William W. Allen Buried at Georgetown Cemetery

IMG_2076This tall monument stands in honor of the William Allen family in Georgetown Cemetery, Scott County, Kentucky.  William W. Allen was born December 16, 1790, in Virginia, very possibly Loudoun County, the same as my Captain John Linton.  His first marriage was to Juliet Skillman, the mother of his children.  There are also records of the Skillman family in Loudoun County.  I believe William’s parents to be Joseph Allen and Frances Wright, who are buried in Clark County, Kentucky.  Joseph is very possibly the son of William Allen who died in Loudoun County, Virginia, in 1799.  A John Skillman was witness to the will.  William lists sons James, David, Joseph – and deceased son David, along with unnamed daughters.

I could find no marriage date for William and Juliet, but due to the birth date of their first child, it was around 1825.  In the 1850 Census of Scott County, Kentucky, William Allen is listed as 60 years of age, born in Virginia, with wife, Juliet, 43, and children Isaac N., 21, Joseph W., 20, Emily F., 17, Frances A., 16, and Christopher, 11.  Note children’s names of Joseph and Frances – the names of William’s parents.  Juliet died three years later.

IMG_2073Juliet, wife of W. W. Allen, born January 21, 1807, died January 4, 1853

In 1860 the children were grown, William is 70, and his new wife, Evaline, is 51.  She died six years later.

IMG_2075Evaline, wife of W. W. Allen, born 1807, died July 10, 1867

In 1870, William, aged 79, is living with son Joseph and his family – Joseph, 39, Hettie, 29, Ida, 10, Cora, 8, Maggie, 6, and Willie, 4.

IMG_2074W. W. Allen, Sr., born December 16, 1790, died March 11, 1878

William died March 11, 1878, at the age of 88.  Think of the history he witnessed during his lifetime – and the stories of the Revolution that were shared by his father and grandfather!

Thomas Thompson and Eleanor Greene 1804 Marriage

Scan_Pic1600Know all men by these presents that Thomas Thompson and Henry Boone are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency the Governor of Kentucky in the sum of fifty pounds current money to the payment of which well and truly to be made to the said Governor and his successors, we bind ourselves, our heirs, jointly, severally, firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 11th day of May, 1804.  The condition of this obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended between the above bound Thomas Thompson and Eleanor Greene for which a license has issued.  Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct this said marriage then this obligation to be void, or else to remain in full force and virtue.              Thomas Thompson, Henry Boone

Witness John Reed

Scan_Pic1601This may certify to the clerk that I am willing that marriage license should issue between Thomas Thompson and my daughter Eleanor Greene – Thomas E. Greene.  Teste.  Henry Boone, Henry Hardin

Copy of original marriage bond and parental consent from the Washington County, Kentucky, Courthouse.  Remember at this time that Marion County was still a part of Washington County.  I say this because the Thompson and Boone names are more familiar with Marion than Washington.  Always a bonus to have the parental consent – another ancestor if not known!

