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Deaths Mentioned in the Kentucky Gazette – 1787-1799

The Kentucky Gazette, Lexington, Fayette County Kentucky

Saturday, October 6, 1787

Louisville, September 20

On Thursday the ninth of August departed this life, in the twenty-fifth year of her age, Mrs. Elizabeth Downing, the amiable consort of Mr. John Downing, of this town; after an illness of about nine days, which she bore with amazing patience and Christian fortitude, she humbled herself before her creator, and in her heart adored the God of Nature, she was most dutiful to her parents, a tender mother, a faithful friend, a kind indulgent Mistress, and the best of wives.  Her afflictions in life were compensated to her in death; for it may be truly said of her, she fell asleep in the Lord, as she departed without a visible pang, and a heavenly smile was seen in her countenance.  Her remains were on Friday the seventeenth, interred in the burying ground of her father, Col. Armistead Churchill, attended by a very respectable number of friends and citizens.  As she lived esteemed and respected, her death is regretted by all who knew her.

The Kentucky Gazette

Saturday, October 11, 1788

Died in Danville the 25 of September 1788, at night, Mrs. Maria Irwin, wife to Samuel Irwin, Esq., supposed to be from an apoplectic fit, she went to bed in perfect health, and was found dead the next morning, she was a virtuous, worthy woman, joint to that an affectionate wife, a tender mother and good neighbor, a great loss to her family.

The Kentucky Gazette

Saturday, June 6, 1795

The inhabitants of Bourbon mourn the amiable Thomas Reeder, late clerk of said county.  He died a after a short illness on the 29th of May.  His virtues and his manners, had endeared him to his fellow citizens.  This had made him worthy of an alliance with the daughter of J. Edwards, Esq., lately Senator in the legislature of the United States; and he rendered that alliance highly honorable and happy to himself, and equally so to the respectable family with which he had become connected.

The Kentucky Gazette

Wednesday, February 8, 1797

On Tuesday, the 31st day of January, died Betsey Nelson Baylor, the daughter of Capt. Walker Baylor of this town, aged ten years.  She was much respected and lamented in the little circle of her acquaintance.

The Kentucky Gazette

Wednesday, March 8, 1797

Died, on Monday last, Mr. James Parker, Merchant in this town; and yesterday his remains were interred in the burying ground at Mr. Rankin’s meeting house.  The very numerous and respectable concourse of people who attended the funeral, is the strongest proof of the esteem and friendship the citizens of Lexington had for the deceased.

The Kentucky Gazette

Thursday, August 1, 1799


Departed this life, on the 25th ult. At his seat in this town, Col. George Nicholas, Professor of Law and Politics, in the Transylvania University.

Vain would be the attempt to calculate the loss the public has sustained in the death of Col. Nicholas; the ability and firmness which he has constantly displayed in his efforts to detect and expose every attempt to invade his country’s rights, must endear him to the recollection of every true republican; and next to a numerous and affectionate family, the youth of Kentucky will long deplore the loss.

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