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Golden Wedding Anniversary of James Eben Ritchey and Baina Melcina Cellan Ritchey in Geneva, Nebraska

James Eben Ritchey and Baina Melcina Cellan on their wedding day, October 11, 1906. Such a handsome couple.

The following is the 1956 local newspaper article concerning the golden wedding anniversary of James Eben Ritchey and Baina Melcina Cellan Ritchey.  The couple were married in 1906, in Geneva, Fillmore County, Nebraska.  James was the son of Charles Henry Ritchey and Lucinda Amanda Jewell. Baina was the daughter of Thomas Cellan and Mary Elizabeth Hubbartt. James Eben was the great-uncle of my husband, Ritchey Brown. 

This was a celebration of two people who were obviously much loved.  Most of those mentioned are related to my husband, including Frank and Edith Ritchey, his grandparents.  Frank was James’ younger brother. Ritchey’s parents are not among the guests; they lived in Plattsburg, Missouri, at the time.  There must have been a reason why they did not attend as Vivian Ritchey Brown was very fond of her Uncle James. 

The Fillmore Chronicle, Fairmont, Fillmore County, Nebraska

Thursday, November 1, 1956

Golden Wedding Observance of Mr. and Mrs. James Ritchey

Sunday, October 14, 1956, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ritchey of near Grafton celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at the clubhouse in Geneva.

At noon a co-operative dinner was held for the family and close relatives.  Rev. and Mrs. W. L. Schreurs were guests.  Rev. Mr. Schreurs gave the opening prayer.  At the close of the dinner Rev. Mr. Schreurs, accompanied by Mrs. Joe Schelkopf, sang two numbers, “Through the Years” and “The Sweetest Story Ever Told.”

Open house was held from 2 to 4 in the afternoon.  Gracing the bridal table was a four-tiered wedding cake flanked by ferns.  After the initial cut, made and shared by the honored couple, the cake was served by Joan Pittard Schelkopf, granddaughter, assisted by Mrs. Merlin Ritchey of Fairmont, a niece, Mrs. Frank Ritchey of Fairmont, a sister-in-law, poured and Mrs. Arthur Ritchey of Fairmont, a niece, served the punch bowl.  Assisting with the serving were Mrs. Harold Hurst of Fairmont, Mrs. Richard Price and Mrs. Laurence Geis of York, all nieces, Mrs. C. W. Hall of Ohiowa, Mrs. Will Gewecke of Strang, Mrs. Ramon Schpbach and Mrs. Roy Linder of Geneva and Mrs. Pearle Schupbach of Lincoln, cousins.

Receiving were Donald Ritchey of Arlington, Tex., and Rouene Ritchey Pittard, son and daughter.  They also had charge of the guest book.  Mrs. Ed Peters, a sister-in-law of Hastings, had charge of the gift table.  One hundred fifty guests signed the guest book.

James E. Ritchey and Baina M. Cellan were married in Geneva October 11, 1906.  Shortly after their marriage they moved to a farm northwest of Geneva, where they lived until they moved to their present home in March, 1919.  Mr. and Mrs. Ritchey have four children:  Beryl, Mrs. Clarence Talkington of Ceres, Cal.; Rouene, Mrs. John Pittard, of Geneva, Donald of Arlington, Tex., and Evelyn, Mrs. Edgar Neubaum, of Oakdale, Cal.; also 12 grandchildren, Ardell, Mildred, Joyce, Eldon, Dale and Donna Lee Talkington; Roger Pittard and Joan Pittard Schelkopf; John and Charles Ritchey and Sharon and Steven Neubaum.

Those attending from out of town were Donald Ritchey of Arlington, Tex., Mr. and Mrs. Ritchey of Blackwell, Okla., Mrs. Carmen Richey Robbins of Wewaka, Okla., Mrs. Harriet Ritchey Warner o Oklahoma City, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peters of Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Myers of Greeley, Col., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ritchey, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ritchey, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hurst and Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Ritchey and Patty Jo., Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mills and Mrs. Howard Tice of Fairmont, W. D. Smith, Mrs. Richard Price and Debbie, Mrs. Laurence Geis and son, Donetta McMahon and Sue Thompson of York, Mr. and Mrs. Will Gewecke of Strang, Mr. Mrs. C. W. Hall and C. N. Burt of Ohiowa, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Mohnike, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Domeier, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Everts and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Isley of Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Johnson of McCool, Mrs. Sam Oberlander, Franklin Otte, Mrs. Raymond Hoarty and Ellen, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Watmore, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Richards and Mr. and Mrs. Art Riel and Paula and Susan of Grafton, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ekwall, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Lou Broderson of Shickley, Mr. and Mrs. Pearle Schupbach, Katherine Johnson, Ila Johnson, Ervin Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chestnut and Carroll Huston of Lincoln.

The photos were kindly shared by a granddaughter.

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  1. This Is a very beautiful wedding picture. Her dress is so soft and pretty. They are both so good looking. She is beautiful and he has such pretty wavy hair. Your husbands family are so fortunate to have such a nice clear picture. The anniversary pictures shows how handsome they both were after 50;years. I liked how it told who attended at the cake cutting table and so forth. I haven’t seen that kind of wedding or anniversary description in a long while.

  2. Really nice photos of my great grandma, and great grandpa. Also love how much family information is in the article.

  3. Thank you for this. Those are my great grandparents! My grandfather was their son Donald Ritchey, I did not meet him as he passed before I was born but I love to learn about his families history.

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