McIlvoy Baptisms – St. Rose Catholic Church

McIlvoy Baptisms – St. Rose Catholic Church

Washington County, Kentucky

Benjamin Harrison McIlvoy, s/o Robert and Mary Ann Crooke McIlvoy, born 04 Jan 1867, baptized at St. Rose 21 Apr 1867
Charles Alexander McIlvoy, s/o Robert and Mary Ann Crooke McIlvoy, born 1862, baptized at St. Rose 27 Jul 1862
Charles McIlvoy, s/o Daniel and Matilda Hardin McIlvoy, sponsor Mary McIlvoy, baptized at St. Rose 25 Oct 1830
Daniel Benedict McIlvoy, s/o Robert and Mary Ann Crooke McIlvoy, born 14 Sep 1863, baptized at St. Rose 06 Dec 1863
Elizabeth Magdalene McIlvoy, d/o Daniel and Matilda Hardin McIlvoy, sponsor Mary McIlvoy, baptized at St. Rose 8 Jul 1832
George Robert McIlvoy, s/o Robert and Mary Ann Crooke McIlvoy, born 17 Jan 1869, baptized at St. Rose 22 Feb 1869
James Harrison McIlvoy, s/o Robert and Mary Ann Crooke McIlvoy, born 04 Jun 1858, baptized at St. Rose 26 Nov 1858
James McIlvoy, s/o Daniel and Matilda Hardin McIlvoy, sponsor Magdalene McIlvoy, baptized at St. Rose 06 Aug 1841
Joanna McIlvoy, d/o James Polin and Lucinda Jane Brothers McIlvoy, born 04 Mar 1868, baptized at St. Rose 14 May 1868
Joseph Thomas McIlvoy, s/o Daniel and Matilda Hardin McIlvoy, sponsor Magdalene McIlvoy, baptized at St. Rose 20 Dec 1841
Martha Ellen McIlvoy, d/o Daniel and Matilda Hardin McIlvoy, born 04 Nov 1846, sponsor Sarah McIlvoy, baptized at St. Rose 14 Dec 1846
Martha Frances McIlvoy, d/o Robert and Mary Ann Crooke McIlvoy, born 25 Mar 1860, baptized at St. Rose 14 Oct 1860
Martha McIlvoy, d/o Thomas and Frances Berry McIlvoy, born 27 Nov 1872, baptized at St. Rose 21 Dec 1872
Mary Jane McIlvoy, d/o Daniel and Matilda Hardin McIlvoy, sponsor Magdalene Janes, baptized at St. Rose 7 Jun 1837
Mattie Eugenia McIlvoy, d/o James Polin and Lucinda Jane Brothers McIlvoy, born 22 Aug 1872, baptized at St. Rose 22 Dec 1873
Robert McIlvoy, s/o Daniel and Matilda Hardin McIlvoy, sponsor Catherine McIlvoy, baptized at St. Rose 24 Aug 1834
Thomas McIlvoy, s/o James Polin and Lucinda Jane Brothers McIlvoy, born 27 May 1874, baptized at St. Rose 28 Mar 1875
William Alexander McIlvoy, s/o James Polin and Lucinda Jane Brothers McIlvoy, born 18 Mar 1865, baptized at St. Rose 21 Oct 1866

A Missouri Cousin in Kentucky!

IMG_9939In Memory of William Moran who died 3rd January 1838 aged 63 years 10 months and 17 days

Through Kentucky Kindred Genealogy I have met many nice people and found long lost cousins I didn’t know existed.  On the 16th of the month I met one of those cousins in Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky.  We had dinner at Mordecai’s and talked of our Moran and Linton ancestors.  Joy Sweigart is a descendant of William Moran, Jr., buried in the Linton Graveyard on the outskirts of Springfield.  Through his second wife, she is also descended from Captain John Linton.  We have emailed back and forth about our common ancestors.  I, too, am descended from William Moran, Jr., through his first wife.

William Moran, Jr., was the son of William Moran, Sr., and Mary Rebecca Barber.  The father was in the Revolutionary War and the son was in the War of 1812.  William, Jr., married Mary Barber with whom he had two children – Eliza Lyon (my ancestor) and Ann Rebecca.  After Mary’s death William, Jr., married Susan Linton, daughter of Captain John Linton and Ann Nancy Mason.  He and Susan had seven children – Charles Fenton, Henry E. (Joy’s ancestor), John M., Young William, Linton Lewis, Martha and Susan Linton Moran.  Many of these younger Moran’s moved to Missouri, but several families remained in Washington County, Kentucky.

