Casey County Marriage Returns 1815-1816

I do hereby certify that on the 29th of November 1815 I joined together in matrimony James Ard and Rebeccah Voris.                                        Jacob Warriner

I do hereby certify that on the 12th of December 1815 I joined together in matrimony William Watron and Elizabeth A. Stakes.

Jacob Warriner

I do hereby certify that on the 21st of December 1815 I joined together in matrimony David McCay and Lucinda Davis.

Jacob Warriner

Marriage Return Casey

  • The marriage of George Hill and Elizabeth Cassie Flear on March the 8th day 1815.
  • Joseph Cunningham and Polly Cunningham September 15th day 1815.
  • Wilson Clements and Nancy Porter May 21st day 1815.
  • Samuel Mansfield and Harriett Elliott on January the 25th
  • Thomas McGlacklin and Sally Peyton December the 7th day 1815.

By John McGran

I do hereby certify that the within named John S. McComack and Paulina J. Cabbell was joined together in the holy state of matrimony by me this 18th June 1816.

Isaac Renfro

William B. Wallace – Revolutionary War Veteran

William B. Wallace, 1st Lieut, Woodford’s 1 VA Brigade, Revolutionary War, July 8, 1765 – Jun 21, 1833.  Salt River Baptist Cemetery, Anderson County, Kentucky.

William B. Wallace was a First Lieutenant in Woodford’s First Virginia Brigade in the Revolutionary War.  In a letter dated October 28, 1938, to Mrs. L. Prentice Bradley of Morganfield, Kentucky, from A. D. Hiller, Executive Assistant to the Administrator of the Kentucky Agency, he states that William B. Wallace was a Lieutenant in the 1st Regiment of Artillery, also in September 1775, in Colonel William Woodford’s Second Virginia Regiment.  He was allowed two hundred acres of bounty land for his service during the Revolutionary War (Warrant #2441 – 200 acres – issued March 27, 1794), and was also allowed a pension at the rate of $400 per year, under the Act of May 15, 1828 (Certificate #153, issued August 3, 1829), at which time he was a resident of Kentucky.

William Brown Wallace died June 21, 1833, during the cholera epidemic; his wife, Barbara Fox Wallace, followed him within a few or hours or days.

Hon. Jasper W. Muir Obituary – Nelson County

Jasper W. Muir was the son of William Locke Muir and Mary E. Hester, born December 11, 1828, in Clark County, Indiana.  His family moved to Nelson County, Kentucky, the next year.  Jasper and Mary Elizabeth Wickliffe were married about 1850 and had six sons before her death in 1868:  Nathaniel Wickliffe, William Logan, Joseph Halstead, Jasper W. Jr., Charles Wickliffe and James D., who lived only eight months.  Nine years after Mary Muir’s death Jasper married a widow, Florida Sloan Talbott.  The couple had three children:  Joseph A., Mary and Henry Louis Muir.  William Logan Muir and James D. Muir predeceased their father.

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Thursday, April 11, 1907

Hon. Jasper W. Muir Dies at Bardstown

Pioneer Lawyer of Nelson County Passes Away In His Eighty-fourth Year

Bardstown, Ky., April 10 – Hon. Jasper W. Muir died at his residence here at an early hour this morning as a result of a stroke of apoplexy suffered three years ago.  He was eighty-four years old and was one of the most prominent men in this community.  He was a pioneer lawyer of the Bardstown bar, having been a partner of the celebrated Ben Hardin when that lawyer was at the height of his fame.  Mr. Muir was a veteran of the Mexican War, was formerly school superintendent of Nelson County, and was a member of the last constitutional convention.  He relinquished the practice of law about thirty years ago, and since that time had been engaged in the banking business.  He was one of the wealthiest men in Nelson County.  He is survived by his widow and seven children, one of whom is Mrs. Mary Hagan, wife of Robert J. Hagan, of Louisville.  The funeral will take place Friday afternoon.

Jasper W. Muir, December 11, 1823 – April 10, 1907.  St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky.

Revolutionary War Soldiers of Pulaski County

This beautiful plaque honoring Revolutionary soldiers from Pulaski County sits in front of the courthouse, attached to a mill stone.

