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Hon. Jasper W. Muir Obituary – Nelson County

Jasper W. Muir was the son of William Locke Muir and Mary E. Hester, born December 11, 1828, in Clark County, Indiana.  His family moved to Nelson County, Kentucky, the next year.  Jasper and Mary Elizabeth Wickliffe were married about 1850 and had six sons before her death in 1868:  Nathaniel Wickliffe, William Logan, Joseph Halstead, Jasper W. Jr., Charles Wickliffe and James D., who lived only eight months.  Nine years after Mary Muir’s death Jasper married a widow, Florida Sloan Talbott.  The couple had three children:  Joseph A., Mary and Henry Louis Muir.  William Logan Muir and James D. Muir predeceased their father.

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Thursday, April 11, 1907

Hon. Jasper W. Muir Dies at Bardstown

Pioneer Lawyer of Nelson County Passes Away In His Eighty-fourth Year

Bardstown, Ky., April 10 – Hon. Jasper W. Muir died at his residence here at an early hour this morning as a result of a stroke of apoplexy suffered three years ago.  He was eighty-four years old and was one of the most prominent men in this community.  He was a pioneer lawyer of the Bardstown bar, having been a partner of the celebrated Ben Hardin when that lawyer was at the height of his fame.  Mr. Muir was a veteran of the Mexican War, was formerly school superintendent of Nelson County, and was a member of the last constitutional convention.  He relinquished the practice of law about thirty years ago, and since that time had been engaged in the banking business.  He was one of the wealthiest men in Nelson County.  He is survived by his widow and seven children, one of whom is Mrs. Mary Hagan, wife of Robert J. Hagan, of Louisville.  The funeral will take place Friday afternoon.

Jasper W. Muir, December 11, 1823 – April 10, 1907.  St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky.

Mary Hill and Bert Thompson

Marriage of Bertram Thompson and Mary Hill

Samuel Bertram Thompson, son of William and Daisy Catherine Thompson, and Mary Lydia Hill, daughter of Jessie Delbert and Nannie Belle Hill, were married March 22, 1930, at the court house in Marion County, Kentucky.  She would die less than three years later.  A son,  Henry Thompson, was born January 4, 1931.  On March 7, 1933, Nancy Jeanette Thompson, a baby girl, was born.  Mary died four days later from scarlet fever – she was nineteen.  Little Nancy Jeanette died five months after her mom and was buried beside her in St. Joseph Cemetery.

Mary Lydia was my father’s oldest sister – she was born and died before he ever came along.  I didn’t know about her until later in life and never had the opportunity to ask him about her.  Mary’s husband, Bert, married again and raised a family.  The saying that ‘life goes on’ is true.  But it was sad story from a lovely beginning for a husband and wife.

This is the only known photo of Mary and Bert Thompson.  The original picture was in bad shape and one of my cousins had it restored.  What a priceless treasure!