A Visit To St. Thomas Catholic Cemetery

IMG_0039A Visit To St. Thomas Catholic Cemetery, Nelson County, Kentucky

St. Thomas Catholic Church and Cemetery is located in rural Nelson County, Kentucky, just off US31E south of Bardstown, on Highway 2227.  This road ends at the church.  It is a very beautiful place, very quiet and peaceful.  Fields are farmed around St. Thomas, indicative of the life lived by the early settlers.  The Howard family was one of the first to arrive – coming to the area in 1787.  In 1810 Thomas Howard willed his farm to the church.  The cemetery is beautiful and taken care of very well.  The few stones that have broken are placed on a concrete slab where the original stone sat.  These photos were taken October 11, 2013.

IMG_0044Sacred to the memory of Joshua Greenwell, born August 17, 1819, died September 9, 1879

IMG_0047Charles L. Smith, born 1861, died July 21, 1889 – God took thee in His mercy, and thou art sanctified

IMG_0049Nancy Mudd, born February 3, 1837, died June 6, 1884

IMG_0051Mary A. Tewell, born September 14, 1838, died July 18, 1866

IMG_0052Joseph Boon, born October 15, 1802, died April 1, 1865

IMG_0055Martin Tewell, born April 27, 1827, died January 6, 1892

IMG_0001Jemima A., wife of H. Holtshouser, born October 19, 1837, died February 7, 1880


Cora Marcella Rudd

Scan_Pic1320 2What a darling little girl!  Look at the beautiful white dress and knitted booties!  May I introduce you to Cora Marcella Rudd, born July 24, 1921, in Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota, to Minor Wilson Rudd and Della Rudd.  This photo was taken by Hanes Studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, November 24, 1921 – Cora was 4 months old!

Cora married Elmer William Zoltak, 1910-1979, August 16, 1939.  They had two children, Dennis Edward Zoltak, 1941-1942, and Elmer William Zoltak, Jr., 1942-1987.  Cora outlived all her family members, passing away December 11, 2007, at the age of 86.  She is buried in Solon Springs, Wisconsin.

Does anyone know this family?

Bowmar-Burbridge Bible Records

Today I have bible records of the Bowmar and Burbridge families from Adair County, Kentucky.  The parents were born during the exciting year just before the Revolutionary War began.  Could Benjamin and Polly’s fathers been in the war?  Very possible.  Also note there are four deaths during July and August of 1833 – during the cholera epidemic.  So sad to see a family lose that many members at one time.  I have marked the Willis information as ‘other’, but they are probably grandchildren of Benjamin and Polly.

Benjamin Bowmar and Polly Burbridge Bible Records

Adair County, Kentucky

I will state from a record of my father, Robert Bowmar, that I was born on the 6th day of March, 1775.  I will also state from record my wife, Polly Bowmar, was born March the 16th, 1776, which made nearly one year difference in our age, and died June the 28th, 1842.

Benjamin Bowmar departed this life July the 25th, 1858


  • Harriet Bowmar, born May 15th, 1797, died May 20th, 1837
  • Nancy Bowmar, born February 11th, 1799, died October 28th, 1834
  • Julia Bowmar, born February 3rd, 1801, married January 15th, 1824 (Adair records:  Elijah Cravens)
  • Cyntha Ann Bowmar, born October 20th, 1806, married January 15th, 1824 (Adair records:  James Murrell), died November 14th, 1847
  • Almira Bowmar, born May 5th, 1809, died July 3rd, 1809
  • Celesta H. Bowmar, born August 18th, 1810, died March 9th, 1871
  • Oliver L. Bowmar, born March 29th, 1813, died July 14th, 1833
  • Benjamin W. Bowmar, born December 24th, 1815, died July 20, 1833


  • Ann B. Willis, born September 12th, 1812, married July 2nd, 1835
  • Benjamin Willis, born October 4th, 1814
  • Mary Jane Willis, born April 11th, 1817, married February 1st, 1843
  • Almira Willis, born November 27th, 1819, died August 17th, 1833
  • Julia Frances Willis, born January 31st, 1822, died July 25th, 1833

Polly Burbridge Family:

  • Ann Burbridge, daughter of Thomas and Easter Burbridge, born December 1st, 1755
  • John Burbridge, born October 24th, 1757
  • Elizabeth Burbridge, born April 13th, 1760
  • Sarah Burbridge, born June 1st, 1762
  • Benjamin Burbridge, born January 26th, 1765
  • William Burbridge, born August 1st, 1767
  • Jeremiah Burbridge, born August 30th, 1769
  • Francis Burbridge, born August 30th, 1769
  • Elijah Burbridge, born August 16th, 1772
  • Polly Burbridge, born March 16th, 1776, and died June 28th, 1842, between 10 and 11 o’clock a.m.
  • Molly Burbridge, born May 15th, 1780