In memory of those Revolutionary Soldiers who contributed to the establishment and development of Pulaski County, Kentucky

  • Robert Adams
  • Francis Aldridge
  • Robert Anderson – listed in 1840 census, no age given, head of household, in the 70-80 age range
  • Samuel Allen, Jr.
  • Thomas Asman
  • William Barron
  • John Barker
  • Henry Baugh
  • Michael Beakman
  • Ichabod Blacklege
  • Robert Buchanan
  • Michael Burton
  • Andrew Cowan

  • Elijah Denny
  • John Dick
  • Lovel H. Dogan
  • Josiah Earp
  • John Edwards
  • John Evans
  • Job Gastineau, Sr.
  • James Gilmore
  • Richard Goggins
  • William Hansford
  • James Hamilton
  • James Harrell
  • William Hays
  • William Heath

  • John Hopper
  • Nicholas Jasper
  • Thomas Kelly
  • James Kennedy
  • James Lee
  • Moses Martin
  • John Mayfield
  • Joseph McAllister
  • Barnabus Murray – listed in 1840 census, aged 80, head of household
  • Samuel Newell
  • John Newby
  • William Owens
  • John Perry

  • James Rainey
  • Michael Reagan
  • David Roper
  • Robert Sayers – listed in 1840 census, no age given, head of household, in the 80-90 age range
  • Thomas Seaton
  • Dorson Sewell
  • Richard C. Swearingen
  • William Sweeney
  • Peter Tartar
  • Nathaniel Tomlinson
  • William Trimble
  • Martin Turpin
  • John Wilson – listed in 1840 census, no age given, head of household, in the 70-80 age range
  • Michael Young

Erected by Somerset Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution

Pulaski County Courthouse

Will of William L. Martin – Larue County

William L. Martin was featured in an earlier post – so much information was on his gravestone!  William was the son of Hartwell Martin and Sallie Porter.  The family was from Charles City County in Virginia.  William L. was born there May 26, 1782, on the banks of the James River. 

In 1807 William Martin married Sarah Shofner, daughter of Henry Shofner and Cloe Hart.  Henry was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. 

William and Sarah had only one child – Henry Martin – born March 22, 1808.  He married Mary Dearen on December 24, 1828, and had many children, including seven listed in their grandfather’s will – William D., Harriet A., Henry P., James W.,  Paschal W., Sally A. and Corrintha C. Martin.  William D. must have been the oldest.  He lived with his grandparents in 1850, where the census of Larue County lists him as 20, and as a student.

William L.’s wife, Sarah, was the recipient of his entire estate.  She died in 1886 at the age of 94 years.  After her death her son and grandchildren received their inheritance.

Will of William L. Martin

Larue County Will Book 1, Pages 83-84

In the name of God, amen.  I, William L. Martin, being feeble in body but sound in mind and memory feel it to be my duty to dispose of my worldly effects that the good Lord hath seen cause to bless me with, do therefore make and publish this my last will and testament in the following words and forms.

It is my will and desire that all of my just debts be paid and that my body be decently interred after my death and that the residue of my estate be disposed of in the following manner.

First.  I will and bequeath all that I am possessed of consisting of all my lands, Negroes and perishable property and cash rates of money to my beloved wife Sarah Martin for and during her natural lifetime and in the event she should marry again she is only to have one third of my estate for her natural lifetime and further more she is to have the right to sell any of the property and convey the same at anytime she may think proper.

Second.  It is further my will and desire that my beloved grandson, William D. Martin, have, and I do hereby give to him my farm, the one on which I now live in the County of Larue in the State of Kentucky, he to have possession of the same at the death of my wife, and I also give to him my black woman Malvina, my girl, Martha Jane, the boy John, the boy Tam and the boy Davy, and my said grandson named aforesaid is to have possession of the Negroes named above at the death of my wife.

Thirdly, it is my will and desire that my beloved son, Henry Martin, have and I do hereby give and bequeath to him the farm and tract of land on which he now lives, situated on the Little South Fork of Nolin, Larue County, Kentucky, and also four hundred dollars in money to have the possession of property and money at the death of my wife.

