The Crying Devil – A Spooky Halloween Post!

The Tale of the Crying Devil

Central Kentucky News

From Our Files for Sept. 22, 2013

100 Years Ago — 1913

T.T. Dean, who lives in the Ebenezer section of Mercer County close to the Kentucky River has reported that a strange bird has been alarming his neighborhood. It is about the size of a turkey gobbler and has an unearthly and frightful cry that once heard will never be forgotten. It always appears at night and he said it chills his blood and makes him feel like praying whenever he hears it. Even his dog and family cat run under the house and hide when the bird cries. His young daughter, when she hears the unearthly screams, wants to get in the bed under the covers. And, a large flock of turkeys that have been roosting contentedly in the yard, now try to crowd on the porch to roost as close to the house as they can get and can hardly be driven off. Mr. Dean said he has not been able to get close enough to kill it yet but hasn’t given up hope. He said it reminds him of a bird that about 25 years ago terrorized the Bohon section. The people then gave it the name of the “Crying Devil.”

and from Forgotten Tales of Kentucky, by Keven McQueen

In December, the bird got caught on a trout line’s hook and drowned in the Kentucky River. It reportedly “resembled a huge duck,” had a wingspan of five and a half feet, weighed twelve pounds and had three toes on each foot. W.M. Bunton had a taxidermist preserve and mount the once-proud Crying Devil and displayed in his home. Perhaps the stuffed specimen still exists in someone’s attic, awaiting the scrutiny of ornithologists. Apparently, the bizarre bird had no mate or offspring, for the community has remained untroubled by the Crying Devil’s call – and let us be grateful for that!


My 2,100th Post!

Scan_Pic1285 3

Even I have a hard time believing this is my 2,100th post!  How quickly the time has flown by!  And I still haven’t run out of things to talk about!  April 20, 2011, was my first time to write a bit about genealogy.  I’ve shared cemetery photos, marriage records, old letters, old documents, obituaries, old photos – and a plethora of other genealogy related topics.

Today I want to tell you about my results from the DNA tests!  They are finally in!  One of my goals with the tests was to know the truth about the Native American ancestry in my background.  I grew up with stories about my great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Crow Coulter.  My aunts were certain that she was Indian.  So according to that, I should be 1/16 Native American.  That was evidently one of those stories passed down that had no truth to it.  I have zero percent Native American blood running threw my veins!


According to the test I am 48% Europe West – primarily located in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.  How fascinating part of my culture perhaps comes from one of the smallest countries in the world!  This wasn’t entirely a surprise, but I am more European West than Ritchey – with all his Hertz, Leuenberger, Klein and Jungbluth families – I have almost twice the amount!

24% of my heritage is Great Britain –  England, Scotland and Wales – no surprise there!  My Hill’s, Smith’s and Linton’s, among others, state that loud and clear.

I have 20% Irish heritage – my great-great-grandmother Lucy Murphy and her flaming red hair that was passed down through the Hill’s to my grandfather and further still, bear witness to that.  Pap always asked what color a grandchild’s hair was before the sex of the baby!  He inherited that grand heritage, sadly, I did not!

The 4% of Iberian Peninsula in my heritage is not surprising.  I have found out recently that my Carrico surname is of Portuguese descent – I was certain it was French or Italian.

Scandinavia – 4%!  Viking heritage!  I know they were a warrior people, who took other people’s land and plundered wherever they could, but I’ve always been fascinated with their history – especially their terrorization of England!

So to sum up, I am 100% European!  A little dash of exoticness here and there would have been nice, but we are what we are!  I am proud of my heritage, my ancestors, and my two descendants, and the third that is soon to be held in welcoming arms!  Find out what your heritage is – take the DNA test!

Crow-Green Marriage Bond


Mansfield Crow – Lena Green Marriage Bond

Mansfield Crow and Lena Green are my fourth great-grandparents.  I know very little about Lena other than the name of her father, Zachariah Green.  Mansfield was the son of John Crow.  This bond was issued in Garrard County, Kentucky.

Know all men by these presents, That we, Mansfield Crow and John Hill, are held and firmly bound unto James Garrard, Governor of Kentucky, in the just and sum of fifty pound, current money of Kentucky.  The payment of which well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, & jointly, severally and firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals, and dated this 13th day of February 1801.

the condition of the above obligation is such that where there is a marriage shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound Mansfield Crow and Lena Green for which a license hath issued, now, if there be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage, then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.

