Maplewood Cemetery – Graves County

Graves County Courthouse, Mayfield, Kentucky. Photo taken March 27, 2019

All of us grieve for Kentucky.  Tornadoes ripped through the state early Saturday morning.  Western Kentucky was hit by a tornado that started in Arkansas and was on the ground for over 200 miles.  Mayfield, in Graves County, suffered much damage.  The top of the courthouse is gone.  Buildings can be repaired, but the loss of life was immense.  At least 100 are confirmed dead, but the fear is there could be many more.  Bowling Green, in Warren County, was also hit hard.  Several other areas in the state were damaged.

Ritchey and I visited western Kentucky in March of 2019.  It seems fitting to share photographs from Maplewood Cemetery in Graves County.

Marietta Gardner, March 27, 1861 – May 19, 1843.  Rufus Hallette Gardner, June 4, 1859 – November 18, 1910.

Alvis Ashley, son of T. M. & E. Ashley, born June 24, 1813, died July 9, 1894.  Eliza J., wife of Alvis Ashley, born February 14, 1819, died November 9, 1896.

In memory of Mary E., wife of Walter S. Mellod, born November 21, 1832, died May 8, 1885, aged 52 years, 5 months, 17 days.

Agnes Mayes, wife of W. J. Slayden, born August 28, 1847, died December 20, 1888.  William J. Slayden, 1842-September 30, 1918.  Our little children – Grace, Lizzie, Thomas and two infants.

James N. Beadles, born August 7, 1870, died August 12, 1915.

Georgia Threet, wife of Charlie Luverter, born March 1, 1853, died January 2, 1915.

Dora Emmerson, July 14, 1858 – December 13, 1925.

Allie Hutchinson, born June 22, 1804, died October 12, 1892.

Corp. Edward M. Bolinger, CO K, 1 TENN INF, SP AM WAR, October 7, 1867 – July 12, 1931.

Ollie May Stephenson, born in Christian County, Kentucky, February 22, 1878, died in New Orleans, Louisiana, December 29, 1918. ‘Kind angels, guard thy sleeping dust, ‘Til Jesus comes to raise the just. Then may she wake in sweet surprise, And in her Savior’s image rise.’

In loving memory of a beautiful life.  Jennie Pennington Stephenson, wife of P. B. King, daughter of Lindsay Wardaman and Rhoda E. Stephenson, born in Bradfordsville, Kentucky, May 19, 1861, died in Mayfield, Kentucky, February 7, 1933.  ‘She is not dead, her soul lives on to bless with Christian love, Her race complete, her home has been transferred to heaven above.

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  1. My husband and I lived in Bowling Green from 1969-1970. He was finishing work on his M.A. degree at Western Kentucky University. We rented a house at the corner of Glen Lily Road and North Sunset Drive. I wonder whether that house is still standing.

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