Marriages – Nelson County, Kentucky

Marriages – Nelson County, Kentucky

  • James Eaglen married Sarah Vametre – June 11, 1793
  • John Eastwood married Catherine Osborn – December 7, 1789
  • Arthur Eberman married Anne Vanwinkle – September 17, 1796
  • John Edmondson married Sally Abell – July 26, 1787
  • Thomas Edwards married Dama Holsclaw – January 16, 1800
  • William Edwards married Sarah Keith – July 20, 1799
  • James Elder married Polly Richards – February 13, 1792
  • Samuel Eldridge married Priscilla Carr – November 10, 1790
  • Richard Elliott married Mrs. Nancy Sparrow – May 28, 1800
  • Samuel Elliott married Polly Knighton – February 24, 1799
  • Thomas Elliott married Hannah Clarke – August 20, 1785
  • William Elliott married Prudence Cliffton – December 1, 1795
  • Joshua Embree married Betsey Edmondson – January 21, 1790
  • Isaac Emlay married Dolly Lyttle – January 18, 1800
  • David Enlow married Abigail Devore – April 29. 1790
  • Henry Enlow married Elizabeth Hibbs – November 14, 1799
  • Isom Enlow married Mrs. Mary LaRue – July 5, 1792
  • Joseph Enlow married Nelly Bogart – January 22, 1790
  • Caleb Evans married Elizabeth Wiggins – June 14, 1789
  • David Evans married Alice Anderson – May 25, 1787
  • David Evans married Esther Bell – October 10, 1799
  • Gilbert Evans married Rebecca McDonald – July 11, 1790
  • Joh Evans married Mrs. Mary Downey – July 2, 1789
  • Charles Ewing married Sarah Wickliffe – February 7, 1786
  • Henry Faith married Elizabeth Pike – October 2, 1798
  • John Faith married Elizabeth Peake – February 3, 1795
  • John Faith married Nancy Rodgers – March 18, 1794
  • Andrew Farely married Letis Hart – August 2, 1791
  • George Featherkile married Mary Bayley – July 30, 1799
  • Reuben Fenley married Elizabeth King – April 26, 1792
  • Samuel Ferguson married Elizabeth Blue – August 12, 1788
  • James Ferry married Elizabeth Harrel – March 18, 1793
  • James Fields married Eleanor Goldsberry – January 23, 1799
  • Reuben Fields married Nancy Fields – October 28, 1797
  • Walter Finch married Polly Wiseman – March 4, 1793
  • John Fipps married Jane Williams – February 26, 1795
  • John Floyd married Elizabeth Jeffries – November 17, 1789
  • Nathaniel Floyd married Lucy Wortham – March 13, 1788
  • John Foley married Sally Williams – December 25, 1791
  • James Fontaine married Debby Hobbs – March 31, 1799
  • Francis Forbus married Nancy Thompson – December 27, 1790

William E. Keller Obituary

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWilliam E. Keller, February 12, 1840 – December 4, 1898.  Sue B. Keller, February 19, 1852 – March 27, 1936.  Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County Kentucky

Wednesday, December 7, 1898

Death of Rev. Wm. Keller

Rev. William E. Keller, pastor of the Parkland Presbyterian Church, Louisville, died of organic heart disease, Sunday, 4 o’clock p.m. He was born, reared and educated in Harrodsburg and is well known to our people. He was a son of Jacob and Louise Cardwell Keller and 58 years old at the time of his death. He read law with Judge Poston and was admitted to the bar at the time of the breaking out of the Civil War. He was among the very first to enlist in the cause of the South and went to Virginia where he joined the Confederate Army. In 1862, he became a member of Company E., first regiment of General John Hunt Morgan’s command, and continued a faithful and gallant soldier during the war. He returned home, resumed the practice of his profession and was married to Miss Cynthia P. Grimes, a daughter of Mr. Haldon Grimes, deceased, and Mrs. Ann Grimes, now of this place. He was elected county judge of this county and served one term of four years. His wife died, leaving one son, William. He abandoned the law and studied divinity. His first charge was over the Presbyterian Church at Bloomfield, where he established the reputation of a fervid and eloquent preacher. Later, he was called to Mt. Sterling, Bardstown and Meridian, Mississippi. His second wife was Miss Susan Harris, daughter of Nimrod and Elizabeth Harris, both deceased, of this place. Six children blessed this union, the eldest of these, Price, was accidentally drowned, a few years since, near Meridian, Mississippi. His faithful and devoted wife survives him. He leaves an only brother, Mr. George C. Keller, of this place. The remains were brought here, yesterday, on the 10:45 L.S. train and were conveyed immediately to Spring Hill Cemetery where interment took place after brief services at the grave by Rev. J. G. Hunter, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.

