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Henry M. and Susan Wise Buried in Ghent Cemetery – Carroll County

Henry M. and Susan Wise.  Ghent Cemetery, Carroll County, Kentucky

Henry Maurice Wise and Susan Roberts were married in Carroll County, September 11, 1851, by the Reverend C. B. Tharp of the Christian Church.  Their marriage bond was procured the day before.  Benjamin Roberts, father of the bride, gave his consent and was also bondsman.  Henry was the son of Henry Wise and Sarah Bargo.

In the 1860 census of Carroll County, Henry, a merchant, and Susan had three children – Emma, 7; Charles A., 3; and Frances H., 7/12.  Frances is not in the 1870 census leading us to believe she died before that date.  Bertie, 10; Willie, 7; Ella, 6, and twins Carrie and Susan, 8/12 are the newest members of the family.  In 1880, Carrie has died, and Joseph is 6.  Henry became a farmer in 1870 and continued through 1880, although in that census he is listed as a cripple – was this because of an accident or illness?

Henry Maurice Wise passes away September 5, 1884, at the age of 59.

Henry M. Wise, born March 12, 1825, died September 5, 1884.

Susan lives another 25 years.

Susan Wise, born December 14, 1835, died July 15, 1909.

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Friday, July 16, 1909.

Emma Wise, the oldest child, never married.  She is buried beside her parents.

Emma Wise, born June 5, 1852, died September 6, 1886.

Sue Wise, daughter of Henry and Susan, also remained single.  The papers give snippets of times she entertained, when she visited relatives, or took trips with friends.  In 1905 from The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, ‘Miss Susan Wise entertained a hundred ladies Wednesday evening complimentary to Mrs. John Davis, of St. Louis.’  This was in the Carrollton section.

Her death certificate says she was an organist.  I believe she must have been quite good to have been listed as her occupation.

A Walk Through The Winchester Cemetery – Clark County

The small town of Winchester has a beautiful cemetery.  I find all cemeteries fascinating – thinking about the people who are buried there, what their lives were like, in what time periods they lived, what historic events happened while they were living on this earth.  Today I share a few photos from our visit of April 23, 2014.

Andrew Hood died November 16, 1859, in his 64 year.  (Born in 1795).

Charlotte F. Buckner, born November 23, 1815, died January 12, 1884.

Mary Skinner, born 1807, died February 12, 1879.

Harrison Eubank, died September 7, 1857, aged 63 years.  (Born in 1794).

My dear husband.  Marcus C. Evans, born January 13, 1806, died February 16, 1864.

Mollie Evans, born December 4, 1775, died January 9, 1863.

Elizabeth Byrd, born July 16, 1788, died December 13, 1874.

Video of Machpelah Cemetery – Mt. Sterling,Montgomery County

Here is another try with a video – this time photos were taken in Machpelah Cemetery in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery County.  I took suggestions from you.  Pictures will remain on the screen a little longer – seven seconds each.  In addition I have a chart with information on all the gravestones.  If you need one or more of the photos for your research I can send them to you – just send me an email along with the number of the photo – included in the chart. 

The four arrows on the bottom right of your screen makes the video full screen; pushing the Esc button changes it back to regular.  Once you start the video you can pause it by pushing the button on the lower left of the screen.

