Old Photos

Fancy Hats – Horse Racing – Graham Canyon

These two photographs are unusual in the respect they are glued together and have been trimmed.  The first is of ladies sitting in a wagon.  Their hats are perched on their heads, a parasol behind the lady on the right.  Such decorative hats with ribbons, flowers and bits of lace.  The demeanor of the lady on the left, the way she has posed herself makes her look ready for anything.  Perhaps she needs to be as ‘more of the race’ is written at the bottom of the photo.  You can tell part of the photo and the writing has been trimmed.  Was this to cut someone out of the photo?  Perhaps even in 1912 it was necessary to take drastic measures if someone – a gentleman? – didn’t live up to your standards.

The photo on the back is of a group of six tromping the woods with a title of Graham Canyon.  I think the two older girls are the same as those above – what do you think?  I checked and there is a Graham Canyon in Santa Rose, California, Sonoma County.  There is nothing written on the photographs to suggest where they were taken.

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