Marriages from The Schuyler Citizen

My husband’s Ritchey family is from Schuyler County, Illinois – always an interest to us, and some of you could have family there also!

Marriages from The Schuyler Citizen

Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois

Married – Armstrong-Bell – on the 3rd institute, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. W. D. Lemon, Robert Armstrong and Martha Bell, all of this county. The Schuyler Citizen, October 8, 1862

Married – Warren-Speed – in this place on the 8th institute, by the Rev. J. L. Jones, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. Augustus Warren and Miss Mary Speed. The Schuyler Citizen, October 15, 1862

Married – Seeley-Wells – on the 12th institute, in this place, by the Rev. W. D. Lemon, at the residence of Mr. Seeley, Mr. John Jay Seeley and Miss Mollie Wells. The Schuyler Citizen, October 15, 1862

Married – Brown-Wheelhouse – in this place on the 9th institute, by the Rev. William Brown, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. John C. Brown and Miss Isabelle Wheelhouse. The Schuyler Citizen, October 15, 1862

Married – Hill-Reed – on the 13th institute, by Rev. J. L. Jones, Mr. Allen F. Hill and Miss Charlotte Reed of this place. The newly made pair go to Farmington, Fulton County, where Mr. Hill carried on a barbershop. The parties are colored. The Schuyler Citizen, October 15, 1862

Married – Frisbie-Hollister – on the 11th institute, at the Campbell House in Rushville, by Hon. J. L. Anderson, County Judge, Agur G. Frisbie, Esq., of Fulton County, to Miss Eliza J. Hollister, of Schuyler County. The Schuyler Citizen, November 19, 1862

Married – Strong-Goodrich – on the 10th institute, by Rev. J. C. Baker, at the residence of the bride’s father in Pleasantview, Mr. Thomas S. Strong and Miss Sarah C. Goodrich. The Schuyler Citizen, December 17, 1862

Married – Smith-Ellis – in Gold Hill, Nevada Territory, November 6th, 1862, by the Rev. C. V. Anthony, Mr. Thomas J. Smith, of Virginia City, and Miss Susan B. Ellis, of Gold Hill, both formerly of Rushville, Illinois. Much joy to our young friends. The Schuyler Citizen, December 17, 1862

Married – Harris-Randall – On the 17th December, at the residence of the bride’s brother (William Randall) in Warsaw, Hancock County, by Rev. J. Larimore, Mr. J. W. Harris and Miss Hattie E. Randall, on her 23rd birthday. Miss Randall is the daughter of Mr. Jonathan G. Randall, deceased, of this place. With the above notice came the acceptable dollar, wherefore we agree she has found a genuine husband. Our congratulations to the wedded ones, and may great happiness be theirs. The Schuyler Citizen, December 31, 1862

Married – Young-Harrison – On the 1st institute, in the Presbyterian church in this place by the Rev. J. L. Jones, Mr. Robert J. Young, ex-lieutenant of Company B, 7th Missouri Cavalry, and Miss Mary A. Harrison. The Schuyler Citizen, January 7, 1863