Mansfield Crow

John Hill

Teste.  Benjamin Letcher


Marriages – Fulton County, Kentucky

Marriages – Fulton County, Kentucky


  • Walter M. Adams married Ann Eliza K. Seay – March 30, 1846
  • Joseph Ambers married Jane Stephens – May 29, 1845
  • Ephraim Baker married Caroline Tyler – February 20, 1850
  • Ashley Barnes married Frances Woods – October 9, 1848
  • Alexander F. Beckham married Mary Watson – January 29, 1848
  • Joseph M. Bigger married Frances H. Stephens – November 24, 1846
  • Thomas P. Blount married Elizabeth C. Jones – September 15, 1845
  • James R. Boden married Mary Ann Nicholson – April 29, 1847
  • John S. Bondurant married Julia Edmiston – October 19, 1847
  • William J. Bondurant married Sarah A. Mayes – February 9, 1846
  • Hiram R. Brown married Mary A. Dorris – July 5, 1850
  • James N. Brown married Darcus C. Shelby – January 26, 1847
  • William C. Brown married Reminah A. Simmons – December 23, 1850
  • Thomas Burchett married Catherine Wilson – June 26, 1848
  • Eli Bynum married Eliza Noonan – August 22, 1849
  • George Caldwell married Ann M. White – December 7, 1846
  • Robert Campbell married Catherine Noonan – July 21, 1845
  • David Cannada married Adaline Johnson – December 13, 1848
  • Elephalet Case married Sarah A. Holt – November 3, 1849
  • John Childers married Elizabeth Baldridge – March 21, 1850
  • James N. Clark married Pamely H. Gore – November 24, 1847
  • Madison Clark married Elizabeth Warwick – May 20, 1846
  • Obadiah Clark married Sarah Letitia Tyler – January 7, 1846
  • Benjamin Clayton married Catherine Ring – January 16, 1850
  • Joseph Clendenan married Caroline Orms – July 16, 1845
  • Aaron Cline married Mary Tickle – May 17, 1849
  • Charles Colston married Lucinda Dilwood – June 27, 1846
  • Jefferson Cook married Martha Riley – December 27, 1846
  • Daniel Crain married Sarah Foster – February 29, 1848
  • James Crawford married Mary C. Graham – June 15, 1850
  • William F. Crenshaw married Susan Alexander – March 15, 1847
  • Richard Cruise married Martha Ann Asbell – November 25, 1847
  • William H. Curlin married Cynthia Maddox – September 29, 1846
  • Thomas F. Daugaday married Elizabeth Fomville – November 5, 1850
  • William A. Davis married Elizabeth M. Barbee – September 26, 1849
  • James Demyers married Margaret Ann Thompson – October 7, 1845
  • James S. Dorsey married Marinda May – February 14, 1848
  • Edward Douglas married Caroline Ellis – May 10, 1849
  • Lewis M. Dowdy married Elizabeth Ann Leachman – August 14, 1845
  • William C. Drury married Lucy T. Hanna – November 13, 1848
  • William R. Duffet married Macy Roe – October 6, 1847
  • John L. Dunn married Matilda E. Allen – August 15, 1850
  • James Dyal married Lucinda Dobson – May 30, 1846
  • D. F. Easley married Isabella Tyler – October 3, 1849
  • John Edmonston married Mary A. Bradshaw – April 11, 1846
  • William Everett married Lucy E. Bynum – November 29, 1850
  • James H. Finch married Mary Ann Howell – February 17, 1847
  • Covington Ford married Elizabeth Simmons – July 26, 1848
  • Joseph A. Fowkes married Catherine Hughes – October 21, 1850
  • John H. Good married Ann S. Connelly – November 8, 1847

