Gravestones from Spring Hill Cemetery – Mercer County

Wm. H. Taylor, died June 23, 1865, aged 38 years.  ‘Whom the Gods love die young.’

John Taylor, died March 9, 1841, Aged 74 years.

Mary L. Taylor, died November 10, 1859, Aged 76 years.

Our Mother, Eliza A. Moore, died December 14, 1885, Aged 70 years.

A group photo of the following four stones. Thomas Allin, July 20, 1794 – May 13, 1864, was the son of Thomas Allin and Mourning Jouett. His wife was Mary Burton Thompson, 1796-1860. The couple had about fifteen children, two of which are buried with them – S. Davis and Charles Joseph.

S. Davis Allin, born March 31, 1840, died April 23, 1865.

Thomas Allin, born July 20, 1794, died May 13, 1864.

Mary B., wife of Thomas Allin, born May 10, 1796, died August 29, 1866.

C. Joseph Allin, born May 1837, died October 17, 1862.

Mary Alma, wife of P. T. Allin, born April 5, 1847, died August 29, 1891.

Rev. J. E. Myles, born December 18, 1845, died June 30, 1871.

B. F. Poteet, born June 30, 1802, died December 16, 1860.

Mother, Hannah M. Soaper, 1880-1951.  ‘From a life of love, through a death of pain, to an eternity of peace.’  Father, Henry T. Soaper, 1873-1966, son of Sophia Turner and William Soaper.

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