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Births – 1911-1915

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Births – 1911-1915

  • Margarie Pritchet, Hopkins County, November 23, 1914, Vol. 114, #56793, mother, Venie Winstead
  • Sallie Pritchet, Graves County, August 13, 1914, Vol. 79, #39323, mother, Annie Hayden
  • Agnes Corinne Pritchett, Hopkins County, February 15, 1913, Vol. 17, #8150, mother, Jessie Powell
  • Bert Young Pritchett, Muhlenberg County, May 2, 1912, Vol. 64, #25300, mother, Maggie Pritchett
  • Infant of Ernest Pritchett, Hopkins County, February 15, 1913, Vol. 17, #8150, mother, Jessie Powell
  • Ernest Franklin Pritchett, Hopkins County, March 8, 1914, Vol. 28, #13650, mother, Jessie May Powell
  • Eunice Marie Pritchett, Logan County, December 4, 1911, Vol. 153, #61139, mother, Mollie Bell Baugh
  • Ewell Ethau Pritchett, Calloway County, September 12, 1913, Vol. 101, #50296, mother, Minnie Hunt
  • Harold Lee Pritchett, Hopkins County, March 5, 1913, Vol. 29, #14077, mother, Nettie Ruth Critser
  • Hazel Dean Pritchett, Henderson County, February 3, 1915, Vol. 16, #7529, mother, Celia Dell Hart
  • Ida B. Pritchett, Lyon County, November 28, 1915, Vol. 118, #58891, mother, Margery Pritchett
  • Ira May Pritchett, Muhlenberg County, November 19, 1915, Vol. 125, #62345, mother, Myrtle Reynolds
  • Jethro Pritchett, Muhlenberg County, October 25, 1912, Vol. 133, #52871, mother, B. Myrtle Reynolds
  • Joe Nell Pritchett, Hopkins County, November 14, 1915, Vol. 116, #57924, mother, Jessie Powell
  • John Ford Pritchett, Union County, November 28, 1913, Vol. 121, #60176, mother, Kate Pritchett
  • Josephine Davis Pritchett, Webster County, April 16, 1911, Vol. 52, #20684, mother, Florence Walker
  • Infant of Leland Pritchett, Muhlenberg County, February 4, 1912, Vol. 23, #9047, mother, Della Baker
  • Leontine S. Pritchett, Hopkins County, November 8, 1913, Vol. 117, E58215-A, mother, Annie W. Crews
  • Mary Virginia Qualls, Webster County, September 20, 1912, Vol. 121, #48195, mother, Mamie Crowley
  • Massy Cundas Qualls, Carter County, October 13, 1912, Vol. 126, #50213, mother, Roxie Dell Brown
  • Maurine Qualls, Christian County, March 28, 1913, Vol. 67, #33449, mother, Lilly Retter
  • Minnie Thomas Qualls, Christian County, November 28, 1914, Vol. 119, #59284, mother, Hettie Ware
  • Myrtle May Qualls, Crittenden County, March 19, 1911, Vol. 29, #11424, mother, Cora Alice Blake
  • Raymond Qualls, Marshall County, April 3, 1911, Vol. 49, #19489, mother, Maude Lee Peck

Evan M. Garriott Biography

from Biographical Sketches of Kentucky – Perrin, 1887

Trimble County, Kentucky

Evan M. Garriott was born near Sulphur, in Trimble County, March 14, 1816, the fourth of eight children born to Loving and Margaret (Wilhoite) Garriott. Loving Garriott was born in Kentucky, a son of Ambrose Garriott, a native of Virginia, but one of the first settlers of Kentucky. Margaret Wilhoite was the daughter of Jesse Wilhoite, a native of Virginia, but one of the early settlers of Kentucky. Loving Garriott was a brick-mason by trade, and followed the same all his life in connection with farming. Evan M. has followed agricultural pursuits all his life, and now owns upward of 400 acres of land. About 1840 he engaged in the mercantile business at which he continued until 1863. He settled where he now resides in 1828. About 1854 he was elected judge of Trimble County Court; in 1861 was elected to the State Legislature and served four years; was then elected State senator from Trimble, Carroll and Owen Counties, and held the office four years. He has also been captain on steamboats on the Ohio River before and since the war. October 12, 1837, he married Lucy M. Shelby, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Clore) Shelby, of Oldham County. To this union were born six daughters and five sons: William L., Fannie E., Margaret, Joseph A., Thomas E., John C., Nannie F., Carrie E., Clarinda, Hulda M. and Andrew J. Politically Mr. Garriott is a Democrat.

Dr. Henry Plummer Obituary

IMG_7282Henry Plummer, 1834-1904.  His wife, Lizzie, 1842-1910, Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, January 21, 1904

