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George Alfred and Zelleta Graveson Curry Obituaries

George Alfred Curry, 1852-1924.  Spring Hill Cemetery, Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky.

The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, May 23, 1924

Seldom has a community felt the death of a citizen more keenly than the passing of Mr. George Alfred Curry, whose life closed Satur­day morning, May 16 about 7 o’clock at Norton Memorial Infirm­ary, Louisville. Two months ago he submitted to a serious operation, and for a while there was hope of his recovery, but complications devel­oped which he could not combat and in spite of medical skill and care­ful watching he fell asleep to find peace from suffering. Mrs. Curry remained in Louis­ville with him all through his illness, and at the last she was joined by Mr. Curry’s sister, Mrs. C. M. Dedman, and Mr. Curry Dedman, of this city. They accompanied the remains to his home here, and the funeral was held Monday after­noon at 2:30 at the United Presbyterian church, conducted by his pastor, Rev. S. S Daughtry, and his former pastor during his several years’ residence in Louisville, Dr. Samuel Callen, of the Warren Memorial Presby­terian church. the interment was in Spring Hill Cemetery. The funeral was one of the most largely attended here in some time, and the floral tributes beautiful. The honorary pall bearers were Mr. Curry’s brother elders in the United Presbyte­rian church: Judge J. W. Davenport, Messrs. G. W. Edwards, J. E. Stagg, E. H. Davis, W. B. Davis, W. C, Rue, I. E. White­nack, N. L. VanArsdale, F. D. Curry, and also Messrs. L. M. Rue, Bush W. Allin and Glave Goddard.

The active pall bearers were Messrs. E. F. Scott, Louisville; Lafon Riker, Lexington; Dr. J. C. Acheson, Danville; Messrs. L. C. Riker, W. C. Rue and L. D. Brewer, Harrodsburg.

The death of Mr. Curry takes from this communi­ty one of its best and most progressive citi­zens, as well as a high minded Christian gentle­man. He was the first to make a subscription in the Pioneer Memorial movement. Interested in every step for the betterment of conditions here, and with an unu­sual appreciation for the beautiful, he was one of the prime movers in every effort to add to the attractiveness of the town. Two of his outstanding works of this kind in which he took the initial part and directed the work were the beautifying of the yard of the Presby­terian church and the Court House Square, the latter labor he only lived to see almost completed, but it will remain a living monument to his enterprise.

Mr. Curry was the son of William Thomas Curry and Elizabeth Butler Curry, members of old represen­tative families here. He was born in Harrodsburg and spent all his life as a citizen here except a few years when he resided in Louisville.. He was married to Miss Zelletta Graveson, of Cincinnati in 1884. He was a member of the firm of D. J. Curry & Co., later he entered the insurance field and for 32 years has been the representative of the Great American Insurance Company, of New York, in Kentucky and Tennessee, a record seldom ex­celled, building up for the company in these two states a band of splen­did agents and a fine clientele. Mr. Robert Glass, of New York, was the company’s represen­tative here for the funeral. For a long period of years Mr. Curry served the United Presbyterian church as an elder; during his three years’ residence in Louisville he was also an elder in the Warren Memorial church, and organized a splendid Men’s Bible Class, the members of which were tireless in their atten­tion to him while at the Infirmary, a committee calling every Sunday morning with flowers from the class. Mr. Curry is survived by his widow, two brothers, Messrs. R. P. Curry, Lexington, and W. T. Curry, Covington, and a sister, Mrs. Charles M. Dedman, Harrodsburg, besides a host of rela­tives and friends.

Out of town people here to attend the funeral were Dr. Callen, Mr. E. F. Scott, Louisville; Mrs. Charles Murnier, Louisville; Mr. Robert L. Glass, New York City; Mr. Thomas M. Woodruff, Lexington: Mr. B. B. Bean, Lexington; Mr. M. C. Miller, Lexington; Mr. Lafon Riker, Lexing­ton; Mrs. B. W. Robin­son, Akron O.; Mrs. J. T. Smith, East Liver­pool, O.; Mrs. Theodora Tunis, Lexington; Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Curry, Lexington; Mr. Claude E. Ford, Cincinnati; Mrs. Pierce Adkins, Cincinna­ti, Mr. W. T. Curry, Covington; Miss Kate Mayes, Mrs. R. Wharton, Mr. and Mrs. Sebe Mayes, Springfield.