  • 8101 – View of Mt. Sterling from Machpelah Cemetery
  • 8110 – Mary G., born September 23. 1860, died October 28, 1861. Madora L., born March 22, 1867, died March 3, 1871.  Baby, born and died December 2, 1878.  Children of F. A. E. Senieur.
  • 8096 – Albert H. Howard, July 6, 1868 – February 8, 1915. Rosa L. Howard, May 26, 1872 – December 9, 1962.
  • 8115 – In memory of our father and mother, Nicholas and Nancy Hadden. Nicholas Hadden, born April 27, 1799, died March 22, 1875.  Nancy, his wife, born December 25, 1805, died April 19, 1875.
  • 8126 – Robert Botts, born November 25, 1779, died September 4, 1855.
  • 8129 – Elizabeth, wife of Robert Botts, born August 18, 1780, died April 21, 1856.
  • 8137 – Captain J. A. Crawford, born September 25, 1765, died April 9, 1851. Dorothy Crawford, born April 22, 1775, died September 21, 1846.
  • 8141 – Jesse Grant, born June 1803, died April 14, 1853.
  • 8146 – Nancy, wife of John Voris, December 1, 1815 – September 14, 1893.
  • 8148 – Bettie B., daughter of T. H. & C. Probert, born March 18, 1860, died October 14, 1860. Maggie O., daughter of Th. H. & c. Probert, born September 25, 1864, died September 16, 1865.  Speed Fry, son of T. H. & C. Probert, born February 14, 1862, died November 22, 1865.  William H. Probert, born July 6, 1835, died June 5, 1860.  Thomas H. Probert, born August 29, 1824, died October 9, 1876.
  • 8163 – William Curry Hoffman, March 16, 1872 – July 16, 1903.
  • 8165 – Julia Lansdowne, daughter of Albert and Laura
  • 8172 – Rebecca Hamilton, born in Virginia, January 12, 1782, died June 25, 1855.
  • 8174 – Archibald William Hamilton, born in Virginia, August 16, 1774, died December 5, 1826.
  • 8187 – Thomas Grubbs, born January 16, 1775, died March 9, 1859.
  • 8197 – Robert Harvey Gatewood, born April 25, 1806, died August 7, 1865.
  • 8207 – Mattie Lee Mitchell, In the innocence of her babyhood, entered life, August 29, 1852. In the purity of her womanhood she departed it June 1, 1881.  Father and mother, Strother D. Mitchell, born October 15, 1824, died August 23, 1854.  Annie E. Mitchell, born June 9, 1828, died March 4, 1916.  Richard A. Mitchell, born May 26, 1850, died August 4, 1907.  Little Jameson, born December 25, 187, died July 15, 1876.  Lula Weaver Mitchell, born September 23, 1879, died March 18, 1956.
  • 8209 – Col. James Mason, September 29, 1769 – March 1855.
  • 8212 – Married January 7, 1799, Elizabeth Fishback Mason, died July 11, 1871.
  • 8214 – William Hoffman, born September 19, 1819, died December 19, 1884. Julia A. J. Wilkerson, wife of William Hoffman, born April 1, 1820, died August 7, 1883.
  • 8219 – Andrew J. Freeman, born June 10, 1818. Mary E. Freeman, born April 5, 1827, died April 10, 1888.
  • 8226 – Virginia, wife of O. B. Dorsey, bon February 24, 1824, died September 28, 1854.
  • 6424 – William H. H. Miller, November 5, 1840 – June 28, 1913. Nannie Gibson Miller, December 19, 1840 – January 24, 1908.
  • 6426 – Annie Hainline, July 29, 1802 – April 17, 1884. Dollie Hainline, born February 22, 1844, died November 9, 1885.  George W. Hainline, born June 30, 1836, died April 17, 1915.
  • 6440 – Ella Trimble
  • 6430 – General Samuel L., son of R. & R. Williams, born October 27, 1781, died September 3, 1872. Fanny, wife of General S. L. Williams, born January 12, 1797, died July 6, 1855.  Thomas J., son of General S. L. & F. Williams, born March 30, 1827, died August 9, 1851.  Arabella A., wife of Dr. C. B. Williams, born September 19, 1806, died December 1, 1832.  Carro, wife of W. A. Buckner, born September 19, 1839, died September 8, 1859.  John, son of R. & R. Williams, born September 15, 1787, died January 15, 1855.  Margaret F., daughter of Col. J. & C. Williams, bon October 16, 1833, died February 5, 1850.  Miranda B., daughter of F. R. & M. F. Stockton.
  • 6446 – Napoleon B. Lloyd, August 4, 1821 – April 22, 1901. Julia Lockridge, his wife, December 11, 1833 – July 5, 1899.
  • 6441 – J. Greenville Trimble, Jr., born August 11, 1870, died March 13, 1958. G. Trimble, June 15, 1823 – June 22, 1919.  Nannie Mize Trimble, September 24, 1824 – December 25, 1891.  Ella O. Trimble, August 22, 1857 – October 2, 1931.
  • 8284 – View

Something New

I’m always trying to think of new things to try to keep you interested – as if gravestone photos aren’t enough!!  This is my first attempt at adding a video to the blog.  We’ll see if it works!

