1863 Union Draft Records

1863 Union Draft Records

I ran across something very interesting when doing research on a Bowman family of Mercer County, Kentucky – the Civil War draft registration records for the Union Army, 1863-1865.  By 1863 it was necessary for the federal government to enroll and draft men.  The Conscription Act declared that men between the ages of 20 and 45 were eligible for duty.  Those exempt from the draft were men who were mentally or physically impaired, the only son of a widow, the son of infirm parents or a widower with dependent children.  A few man paid a substitute to go to war for them.  Prices began about $300, but some went as high as $1,100 or more.

Class I comprised all persons subject to do military duty between the ages of twenty and thirty-five years, and all unmarried persons to do military duty above the age of thirty-five years and under the age of forty-five years.  Class II comprised all other persons subject to do military duty, married men aged 36 to 44.  Class III comprised volunteers.


Consolidated list of all person of Class II, subject to do military duty in the Seventh Congressional District, consisting of the Counties of Lincoln, Fayette, Jessamine, Boyle, Mercer, Bourbon, Nicholas, Franklin, Woodford and Clark, and State of Kentucky, enumerated during the month of June and July, 1863, under direction of Thomas H. Moore, Captain.

The following is just a small sample of the names included.  What I love about these records is the information given – great for genealogists – and another tool to use between the census years!

Jessamine Allen, Achilles 42 Farmer Kentucky
Jessamine Allen, William C. 36 Blacksmith Tennessee
Jessamine Arnett, Samuel 41 Farmer Kentucky
Jessamine Austin, Robert 36 Carpenter Kentucky
Jessamine Axline, D. W. 37 Preacher Kentucky
Mercer Birdwhite, William N. 36 C. Clerk Kentucky
Mercer Bixter, David M 44 Farmer Kentucky
Jessamine Brown, George W. 39 Carpenter Kentucky
Jessamine Brown, George W. 36 Wagon Maker Kentucky
Mercer Brown, Thomas B. 41 Boot Maker New Hampshire
Mercer Bryant, Isaiah 40 Tailor Ohio
Jessamine Burdine, James 36 Butcher Kentucky
Mercer Burks, Richard 42 Toll Gate Keeper Kentucky
Scott Cannan, John H. 42 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Carrick, John 39 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Carter, John 36 Farmer Kentucky
Mercer Chambers, William 39 Carpenter Kentucky
Scott Chowning, Preston 43 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Clackner G. F. 37 Cabinet Maker Maryland
Scott Clark, Henry 37 Coach Maker New Jersey
Mercer Cochran, Alonzo F. 37 Coach Maker Maryland
Mercer Coghill, Littleton 37 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Cole, Loyd 44 Farmer Kentucky
Mercer Conn, W. O. 35 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Conner, John 35 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Conner, Mike 36 Laborer Ireland
Scott Covington, Thomas 43 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Curry, Charles 38 Miller Ireland
Scott Cutenhuma, John 39 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Dallins, Reuben 37 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Edmenton, John 37 Merchant Virginia
Lincoln Estis, John W. 43 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Estis, William M. 44 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Eubank, Ben 37 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Floyd, Harry 37 Farmer Kentucky
Nicholas Ham, S. W. 43 Farmer Kentucky
Nicholas Hamilton, James G. 35 Constable Kentucky
Nicholas Holladay, James H. 42 Lawyer Kentucky
Nicholas Howe, Ezra 42 Merchant Kentucky
Fayette Landsburg, William 43 Merchant Germany
Fayette Laudaman, James 42 Grocer Kentucky
Fayette Lillard, John L. 42 Harness Maker Kentucky
Fayette Lindsay, W. A. 42 Hotel Keeper Kentucky
Fayette Linn, Patrick 39 Laborer Ireland
Boyle Manmaning, H. 36 Carriage Maker New York
Boyle McGorty, A. L. 43 Merchant Ireland
Boyle McGraw, Jack 37 Farmer Kentucky
Boyle Moore, William J. 43 Tailor Kentucky
Boyle Newlin, George P. 36 Dentist Pennsylvania
Boyle Nichols, John R. 40 Undertaker Kentucky
Boyle Pittman, C. J. 38 Farmer Kentucky
Bourbon Redman, Washington 37 Farmer Kentucky
Bourbon Richardson, Thomas 35 Wagon Maker Kentucky
Bourbon Rogers, I. I. 44 Minister Kentucky
Bourbon Rowe, Jacob 37 Mechanic Kentucky