St. Rose Catholic Church Baptisms

Baptisms from St. Rose Catholic Church

Washington County, Kentucky

Columbus Joseph Mack, s/o Joseph and Rose Vessels Mack, born 13 May 1846, baptized at St. Rose 02 Mar 1868
Ann Virginia Mackin, d/o John A. and Rose Hamilton Mackin, born 09 May 1873, baptized at St. Rose 17 May 1873
Catherine Mackin, d/o Michael and Mary Cannon Mackin, born 23 Jul 1868, baptized at St. Rose 23 Aug 1868
Anna Jane Maddox, d/o James and Elizabeth Jones Maddox, born 25 Jan 1847, sponsor Elizabeth Greenwell, baptized at St. Rose 13 May 1847
Eliza Catherine Maddox, d/o James and Elizabeth Jones Maddox, sponsor Mary Wheatley nee Jones, baptized at St. Rose 20 Apr 1839
Elizabeth Anna Maddox, d/o James Hileman and Mary Elizabeth Greenwell Maddox, born 27 Mar 1845, sponsor Emily Rose Montgomery, baptized at St. Rose 22 Mar 1845
James Thomas Maddox, s/o James Hileman and Mary Elizabeth Greenwell Maddox, born 25 Feb 1847, sponsor Elizabeth Maddox, baptized at St. Rose 13 May 1847
Martha Eleanor Maddox, d/o James Hileman and Mary Elizabeth Greenwell Maddox, sponsor Alice Simms, baptized at St. Rose 16 Apr 1844
Richard Pius Maddox, s/o James and Elizabeth Jones Maddox, sponsor Priscilla Wheatley, baptized at St. Rose 16 Aug 1834
Sarah Eleanor Maddox, d/o James and Elizabeth Greenwell Maddox, born 15 Oct 1850, baptized at St. Rose 26 Mar 1851
Susanna Pauline Maddox, d/o James and Elizabeth Jones Maddox, sponsor Elizabeth Boone, baptized at St. Rose 14 Jan 1832
Charles Richard Herman Madison, s/o James and Louise Wheatley Madison, born 24 Mar 1849, baptized at St. Rose 23 May 1849
John Albert Madison, s/o James and Martha Canary Madison, born 15 Oct 1851, baptized at St. Rose 08 Feb 1852
Teresa Mahan, d/o Thomas and Teresa Mahan, sponsor Elizabeth Osbourn, baptized at St. Rose 23 Mar 1832
William Edward Maher, s/o James and Catherine Campbell Maher, born 29 Dec 1867, baptized at St. Rose 15 Jan 1868
Aloysius John Mahoney, age 17 years, sponsor Mary Drury, baptized at St. Rose 16 Jul 1848
Catherine Regina Mahoney, d/o James and Marietta Boone Mahoney, born 12 Aug 1866, baptized at St. Rose 05 Mar 1872
Elizabeth Delilah Mahoney, d/o Thomas E. and Matilda Ann Arvin Mahoney, born 06 Jun 1858, baptized at St. Rose 18 Jul 1858
James H. Mahoney, age 36 years, baptized at St. Rose 26 Nov 1865
James Xavier Mahoney, s/o James and Marietta Boone Mahoney, born 20 Dec 1879, baptized at St. Rose 20 Jan 1880
John Edward Mahoney, s/o James and Matilda Osbourn Mahoney, sponsor Mary Arvin, baptized at St. Rose 28 Sep 1833
John William Mahoney, s/o James and Marietta Boone Mahoney, born 17 Aug 1870, baptized at St. Rose 01 Oct 1870
John William Thomas Mahoney, s/o John R. and Martha Walker Mahoney, born 30 Sep 1858, baptized at St. Rose 31 Oct 1858
Joseph C. Mahoney, s/o Thomas and Mary Moore Mahoney, born 02 Jan 1872, bapitzed at St. Rose 14 May 1873
R. S. Mahoney, child of Thomas and Mary Moore Mahoney, born 17 Sep 1867, baptized at St. Rose 14 May 1873
William Mahoney, age 24 years, sponsor Zachariah Drury, baptized at St. Rose 16 Jul 1848
Bridget Maloney, d/o Patrick and Joanna Burns Maloney, born 10 Mar 1860, baptized at St. Rose 08 Apr 1860
Eleanor Maloney, d/o Patrick and Joanna Burns Maloney, born 10 Jan 1864, baptized at St. Rose 14 Feb 1864
Mary Maloney, d/o Michael and Mary Connell Maloney of Shakertown, KY, born 20 Mar 1856, baptized at St. Rose 02 Apr 1856

Haydon Y. Grubbs

IMG_8255Haydon Y. Grubbs, 1st Lieutenant 6th Regiment, U. S. A., killed October 1, 1899, leading a charge near La Carlota, Negros, Philippine Islands.