Fourth.  It is my will and desire that my three granddaughters, Harriett A., Sarah A, and Corrintha C. Martin, have at the death of my wife and I hereby give to each of them one hundred dollars.

Fifthly.  It is further my will and desire that at the death of my wife that all of the residue of my property not disposed of above be sold and the proceeds after same and the residue of my money

or evidence of the same not disposed of above be equally divided between and I hereby give the same to my three grandsons, Henry P, James W. and Paschal W. Martin.

Sixth.  Lastly, I hereby appoint my beloved grandson, William D. Martin, and my beloved wife, Sarah Martin, my Executrix and Executor to carry this, my last will and testament into effect, and if the court will permit them it is my desire that they qualify as such without giving security.

Given under my hand this the 30th day of August 1855.

William L. Martin

Signed in the presence of W. B. Reade, J. H. Rodman, E. R. Burba

At a County Court began and held at the courthouse in Hodgensville, on the 26th day of October 1857, the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of William L. Martin, deceased, was produced in Court by William D. Martin, one of the executors therein named and offered for probate, the same was duly provided by the oaths of W. B. Reade and E. R. Burba, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto, whereupon the same was established and ordered to be recorded and I have on this 2nd day of December 1857 thus accorded the same.

E. R. Burba, Clerk

Dr. Aquilla Talbott Obituary – Fayette County

Dr. Aquilla Talbott, December 17, 1838 – September 3, 1907.  Sallie J. Head, his wife, January 13, 1839 – August 2, 1909.  Lexington Cemetery, Fayette County, Kentucky.

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Wednesday, September 4, 1907

Dr. Aquilla Talbott, one of the best-known physicians of Lexington, and an ex-Confederate soldier, died at his residence in this city at 6 o’clock this morning.  Dr. Talbott had been in bad health from a complication of kidney and stomach diseases for several months.  Yesterday afternoon he felt so ill that he went home about 1 o’clock and retired, hoping that he would feel better after a night’s rest.  he, however, grew gradually worse until he expired this morning.  Dr. Talbott was born in Bourbon County in 1838.  When he was seventeen years old the family moved to Franklin County, where he grew to manhood.  When Bragg’s army invaded Kentucky he joined Scott’s Louisiana cavalry and served with that organization until the close of the war.  In 1870 he came to Lexington and began the practice of medicine, in which he gained a wide acquaintance and popularity.

The funeral services will be held at the family residence tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock, the Rev. Preston Blake officiating.  The interment will be in the Lexington Cemetery.  The pallbearers will be as follows:  W. H. Snyder, Shelby Kinkead and Ben T. Head, of Lexington; J. S. Head, Jr., Ashland, Ky.; R. C. Head, of Louisville and Augustus Talbott of Paris, Ky.

The Frankfort Roundabout, Franklin County, Kentucky

Saturday, September 7, 1907

Martin Family Buried In Red Hill Cemetery – Larue County

One more post on the Martin family of Larue County, who first lived in Green County when they came to Kentucky in 1805.  Red Hill Cemetery is located in the county seat of Hodgensville.

William L. Martin, born May 26, 1782, in the State of Virginia, in Charles City County, on the waters of the James River and came to Green County, Kentucky in 1805, was married there October 17, 1807, and departed this life November 10, 1857, in the 76th year of his age.

Williams’ wife, Sarah Shofner.

Sally, wife of William L. Martin, born June (?) 25, 1792, died September 30, 1886, aged 94 years.

Mary E. Dearen, wife of Henry Martin, son of William L. and Sarah Martin.

Mary E., wife of Henry Martin, born August 14, 1812, died January 17, 1863.

Eliza Dearen, second wife of Henry Martin and sister to his first wife.

Eliza, second wife of Henry Martin, born August 27, 1813, died January 7, 1886.

Sally, daughter of H. & M.E. Martin, born January 1, 1851, died January 1, 1875.

Harriet, another daughter of Henry and Mary Martin.

Harriet A. Martin, born June 27, 1833, and departed this life April 15, 1858, in the 19th year of her age.