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Births – 1911-1915

Kentucky Vital Statistics

Births – January 1911 – December 1915

  • James Iallo, Letcher County, September 3, 1914, Vol. 98, #48738, mother, Maude Branham
  • John William Iazel, Campbell County, March 28, 1911, Vol. 28, #11076, mother, Emma Lipscomb
  • William Gauge Ibeck, Grant County, July 26, 1912, Vol. 85, #33943, mother, Sadie Gauge
  • Annie May Tucker Ice, Nelson County, December 4, 1912, Vol. 160, #63884, mother, Carrie Tucker
  • Catherine Lee Ice, Nelson County, August 26, 1915, Vol. 85, #42155, mother, Julia Ann Brown
  • Cecil Hugo Ice, Nelson County, July 20, 1915, Vol. 78, #38577, mother, Carrie Tucker
  • Cecilia Ice, Jefferson County, August 6, 1914, Vol. 80, #39905, mother, Addie B. Violette
  • Ella Gondola Ice, Nelson County, August 23, 1911, Vol. 102, #40499, mother, Elizabeth Ice
  • Frank Xavier Ice, Jefferson County, August 13, 1911, Vol. 98, #39013, mother, Gabriella Higdon
  • Helen Ice, Jefferson County, October 6, 1911, Vol. 126, #50132, mother, Ora Burns
  • Helen Monzelle Ice, Bullitt County, January 1, 1912, Vol. 3, #1098, mother, Emma Viola Atherton
  • Hundley Rosaline Ice, Nelson County, June 26, 1914, Vol. 62, #30680, mother, Laura Myrtle Pearcy
  • James Clinton Ice, Hardin County, August 17, 1914, Vol. 80, #39538, mother, Nora Ellen Gray
  • Infant of James M. Ice, Nelson County, August 13, 1911, Vol. 102, #40523, mother, Carrie E. Tucker
  • Joseph Benjamin Ice, Nelson County, May 9, 1912, Vol. 64, #25380, mother, Maggie Ice
  • Joseph Manuel Ice, Harrison County, November 8, 1913, Vol. 117, #58052, mother, Josephine Tracy
  • Margaret Lucille Ice, Nelson County, June 14, 1912, Vol. 77, #30747, mother, Alice Barns
  • Martha Rebecca Ice, Bullitt County, March 23, 1911, Vol. 28, #10891, mother, Nora Ellen Gray
  • Mary Helen Ice, Harrison County, July 29, 1915, Vol. 70, #34904, mother, Josephine Tracy
  • Infant of Nick Ice, Nelson County, September 18, 1912, Vol. 119, #47301, mother, Mary Rose Cissell
  • Raymond Icheerer, Jefferson County, July 10, 1911, Vol. 85, #33820, mother, Lillie Sundenthal
  • William Icibeck, Pendleton County, February 25, 1915, Vol. 22, #10914, mother, Julia Bradford
  • Betty Jane Idell, Laurel County, July 5, 1915, Vol. 72, #35779-A, mother Lizzie Hopkins
  • Edith Idol, Laurel County, September 22, 1912, Vol. 116, #46367, mother, Lizzie Hopkins
  • George Matt Idol, Bell County, August 17, 1915, Vol. 110, #54768, mother, Maude Hoskins
  • Ray Idol, Bell County, July 17, 1912, Vol. 149, #59404, mother, Maude Hoskins
  • Crystal May Idsinga, Campbell County, July 4, 1912, Vol. 84, #33230, mother, Nellie Oosse
  • Charles Francis Iery, Lewis County, June 21, 1915, Vol. 61, #30239, mother, Ora Polley
  • Mary Louise Iery, Lewis County, June 18, 1913, Vol. 65, #32002, mother, Bertha Dunnington

