sep 1846, baptized 14 Dec 1846
  • Becky Ann Janes, born 07 Nov 1848, baptized 28 Nov 1848

Parents:  Joseph Janes and Belvia Ann Hayden

  • Joseph Abner Janes, baptized 08 Apr 1841
  • Anna Elizabeth Janes, baptized 13 Jul 1842

Parents:  Joseph A. Janes and Sarah Isabelle Hayes

  • Margaret Ellen Janes, born 07 Oct 1867, baptized 01 Nov 1867
  • James Benedict Janes, born 15 Jan 1870, baptized 28 Feb 1870
  • William Ligouri Janes, born 19 Aug 1872, baptized 08 Sep 1872
  • Elizabeth Jane Janes, born 27 Apr 1877, baptized 27 May 1877
  • Mary Louise Janes, born 30 Oct 1879, baptized 30 Nov 1879
  • Mary Theresa Janes, born 15 Jun 1882, baptized 23 Jul 1882
  • Mary Hayes Janes, born 23 Apr 1885, baptized 15 Jun 1885

Parents:  Stephen Janes and Julia Janes

  • Christopher Columbus Janes, baptized 23 Jan 1839
  • Eliza Jane Janes, baptized 24 Jul 1840

Parents:  Stephen Janes and Eleanor Tennelly

  • Mary Elizabeth Janes, baptized 03 Jul 1842
  • Wenceslaus Janes, born 21 Sep 1851, baptized 05 Oct 1851
  • Nathaniel Janes, born 26 Jan 1857, baptized 11 Apr 1857

Parents:  William Janes and Magdalene McIlvoy

  • John Alexander Janes, baptized 23 Oct 1832
  • Charles Janes, baptized 24 Aug 1834
  • Rose Alice Janes, baptized 07 Jun 1837
  • Jane Janes, baptized 04 Sep 1838
  • William Henry Janes, baptized 10 Dec 1840
  • Dan Polin Janes, baptized 21 Aug 1843
  • Mary Jane Janes, baptized 20 May 1846
  • Margaret Catherine Janes, born 20 Jun 1848, baptized 13 Aug 1848