These photos were taken in June 2017 at St. Lawrence Catholic Cemetery in Daviess County, near the little area known as Knottsville.

If you hover your mouse over the lower right-hand corner you can make the video full screen.  Pushing your Esc button at the top left of your keyboard will change it back.

Let me know what you think.

Creekmore Family of McCreary County

Saturday during my quest for a new post I went to my file on Pine Knot Cemetery in McCreary County.  If you are unfamiliar, McCreary County lies on Kentucky’s southern border with Tennessee, on the eastern side.  The Pine Knot area is about five miles from the Tennessee border.  Within this small cemetery are two clusters of families by the name of Creekmore.  Not being from the area I was not familiar with this name.  I think perhaps this is one of the reasons I enjoy genealogy so much.  You find names that are known in one part of the state are not in other parts.  I wanted to find out if these two families were related.

William B. Creekmore, (I believe Ballentine to be his middle name since that is his grandfather’s name), is listed in the 1860 Whitley County census with his parents, Francis Marion Creekmore and Nancy Campbell.  William was eight years old.  His siblings were Henry, 15; Elizabeth, 12; Susan, 8; and Sarah, 3.  Ten years later the census record, in McCreary County, listed two new names, Solomon, 9; and N.L., 3, a little girl.  William came from a farming family.

On the first day of February 1893, William Creekmore married Margaret Ellen Robbins in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.  In the 1900 census for McCreary County William is 42, a hotel keeper.  Margaret is 37, born in Tennessee.  They have no children.  Living with them is the widowed Rosie Branam, 34, sister-in-law, and Gertrude Davis, 13, a niece.  In 1910 there are still no children.  William is a merchant, and living with them is Earl Branam, 6, a nephew.

Margaret Ellen Creekmore, March 8, 1863 – December 31, 1915.  Pine Knot Cemetery, McCreary County, Kentucky.  ‘Sleep in Jesus, blessed sleep from which none ever awake to weep.’

Margaret died December 31, 1915.  In 1920 William, 65, and Earl, 17, are borders.  William died in October 14, 1927.  Williams death certificate doesn’t give much information – there is no date of birth, he is ‘about 75’.  It says ‘don’t know’ for the parents’ names and birth places.  If only young Earl Branam is left to report the information, he probably didn’t know.

William B. Creekmore, December 23, 1854 – October 14, 1927.

The Advocate Messenger, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky.

Saturday, October 22, 1927

Buried beside William is his brother, Solomon Creekmore.  Solomon was ten years younger.

He married Katie Brown January 17, 1901, in Campbell County, Tennessee.  They had six daughters and one son – Rhoda, Sopha, Ellen, Blanch, Mamie, Syble, and Clarence S. Creekmore.

Solomon Creekmore, October 6, 1864 – April 17, 1928.

Solomon died April 17, 1928.

Katie Creekmore, February 13, 1872 – February 19, 1944.

Kate lived another sixteen years.  She died February 19, 1927.  Her death certificate lists her parents as William Brown, born in Scott County, Tennessee, and Martha Hudson, of Clay County, Kentucky.

