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Col. James Mason and Elizabeth Fishback

Col. James Mason was born in Culpeper County, Virginia, September 29, 1769, the son of John Mason, September 1, 1743, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, – April 11, 1831, Fayette County, Kentucky, and Anna Marie Murray, January 2, 1741 – December 19, 1819. 

James Mason married Anna Elizabeth Fishback January 7, 1799, in Clark County, Kentucky.  She was the daughter of Jacob Fishback April 14, 1749, Culpeper County, Virginia – September 15, 1821, Clark County, Kentucky, and Phoebe Morgan, September 15, 1751 – August 16, 1837.  The minister was Ambrose Dudley and he only recorded the year for this marriage.  Perhaps he thought he had a better memory than he actually did.  Thankfully it was added to her gravestone.

James and Elizabeth moved to Montgomery County where they raised their family of nine children:

  1. Ann Shirley Mason, June 12, 1800 – November 27, 1883, Fayette County, married Samuel Grant Jackson, October 19, 1800 – December 11, 1853, buried in the Lexington Cemetery.
  2. John Calvin Mason, August 4, 1802 – August 4, 1865, died in Louisiana, buried in Frankfort Cemetery, married Ann E. Owings June 6, 1847.
  3. Peter Bainum Mason, March 4, 1804 – April 18, 1870, died in Boyle County, buried in Bellevue Cemetery, married 1st Sarah Woods Carpenter, 1811-1848, 2nd Elizabeth Carpenter, 1812-1852, 3rd Arabella Dodge Holderman, 1817-1854.
  4. James F. Mason, June 20, 1806 – October 18, 1873, died in Texas, married June 6, 1833, L. A. Smith.
  5. Luther Mason, October 1, 1808 – March 8, 1891, died Jackson County, Missouri, married Martha Moore Price, August 12, 1820 – March 7, 1877.
  6. Caroline Mason, April 22, 1818 – May 17, 1882, died in Clark County, married a Samuel Wheeler.
  7. Lewis Lunsford Mason, May 16, 1812 – March 7, 1877, died in Arkansas.
  8. Anna Maria Mason, 1824-1863.
  9. Catherine Chew Mason, 1828-?
Married January 7, 1799, Elizabeth Fishback Mason died July 11, 1871 [incorrect death date on new stone – the year should be 1842]

In the 1850 census of Clark County James Mason, widower, lived with his son-in-law Samuel Wheeler.  Samuel was 48; wife Caroline was 40.  Children in the family were Eliza A., 19; Caroline, 10; and Martha, 6.  James Mason was 80.  John Dearborn, a preacher, lived with the family.  He was 24.

Five years later James died and was buried beside his wife in Machpelah Cemetery in Mount Sterling, Montgomery County.

Col. James Mason, September 29, 1769 – March 1855.

I found a couple of articles that mentioned Col. James Mason:

The Kentucky Gazette, Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky

Saturday, April 12, 1834

For the Presidency, Col. R. M. Johnson, Subject to the nomination of the National Convention

Meeting in Montgomery

At a meeting of the friends of the present administration in Mt. Sterling, (it being county court day) Col. James Mason [President] was called to the chair, and C. Connor appointed Secretary – when the following resolutions were adopted:

The same scenario was in The Frankfort Argus, Frankfort, Franklin County, January 27, 1836, with Col. James Mason of Montgomery County called to the chair, with Martin Van Buren for president and R. M. Johnson, Vice President.

Van Buren and Richard Mentor Johnson were elected president and vice president.  Johnson served in the Kentucky House of Representatives and the U. S. House of Representatives prior to his term as vice president.

And I found one obituary – that of son Luther Mason.

The Kansas City Times, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

Monday, March 9, 1891

Came to Jackson County in ‘37

Death of Luther Mason One of the County’s Oldest Pioneers

Luther Mason, aged 82, one of the oldest pioneers of Jackson County, died yesterday afternoon of pneumonia at the residence of his son-in-law, John C. McCoy, 919 Park Avenue.

The funeral will take place tomorrow at 1 p.m. from the residence.  The services will be conducted by Revs. S. M. Neel and J. W. Wallace.  The body will then be taken to Independence for interment.

Luther Mason was born in Montgomery County, Kentucky, in 1808, and came to Jackson County in 1837, where he has lived ever since.  In 1875 he was one of the judges of the county court.

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  1. According to the ledger, it looks as if Anna Fishback was married twice. Once in 1798. then again in 1799.

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