IMG_9938In Memory of John Linton who departed this life December 4th, 1836, in the 86th year of his age.

When Joy came to Springfield her daughter’s sister-in-law, Feather Perry, who lives in Brandenburg, came with her.  Feather is a funeral director and uses diving rods, also known as dousing, to discover graves in old cemeteries!  What a surprise and delight!  I always felt there were more people buried in the old Linton Graveyard than those represented by the seven stones that are still standing.  I was told stories, and read old letters that told of babies and children buried there.

After dinner we drove to the Linton Graveyard.  It had rained for a week or so, although no rain on that day.  Still took my wellies since I knew it would be muddy!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESJoy placing flowers at her ancestor’s graves.

Joy was so overcome when she stood before her ancestors final resting place!  A woman after my own heart!  I was so happy to share that experience with her!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFeather Perry using diving rods.

Then Feather got to work with the divining rods – and handed me a set!  I never thought I would have such an opportunity!  First I watched Feather, to get an idea of what to do.  Then we both started from the beginning of the cemetery and stepped slowly across each piece from beginning to end.  As we walked across what supposedly was a grave the copper wires crossed, and then opened after we were on the other side of the grave.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSeveral times there was a rather wide area which Heather said was probably a husband and wife.  In the 1800’s family members were buried closer than they are now – just a few inches apart.

SAM_2620 2A very memorable experience for me to use diving rods at the Linton Graveyard!

Just to the left of Captain John Linton’s grave was another – probably his wife Ann Nancy Mason Linton – who died four years before the captain.  After criss-crossing several times we felt there are about 28 people buried in the cemetery, some actually against the iron fence.  The fence was erected about 1910, long after the last burial, and without a general idea of where all the graves were located.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESJoy Sweigart and I in front of Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church.

After finishing at the Linton Graveyard we drove down Highway 555 a mile or so to Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Cemetery, where some of the later Linton and Moran families were buried.  It was such a pleasant time!  Joy and Feather were both a delight and it’s always fun talking over the ancestors with those who appreciate them!  I can’t wait until our next visit!


George Doggett and Rachael A. Cornish Obituaries

IMG_0279George Doggett Cornish, July 13, 1828 – May 24, 1904.  Rachael A. Cornish, December 2, 1830 – November 18, 1912.  Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

George Doggett and Rachael A. Cornish Obituaries

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Thursday, May 26, 1904

Mr. G. D. Cornish died at his home near Braxton yesterday at the age of 76.  He was a most highly respected gentleman and his many friends will learn of his demise with regret.  Funeral services will be held at the home this afternoon at 2 o’clock, and interment will take place at Spring Hill Cemetery, this city.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Friday, November 22, 1912

Mrs. Doggett Cornish, a former well known resident of this county, died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Tobin in Winchester, Wednesday.  She was eighty-two years of age, and was a woman who was much loved for her noble qualities.  She was a member for many years of the Joseph’s Chapel congregation, and the remains were brought to her old home in this county near Braxton, where funeral services were held Thursday morning by Rev. J. M. Matthews.  She leaves three children, Professor Ed Cornish, Mrs. D. C. Lillard and Mrs. D. W. Tobin at whose home she died.