Zeletta Graveson Curry, 1863-1943.

The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, May 28, 1943

Mrs. Zeletta Graveson Curry, widow of Mr. George Alfred Curry, died at 1 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, May 26, 1943, at her home, Diamond Point, following a heart attack at 4 o’clock that morning. She was the daughter of William and Lettie Smith Graveson, formerly of Cincinnati, but had resided here since her marriage when 19 years old and was one of this city’s most valuable citizens, leading in club, social and church activities with the culture of the true gentlewoman. The funeral will be at 2:30 this afternoon at the United Presbyterian church, conducted by her pastor, Dr. John W. Carpenter, assisted by Rev. T. Hassell Bowen, pastor of the Harrodsburg Christian church. Burial will be in Spring Hill cemetery.

She is survived by a close friend, Miss Clara Chappelle, who resided with her; devoted relatives of her husband, T. Curry Dedman and family, Misses Bessie and Nell Dedman, Harrodsburg, Mrs. C. E. Ford, Mrs. Verna Walker and John E. Curry, Cincinnati, and Mr. Glave Curry, Beechwood, Ind., cousins, Wilson Smith, East Liverpool, O.; Misses Ella and Grace Graveson, Cincinnati, Mrs. Andrew S. Robinson, and Mrs. John Pflueger, Akron, Ohio, and a few more distant relatives.

Mrs. Curry was active and valuable in many civic organizations. She was a charter member of the Harrodsburg Library and served as chairman of its board for 14 years, and continually in its service since its founding about 40 years ago; a charter member of the Woman’s Club of Harrodsburg organized in 1911, serving two terms as its president and always active in its work; ex-president of the Past Presidents club; former treasurer of the Kentucky State Federation of Woman’s Clubs. In 1940 when the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs observed its 50th anniversary, Mrs. Curry was awarded the medal by the organization for “the woman who had the longest and most outstanding record of leadership in club work.” She began her club activities in 1895.

Mrs. Curry was a member of the Jane McAfee Chapter, D. A. R. and held many offices in the organization. She was faithful in the activities of the Presbyterian church and the woman’s auxiliary, and for a long period of years she was the teacher of the Young Women’s Bible Class of her Sunday school. She was also a member of the Danville Business and Professional Women’s Club, and member of the Woman’s Council for Girl Reserve. Her community interests covered all charitable and civic movements for good, and the day before her passing she gave a generous portion of her time, as was her custom, to making surgical dressings at the Red Cross room at the Armory.

Her pall bearers will be Charles M. Dedman, T. Curry Dedman, Jr., William H. Riker, Charles N. Riker, Arthur Bonta, Charles A. Davis, Ralph Davenport and Errol W. Draffen.


Reed and Belle Russell Buried At Deep Creek Baptist Cemetery

Reed Russell, 1856-1932. Bell Russell, 1858-1928. Deep Creek Baptist Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, September 21, 1928

Mrs. Belle Russell, seventy years of age, the wife of Reed Rus­sell, of the Deep Creek section of Mercer, died Monday of heart trouble. She was one of the best known women of the section where she resid­ed. Her funeral was at the Deep Creek Church by the Rev. E. M. Gash, with burial in the cemetery there. Surviv­ing are her husband and two sons, William and Rouse Russell, and a brother, John Lester, all of Mercer County.

From The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, December 30, 1932

Mr. C. R. Russell, 76 years of age, died at the home of his son, W. H. Russell, near Rose Hill, last Wednesday.  He was a prominent farmer of the Rose Hill section and was a member of the Deep Creek Baptist church.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. T. Turpin on Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Deep Creek church and burial followed in the adjoining cemetery.  He was preceded to the grave by his wife, who died four years ago last September. He is survived by two sons, W. H. Russell, and R. Russell, both of Rose Hill, and four grandchildren.  Casket-bearers were as follows: Will Langford, Obie Lester, Thomas Russell, Reed Russell, Lem Lester and Robert Langford.

