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Albert Gallatin Craig and Virginia Judith Brooking Family – Gallatin County

Albert Gallatin Craig and Virginia Judith Brooking were married on the 23rd of September 1834, in Clark County by Samuel Wilson.  Albert was the son of the Rev. Benjamin Craig, Jr., and Elizabeth Walton Morris.  He was born April 1, 1807, in Gallatin County, where he resided until his death.  Virginia was born in Clark County about 1817.

Albert was a judge and a farmer.  He and Virginia had a large family – eleven children – six daughters and five sons.  All are listed in census records from 1850-1880.

  1. Elizabeth Morris Craig, 1835-1911
  2. Mary Judith Craig, 1837-1879
  3. Robert Edward Craig, 1840-1911
  4. Sarah Watkins Craig, 1843-1882
  5. Virginia Craig, 1845-1865
  6. Silas Leonidas Craig, 1847-1924
  7. Joshua Morris Craig, 1849-1930
  8. Anderson Craig, 1851-1917
  9. Albert Gallatin Craig, Jr., 1853-1923
  10. Laura Brooking Craig, 1855-1940
  11. Virginius T. Craig, 1858-1942

Albert Gallatin Craig died in 1883 in Gallatin County.  Even though he lived his entire life there, he was buried in the Masonic cemetery in Ghent, in Carroll County.

A. G. Craig died October 22, 1883, aged 76 years, 5 months and 21 days.  Ghent Cemetery, Carroll County, Kentucky.

Virginia Judith Craig lived another ten years, passing away at the age of 76 years.

Virginia J. Craig, died June 15, 1893, aged 76 years and 2 months.

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  1. Was Benjamin Craig with the “Traveling Chuch” led by the Rev. Lewis Craig in 1781? My 5th Great-grandmother, Catherine Hoskins Sanders (1710- 1786) and members of her family were also with the group. Her son Nathaniel (1741 – 1826) remained in Virginia to settle the estate of his father Hugh before coming to Kentucky to live around 1788. Elizabeth Sanders, Catherine’s daughter, and Nathaniel’s sister was also with the Traveling Church and was married to Lewis Craig, son of Taliferro Craig.

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