Baptisms – St. Lawrence Catholic Church

St. Lawrence Catholic Church Baptisms

Daviess County, Kentucky

  • William Henry Coomes, son of Charles and Frances Coomes, born 1824, was baptized October 3, 1826.
  • Henry Clary, son of John and Elizabeth Clary, born 1826, was baptized October 3, 1826, sponsor Margaret Durban.
  • Henry Malay, son of Thomas Malay and wife, was baptized October 4, 1826, sponsor Susan Knott.
  • Edward Malay, son of Thomas Malay and wife, was baptized October 4, 1826, sponsor, Susan Knott.
  • Ellen, daughter of Ann, servant of William Coomes, born 1827, baptized March 2, 1827, sponsor Polly Coomes.
  • William Leonard Knott, son of Basil and Susan Knott, born March 24, 1827, baptized May 8, 1827, sponsor Mary Payne.
  • Joseph Henry Henning, son of Ezekiel and Elizabeth Henning, born June 2, 1827, baptized July 12, 1827, sponsor, Sarah Henning.
  • Mary Ann O’Flynn, daughter of Eugene and Ann O’Flynn, born July 9, 1827, baptized July 28, 1827, sponsor Maria Drury.
  • Prudence Head, daughter of William and Hannah Head, born 1827, baptized August 12, 1827, sponsor Elizabeth Jarboe.
  • Richard Lanham, son of William and Elizabeth Lanham, baptized September 16, 1827, sponsor Elizabeth McDaniel.
  • John Thomas Payne, son of Cornelius and Mary Payne, born October 14, 1827, baptized October 24, 1827, sponsor Elizabeth Hughes.
  • Pius James Bowles, son of James and Priscilla Bowles, born May 6, 1827, baptized October 25, 1827, sponsor Catherine All.
  • Letty Ann, daughter of Hannah, servant of William Payne, born October 23, 1827, baptized October 25, 1827, sponsor, Maria, servant of John Payne.
  • Ann Vienna McDaniel, daughter of Alexander and Mary McDaniel, born November 11, 1827, baptized December 30, 1827, sponsor Martha McDaniel.

Henrietta Phillips Richeson Obituary

from The New-Journal, Campbellsville, Taylor County, Kentucky

July 8, 1920

Aged Lady Passes Away

Mrs. Henrietta Richeson, wife of J. M. Richeson, died July 2, 1920, after a lingering illness of several months.  She underwent an operation on July 1, and death resulted the day following.

The deceased was born in this county April 5, 1853, and was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Phillips.  She was converted at the age of sixteen, and united with the Mt. Zion Church, and was a consistent member of that church until death.  She was married to J. M. Richeson, April 13, 1876.  To this union eight children were born, two having died in infancy.  Her husband and six children, namely, Mr. Mark Richeson, Mrs. S. F. Colvin, Mrs. Eva Caffee, Mrs. Naomi Wilson, Mrs. Rachel Davis, all of this county, and Mrs. Lach Stapp of Detroit, Michigan, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild, one sister and two brothers, besides a host of other relatives and friends to mourn her departure.

Funeral services were held at Reid’s Chapel Saturday at 11 o’clock, conducted by Rev. J. L. Pearcy.  The interment took place at the Phillip’s Cemetery.

Mrs. Richeson possessed all the qualities that are required to make one useful in life and prepared for death.  She was a loyal christian, devoted wife, mother, and good neighbor.

To the grief stricken husband and children and other relatives, we extend our deepest sympathy.