Professor W. P. Sears Obituary

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, February 21, 1913

Professor W. P. Sears

The Soldier Who Saw Jackson Fall Seeks the Shade Beyond the River

Professor W. P. Sears, who was a resident of this county for many years, died at Tyrone last Friday.  Mr. Sears was an old Confederate soldier, a native of Virginia, and served under Lee and Jackson throughout the war.  He lost an arm at Chancellorsville and was among the first to reach Stonewall Jackson after he fell in that battle.  After the war he studied music.  He possessed a very rich baritone voice and became a successful teacher, and secured a number of classes at different points in the county, one of them being at the Salvisa Baptist Church.  This school proved to be a very interesting one in several respects, for it was there he met and afterward married Miss Susie Penny, one of the loveliest young women of that community.  After his marriage, Professor Sears, as he was known, continued to teach music for some years, abandoning it later for the mercantile business which he conducted at Salvisa until the death of his first wife.  His second wife survives him.  He was a man of very considerable native ability, a good kindly heart, and a keen sense of humor which made him quite companionable.  The writer remembers how much he enjoyed a manufactured “yarn” to the effect that he had said “he helped to build the natural bridge of Virginia,” circulated by some of his fun-loving companions.  He saw a ludicrous side of things as quickly and enjoyed them as much as any one you could find in a day’s journey.

New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery

IMG_8139New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery

Mercer County, Kentucky

  • Addison James, 1856-1923
  • Dorinda James, April 20, 1831 – September 3, 1864, wife of L. James
  • Ed James, February 4, 1880 – March 13, 1950
  • Elmo James, February 27, 1883 – August 3, 1894

IMG_8583Eugenia G. James

  • Eugenia G. James, December 21, 1859 – August 10, 1892, wife of Frank I. James

IMG_8584F. I. James

  • F. I. James, 1858-1934
  • Fannie R. James, March 18, 1856 – March 17, 1889, wife of A. W. James
  • Frank P. James, December 18, 1877 – May 25, 1970
  • Henry James, June 3, 1891 – June 30, 1894

IMG_8237Herndon James

  • Herndon James, December 17, 1844 – August 16, 1888
  • J. J. James, January 26, 1836 – August 2, 1902
  • J. W. James, 1868-1920
  • John Aaron James, May 1, 1853 – July 1, 1900
  • Lewis James, January 12, 1812 – May 27, 1868
  • Lula G. James, October 14, 1883 – December 24, 1914, wife of F. P. James, Jr.
  • Martha James, November 23, 1839 – April 28, 1905
  • Mary James, June 13, 1895 – January 1, 1897
  • Nannie L. James, 1864-1936
  • Sallie K. James, January 15, 1859 – June 20, 1941
  • Susan M. James, March 1, 1831 – August 2, 1863, daughter of L. and D. James
  • W. M. Holman James, February 23, 1880 – May 1, 1899
  • W. T. James, December 17, 1866 – September 2, 1911
  • Willie James, February 18, 1862 – August 16, 1864, son of L. and D. James
  • Wilma H. James, August 19, 1913 -
  • John L. Jarvis, died April 7, 1876, aged 42 years
  • Margaret I. Jarvis, died August 16, 1875, aged 72 years, wife of Moses Jarvis
  • Margaret S. Jarvis, August 25, 1870 – March 22, 1963
  • Mary C. Jarvis, died April 17, 1876, aged 41 years, wife of John L. Jarvis
  • Mary E. Jarvis, 1867-1915
  • Moses Jarvis, died 1835, aged 35 years
  • William Maurice Jarvis, December 26, 1925 -
  • Henry H. Jelf, October 26, 1822 – April 16, 1867
  • Maria H. Jelf, February 15, 1824 – August 23, 1880, wife of H. H. Jelf
  • Carole Baugh Jenkins, 1945-2002
  • Lois Truman Jenkins, June 27, 1930 – May 13, 1998
  • Bettie Belle James Johnson, 1864-1919, wife of Frank A. Johnson
  • Frank A. Johnson, 1873-

IMG_8591Joseph Johnson

  • Joseph F. Johnson, June 5, 1851 – April 25, 1869
  • Martha S. Johnson, January 18, 1797 – November 9, 1841, wife of William Johnson
  • William Johnson, died September 28, 1845, aged 60 years


1863 Union Draft Records

1863 Union Draft Records

I ran across something very interesting when doing research on a Bowman family of Mercer County, Kentucky – the Civil War draft registration records for the Union Army, 1863-1865.  By 1863 it was necessary for the federal government to enroll and draft men.  The Conscription Act declared that men between the ages of 20 and 45 were eligible for duty.  Those exempt from the draft were men who were mentally or physically impaired, the only son of a widow, the son of infirm parents or a widower with dependent children.  A few man paid a substitute to go to war for them.  Prices began about $300, but some went as high as $1,100 or more.

