Gravestone Photos – Saint Lawrence Catholic Cemetery – Daviess County

Saint Lawrence Catholic Church was built in 1831.  Many Catholic settlers from Nelson County moved to the western portion of the state, Daviess County.

In Memory of Eliza Jane Clements, Consort of A. H. Clements, who departed this life January 26, 1844, aged 46 years.  May she rest in peace.

R. Spalding, born May 6, 1834, died July 11, 1871.

In Memory of Mary A. McDaniel, born June 22, 1790, died January 5, 1834, aged 44 years.

John Payne, born in Maryland, February 14, 1769, died March 24, 1846.  May he rest in peace.

John Payne’s original stone.

William P., Consort of Elizabeth Pane, died May 13, 1855, aged 58 years.

James Monarch, born January 27, 1790, died November 23, 1854, aged 64 years, 9 months, 26 days.

Ruth, wife of James Monarch, born January 22, 1792, died February 20, 1874.

Clothilda, wife of Thomas R. Montgomery, born November 3, 1795, died May 12, 1860.

Thomas F. Montgomery, died January 15, 1851, in the 59th year of his age.

Nancy, wife of Henry McDaniel, born March 1, 1814, died October 10, 1889.

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