Ignatius A. Spalding Biography

Perrin’s County of Union, Kentucky, Historical and Biographical, 1884

Ignatius A. Spalding, one of the most prominent and influential lawyers of the grand old county of Union, is the only son of Ignatius A. and Ann (Huston) Spalding.  Subject’s father, one of the most prominent men of his day, was born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, in 1790, and has been twice married; first in 1828, to Miss Jane Pottinger of Daviess County, who bore the following children:  Samuel, Robert A. and Allethaire, all prominent citizens of this county.  Mr. Spalding was among the first settlers of the county, having settled in Morganfield in 1820, and was one of the leading merchants of the county.  He was a member of the Constitutional Convention that framed the Constitution of the State of Kentucky.  Besides this, he was a prosperous farmer and stockman.  He died at his home in Morganfield in 1852.  Subject’s mother was born in North Carolina in 1795, and died in Morganfield in 1877, aged eighty-two years.  Subject’s paternal grandparents were Benedict and Allethaire (Abell) Spalding, both born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  His maternal grandfather was William Huston, who was born in the city of Philadelphia, and was a soldier in the Revolutionary War under General Washington.  For many years he represented Washington County in the Senate and legislature.  Subject’s maternal grandmother was Susanna (Allen) Huston, born in Petersburg, Virginia.

Our subject was born in the town of Morganfield on December 3, 1833, and here received some six years’ training in the common schools of the county, after which he went to St. Joseph’s College at Bardstown, Kentucky, for four years.  In 1853, at the age of twenty, he was married to Miss Susan A. Johnson at Owensboro, in Daviess County, Kentucky.  Mrs. Spalding was born in Daviess County and is the daughter of John and Lucy (Huston) Johnson.  Mr. Spalding has four children:  J. J., a promising young lawyer now living in Atlanta, Georgia, married Bettie Hughes, daughter of Hon. D. H. Hughes, and has one child; Lucy C., who married Milton Young, the famous stockman of Fayette County, and has two children.  Sue Ellen is at home and Ann, the youngest, is at school at St. Vincent’s Academy.

In politics Mr. Spalding is a Democrat, and was elected to the State Senate in 1867.  He was also one of the Court House Commissioners.  His political importance in this county was first seen to clear advantage when, in 1885, his party nominated him for the Legislature without any canvass on his part, and in the face of a very active canvass on the part of another of Union’s worthiest sons.  Mr. Spalding accepted the nomination, and made a vigorous canvass, received a flattering vote, and made a magnificent race for the Speakership of the Lower House, as the choice of Western Kentucky.  He is now one of the State Railroad Commissioners.  He owns 260 acres of land, 100 of which is cultivated, and has a beautiful home in the south part of Morganfield.  Born in the Catholic church, Mr. Spalding has always shown himself a true son of Mother Church.  Through his exertions mainly, St. Ann’s was built in Morganfield.  Mr. Spalding’s address is pleasant and engaging, from from affectation and yet dignified.  He impresses his auditors with the idea that a very sincere man is saying things in a wonderfully telling manner, and carries them with him, unless they are firmly predisposed against his arguments.

Smith/McCann Family – Spring Hill Cemetery

IMG_0066Smith/McCann Family Gravestone

Four sides of a large gravestone in Spring Hill Cemetery in Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky, contain the history of the Smith/McCann families.

IMG_0070 Abraham and Nancy Smith

Abraham Smith, son of Zachariah Smith and Sarah Ann Watts, was born in Mercer County, Kentucky, April 13, 1791, and died there January 1, 1865.  He served in the War of 1812.  Abraham married Nancy Smith January 25, 1816.  Nancy was the daughter of William Smith, born May 23, 1795, and died April 23, 1883.


Joanna P. Smith and Joseph Milton McCann

Joanna P. Smith, daughter of Abraham and Nancy, was born about 1826 in Mercer County.  She married Joseph Milton McCann September 28, 1844.  Joanna was widowed at the young age of 33.  Joseph Milton McCann was born August 3, 1823 and died October 9, 1859.  Joanna died May 20, 1883, less than a month after her mother.  By that time she had lost both parents, her husband and one of her sons.  Perhaps her mother’s death was more than she could bear.

IMG_0068Brothers, Joseph M. McCann and Abraham Smith McCann

Joseph and Abraham were children of Joanna Smith and Joseph Milton McCann, grandchildren of Abraham and Nancy Smith.  Joseph M. McCann was born August 3, 1845 and died June 15, 1869.  Abraham Smith McCann was born about 1848 and died March 28, 1898.

IMG_0069Nannie Smith and Josie Powell

The fourth side of the gravestone is very difficult to read.  I did make out the two names, but not the dates.  Nannie Smith was a daughter of Abraham and Nancy Smith, and sister of Joanna Smith McCann.  Nannie remained single.  According to the 1900 census for Mercer County she was still alive, living with a brother-in-law.  I’m not sure how Josie Powell fits into the family, but she could very well be a granddaughter of Abraham and Nancy Smith.