Class I comprised all persons subject to do military duty between the ages of twenty and thirty-five years, and all unmarried persons to do military duty above the age of thirty-five years and under the age of forty-five years.  Class II comprised all other persons subject to do military duty, married men aged 36 to 44.  Class III comprised volunteers.


Consolidated list of all person of Class II, subject to do military duty in the Seventh Congressional District, consisting of the Counties of Lincoln, Fayette, Jessamine, Boyle, Mercer, Bourbon, Nicholas, Franklin, Woodford and Clark, and State of Kentucky, enumerated during the month of June and July, 1863, under direction of Thomas H. Moore, Captain.

The following is just a small sample of the names included.  What I love about these records is the information given – great for genealogists – and another tool to use between the census years!

Jessamine Allen, Achilles 42 Farmer Kentucky
Jessamine Allen, William C. 36 Blacksmith Tennessee
Jessamine Arnett, Samuel 41 Farmer Kentucky
Jessamine Austin, Robert 36 Carpenter Kentucky
Jessamine Axline, D. W. 37 Preacher Kentucky
Mercer Birdwhite, William N. 36 C. Clerk Kentucky
Mercer Bixter, David M 44 Farmer Kentucky
Jessamine Brown, George W. 39 Carpenter Kentucky
Jessamine Brown, George W. 36 Wagon Maker Kentucky
Mercer Brown, Thomas B. 41 Boot Maker New Hampshire
Mercer Bryant, Isaiah 40 Tailor Ohio
Jessamine Burdine, James 36 Butcher Kentucky
Mercer Burks, Richard 42 Toll Gate Keeper Kentucky
Scott Cannan, John H. 42 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Carrick, John 39 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Carter, John 36 Farmer Kentucky
Mercer Chambers, William 39 Carpenter Kentucky
Scott Chowning, Preston 43 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Clackner G. F. 37 Cabinet Maker Maryland
Scott Clark, Henry 37 Coach Maker New Jersey
Mercer Cochran, Alonzo F. 37 Coach Maker Maryland
Mercer Coghill, Littleton 37 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Cole, Loyd 44 Farmer Kentucky
Mercer Conn, W. O. 35 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Conner, John 35 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Conner, Mike 36 Laborer Ireland
Scott Covington, Thomas 43 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Curry, Charles 38 Miller Ireland
Scott Cutenhuma, John 39 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Dallins, Reuben 37 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Edmenton, John 37 Merchant Virginia
Lincoln Estis, John W. 43 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Estis, William M. 44 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Eubank, Ben 37 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Floyd, Harry 37 Farmer Kentucky
Nicholas Ham, S. W. 43 Farmer Kentucky
Nicholas Hamilton, James G. 35 Constable Kentucky
Nicholas Holladay, James H. 42 Lawyer Kentucky
Nicholas Howe, Ezra 42 Merchant Kentucky
Fayette Landsburg, William 43 Merchant Germany
Fayette Laudaman, James 42 Grocer Kentucky
Fayette Lillard, John L. 42 Harness Maker Kentucky
Fayette Lindsay, W. A. 42 Hotel Keeper Kentucky
Fayette Linn, Patrick 39 Laborer Ireland
Boyle Manmaning, H. 36 Carriage Maker New York
Boyle McGorty, A. L. 43 Merchant Ireland
Boyle McGraw, Jack 37 Farmer Kentucky
Boyle Moore, William J. 43 Tailor Kentucky
Boyle Newlin, George P. 36 Dentist Pennsylvania
Boyle Nichols, John R. 40 Undertaker Kentucky
Boyle Pittman, C. J. 38 Farmer Kentucky
Bourbon Redman, Washington 37 Farmer Kentucky
Bourbon Richardson, Thomas 35 Wagon Maker Kentucky
Bourbon Rogers, I. I. 44 Minister Kentucky
Bourbon Rowe, Jacob 37 Mechanic Kentucky