Two People – 100 Years

Fifty Years of Marriage

Nannie Belle Coulter and Jessie Delbert Hill – Mom and Pap Hill – my beloved paternal grandparents.  They were married June 27, 1911 – he was 17, she was 15.  Today would be their 100th wedding anniversary if they were still with us.

Pap always told me the first time he saw Mom she was ‘the prettiest little thing – and I knew I was going to marry her!’  They had 8 children, 31 grandchildren  – plus great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren too numerous to count.  By this date I’m sure there are at least one or two more generations!

This picture was taken on the day of their 50th wedding anniversary in 1961.  It was such a special day – a huge celebration held at St. Joe School.  I was four years old!

Another celebration was held in 1973 – this one I remember!  This anniversary was their 62nd – perhaps a strange number to celebrate – but it happened to be their last.  Pap died the next April.  It was an outside party – too many people for their small house to hold!  A long wagon held dish after dish of food.  The Hills have always been good cooks, and a special occasion like this brought out only the best.  Mom had a corsage of white carnations tinted green – would emerald be the 60th anniversary?  There was music played – grandchildren who played guitars, fiddle and banjo – and fun to be had by all.  Think of all the people who cherished those two!  And who still do!

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  1. What a wonderful memory for you of their 50th and 62nd anniversary parties! My paternal grandparents lived to celebrate their 66th anniversary before my Grandmother Monica died. Grandfather Louis follwed her 3 years later. I was 29 when “Mom Mom” died, and 32 when “Pop Pop” departed to be with her. I feel very blessed to have had them in my life for so many years.

  2. Well, you know this post reminds me of the one I wrote earlier this month about my in-laws celebrating their 69th. That is a sweet, sweet picture. You can see the love all around them!

    • That’s the first post of yours I read! You were freshly pressed and it caught my eye! I look at my genealogy calendar and try to pick something interesting to write about for a particular day – and knew this 100th would be perfect for today! Mom was a very quiet person – rarely talked – but Pap talked all the time! I guess they made a great pair!

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