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Captain John Butler – War of 1812 and Bible Records

Captain John Butler of Adair County was quite a character.  I’ve found so much information on him, and other early settlers, in the Sketches of Adair County, written by Judge H. C. Baker, and published in the local The Adair County News during the second decade of the 20th century.  Captain Butler came to Adair County in 1784 and was part of the original settlement.  From the following article in which his company answers Governor Isaac Shelby’s request for volunteers to help fight the Indians in Indiana and Illinois Territories, we see the willingness of our very early settlers to keep the lands safe for their families.  This is a rather lengthy list of volunteers, but I thought it important to share as those of you with these brave men in your ancestor lists would be happy to know they were a part of this important work.

from The Adair County News, Columbia, Kentucky

June 19, 1918

Sketches of Adair County

Captain John Butler’s Company

About the first of September, 1812, Gov. Ninian Edwards, of Illinois Territory, appealed to Gov. Isaac Shelby for aid in protecting the frontier settlements of Indiana and Illinois Territories from the devastation of the Indians.  On September 8th, 1812, Gov. Shelby issued a proclamation to the people of Kentucky to go to the assistance of their neighbors in the Indiana and Illinois Territories.  He requested them to rendezvous at Louisville, Kentucky, on September 18, 1812, and to provide themselves with thirty days provisions.  In response to the proclamation, five regiments of mounted militia assembled at Louisville, at the time appointed.  Among these troops was a company of volunteers from Adair County, under the command of Captain John Butler, who figured so prominently in the early history of the county.  The lieutenant of the company was Robert Trabue, who bore another old family name in the county.  James Leber was the ensign; William Pile, Thomas Shaw, Thomas W. Atkinson and John Walker were the sergeants of the company; and Abraham Hart, Isaiah Bradshaw, Charles L. Cox and James Redman were the corporals.  The other members of the company were Merideth Archer, John Abrel, William W. Abel, Samuel Baldridge, Daniel Bohman, Samuel Beard, Hugh Bread, James Blane, Peter Buckingham, Durham Creel, Silas Creel, William Conover, Sampson Caskey, Hiram Cravens, Richard Cundiff, George Catsinger, George Canard (evidently a misspelling of Kinnaird), Green Casey, William Drake, David Doke, John Estes, Samuel Embry, Alexander Gilmore, Zachariah Holladay, Jubel Hancock, Jesse Hood, William Hart, William Hancock, Thomas Howell, John Irvine, George Jones, Robert M. Johnson, Berry James, William Lee, William Montgomery, Samuel Morris, Greenberry Middleton, Thomas Middleton, Joseph Morrison, John Patterson, Richard Perkins, William Parrish, Richard Patterson, William Redman, Robert C. Ray, Robert Steel, Zachariah Taylor, John Thomas, Fleming Thomas, Thomas Wilan, Herbert G. Waggoner, Andrew Wolf, Elisha Winfrey, Gilmore Walker, and Joel Williams.  The company, officers and men, contained sixty-seven members, and was attached to the regiment of which Lieutenant Col. Young Ewing was the commander.  The other regiments were commanded by Colonels Samuel South, James Allen, Samuel Caldwell and John Thomas, respectively.

Bible records of John Butler and Ellender Dillingham, his wife

John Butler was born August 10, 1769, died in 1839, married Ellender Dillingham who was born February 17, 1770, died in 1830.

John and Ellender’s Children:

  • Joshua Butler was born May 15, 1791
  • William Butler was born February 2, 1793
  • Nathan Butler was born January 30, 1795
  • Nancy R. Butler was born in January1797
  • Champness Butler was born in 1799, died in 1867

Champness Butler and Amanda Cheatham, born 1805, were married March 9, 1827

Champness and Amanda’s Children:

  • Nathan G. Butler, born March 2, 1828
  • Myra H. Butler, born October 30, 1829, died August 30, 1909
  • Nellie N. Butler, born September 12, 1831, died February 25, 1920
  • Edmund Butler, born February 3, 1833, died February 13, 1908
  • John W. Butler, born December 19, 1834, died July 17, 1904
  • William Butler, born October 9, 1836, died June 17, 1916
  • Joshua Butler, born November 17, 1838, died January 6, 1923
  • Sallie Frances Butler, born March 7, 1841, died April 27, 1924
  • Job Butler, born July 2, 1843
  • Isaac Butler, born December 17, 1845
  • James Butler, born November 5, 1846, died March 14, 1924
  • David Butler, born November 23, 1849, died August 14, 1919

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