Found Dead in Bed – His Death Causes Much Sorrow

The entire community was shocked Wednesday morning by the announcement that Dr. Henry Plummer had been found dead in bed at his office, which he had used as a sleeping apartment for some months. He had been complaining two or three days previous. Early Monday morning he called up Dr. W. D. Powell, whose office adjoined his own. He seemed to be suffering with an acute attack of indigestion and Dr. Powell relieved him. On Monday night he again called up Dr. Powell by telephone, and again later in the night. Dr. Powell then took him to his room where he remained the balance of the night. On Tuesday night Dr. Powell called on him and they talked for an hour or two, and on leaving Dr. Powell asked him to again occupy his room. Dr. Plummer replied that he felt so much better that he would remain in his own room, saying that if he needed him he would call him up. At 7 o’clock Wednesday morning, Henry Speaks, the colored man who attended the office, went into the room and found Dr. Plummer on his left side, with one hand extending down the side of the bed. The boy at once notified Dr. Powell. From indication he had passed away without a struggle, and had been dead but a short time. Deceased was a native of Fleming County. He enlisted in Captain Ben Desha’s Confederate Infantry. He was medical officer of the company and remained in the hospital at Bowling Green until February, 1862, when, on the retreat, he was assigned to an Arkansas battalion as surgeon. He was at Shiloh, Perryville and Chicamauga. After the war he located here and married Miss Lizzie Mills, daughter of Major Benjamin Mills, who had charge of the arsenal at Harper’s Ferry at the time of the John Brown raid, whom he met while caring for wounded soldiers after the Battle of Perryville. Dr. Plummer had served as President of the Central Kentucky Medical Society, also as President of the Mercer County Medical Society and as school trustee and was a leading Mason. Two children, Mrs. Arthur Wiseman, of Shelbyville, and Mrs. Bowen Jones, of Lexington, survive him. All Masons are requested to meet at their hall at 1 o’clock this (Thursday) afternoon to attend the funeral, which will take place at 2 o’clock at the First Presbyterian Church. Dr. Vaughn of the Methodist Church will preach the funeral, Dr. Hunter being too ill to officiate.

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Births – 1911-1915

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Births – 1911-1915

  • Isaac Tyler Prise, Perry County, November 8, 1914, Vol. 117, E58279, mother, Matilda Marnous
  • Leonard Prise, Carter County, December 11, 1913, Vol. 2(14), #562, mother, Mary Elizabeth Barber
  • William L. Prising, Jefferson County, August 6, 1914, Vol. 81, #40141, mother, Delphy Brinley
  • Boyd Pritchard (twin), Lawrence County, February 20, 1913, Vol. 24, #11614, mother, Alice Pritchard
  • Charles G. Pritchard, Graves County, February 18, 1912, Vol. 18, #7133, mother, Nannie E. Loudren
  • Clayton Pritchard, Graves County, April 3, 1913, Vol. 40, #19707, mother, Minnie Melvin
  • Edward F. Pritchard, Jr., Bourbon County, January 21, 1915, Vol. 31, #15470, mother, Alene Power
  • Eugene Franklin Pritchard, Bell County, December 1, 1911, Vol. 147, #58521, mother, Nellie Evans
  • Flossie Etta Pritchard, Jefferson County, September 21, 1913, Vol. 95, #47460, mother, Flora Ellis Clark
  • Infant of Harley P. Pritchard, Hart County, April 7, 1915, Vol. 37, #18126, mother, Katherine Harbison
  • Helen Iona Pritchard, Graves County, December 11, 1914, Vol. 125, #62404, mother, Birdie Sayres
  • James Pritchard, Jefferson County, November 1, 1913, Vol. 124, #61811, mother, Mary Sue Pope
  • James Clifton Pritchard, Knox County, February 3, 1912, Vol. 21, #8231, mother, Florence Campbell
  • James Preston Pritchard, Graves County, December 3, 1915, Vol. 130, #64648, mother, Nannie Fondrum
  • Katie Pritchard, Clark County, June 26, 1911, Vol. 70, #27632, mother, Delinia Winkle
  • Marjorie Pritchard, Carter County, January 13, 1912, Vol. 80, #31716, mother, Ottie Armstrong
  • Mattie Pritchard, Bell County, September 12, 1913, Vol. 122, #60970, mother, Nellie Evans
  • Othie Pritchard, Carter County, November 28, 1913, Vol. 115, #57084, mother, Ottie Armstrong
  • Robert Lee Pritchard, Caldwell County, September 29, 1911, Vol. 108, #42837, mother, Ora Katherine Pritchard
  • Virginia M. Pritchard, Barren County, June 13, 1915, Vol. 56, #27685, mother, Mary Edna Hatcher
  • Virginia May Pritchard, Larue County, May 15, 1911, Vol. 61, #24215, mother, Florence Hodges
  • Walter Herman Pritchard, Knox County, August 3, 1913, Vol. 85, #42224, mother, Dora Partin
  • William Lawrence Pritchard, Barren County, January 3, 1911, Vol. 1, #163, mother, Elizabeth Jones
  • Willie Lucille Pritchard, Graves County, September 22, 1911, Vol. 110, #42857, mother, Birdie Sayres
  • George W. Pritchet, Graves County, September 12, 1912, Vol. 113, #45138, mother, Georgia Hoyden



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