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Joshua Gaither

from Anne Arundel Gentry:

Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Joshua Gaither

Joshua Gaither, son of John and Elizabeth (Duvall) Gaither, was born 1726 in Anne Arundel County at the parental estate “Abington”.  By the 1739 will of his father he was to share equally in the dwelling-plantation with his brothers.

On October 2, 1749, his mother deeded him for natural love and affections 52 acres of “Abington” which had been resurveyed by his grandfather, John Gaither, deceased, who willed it to his son, John Gaither, deceased, “my husband” and who willed it to “my son Richard Gaither” as his share and the said Richard sold it to me.

In March 1778, he declared his allegiance to the State of Maryland in Anne Arundel County by taking the oath before Judge John Dorsey.

Implications are very strong that he married his cousin, Sarah, a daughter of Jeremiah and Rachel (Gaither) Jacob, being made an heir of her father in his undated will.  By naming a son, Jeremiah, is also contributing evidence.  Her father died 1781 shortly after he settled in North Carolina.

Children of Joshua and Sarah (Jacob) Gaither

  • Jeremiah Gaither
  • Susanna Gaither

On September 13, 1766, Joshua Gaither deeded to Denton Hammond Gent., for 40 pounds a portion of “Duval’s Delight” on the Patuxent River near Richard Snowden’s iron works, now called “Benson’s Lott”, of 150 acres.  Sarah Gaither, wife, waived all dower rights.  On the same day, Denton Hammond re-conveyed him “Duval’s Delight” for five shillings, and on the same day, Joshua Gaither deeded him for five shillings 104 acres of “Abington”.  Sarah Gaither, his wife, waived all dower rights.

According to the 1728 tax list for Anne Arundel, he was domiciled in the Severn Hundred on a portion of “Duval’s Delight”, with nine in family.  Also on “Duvall’s Delight”, of 37 1/2 acres, was Zachariah Duvall.

At the 1800 census he was the head of a family over 45 years, with four males between 16 and 26 years, and one female between 26 and 45 – also seven slaves.

On July 3, 1803, he made a deed of gift to his son, Jeremiah Gaither, of all real and personal property providing that he cared for his sister, Susanna Gaither.

No probate records are on file in Anne Arundel County, so far as it has been able to ascertain.

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