Family Stories

Deed of David Jones to John Hereford

Prince William County Deed Book E, pp. 248-249

Know all men by these presents that I, David Jones, of Truro Parish in the County of Prince William, Planter, for the sum of fifteen hundred and eight pounds of tobacco to me paid by John Hereford, of the same parish and county, Gentleman, have sold unto the said John Hereford and to his heirs and assigns one feather bed and furniture, one cow and two yearlings, two iron pots, one horse and one colt, two pewter dishes and six pewter plates, one frying pan, two ewes, one table, one small chest and one mans saddle, all which beasts, goods and chattles, I, the said David Jones, unto the said John Herford, will warrant and defend provided always and upon condition that if the said David Jones truly pay unto the said John Hereford, his heirs and assigns, the aforesaid sum of fifteen hundred and eight pounds of tobacco at or before the tenth day of November in the year one thousand seven hundred and forty-one that then everything herein contained shall be void.  In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal the twenty-eighth day of April 1741.                         David Jones

In presence of us Burr Harrison, W. Thompson, Moses Linton and Sampson Darrell

At a court continued and held for Prince William County April the 28th 1741 David Jones acknowledged this deed to be his act and deed and it was then admitted to record.

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