Marriages – Jefferson County, Kentucky

Marriages – Jefferson County, Kentucky

  • William Lux married Elizabeth Davis – July 16, 1791
  • David Rizley married Sarah Crooks – July 23, 1791
  • Thomas Clark married Milly Horton – July 24, 1791
  • John Bruner married Mary Bruner – August 2, 1791
  • Thomas Thursby married Mary Holt – August 3, 1791
  • George Carpenter married Rebecca Taylor – August 4, 1791
  • John Perkins married Catherine Scott – August 6, 1791
  • David Wise married Mary Brinley – August 15, 1791
  • James Strong married Mary Scantlin – August 15, 1791
  • John McDowell married Nancy Burke – September 15, 1791
  • John Gerking married Rachel Rice – September 12, 1791
  • John Sharp married Elizabeth Gassaway – September 11, 1791
  • William Westfall married Jemima Westfall – September 13, 1791
  • Edward Shoebrooks married Margaret Kilbey – September 17, 1791
  • James Worrell married Rachel McDaniel – September 26, 1791
  • Mason Lunsford married Elizabeth Allender – October 7, 1791
  • Brian Sovereign married Elizabeth Arnold, widow, nee Riszely – October 23, 1791
  • John Boyce married Nancy Proctor – October 26, 1791
  • Ephraim Jordan married Mary Gilmore – November 4, 1791
  • Cornelius Cummins married Mary Thompson – November 7, 1791
  • David Owens married Mary Wilson – November 22, 1791
  • Stephen Richardson married Elizabeth Sale – November 29, 1791
  • Samuel Thompson married Jane McClain, widow – December 6, 1791
  • John Boone married Mary Morris – December 6, 1791
  • Thomas Metcalf married Anne Fleming – December 7, 1791
  • George Lewis married Susanna Johnston – December 7, 1791
  • Jonathan Thomas married Mary Kirkpatrick, widow – December 8, 1791
  • Emanuel Meddick married Leah Ryker – December 10, 1791
  • Peter Newkirk married Mary Stafford – January 1, 1792

Hancock County Kentucky Tidbits

Hancock County Kentucky Tidbits

M. H. Connor, born February 1, 1851, in Perry County, Indiana, was the son of David M. and Maria L. (Prentiss) Connor.  David M. was born in Perry County in 1829 and died in St. Louis in December 1862, as a result of the Civil War.  Maria L. was born in Petersburg, Virginia, in 1828.  David M. and Maria L. had the following children:  M. H., James P. and William A.  M. H. was married in April 1875 to Virginia Gregory, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (Sample) Gregory.  Virginia was born in Pennsylvania in 1851.  The children of this marriage were:  James H., William G. and Austin.

Robert E. Duncan was born January 22, 1846, in Daviess County, Kentucky, the son of John G. and Sarah (Head) Duncan.  The great-grandfather, John Duncan, came to Nelson County, Kentucky, from Virginia.  the grandfather, Robert Duncan, moved to Daviess County where he died in 1830.  John G. was born in Nelson County in 1802.  He died in 1878.  Sarah Head was the daughter of Henry Head of Daviess County.  She died in 1844 or 1845.  John G. and Sarah had the following children:  Mary J., Thomas K., R. E. and C. T.  Robert E. Duncan married in 1876 to Adelia Hannan of Cincinnati, Ohio.  A child, Genevieve, was born August 22, 1878.

James Freeman, born January 23, 1842, in Spencer County, Kentucky, a son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Bennett) Freeman.  Nathan was born July 12, 1811, in Spencer County.  He came to Hancock County in 1849.  Elizabeth Bennett was born in Spencer County in 1816, and died in Hancock County about 1860.  The children of Nathan and Elizabeth were:  Joshua, Amos, James, John R., Marcus, Sarah A. (wife of Taylor Chambers), Louisa (wife of Silas Warner) and Joseph B.  James Freeman was married December 28, 1865, to Nannie A. Miller, daughter of William B. Miller.  She was born December 2, 1842.  The child of this married is Mary M., wife of Harvey L. Myers.  James Freeman is a Baptist, his wife is Methodist.

William J. Gabbert, born December 12, 1856, in Hancock County was the son of Eli E. Gabbert who was born in Kentucky.

Dr. Isaac N. Greathouse, born about 1792 in Nelson County, Kentucky, was the son of Harmon Greathouse, a native of Pennsylvania.  Isaac N. married Elizabeth Lewis.  She was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, in 1799, the daughter of John and Hannah Lewis.  They moved to Hancock County the year that Elizabeth was born.  Dr. Isaac Greathouse died in Hancock County in 1832.  Elizabeth died in 1879.  Their children were:  H. B., J. L. and William L.  Harmon B. Greathouse was born May 2, 1822, in Troy, Indiana.  He came to Hancock County in 1859.  He married February 10, 1840, to Martha R. Haywood, daughter of James and Catherine (Lewis) Haywod, natives of Henry County, Kentucky.  Martha R. was born in Daviess County in November 1827.  The children of Harmon B. and Martha R. were:  Catherine E. (wife of Milton C. Tracy), Martha H. (wife of Thomas L. Henderson) and Isaac N.  Martha R. died September 29, 1862.  Harmon married, secondly, on December 1, 1868, Martha E. Haywood, daughter of George Haywood.  Martha E. was born in Clark County, Missouri, in 1830.  She died in September 1878.

