1791 Marriage Returns – Mercer County

Scan_Pic1679Agreeable to License granted from the office of Mercer County – I joined together in Holy Matrimony Thomas Jeffrys and Viney Mays, the License for the same was granted October 26, 1791.  And George Harlan and Mary Wright – the License for the same was granted October 21, 1791.  And James Ison and Sally Edgerton – the license granted for the same was granted October 25, 1791.  Given under my hand November 5, 1791.

Thomas Williamson


John Wesley Hall Biography

from History of Union County, Kentucky – Perrin, 1886

John Wesley Hall, a farmer and stockman of Spring Grove, is the son of Shadrack and Mary (Greathouse) Hall.  Shadrack was a tanner born in Virginia, January 19, 1789; married in Nelson County when quite young and died in Rockport, Indiana, in 1853.  His wife, Mary, was born in Nelson County, March 8, 1799, and died in Rockport, Indiana, in 1844.  They had five children, James W., a doctor, who died in California; Buckey W., a farmer in Oregon; our subject, and Isaac, the old bachelor, farming in California.  Subject’s paternal grandfather was Shadrack Hall, a farmer and preacher, born in Scotland.  His maternal grandfather, Harmon G. Greathouse, born in Wheeling, Virginia, and who married Massey Ann Bukey of the same place, lived to be one hundred and four years old.

John WesleyHall was born in Nelson County, Kentucky, June 28, 1819.  His education he gained by hard study at night, having never gone to school a day in his life.  Our subject was a noted river pilot and flat-boatman; following this from 1840 to 1860, save the short time he kept a store in Cairo, Illinois, which store was burned down by an Irishman eighteen days after commencing business.

In December, 1860, Mr. Hall was married to Miss Fannie P. Owen, daughter of Austin and Catherine (Runamus) Owen of this county.  Mrs. Hall was born, two miles from where she now lives, in 1835.  Their children are Robert F., now collecting taxes, and John A., assisting his father on the farm.

Subject in politics was a Whig, but is now a Democrat.  He has a farm of 160 acres near Spring Grove, and owns a nice farm of 160 acres in Kansas.  He is one of the best stock men in the country.  His house is a neat frame, well arranged, with nine rooms and three porches.  For ten years he has been a member of M. E. Church and for the same length of time a Mason, having held the office of Secretary and Treasurer in the latter.  Mr. Hall’s life has been an eventful one and his travels extensive.  He has been through the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, California and Illinois.  Mr. Hall is a hospitable man fond of company and a good joke.

1899 Check for Peoples Deposit Bank

Scan_Pic1685This is a check from my great-grandfather’s account at Peoples Deposit Bank in Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky, dated July 24, 1899.  It is made out to Cunningham and Duncan in the amount of $1.82 for merchandise.  Now what could great-grandmother Frances have purchased?

Scan_Pic1686From the July 28, 1898, issue of the News-Leader Cunningham and Duncan claim to have the largest stock of dry goods, clothing, etc., and selling at lower prices than any house in town!  And they give inducements to cash buyers – rather those who charge!  No credit cards then, just a charge account at the store.

Scan_Pic1687And their Christmas sale ad from December 22, 1898, will ‘enable you to make very handsome presents for little money!’  They have something for everyone.  ‘For the mother or wife, can sell you handsome blankets, table linens and napkins, rugs, etc.  For the daughter, a handsome wrap, fine shoes, hosiery, handkerchiefs and gloves.  For the boys a nice shirt, suit or overcoat, tie, hat or shoes, handkerchiefs and mufflers.’

Scan_Pic0026This photo of Robert E. Lee Montgomery and wife, Frances Barber Linton, was taken about 1899.  My grandmother, Alice, the oldest daughter would have been six, Margaret, sitting in her father’s lap, would have been four, and baby Laura, in her mother’s lap, was about two.  Another daughter, Lillian Catherine, was born in March of 1900.  Robert was the son of William Peter Montgomery and Martha Ann Carrico, born at the end of the Civil War in 1865.  Frances was the daughter of Edward Edwards Linton and Catherine Elizabeth Taylor, born in 1867.

Old Cynthiana Cemetery – Part 2

IMG_2030Hon. John Trimble, born December 4, 1783, died June 17, 1852.  Eliza D., his wife, Born July 2, 1804, died March 16, 1843.