Marriages – Union County, Kentucky

Marriages – Union County, Kentucky


  • William Albright married Annie Sibley – September 12, 1811
  • James Anderson married Ann Frazier – September 16, 1811
  • William McKenny married Nancy Quigley – October 17, 1811
  • Isaiah Potts married Polly Blue – October 24, 1811
  • James W. Bennett married Elizabeth Lash – October 30, 1811
  • Baker Martin married Lucy Frazier – November 20, 1811
  • Thomas Brown married Peggy Floyd – December 13, 1811


  • James Tucker married Sally Lamasters – June 11, 1812
  • David McClure married Massy Waller – January 8, 1812
  • Aaron Waller married Elizabeth Rives – June 12, 1812
  • Thomas P. Fletcher married Marion B. Davis – August 4, 1812
  • George Hedges married Susan Hood – August 11, 1812
  • Peyton Mitchell married Betsey Briggs – September 8, 1812
  • John Vaughn married Rebecca Dye – November 16, 1812


  • Robert Cypert married Elbinny Hooper – September 11, 1813
  • James Garrison married Kitty Anderson – August 15, 1813
  • Ezekiel Frazier married Sicely Gutry – October 24, 1813
  • David Wech married Betsy Pullam – February 27, 1813
  • Samuel Hooper married Susannah Slocumb – February 23, 1813
  • David Proctor married Jane Matthews – November 22, 1813


  • Andrew Slack married Lydia Waller – December 18, 1814
  • John Bouran married Peggy Floyd – no date given
  • Isaac Clark married Fanny McClure – February 1, 1814
  • Samuel Casey married Eleanor M. Finnie – January 20, 1814
  • Nathaniel I. Floyd married Ann Hewitt – February 15, 1814
  • Lewis Pate married Ann Brehmer – June 9, 1814
  • Thomas M. Dyson married Peggy Green – October 13, 1814


  • Isaac Higgins married Christina Berethel – January 11, 1815
  • Henry Green married Nancy Williams – June 1, 1815
  • John Grimes married Lucy Davis – June 1, 1815
  • James Lyon married Agnes Ramsey – July 11, 1815
  • Moses Blazer married Prudence Webb – July 25, 1815
  • John Slocumb married Ebony Cypert – August 1, 1815
  • John B. Clements married Susan Culver – August 27, 1815
  • Thomas Benthel married Polly Forrester – October 20, 1815
  • I. Y. W. Pierson married Purity Pennington – January 17, 1815
  • Martin B. Griffith married Nancy Greer – January 26, 1815
  • Peter Wilkerson married Rebecca Sibley – August 15, 1815
  • Samuel Skinner married Abigail Canada – July 23, 1815

Will of Robert Wilson

Livingston County, Kentucky

Will Book A, Page 66

Will dated September 21, 1821.  Robert Wilson, of sound mind and memory, asks that his debts be paid.  He gives to wife Priscilla the tract of land on which he now lives, the plantation house and furniture, one horse, saddle and bridle to have during her lifetime.  He gives five dollars each to son William, son John and daughter Hannah.  To son Robert, the tract of land on which he now lives, on 138 acres of land on waters of Camp Creek that was contracted from Joseph Wilson to Robert Wilson.  To daughter Judah, one horse, saddle and bridle, and one cow.  To son James, 400 acres of land he lives on.  To son Micajah, 400 acres of land granted by the Commonwealth unto Robert Wilson, assignee of John Clark.  To sons Jeremiah and David, 400 acres of land that is called my old place and 360 acres of land on the waters of Camp Creek that was assignee of William Wilson to John Wilson, and 150 acres of land that I now live on, at the death of my wife Priscilla Wilson.  Also to Jeremiah and David, my horses, cows, hogs and sheep at her death.  To daughter Polly, one horse, saddle and bridle, cow and one bed and furniture.  To daughter Priscilla, one horse, saddle and bridle, one cow, bed and furniture.  Daughters Judah, Polly and Priscilla to have the tract of land where Hannah lives, on the waters of Tradewater, and the waters of Pinah, to be equally divided.  To three sons Robert, James and Micajah, the upper tract of land on the Tradewater and Pinah, to be equally divided.  Signed:  Robert Wilson

Witnesses:  George Flynn, William Flynn

Produced in county court December term, 1821, and proven by oath of George Flynn and ordered for further proof.  Produced again in court July 8, 1822, and proven by oath of William Flynn.