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Births – 1911-1915

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Births – 1911-1915

  • George Ingles, Bell County, August 17, 1915, Vol. 121, #60328, mother, Elizabeth Snocoly
  • Helen Frances Ingles, Harrison County, August 18, 1915, Vol. 81, #40474, mother, Adia Bowers
  • James Harvey Ingles, Carter County, December 19, 1915, Vol. 128, #63958, mother, Dora Conely
  • Martha Della Ingles, Harrison County, June 17, 1912, Vol. 73, #29029, mother, Lucy Agnew
  • Mary Hope Ingles, Pendleton County, August 19, 1912, Vol. 105, #41829, mother, Ollie Powell
  • Mary Katherine Ingles, Harrison County, May 16, 1914, Vol. 55, #27285, mother, Blanche McMahaney
  • Mary Maid Ingles, Harrison County, June 7, 1912, Vol. 73, #29020, mother, Addie Boyers
  • Robertson Jury Ingles, Bell County, March 22, 1912, Vol. 28, #11175, mother, Minnie Jury Ingles
  • Ruby Myrtle Ingles, Harrison County, June 8, 1914, Vol. 65, #32210, mother, Lucy Jane Agnew
  • Theodore Ingles, Pendleton County, June 26, 1914, Vol. 62, #30811, mother, Ollie Powell
  • William G. Inglesworth, Harrison County, January 6, 1914, Vol. 6, #2628, mother, Annabel Hazelwood
  • Alene Inglis, Hopkins County, May 19, 1911, Vol. 59, #23532, mother, Ella P. Ligon
  • Lorine Inglis, Caldwell County, August 19, 1913, Vol. 81, #40279, mother, Alva May Misz
  • Otie Owell Inglis, Hopkins County, April 19, 1911, Vol. 46, #18201, mother, Queen Victoria Neisz
  • William Sidney Inglis, Hopkins County, August 5, 1915, Vol. 99, #49364, mother, Victoria Neisz
  • Mary Gladys Inglish, Hopkins County, June 1, 1912, Vol. 122, #48549, mother, Eva Veach
  • Ruel Ellis Inglish, Marshall County, December 9, 1912, Vol. 2(13), #858, mother, Emma Cornelia Laremore
  • Mary Eleas Ingold, Laurel County, March 10, 1914, vol. 29, #14408, mother, Mary Herzog
  • Oscar Ingold, Laurel County, February 28, 1911, Vol. 20, #7655, mother, Mary Herzog
  • Walter Ingold, Laurel County, May 28, 1912, Vol. 94, #37249, mother, Mary Herzog
  • Albert Ingraham, Carter County, September 10, 1911, Vol. 108, #43099, mother, Nancy E. Littleton
  • Edna Ingraham, Rowan County, September 18, 1912, Vol. 120, #47787, mother, Linda Johnson
  • Eva Nell Ingraham, Carter County, September 19, 1912, Vol. 136, #54186, mother, Nancy Elizabeth Littleton
  • Mildred Ingraham, Rowan County, February 8, 1911, Vol. 23, #9009, mother, Bell White
  • Thelma Ingraham, Carter County, February 17, 1914, Vol. 15, #7088, mother, Linnie Tolliver
  • Vi Dora B. Ingraham, Carter County, January 21, 1914, Vol. 12, #5846, mother Martha Bowling

Schooling Family of Washington County

IMG_6278Erected 1864 to my husband, James Schooling, born November 8, 1798, died April 2, 1863.  Eliza Schooling, born November 26, 1809, died September 20, 1885.

Schooling Family of Washington County, Kentucky

from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky, by O. W. Baylor

If the reader will take time out to go up on Cemetery Hill, Springfield, he will find there a tall marble shaft upon which is inscribed the name “Schooling.”  The Schoolings, or at least James Schooling, Sr., the first of the family to appear in Washington County, hailed from Virginia.  James, Sr., was born in Berkeley County in 1757.  He tells the story of his military service in the following manner:

“In the month of May I entered the company of Captain Little as a substitute for one Benjamin Hesint, for a 3 months tour and joined the regiment commanded by one Major Morgan; then there were about 500 of us and all commanded by General Dark.  We marched to near Fort Pitt where we lay for some time and from thence we descended the Ohio River to a Fort called Holaday’s Cove where we remained until discharged in August of the same year.  In the winter of the same year I entered the company commanded by one William Lucas for another tour of 3 months as a substitute for one Moses Malton and we marched from Berkeley County to Fredericksburg and on to the Rappahannock River and were there honorably discharged by the said Lucas.  Having served this tour I returned home again in 1781 and was drafted to serve in the company of Captain Jarrett for a tour of 3 months.  I joined the regiment at Fredericksburg and marched from thence to join the main army at Williamsburg.  There I remained until honorably discharged.  I distinctly recollect General Washington and General LaFayette.”

James Schooling, Sr., married December 17, 1784, Mary, and shortly thereafter moved to Kentucky.  He was a resident of Washington County from the day the county was formed in 1792 until he died March 4, 1840.  Issue:  Elizabeth, born July 30, 1785; Robert, born January 16, 1787; Liety, born September 8, 1788; Mary, born September 28, 1791; John, born March 2, 1793, married Jane McKittrick; Sarah, born May 2, 1795; Jane, born February 25, 1797, married William R. Watts of Washington County; James, born November 8, 1798, married Polly McKittrick.

The gravestone above is for James Schooling, Jr., and his second wife, Eliza Platt.