Today is a continuation of the Old Cynthiana Cemetery in Harrison County, Kentucky.  To view the earlier post – Part 1.

IMG_2026Olivia H. Pomeroy, born November 15, 1807, died September 1833

IMG_3100Samuel Endicott, 1775-1850

A distinguished classical scholar, a stern effective instructor at Harrison Academy, 1806-1831.  Harrison Academy, first school in Cynthiana, was built on these grounds in 1798.  Presented by Mrs. William C. Endicott.

IMG_3102Mary, wife of Judge David Snodgrass, died March 6, 1859, Aged 69 years.

IMG_3103David Snodgrass, born April 6, 1787, died October 26, 1852

IMG_3105Matilda, wife of W. R. Houston, died March 23, 1840, Aged 20 years, 4 months, 4 days

IMG_3109William Higgins, born October 23, 1787, died May 2, 1851

Notice at the bottom of the stone is written – Danley and Andres, Paris, Kentucky.

IMG_3113George L. Cox, aged 32 years, died April 13, 1853

IMG_3117Virginia Belle, wife of L. F. Payne, born January 5, 1844, died April 5, 1886

IMG_3126Sarah, wife of G. Remington, born December 15, 1800, died January 10, 1833

E. Lee Ellis Obituary

Scan_Pic1678 1

from the Hopkinsville Kentuckian, Christian County, Kentucky

Saturday, October 27, 1917

Sudden Death of Lee Ellis

President of The Ellis Ice & Coal Co., Called Without Warning

E. Lee Ellis, President of the Ellis Ice & Coal Co., and one of Hopkinsville’s most successful business men, died very suddenly at 10:30 o’clock Thursday morning.  He had been sick with grip for a few days and was in bed, but was not considered seriously ill.  At 10 o’clock he was seized with an attack of heart failure and died within half an hour.

Mr. Ellis was the second son of the late William Ellis, the city’s leading miller in the seventies, and was born July 25, 1858.  He was educated in Ferrell’s High School and during the time that it was a military school was one of the Lieutenants.  He possessed a bright mind and was a good student, noted for his uniform geniality and brightness of disposition.  He carried these qualities with him through life.  After leaving school he was associated with his father and elder brother, F. L. Ellis, in operating the Ellis Mills and when this plant was burned the firm turned to the new industry of manufacturing ice.  The father died a few years later, and some fifteen years ago Forrest L. Ellis died under somewhat similar circumstances.  The latter’s young son, Louis Ellis, then entered the company and the surviving brother became its head and general director.  The business has been one of the city’s most profitable enterprises and the plant is now one of the finest of its kind in the state.  Lee Ellis’ fine capacity has been shown at all times in the management of the growing industry.  Although enjoying a monopoly for many years, the company has sold ice at reasonable prices all along.

Mr. Ellis was unmarried and his surviving relatives are one brother, Dr. Clifton D. Ellis, of Cleveland, Ohio, one sister, Mrs. M. D. Boales, of this city, and the family of his deceased brother, F. L. Ellis.

He was interested in large business enterprises and leaves an ample estate.  He was a director in the First National Bank and was an extensive land owner.  Mr. Ellis was very popular with the public, by reason of his affability and optimism.  He was kind-hearted and benevolent, a sincere friend and a lover of out-door sports of all kinds.  He loved to hunt and fish and for a long time kept a fine pack of fox hounds and did much to rid this country of foxes.

The funeral arrangements were delayed yesterday due to uncertainty concerning the arrival of Dr. Ellis from Cleveland and Mrs. Thomas Smith and Mrs. Robert L. Maxey, nieces, now in Chicago.  The body was taken to the home of Mrs. Lucy Ellis, on Main Street, and the burial will be from there at 2 o’clock this afternoon, at Riverside Cemetery.