Versailles Cemetery – Sanders/Haupt/Amsden Families

IMG_1376Versailles Cemetery – Woodford County, Kentucky

In April Ritchey and I visited the Versailles Cemetery in Woodford County, Kentucky.  In a plot surrounded by shrubs are eight beautiful gravestones – all in the shape of a cross.  This intrigued me so I had to get to know this family!  The first person buried in the plot was Lewis Sanders, 1826-1871.  He is at the back of the row of on the left.  Next to him is Margaret Sanders, 1804-1878.  A little old to be his wife, so I did a bit of research on Ancestry.com.  This Lewis Sanders is a son of Margaret.  Her husband, Lewis Sanders, Sr., died in 1864 in San Francisco, California.  Was his body brought back to Kentucky?  Since there is not an individual stone for him I would guess not.  Also, since the son, Lewis Sanders, was buried first, the plot most likely was not purchased until that time.


Lewis Sanders, born in Franklin County, Kentucky, November 7, 1826, died July 2, 1871

Lewis also died in San Francisco, California.  The 1860 census of Sacramento, California, shows the family living there – parents Lewis and Margaret, children Lewis, Jr., Laura E., Mart and Ezra Emma.  Many of the other children were married at this time.  Lewis Sanders is an attorney, as well as his son, Lewis.  Son Mart is a cadet.  Three of the children were born in Mississippi, evidently the family lived there at an earlier date.  Daughter Edith is living in the household with husband Abner C. Hunter, a broker, and their child, one-year-old Daisy.  A Belle S. Hunter lives in the household – perhaps a sister to Abner?  And six servants round out the total number of sixteen.  Included as one of the servants is Joseph Haggin, an Indian (not native American).  The 1870 census of Woodford County, Kentucky, lists Margaret and her youngest child, daughter Lou, back in Kentucky.  Evidently son Lewis Sanders’ body was brought back to Kentucky for burial.

IMG_1370Margaret H. Sanders, born September 4, 1804, died June 13, 1878

Margaret Hubbel Price, daughter of John Price and Susan Gano, married Lewis H. Sanders February 21, 1821, at the age of 16.  Lewis, born November 21, 1796, to Nathaniel and Sarah Sanders, died July 25, 1864.  According to Ancestry thirteen children were born to Lewis and Margaret:  Eliza Jane, John Price, Lewis, Jr., Edward Johnson, Susan Gano, William Price, Lemuel, Mary Wilson, Evan Price, Edith A., Mart, Laura Eldridge, Emma Ezra and Lou Sanders.

IMG_1368In loving memory of John Sanders, only son of James P. and Laura E. Amsden, born October 13, 1883, died February 21, 1899

John Sanders, grandson of Lewis Sanders, Sr., and Margaret Hubbel Price.  John Sanders’ parents are also buried in this plot, Laura Eldridge Sanders and James P. Amsden, along with two of his sisters, Jean Amsden and Margaret Voorhies, Laura’s daughter from her first husband, George Voorhies.

IMG_1375Laura E. Sanders, wife of James P. Amsden, November 18, 1844 – February 25, 1929

Laura Sanders, daughter of Lewis Sanders, Sr., and Margaret Hubbel Price.

IMG_1374James P. Amsden, January 15, 1847 – October 29, 1906

IMG_1373Jean Amsden, wife of William M. Haupt, February 5, 1880 – September 28, 1966

Jean Amsden, daughter of Laura E. Sanders and James P. Amsden, granddaughter of Lewis Sanders, Sr., and Margaret Hubbel Price.

IMG_1372William M. Haupt, April 1, 1880 – September 26, 1957

IMG_1367 2Margaret Voorhies, wife of James B. Haggin, June 13, 1869 – June 8, 1965

Margaret Voorhies, daughter of Laura Sanders and George Voorhies, granddaughter of Lewis Sanders, Sr., and Margaret Hubbel Price.  An interesting fact about Margaret’s husband, James B. Haggin.  He was born in Mercer County, Kentucky, December 9, 1826, was a well-known doctor, and our hospital in Harrodsburg is named for him!  Amazing the connections you find doing research!  What have you found recently?