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Taxpayers for Lots in the Town of Springfield 1817

I thought this list was interesting – those who owned lots in the town of Springfield in the year 1817.  I do not have any relatives on the list, but am familiar with the Booker’s, Montgomery’s, Lancaster’s, McElroy’s and Rudd’s.  Do you have anyone on this list?

This article appeared in the March 19, 1936, Springfield paper.

from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky, by Orval W. Baylor

A list of persons, with their improved Lots in the town of Springfield subject to Taxation for the year 1817.

Note:  In the following arrangement the person’s name comes first, then the number of tithes, number of lots and lastly the valuation of lots.

George McKay, 3 – 1 – $500; John Hurst, 1 – 2 – $800; Richard Phillips, 3; Samuel Robertson, 4 – 2 – $1200; Elias Davison, 6 – 1 – $6000; James Woods, 1; William B. Booker, 2 – 1 – $1200; Paul J. Booker, 2 – 2 – $500; William T. Phillips, 4 – 2-$4000; Hugh McElroy, 1; William H. Hays, 2 – 2 – $1500; Electius Mudd, 3 – 1 – $1200; James S. Simms, 1; Benjamin Montgomery, 1; Daniel McAllister, 1; Raphael Lancaster, 2 – 2 – $1000; Joseph B. Lancaster, 1; Daniel Thompson, 2; James Hughes, Jr., 1; George Wilson, 1; Anthony McElroy, 1; Christopher A. Rudd, 1 – 1 – $1500; Matthew Nantz, 1; Philip Barbour, 2 – 1 – $800; Jesse T. Riney, 1; John Bainbridge, 1; Nathaniel Whitehead, 1; Richard Biddle, 1; Benson Riggs, 1; John A. Montgomery, 1 – 1 – $500; Robert H. Nantz, 1; William Glasscocke, 1; Hugh Lunch, 1; John Viers, 1; Joseph Willis, 1; Charles Crossgrove, 1; James Rudd, (Teacher), 1; John Wilson, 1; Jonathan Riney, 0 – 2 – $1500; Thomas Houts, 0 – 2 – $600; John Hays, 0 – 1 – $300; Dudley Robertson, 0 – 1 – $200.

To Patrick Morgan, Collector of the Town Tax of Collection.  By Order of the Board of Trustees.  April 11th, 1817.  Attests.  John Hughes, Jr., CBT.

Today In Genealogy History – November 16

Susan Catherine Rudd was born 153 years ago – November 16, 1860 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Susan was the daughter of William B. Rudd and Henrietta Edelen, baptized January 19, 1861, in St. Rose Catholic Church.  I have no information about marriage or children.  Susan had at least 2 sibilings:  Alice and James Rudd.

Rudd Family of Washington County, Kentucky

Rudd Family

According to The Centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky by the Honorable Benjamin J. Webb, published 1884, “James Rudd removed with his family to the neighborhood of Springfield from Prince George County, Maryland, in the year 1796.  His children, eight in number, were named William, Charles, Henry B., John, Richard, James, Margaret and Christopher.  James Rudd died in the year 1816, and his wife, Susannah Brooke Rudd, in 1822.”

And in a footnote, “Of James Rudd’s children, it will be necessary to speak of but three.  Richard Rudd was a soldier of the War of 1812.  He was a bachelor lawyer of much prominence, practicing in Bardstown when I was a boy.  He was much esteemed for his probity and for the blamelessness of his life.  He died more than forty years ago.  The late Captain James Rudd, of Louisville, was his father’s sixth son.  Of him I will have to speak in another chapter.  The Dr. Christopher Rudd, of Springfield, was as well known and as much respected as any man in the county.  Having studied medicine and established himself as a physician in Springfield, he took to wife Nannie Palmer, a sister of Dr. R. C. Palmer of Washington County.  He was a skillful practitioner and a deservedly popular man.  One of his daughters, Louisa Rudd, became the wife of the late Hamilton Smith, proprietor of the Cannelton [Indiana] cotton mills, and one of her sons, Ballard Smith, was but lately, if he is not now, managing editor of The World newspaper, in the city of New York.  Dr. Christopher Rudd died in 1840

Rudd marriages in Washington County

James Rudd married Mary Parent October 8, 1846

John Rudd married Louisa Morgan August 30, 1848

William Rudd married Jane Mudd January 25, 1814

William Rudd married Eleanor Bean January 23, 1833

William Brooke Rudd married Hettie A. Edelen February 13, 1860, witnesses Edward Kelly and Elizabeth Fenwick, bondsman James Edelen.

William married Alice Edelen at St. Rose Church, March 1, 1870, witnesses M. C. Graham, C. M. Kelly, Miss Kate Edelen and Sally May.

Rudd burials at St. Rose Catholic Church:

Christopher A. Rudd, born August 7, 1791, died 1810.

John Rudd, died august 13, 1825, age 42 years.

James Rudd, died September 25, 1822, age 71 years.

Hettie Rudd, wife of W. B., born September 13, 1838, died February 12, 1866.

William B. Rudd, born 1838, died 1926.

Alice Rudd, wife of W. B., born 1843, died 1893.

Rudd-Montgomery Connection

Alexander Brooke Rudd, son of William Brooke and Alice Edelen Rudd, married Louise Mary “Lilly” Montgomery August 22, 1905.  Louise was the daughter of William Peter and Martha Ann Carrico Montgomery, and sister of my great-grandfather Robert E. Lee Montgomery.  Alexander and Lilly Rudd had six children:  Nellie, Sarah Frances, Elizabeth, William Brooke and Mary Houston.