Baptisms – St. Charles Catholic Church

Baptisms – St. Charles Catholic Church

Marion County, Kentucky

Louisa Navitt, twin, d/o John and Ann Cissell Navitt, born 28 Jun 1838, sponsor Elizabeth Thompson, baptized at St. Charles 16 Jul 1838
Lucinda Navitt, twin, d/o John and Ann Cissell Navitt, born 28 Jun 1838, sponsor Elizabeth Thompson, baptized at St. Charles 16 Jul 1838
Elizabeth Newton, d/o Joseph and May Newton, sponsor Mary Jane Mattingly, baptized at St. Charles 29 Sep 1850
Francis M. Newton, s/o Joseph and Mary Mattingly Newton, born 10 Feb 1856, sponsor M. A. Mattingly, baptized at St. Charles 13 Jul 1856
Harriet Newton, d/o Joseph and Mary Mattingly Newton, born 20 Feb 1854, sponsor Anne Mattingly, baptized at St. Charles 25 Jun 1854
John Augustine Newton, s/o Joseph and Mary Mattingly Newton, born 02 Feb 1852, sponsor Catherine Mattingly, baptized at St. Charles 16 May 1852
Thomas Newton, s/o Joseph and Mary Newton, born 07 Apr 1848, sponsor Mary Jane Mattingly, baptized at St. Charles 26 Sep 1848
William Alfred Newton, s/o Joseph and Mary Mattingly Newton, born 22 Sep 1846, sponsor Elizabeth Mattingly, baptized at St. Charles 25 Oct 1846
Aloysius James Nolan, an orphan child, born in 1822, sponsor Rev. Linus Coomes, baptized at the Chapel of St. Mary at St. Mary’s College 08 Jun 1834
Charles Kendrick O’Daniel, s/o Walter and Susan Wheatley O’Daniel, born ?? Sep 1847, sponsor Teresa O’Daniel, baptized at St. Charles 07 Jan 1848
Emma O’Daniel, d/o Edward and Mary Spalding O’Daniel, born 27 Dec 1851, sponsor Elizabeth Mulhane, baptized at St. Charles ?? ??? ????
Francesca O’Daniel, d/o Edward and Mary Spalding O’Daniel, born 03 Mar 1857, sponsor Susan Ann O’Daniel, baptized at St. Charles 16 May 1857
Henry Edward O’Daniel, s/o Edward and Mary Spalding O’Daniel, born 02 May 1855, sponsor Cassandra Spalding, baptized at St. Charles 06 Jun 1855
Imelda Rose O’Daniel, d/o Walter and Susan Wheatley O’Daniel, born 19 Oct 1856, sponsor Margaret C. Hamilton, baptized at St. Charles 05 Mar 1857
Joseph Peter O’Daniel, s/o Edward and Mary O’Daniel, born 27 Mar 1846, sponsor Sarah Ann Howard, baptized at St. Charles 21 May 1846
Simon O’Daniel, s/o Walter and Anna Cambron O’Daniel, sponsor Elizabeth Molohon, baptized at St. Charles 14 Oct 1832
Teresa O’Daniel, d/o Walter and Ann Cambron O’Daniel, born 28 Jun 1835, sponsor Mary Brewer, baptized at St. Charles 26 Jul 1835
Thomas J. O’Daniel, s/o Edward and Mary O’Daniel, three months old, sponsors Eliza and H. Spalding, baptized at St. Charles ?? May 1848
Walter Francis O’Daniel, s/o Walter and Susan Wheatley O’Daniel, sponsor Margaret Madden, baptized at St. Charles 09 Aug 1849
William O’Daniel, s/o Walter and Susan Wheatley O’Daniel, born 14 Jul 1853, sponsor Anastasia Shircliff, baptized at St. Charles 13 Oct 1853
Benedict Joseph O’Neil, s/o Benedict and Ellen O’Neil, born 12 Jan 1844, sponsor Sarah Cissell, baptized at St. Charles 21 Apr 1844
Camilla O’Neil, d/o Benedict and Helen O’Neil, born 17 Jul 1842, sponsor Matilda Lanham, baptized at St. Charles 18 Jul 1842
Aloysius Andrew Osborne, s/o Ichabod and Sally Ann Osborne, born Catshoula Parish in Louisiana, sponsor James Kennedy, baptized at St. Charles 04 Jun 1840

John Bull Photographer – 1867

Scan_Pic1677 1This is one of my favorite Civil War era photos!  The dress is amazing – layers of ruffles and topped with a lace jacket.  Perhaps this woman was dressed for a ball!  The hairstyle is still very  conservative.  I would date this about 1867.

John Bull was the photographer.  He lived and had his studio at City Road in Peterborough, a city in northwest Cambridgeshire, England.  John, his wife Louisa Mary, and son John, Jr., were residents there from the 1861 census to 1891.  John was born about 1837, his wife about 1833, their son about 1862.


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