Jouett McCoun Obituary


Jouett F. McCoun, 1840-1908.  Fannie Hudson McCoun, 1848-1933.  Old Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, October 2, 1908

Old Soldier Passes Away at His Home Near Salvisa

Mr. Jouett McCoun, one of the most prominent men of the Providence neighborhood, died last Thursday evening of a complication of diseases, after a lingering illness.  His funeral took place at New Providence Church on Saturday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Harvey Glass, and the remains were interred in the Providence Cemetery.  Mr. McCoun was a splendid gentleman and one of the most prosperous farmers of that section of the county.  He was a member of Morgan’s command during the Civil War, and on the last raid of that famous Confederate through Kentucky in 1864, Mr. McCoun was captured at Cynthiana and was held a prisoner at Rock Island until the close of the war.  He was a native of the county and has always been held in the highest esteem.  He leaves a wife and three daughters, Misses Ora and Mabel McCoun, and Mrs. Dulin, of Shelbyville.  The pall bearers were Dr. J. W. Powell, Dr. J. P. Lapsley and Messrs. George Forsythe, Eb. Adams, James Armstrong and Henry McGee.



Ethel Clemons Bunton Obituary

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, February 17, 1911

Mrs. Ethel Clemons Bunton, wife of William N. Bunton, and only child of G. W. and Patsy J. Clemons, was born April 25th, 1884, near Greensburg, Indiana; died January 31, 1911, at Yuma, Arizona, aged 26 years, 9 months and 6 days.  On February 14, 1898, she united with the Baptist church at Greenwood, Indiana, and during the years that have passed gave good evidence that she had been made a partaker of that blessed hope.

At the time of her death her membership, with that of her husband, was with the Baptist church at Greensburg.  On March 2, 1904, at Greenwood, she was united in marriage to William N. Bunton, son of S. B. Bunton, who lives near Salvisa, Kentucky.

After their marriage they traveled in different states and then located in Greesnburg, at which place they resided until nearly two years ago when her health began to fail; her husband then moved with her to Arizona, thinking the change to a milder climate would be a benefit to her health.  She had tuberculosis and the change only proved to be temporary.

Death had an order to follow her to her Arizona home and claim his victim, but that also is temporary.  Her faith in Christ will release her from the bondage of sin and death.  Her death leaves motherless two little boys, Joseph and William, aged respectively 5 and 2 years, and brings bereavement to her husband, father, relatives and friends, her mother having preceded her nearly three years ago.  The funeral service was held February 7, 1911, conducted by Rev. J. V. Fradenburgh, her pastor at the Union Baptist Church, near Greensburg, interment at Union Cemetery.

Robert and Lucy Riker Brewer Obituaries

IMG_2250Robert D. Brewer, born July 16, 1832, died November 9, 1899.  New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The SWS Newspaper, Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky

Wednesday, November 12, 1898

Mr. Robert D. Brewer, a highly respected farmer of this county, died of heart disease, Wednesday, 3 o’clock p.m. at his late home near McAfee.  He had been ill for some time and his death was hourly expected by his many friends.  He was in his sixty-sixth year and leaves a wife and only one child, Mr. L. D. Brewer, of this place.  For many years he had been a member of and a ruling elder in the New Providence Church and was a faithful follower of his Redeemer and has gone to receive his reward, promised to them that are faithful to the end.  The funeral was conducted, yesterday, 10 o’clock a.m., at New Providence Church, by the pastor, Rev. S. F. Taylor and the interment was in the old cemetery, where for the last century, the ancestors of Mr. Brewer, one by one, have been laid to rest.

IMG_2251Lucy Riker, wife of Robert D. Brewer, born January 17, 1835, died November 4, 1909.  New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, November 19, 1909

Mrs. Robert Brewer, the venerable mother of Mr. L. D. Brewer, died last Thursday at her home in this county.  The funeral services were held Saturday at Providence Church, near McAfee, conducted by Rev. Harvey Glass, assisted by Rev. M. V. P. Yeaman.  Quite a number of friends and relatives from this place attended.  Mrs. Brewer is one of those women whose lives have been spent quietly, but her Christian spirit and charitable heart made for her a wider place in the world than she ever suspected.  She was a native of this county and had been a widow many years.  Only one son, Mr. L. D. Brewer, survives her.