Haydon Y. Grubbs was the son of William Edward Grubbs and Desdemona Young.  William was born September 23, 1843, in Louisa County, Virginia.  He entered the United States Army as a private with Company E of the 56th Virginia Infantry July 9, 1861, and rose to the rank of sergeant.  Desdemona was born November 5, 1850, in Indiana.  The two were married November 12, 1867, in Boyle County, Kentucky.  There they raised a family that included  Edward Lee, Lily L., Bertha V. and Dewitt C. T., in addition to Haydon.

Haydon followed his fathers footsteps into the military during the Spanish American War and was killed October 1, 1899, while leading a charge in the Philippines.

IMG_8257H. Y. Grubbs, November 27, 1872 – Oceober 1, 1899

IMG_8258Mrs. W. E. Grubbs, born November 5, 1850, died July 27, 1899

IMG_8259Captain W. E. Grubbs, 1843-1911

The family is buried in Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky.

Henry J. C. Lindley Biography

from Perrin’s County of Ohio, Kentucky, Historical and Biographical, 1884

Henry J. C. Lindley was born in Ohio County, Kentucky, January 31, 1822, and is a son of Daniel and Sarah (McGill) Lindley, the former a native of new Jersey, and the latter of Virginia; they were of Scotch-Irish and Irish descent, respectively.  Daniel Lindley received his early education in his native state.  In his eighteenth year, in 1805, he came to Ohio County, Kentucky, then almost an unbroken wilderness.  Here he was afterward married, and here he bought wild land near Conditt’s Ferry, now Point Pleasant, and subsequently improved a farm to which he added from time to time until he was the owner of some 800 acres.  Here he resided and was extensively engaged in agricultural pursuits until his death which which occurred August 10, 1866, in his seventy-ninth year.  He was for many years postmaster at what was known as “Lindley’s Postoffice” since removed to Point Pleasant.  He was a remarkable man for gathering and preserving old relics, having in his possession a pair of tongs, an adze, and several other articles brought by his great-grandfather from Scotland.  His eyesight was unimpaired to the last, having been preserved, it is said, by keeping his eyebrows trimmed.  His father, Jacob Lindley, was a veteran in the war of the Revolution.  Mrs. Sarah Lindley departed this life September 2, 1825, in her thirty-seventh year.  She was a devoted member of the United Baptist Church.  Henry J. C. Lindley received a limited education in youth at the primitive schools of Kentucky; he has, however, acquired a fair business education by his own efforts.  He has always resided on the old homestead, which he now owns, and to which he has added and now owns well-improved farms, amounting in the aggregate to about 1,000 acres.  He is extensively and successfully engaged in agricultural pursuits and stock-raising, making the culture of tobacco a specialty, at which he is said to excel.  He was married, September 8, 1846, to Ophelia M. Timmonds, a native of Ohio County.  Two sons and one daughter have been left to them:  Warren, Mary M. E. and Cincinnatus.  Mrs. Lindley is a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.  Mr. Lindley belongs to no church, but holds to the doctrines of the Methodist Episcopal.  At one time he was a member of the P. of H.  In politics he is independent.

Marriage Records – Clay County, Kentucky

Marriage Records – Clay County, Kentucky

  • Lincoln Amis married Anna Nicholson – June 2, 1810
  • William Alcorn married Debby Philips – August 28, 1810
  • Robert Alcorn married Nancy Shirley – January 31, 1812
  • John Allen married Esther Baker – August 24, 1812
  • Monroe Abner married Aggie Bowlin – March 23, 1813
  • James Alcorn married Anna Duck – November 26, 1813
  • John Alcorn married Polly King – December 26, 1813
  • Dillon Asher married Henrietta Bowlin – April 9, 1816
  • William Allen married Ketarah Givens – July 7, 1817
  • John Akeman married Sally Marshan – February 28, 1820
  • Adoniram Allen married Nancy Hunt – July 8, 1820
  • Archibald Allison married Tabitha Nicholson – August 9, 1820
  • Enoch Abner married Anna Price – January 18, 1822
  • Morris Allen married Rachel Bishop – April 8, 1822
  • Ed Applegate married Polly Hollingsworth – September 4, 1822
  • Robert Asher married Susannah Norris – December 30, 1822
  • James Ashcraft married Betsy McCollum – August 5, 1824
  • William Acres married Delin Pitman – September 21, 1824
  • Thomas Amis married Mary Asher – March 13, 1826
  • James Angel married Elizabeth Cunningham – September 2, 1825
  • Robert Asher married Polly Sizemore – March 26, 1827
  • William Abner married Jenny Baker – June 2, 1827
  • Robert Asher married Rachel Purcefield – January 7, 1820
  • Henry Ayers married Katherine Gill – April 28, 1828