J. L. Greathouse, born March 17, 1828, in Hancock County, was married January 1, 1855, to Miss S. C. Smith, daughter of Michael and Sarah (Scott) Smith, natives of Virginia.  S. C. Smith was born in Henry County, Kentucky, in 1836.  The children of J. L. and S. C. were:  Nicholas J., Sarah (wife of Stephen Emich), Susan (wife of Rufus Neel), Almenda O. (wife of William Roberts), Laura Cooper, Vinson, Clark and Fannie Lou.

John E. Brown Biography

from Kentucky – A History of the State by Perrin, 1887

Allen County, Kentucky

John E. Brown was born in Allen County, Kentucky, November 4, 1841.  His father, Drury Denton Brown, was a Kentuckian by birth, and grew to manhood in Allen County, where, in 1833, he married Sarah, daughter of Sketton Brown.  Her parents were natives of Virginia, from which state they emigrated, and were among the first settlers of Sumner County, Tennessee.  She died about the year 1865, leaving a family of seven children, three of whom lived to be grown.  Drury Denton Brown spent his life in agricultural pursuits; he died in December, 1881, aged sixty-nine years.  John E. is the fourth in the family by birth.  His early life was passed amid the scenes and labors incident to farm life; he received but little education at school, but with practical learning his mind is well stored.  He remained with his parents on the farm where he was born until he attained his twenty-second year.  On the 15th of October, 1863, he was united in marriage with Margaret, daughter of Alexander and Margaret Lyles, of Allen County, Kentucky.  Their union has been blessed with seven children:  Enola A. (Napier), Lula D. (Napier), Edward D., Robert T., Johnnie, Charles and Pernie P.  in 1866 Mr. Brown bought 200 acres of land on Bay’s Fork Creek, which he has brought to a fine state of cultivation, and improved with a good dwelling, barns and orchard.  In agricultural pursuits he has been successful.  In 1874 he was elected to the office of surveyor of Allen County; he has been twice re-elected, and in the pursuance of the duties of his office has given good satisfaction to his constituents.  Politically he is a Republican, but is liberal in his views, except on the temperance question, on which he is very decided and favors the cause by both precept and example.  He and wife are members of the Methodist Church, of which four of their children are also members, and of which Mr. Brown is a recording steward.

Cassius Clay Foster and Drucilla White Marriage

Scan_Pic0291Marriage License

The Commonwealth of Kentucky.  To any minister of the gospel, or other person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony:

You are permitted to solemnize the rites of matrimony between Cassius C. Foster and Drucilla White, the requirements of the law having been complied with.  Witness my signature as Clerk of the Washington County Court, this 11th day of October, 1878.  W. F. Booker, Clerk.  E. W. Royalty, Deputy Clerk.

Scan_Pic0292Marriage Certificate

This is to certify that on the 20th day of October 1878, the rites of matrimony were legally solemnized by me between Cassius C. Foster and Drucilla White, at Henry Dean, Sr., in the County of Washington in the presence of Mary Robinson and George W. Robinson.  Signed Jesse S. Robinson.

Cassius Clay Foster was the son of Edmond and Tabitha Foster, born November 24, 1861, died October 30, 1922.  He is buried at Fairview Christian Church in Anderson County, just over the line from Washington County.  Drusilla White was the daughter of William White and Elizabeth Doke, born July 8, 1861, died November 13, 1901, buried at Fairview Christian.  William White was the son of Samuel Riley White and Martha Lewis.  Elizabeth Doke was the daughter of William Doke and Martha Hoskins.  According to the census records Cassius and Drusilla had at least six children:  William C., Rufus, Erastus, Hurtle, Adda and Wade H. Foster.  After Drusilla’s death Cassius married Bertha A. Keeling, with whom he had two children:  Henry A. and Effie J. Foster.

Scan_Pic1531Cassius Clay Foster, November 24, 1861 – October 30, 1922 Druscilla, wife of C. C. Foster, July 8, 1861 – November 13, 1901, Fairview Christian Cemetery, Anderson County, Kentucky


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