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The Wallace Family Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery

The Wallace family is represented in Maple Grove Cemetery, on Main Street in Nicholasville, Jessamine County, with several gravestones.  The two oldest are for Joseph and Sarah Wallace.  You can see them beside/slightly behind the large Wallace stone.

Joseph Wallace was born March 9, 1779, and died February 19, 1855.  Joseph’s parents were John Wallace and Jane Finley.  John Wallace was an ensign in 1776, in Captain James Moore’s company, 5th Pennsylvania regiment, Col. Anthony Wayne’s command.  He was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and died in Fayette County, Kentucky.

In Joseph Wallace’s will, dated April 21, 1853, he gives his daughter, Mary J. Brown, ‘undivided interest in and to three slaves, namely Sam, Eliza and Solomon, purchased of Briers Heirs and now in the hands of Mary J. Brown, administrator of Thomas J. Brown, deceased, my interest in said slaves being one fifth part of the same, also her note executed by her as administrator for one hundred and fifty dollars, together with whatever interest may be due thereon, at the time of my death.  Also, one thousand dollars in cash.’

Son James Wallace received his father’s tract of land in Jessamine County, where the father resided, about four hundred and sixty acres, also four Negroes, his selection, out of all the slaves.

Two Negroes are given in trust to his executor, for the use and benefit of my daughter, Margaret Harris, Emily and Nancy, 13 and 7 years old, respectively, who are now with the said Margaret in Boyle County, also one half of a tract of land in Boyle County, containing about one hundred and eighty one acres, upon which Nathaniel Harris now lives, land and Negroes to remain in the hands of my executor for the use and benefit of daughter Margaret – perhaps he didn’t trust his son-in-law.

All slaves, land, chattel, etc., are to be sold and the money divided between my daughter, Mary J. Brown, and the share to my executor, in trust for my daughter Margaret Harris.  Thomas E. West was named executor.

Sarah Barr, wife of Joseph Wallace, was born February 1, 1780, and died September 16, 1852.  She and Joseph married June 23, 1809, in Fayette County, Kentucky.

James Wallace, son of Joseph and Sarah, left a very impressive monument in the cemetery – or it could have been his children since there is ‘Our Father’ and ‘Our Mother’ above their names on the stone.  James married Margaret Mays, May 2, 1850.  Due to the date of marriage, tiny Anna Wallace must have been their first child.

James Wallace was a rather wealthy man.  In the 1860 Census of Jessamine County he is listed as a farmer, with real estate valued at $27,000, and personal estate at $15,000.  In the census James is 48, Margaret is 36, Joseph is 7, Sarah is 4, and Virginia is 8/12.  Mother-in-law Anna Mays, 67, is living with the family.  She was born in North Carolina.

In the 1870 census James is 58.  His property is valued at $34,000, with personal estate of $10,000.  Margaret is 44, Joseph is 17, Sidia (Sarah) is 15, and Virginia is 12.

James died in 1875 and, Margaret, less than a year later.

James Wallace, born February 8, 1812, died June 25, 1875. Margaret Mays Wallace, born September 29, 1826, died April 10, 1876. Maple Grove Cemetery, Jessamine County, Kentucky.


Early Union County Marriages

from History of Union County, Kentucky, Perrin, 1886

Isaac Higgins and Christina Berethel, January 11, 1815; Henry Green and Nancy Williams, June 1, 1815; John Grimes and Lucy Davis, June 1, 1815; James Lynn and Agnes Ramsey, July 11, 1815; Moses Blazer and Prudence Webb, July 25, 1815; John Slocumb and Ebony Cypert, August 1, 1815; John B. Clemens and Susan Culver, August 27, 1815; Thomas Benthel and Polly Forrester, October 20, 1815, married by Hugh McElroy, Esq.

I. Y. W. Pierson and Purity Pennington, January 17, 1815; Martin B. Griffith and Nancy Greer, January 26, 1815, were married by Thomas Ezell, Minister of the Gospel.

Peter Wilkerson and Rebecca Sibley, August 15, 1815; Samuel Skinner and Abigail Canada, July 23, 1815, were married by Claiborne Duval, ‘agreeable to the rites of our church’.

In the year 1816, Hugh McElroy, Esq., married the following couples:  Philip I. Hailman and Nancy Johnson, February 10; William Dyer and Anna Harris, February 15; Stephen Williams and Lucy Wallace, February 25; Solomon Stone and Jane Gray, June 1; Harrison Wilson and Nancy Waggener; Daviel V. Belman and Ann Clemon Dyson, August 31; Samuel Pool and Nancy White, September 12; James M. Jones and Artemesia t. Wilsom, December 20; David Mayberry and Elizabeth Williams, December 20.

1817 – Thomas James and Judith Finnie, January 2; James Miller and Polly Herod, January 15; Joseph Vaughn and Priscilla Hendrix, January 28; Asa Turner and Nancy, Pool, February 19; Hugh Knox and Lydia Johnson, March 22; William Anderson and Nancy Hammack, July 10; Benjamin Pullum and Sally Blackwell, July 11; Joel Blackwell and Polly Davis, July 23; Benjamin Dye and Annie Hendrix, January 28; George Turner and Sallie Smith, August 3; Thomas Pullum and Priscilla Skinner, September 11; Jesse marks and Jane Dillon, September 15; Samuel Drenan and Cele Given, October 2; Peter W. Floyd and Emily Pool, October 2; Richard Dodge and Sarah Wallace, November 22; Thomas McMurry and Margara Waller, December 12.  All of the above marriages were solemnized by Hugh McElroy, who seems to have possessed a ‘corner’ on the marrying market.  Other marriages in 1817, were Nathan M. Harris and Nancy Davis, December 6, by J. H. Dorris; and John Dale and Nancy Hale, by Thomas Evans.

Owen Rubel Biography

from Marion County, Kentucky – Biographies

Owen Rubel, carriage manufacturer at Lebanon, was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, in the year 1831, and reared to manhood in the city of Louisville, where, with William P. Shepherd, he learned the trade of carriage-maker to which he has since devoted his life.  His father, Jesse Rubel, came from Virginia about 1820 and located at Middletown, Kentucky, being a tailor by trade.  He married Miss Sarah, daughter of William Wallace, who came in early life from New York.  Five children blessed their union, viz.:  James L.; W. F. Rubel, present jailer of Louisville; Owen; Martha (Smith), and Jesse Rubel.  The father died of cholera in 1833, and his widow subsequently married Mr. John F. Randolph, who is also deceased.  The mother was born May 6, 1807, and is still living.  In 1851 Owen Rubel moved to Bardstown, Kentucky, where he engaged in business until 1858, removing thence to Lebanon.  He married in Bardstown (1853) Miss Mary C. Ramey, daughter of William Ramey, of Montgomery County.  Their children are John, William R., Mattie (Knott), Jessie, Harry Lee and Walter Rubel.  Mr. Rubel is an honored member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Masonic fraternity and of the K. of H.