Buckner Miller Allin, Sr. Obituary

IMG_5467Buckner Miller Allin, Sr., 1856-1924.  Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, January 25, 1924

Mr. Buckner Miller Allin, Sr., aged 67 years, died Tuesday night after a gradual decline of health for several years, caused by a partial stroke of paralysis.  Mr. Allin was a native of Mercer County, a son of the late George Allin and Susan Miller Allin, and is a descendant of a line of pioneers prominent in the development of Mercer County from its first settlement.  Mr. Allin was personally popular with all who knew him.  He was a man of upright principles and a warm heart, and was always on the side that favored the advancement of community interest.  For many years he was a prominent merchant here, being engaged in the grocery business, later he was in the internal revenue service for a long time, and after that was City School Tax Collector and Vital Statistician up to the time his failing health forced him from active business.

He was twice married, first to Miss Mattie Hudson and second to Miss Annie May Nooe, who survives him, together with three children, Mrs. Eben Hardin and Miss Mattie Miller Allin, by the first union, and Mr. B. M. Allin, Jr., by the second marriage.  His funeral was held Thursday morning at 10:30 at his home on Chestnut Street, conducted by his pastor, Rev. S. S. Daugherty, of the Presbyterian church, and Rev. L. E. Sellers, of the Christian church.  The interment was in Spring Hill Cemetery.

James L. Neal Obituary

IMG_5420Sue N. Neal, July 17, 1842 – October 8, 1911.  James L. Neal, December 22, 1832 – July 23, 1919.  Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, July 25, 1919

Venerable and Prominent Citizen Passes Away Wednesday Night

If ever such commendation could be given anyone as ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant.  Enter though into thy reward,’ it can be given to Mr. James L. Neal who passed away about 11 o’clock Wednesday night.  He was 87 years of age and on last Saturday sustained a fall on the concrete floor of a porch at his residence, ‘Diamond Point’, and broke his hip, but was thought to be doing remarkably well.  The reaction from the shock, together with his advanced years, was too much for his strength, however, and he sank to death’s danger point in a few hours, so that at the last his going away came with grievous suddenness to his wide circle of friends.  Mr. Neal was a native of Fayette County, but had made his home in Mercer for so many years that he was looked upon as one of our oldest citizens.  coming here before the Civil War he married Miss Sue Thompson, a member of one of the aristocratic families of Mercer, and this happy union lasted until a few years ago when the faithful helpmate was taken.  Mr. and Mrs. Neal lived for many years at their handsome old colonial home, near town, and he was considered one of the wealthy, progressive, liberal men of the community.  Cultured and courteous, with a high sense of honor, and a genial hospitality, there were few men his equal.  He was a devout member of the Christian church and his whole life and character was in accord with the highest Christian ideals.  A few years ago, owing to his advanced years, his sight began to fail until blindness overtook him, but he never lost his interest in things about him, nor in the world’s affairs, and his mind retained its clearness to the end.  During the years of his infirmities he has been cared for with the tenderness of a son and daughter, by Dr. and Mrs. J. B. RoBards, with whom he made his home.  The funeral will be held today, (Friday), at 3:30 o’clock at Diamond Point, his residence, Rev. E. B. Bourland, his pastor, officiating.  The remains will be laid to rest beside his wife in Spring Hill Cemetery.  He leaves no children, but a number of close relatives survive him.  The pall bearers at the funeral will be Messrs. Alex Dunlap, Lexington; Louis and Ralph Farra, James Elmore, Lancaster; H. C. wood and Dr. J. B. RoBards, Harrodsburg.  The honorary pall bearers will be his fellow elders in the Christian church, Messrs. G. Y. Johnson, John Morgan, F. P. James, B. F. Norfleet, B. W. Allin and Judge C. A. Hardin.

Sue Thompson Neal’s Obituary