Jasper C. Creekmore is the oldest of the second family of Creekmore’s buried in this cemetery.  He was born October 11, 1848, and married Mary Ann Taylor.  In the 1880 census of Franklin County, Arkansas, Jasper is 31 and Mary Ann is 25.  He was born in Tennessee, she in Kentucky.  Children listed are Sylvester, 7, born in Tennessee; Julia, 5, born in Tennessee; James, 3, born in Kentucky; Ackmon, 1, born in Kentucky, and a baby of two months that is not named, born in Arkansas.  By 1900 the family is back in Whitley County, Kentucky.  Renford is the name of the child born in Arkansas, which is noted in the census.  Daughter Nellie, 13, was born in Kentucky, as well as the rest of the children, Lilly, 10, Thomas A., 9; Francis, 4; and Milford, 2.  Why did they move to Arkansas?  It was for a very short amount of time.  Baby Ackmon was born in Kentucky in 1879.  In 1880 Renford was born in Arkansas.  And in 1887 Nellie was born in Kentucky.  How interesting to know why they moved and why they came back.  The 1900 census tells us Jasper and Mary Ann have been married 27 years, they’ve had 13 children, ten living.  In the 1910 census Jasper is a farmer, son Sylvester a farm laborer.  James and Ackmon were coal miners.  Renford was a day laborer and Nellie worked in a grocery store.  What a good picture of family life.

World War I came into this family’s life, like all the others.  Sylvester’s registration card says he was 45 years old, a farmer, born January 25, 1873.  He is short, black eyes and hair, and is physically disqualified.  It does not say why he was disqualified, but he lived to be 80 years old.  It must not have been life-threatening, it just didn’t allow him to fight in the war.

His brother Milford Rose Creekmore was 19, born November 25, 1898, a salesman.  He is short, slender, brown eyes and black hair.

Jasper C. Creekmore, October 11, 1848 – October 30, 1918.  Mary A., his wife, March 30, 1854 – February 2, 1919.  Married July 18, 1872.

Like so many during 1918, Jasper Charles Creekman died October 30, 1918, of influenza.  His death certificate says he was born October 11, 1848, was a merchant.  His parents were Green [Berry] Creekmore and Ida Ellison.  Mary Ann survived him by a few months.  Her death certificate lists her age as 64 years.  She died of pneumonia.  Her parents were Benjamin Taylor and Hala Creekmore, both born in Kentucky – notice that last name!

Four children and a grandson, Napoleon Creekmore, are buried with them.

Sylvester Creekmore, June 27, 1873 – August 30, 1926.  ‘Dying is but going home.’

Milford R. Creekmore, November 25, 1898 – October 11, 1924.  ‘Gone but not forgotten.’

Julia Creekmore, January 19, 1875 – October 12, 1924.  ‘Let our Father’s will be done.’

Napoleon Creekmore, June 11, 1904 – February 12, 1927.

Lillie Creekmore, October 27, 1889 – February 14, 1923.

So how do these two families come together?  We must go back to Robert Creekmore, 1755-1824 and Elizabeth Batchelor, 1756-1829.  But let’s go back one more generation for one more piece of evidence.  Robert Creekmore’s parents were David Creekmore and Frances Ballentine.  When Robert named his sons, he wanted his mother’s maiden name to be used, in memory of her.  Robert and Elizabeth Creekmore named their first son Ballentine Batchelor Creekmore – giving him his grandmother and mother’s maiden names.  Another son was named William Balentine Creekmore.  It is from these two sons that both families have their connection.  There are about ten years between the births of the two brothers, Ballentine Batchelor born about 1784, and William Ballentine about 1797.  Jasper C. Creekmore is the grandson of Ballentine Batchelor Creekmore.  William B. Creekmore is the grandson of William Ballentine Creekmore, making Jasper and William B. cousins.  The line from Robert and Elizabeth Creekmore is – 1) William Ballentine Creekmore 1797 – Francis Marion Creekmore 1822-1907 – William B. Creekmore 1854-1927.  2) Ballentine Batchelor Creekmore 1784-1850 – Green Berry Creekmore 1818-1887 – Jasper C. Creekmore 1848-1918 – Sylvester Creekmore 1873-1953.

Dedicated to the memory of Ballentine and Barsheba Batchelor Creekmore and Robert and Elizabeth Batchelor Creekmore of southeastern Kentucky; and to the memory of the unknown dead buried in this cemetery.  Erected by their descendants, August 1986.

