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1816 Will of Hugh Logan – Lincoln County

Hugh Logan was born March 24, 1745, in Botetourt County, Virginia. His parents were David Logan, May 18, 1706, Ireland – March 18, 1767, Augusta County, Virginia, and Jane Loyall McKinley, born 1719, Ireland – 1803, Lincoln County, Kentucky.  March 9, 1770.

Capt. Hugh Logan, February 11, 1745 – December 25, 1816. Buffalo Springs Cemetery, Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Hugh married Sarah Wood, born 1750 in Botetourt County, Virginia, died May 2, 1814. Husband and wife were buried in Buffalo Springs Cemetery in Stanford, county seat for Lincoln.  Since many of the graves in older cemeteries were moved to Buffalo Springs, including those from the old Presbyterian Church, it is possible Hugh and Sarah’s graves were moved from their original location. 

Hugh Logan served under George Rogers Clark as a private in the Western Army of the Revolutionary War, and as Captain was sent to Donnelly’s Fort in what is now Greenbriar County in West Virginia.  Hugh had four brothers who also served in the Revolutionary War.  The most famous was Benjamin McKinley Logan who was appointed Brigadier General of the Militia and served under General Gates.  James Logan served three years under Captain Jonathan Langdon’s Company, 12th Virginia Regiment.  John Logan fought the Indians in 1779 and was a member of the first court of Kentucky.  William Logan was an Ensign in the Virginia Militia.  Nathaniel Logan was in Indian fighter in 1787.

From The Logan Family of Lincoln County, Kentucky by Hattie M. Scott, from The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Vol. 1 we find that during the Revolutionary War General Benjamin Logan was very active in Kentucky.  He must have liked what he saw because he returned to Virginia to bring his mother and sister Margaret.  His father David Logan had already passed away at this time. 

Children of Hugh and Sarah Logan:

  1. David Logan, January 29, 1781 – August 1782.
  2. Nancy Logan, February 1, 1783, Kentucky-November 5, 1831, Lincoln County, Kentucky, married June 19, 1799, Lincoln County, Alexander Givens, April 15, 1773-December 26, 1837, Trimble County, Kentucky.
  3. Jane Jenny Logan, February 7, 1784, Kentucky – January 29, 1870, Lincoln County, married July 2, 1805, Lincoln County, George Carpenter, July 8, 1784, Kentucky – January 13, 1870, Lincoln County.
  4. Mary Ann Dorcas Logan, July 15, 1787, Kentucky – 1840, married December 20, 1809, Robert Thomson Lewis, 1783-1864, one son, John Meriwether Lewis.
  5. Cyrus Logan, November 20, 1789, Lincoln County – October 20, 1848, Lincoln County, married November 22, 1815, Lincoln County, Mahala Lewis, November 20, 1789 – September 20, 1852.
  6. Allen Logan, October 25, 1791, Lincoln County – April 19, 1862, Lincoln County, married December 23, 1816, Lincoln County, Martha Ann Givens, November 8, 1793, Lincoln County – May 13, 1835, Lincoln County.  Allen married October 2, 1837, Logan County, Margaret Ann Green Barnett, January 1805 – August 23, 1884, Knoxville, Tennessee.
  7. Green Logan, February 14, 1794, Lincoln County – after 1838, St. Charles County, Missouri, married February 18, 1823, Lincoln County, Frances McRoberts.
  8. William Campbell Logan, July 12, 1796, Lincoln County – August 5, 1884, St. Charles County, Missouri, married December 16, 1817, Lincoln County, Sarah Frances Burch Bell, February 23, 1799, Virginia – October 24, 1881, St. Charles County, Missouri.
  9. Sallie Logan, January 19, 1798, Lincoln County – August 1855, Lincoln County, married April 24, 1817, Lincoln County, John Ezra Morrison.
  10. Harriet Logan, August 4, 1801, Lincoln County – August 5, 1848, St. Charles County, Missouri, married April 3, 1826, Lincoln County, Milton McRoberts, December 19, 1797, Lincoln County – February 13, 1837, St. Charles County, Missouri.

  All nine living children are given bequests in their father’s will. The two orphaned nieces are daughters of Hugh Logan’s sister Sarah Logan, who married Samuel Briggs, and his brother Benjamin Logan’s youngest child.  There is mention of Hugh Logan’s ‘share of the library.’ Is this in his home or a county library in Stanford?