Adam F. Schooling married Elizabeth Hurst 21 May 1818
Gordon H. Schooling married Nannie C. May 10 Feb 1869
Gordon Schooling married Mary Jane Mitchell 24 Feb 1857
James A. Schooling married Nancy Sweeney 24 May 1825
James Schooling married Eliza Platt 20 Jun 1832
James Schooling married Polly McKittrick 08 Dec 1825
Jeremiah Schooling married Cynthia Young 29 Nov 1821
Jerry Schooling married Lizzie Spalding 26 Nov 1876
John Schooling married Jane McCallister 22 Nov 1819
Robert Schooling married Eliza Schooling 03 Oct 1810
John W. Coleman married Mary Jane Schooling 01 Oct 1849
John M. Garshwiles married Louisa Schooling 27 Oct 1825
Edward Graves married Lucinda Schooling 07 Aug 1823
Robert Schooling married Eliza Schooling 03 Oct 1810
Levi Sherrell married Sarah Schooling 10 Sep 1814
William W. Walker married Susanna H. Schooling 16 Oct 1821
John Watts married Polly Schooling 03 Aug 1814
William R. Watts married Jane Schooling 15 Apr 1815


Pierce/Bryant Family at Antioch Christian Cemetery

IMG_8743Rube Pierce, June 3, 1868 – January 28, 1937, Antioch Christian Cemetery, Casey County, Kentucky

Three gravestones – each with a branch of leaves and flowers in the upper left hand corner –  stand in the Antioch Christian Cemetery in rural Casey County.  These monuments are for Rube and Lona Bryant Pierce, and her father, Milton Bryant.

The history of the Bryant family begins in Adair County, Kentucky, with David and Sarah Bryant, with their large family of eleven children – Milton Bryant being the middle child, coming in at #6!  In the 1860 census the family is listed as David, 55, Sarah, 47, John, 26, Jasper, 22, James, 21, Peter, 18, Thomas, 15, Milton, 13, Martha, 11, David, 9, Henry, 7, Edmund, 5, and Sarah E., 1.

By 1870 David Bryant is deceased.  The census lists now three families, living next to each other.  Household #78 is Milton Bryant, 23, with his wife, Nancy J. (Hardin), 20, and baby daughter, Apolona, 4/12.  Household #79, brother Jasper Bryant, 33, his wife, Nancy J., 27, William D., 8, Sarah F., 6, Millie A., 4, and Martha J., 1.  Household #80, is mother Sarah Bryant, 55, John, 35, Thomas, 25, Martha A., 20, Rhoda, 2, David, 19, Henry 16, Edward, 14, and Sarah E., 11.

In 1880, still in Adair County, Milton Bryant is 33, Nancy J., 30, Apolona, 10, Cleopatra, 9, Arthur, 5, and Manora, 4.  The children’s names are wonderful!  Was Milton a well-read person – did he love history?

In 1900 the family has moved to Casey County, Kentucky.  Nancy J. Bryant is deceased.  Milton Bryant, is 53, with son Otha, 24, daughter, Manora, 22.  Also living with him are daughter Lona (Apolona) Pierce, 30, now married to husband Rube (Reuben), 29, and their children Owen, 3, Flora L., 2, and Fannie P., 2/12.

By 1910 Rube and Lona Pierce have moved to Russell County.  They are both 39, Owen, 14, Flora L., 12, Pearl, 10, Chester, 7, Elbert, 5, and twins Omer, 2, and Otis, 2.  They have been married sixteen years and have seven children, all living.  All family members are still living in Russell County in 1920.

IMG_8745Milton Bryant, August 15, 1847 – September 22, 1928

1928 was a sad year for the  family.  Apolona’s father died September 22 – and she followed him to the grave a few months later on   November 23rd.  Apolona, her husband Rube and her father David are buried at Antioch Christian Church in Casey County.  They must have shortly moved back from Russell County, because her death certificate is signed by her husband, giving an address as Dunnville, Casey County, Kentucky.

IMG_8744Lona, wife of Rube Pierce, March 22, 1870 – November 23, 1928

Rube Pierce lived until January 28, 1937.  In the 1930 Casey County Census he is 59, twin sons, Omer and Otis, 22, living with him.


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