In Jellico Creek Cemetery is a stone dedicated to the Creekmore – Batchelor families.  Brothers Ballentine Creekmore and Robert Creekmore married sisters, Barsheba and Elizabeth Batchelor.

Private Joseph Linton Nally Gave All During WWI

Private Linton Nally, 1894-1919.  Died in France.  Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery, Nelson County, Kentucky.

In the quiet Gethsemani Cemetery of rural Nelson County, lies a war hero.  Joseph Linton Nally fought during World War I and gave his life in France, defending our country and the allied nations.  He was such a young man at the time of his death – only 25.

Linton, as he was known, was the youngest child of George Napoleon Nally and Annie Linton.  In the 1910 Nelson County census George is listed as a farmer, 52 years of age, he and his wife had been married 30 years.  Annie is 55, has born seven children, seven living.  Three children live with their parents – Anne, 19; William, 17; and Linton, 15.

On February 20, 1917, Linton married Mary Lillian Hicks.   January 6, 1918, a son was born, Randolph Joseph Nally.

Linton’s WWI registration card lists his date of birth as August 7, 1894, lived at RFD#1 New Haven, Kentucky (in Nelson County).  He is married.  Linton is described as tall, of stout build, with blue eyes and light colored hair.  I could find no other information about his service.

Linton must have come home at least once while on duty, because on the day of his death, January 7, 1919, Lillian was six months pregnant with their daughter, Mary Oneida, born April 16, 1919.

In the 1920 census Lillian and her two children are living with her father, Daniel Hicks.

In the 1930 census Lillian Hicks Nally has married Joseph Sidney Reid.  They have a houseful of children, Randolph and Mary Oneida Nally the oldest.

Mary L. Reid, December 24, 1892 – June 24, 1973.

Lillian lived an additional three years after her second husband died.  She was buried next to Linton Nally.


White Family Buried at Rockbridge Baptist – Washington County

Elisha White, born March 24, 1828, died September 24, 1906.  Rockbridge Baptist Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky

Elisha White is the son of Samuel Riley White and Martha Lewis.  He married Mary Elizabeth Armstrong March 4, 1847, in Washington County.  Their children included William, Elizabeth Jane R., Sarah M. and Nancy White.

Mary, wife of Lishey White, born October 4, 1828, died October 24, 1888.

Samuel White, September 16, 1837 – November 27, 1914.  His wife, Nancy E., October 25, 1843 – May 8, 1919.

Samuel White is also a son of Samuel and Martha, and a brother to Elisha.  He married Nancy Ellen Dean, a daughter of Henry and Winney Dean, January 12, 1865.

Elisha White, 1866-1946.  Betty J. White, 1871-1956.

Elisha White is a grandson of the first Elisha, and a son of William White and Mary Hill.  Elizabeth J. ‘Betty’ Gordon is a daughter of William Gordon and Mary E. Willis.  Elisha and Betty married October 20, 1887.  They had at least two children, Annie L. and Robert C. White.

Anna Lee White, January 29, 1890 – April 25, 1907, daughter of Elisha and Betty White.

Henry White, 1869-1952.  Rebecca White, 1881-1944.

Henry White is a son of Samuel Riley White and Nancy Ellen Dean.  He married Rebecca Young April 15, 1909.  I have found no children for this couple.  Henry’s first wife was Eliza Dean whom he married March 27, 1892.

John W. White, 1872-1929.

Martha A., wife of J. W. White, born December 17, 1876, died July 29, 1904.

Rockbridge Baptist Church and Cemetery is located on Rockbridge Church Road in rural northern Washington County.  If you take Hwy 555 north from Springfield, in about 13 miles turn right onto Hwy 1796.  In about a mile 1796 joins with Hwy 1754.  In another mile Hwy 1796 turns left.  In less than a mile Rockbridge Church Road is a right turn.  The cemetery is just down the road on the left.