Will of Hugh Logan

Lincoln County Will Book G, Pages 28-29

In the name of God, amen.  I, Hugh Logan, being of perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament.  I first resign my soul to God who gave it, my body to the earth to be buried by my surviving friends.  As to my worldly goods I leave in the following manner.  My will is that Nancy Givens, my oldest daughter, have the Negroes now in her possession, they are Jude, Sam and Bob, and I also leave my daughter Jenny Carpenter the Negroes she got from me, Agg and Jess, also $110 already received.  And I also leave my daughter Dorcas Lewis, the Negroes now in her possession Fan, James and Agnes.  And also leave to my son Cyrus Logan the land he now lives on, all that part, beginning at a buckeye which was formerly a corner of John Magill’s land, from that tree, running north 54 west 40 poles to a beech and white walnut, from thence a straight line to the most southwardly corner of the land that William Foster now lives, thence with Foster’s line to Phillip Hocker’s land, with his line  

to the knobs, including the Little Flat Lick, with the line of that tract to a black or Spanish oak, corner of my preemption, then with that line to James Magill’s land, with half the poors land 150 acres to him and his heirs forever.  I also leave to my son Allen Logan all that part of my land beginning at Turner’s most southwardly corner, thence rising the ridge sixty-eight East fifty poles, thence with the new fence North eighty-one East to Cyrus Logan’s line North to where the old field fence now stands, then with the new fence dividing said land from that I now live on, the same corner continued to the to the line of Cyrus Logan’s land, with said line to Foster’s with Given’s, with Hill, with Craig’s with Duncan’s with Turner’s to the beginning, to him and his heirs forever.  I also leave to my son Green Logan all my Grassy Creek land, three hundred and eighty acres in Adair County, to him and his heirs forever.  I also leave to my son William Campbell Logan all the running part of the land I now live on with the other half of the poor land, to him and his heirs forever.  It is also my will that Cyrus Logan have my Negro girl Bell, that Allen Logan have my boy Lewis, that Green Logan have my boy Jack, that William Campbell Logan have Dick and Lucinda, these I leave to them and their heirs forever.  I also leave to my daughter Sally Logan my Negro woman Hannah, my girl Kit and my girl Mary, to her and her heirs forever.  I also leave to my daughter Harriet Logan my Negro boy Jerry, my girl Mariah and girl Esther to her and her heirs forever.  I also leave to my daughter Sally her choice of my horse beasts, a good saddle and bridle, bed and furniture.  I also give to my daughter Harriet the next choice of my horse beasts, with saddle and bridle, bed and furniture, equal to Sally.  I leave Allen, Green and William Campbell each a bed and furniture, my cattle and sheep to be equally divided between Allen, Green, William Campbell, Sally and Harriet two work horses with all my farming tools, also my stock of hogs to be kept for the joint support of William Campbell, Sally and Harriet.  Sally and Harriet to have part of my house while they remain single.  Campbell is to have the clothes press.  All my other furniture, house cupboard and kitchen to be equally divided between William Campbell, Sally and Harriet.  Sarah must stay where she is while Campbell and the girls live together and work for them jointly, if she must be sold it is my wish that it be not to a stranger.  Any property not mentioned must be sold.  I leave to my sons Cyrus, Allen, Green and William Campbell twenty-five dollars each.  I leave to my two nieces, Betsy Briggs and Anne Logan, my orphan friends, fifty dollars each.  Any bonds or money that may be on hand after paying my debts to be equally divided between all my daughters.  Nancy, Jenny, Dorcas, Sally and Harriet.  My Bible I leave to William Campbell Logan.  My wagon and my part  

of the cross cut saw for Cyrus, Allen and Campbell.  Also my share in the library, my bedding or bed furniture of any not already disposed of to be divided between Campbell, Sally and Harriet.  No appraisement of my property to take place.  And I do appoint and constitute my son William Campbell Logan Executor of this my last will and testament and do disannul and make void all other wills or testament by me heretofore made.  Signed and sealed this twenty-sixth day of June 1816.

Hugh Logan

Samuel Hocker, Josiah Turner, Samuel Gilbert     

Kentucky, Lincoln County At a county court held for the County of Lincoln at the Courthouse in the town of Stanford, on Monday the 13th day of January 1817, the last will and testament of Hugh Logan, deceased, was exhibited into Court and prove by the oaths of Samuel Hocker, Josiah Turner and Samuel Gilbert, subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.  And on the motion of William Campbell Logan, the Executor named in the said will, who made oath and executed bond in the penalty of ten thousand dollars, with George Carpenter, Alexander Givens and William Findley, his security, with a proper condition.  Ordered that a certificate be granted him for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form of law.

Teste.  Thomas Helm, Clerk

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