A Morning At New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery In Mercer County

Yesterday was a perfect early summer day – I follow the meteorologist’s yearly calendar – summer starts June 1!  A perfect day for a visit to a cemetery.  Living in Mercer County gives the opportunity to visit many old cemeteries and we chose New Providence.  We’ve been there several times.  Almost all stones have been photographed, but one section was taken with the sun in the wrong position; we were there about four in the afternoon.  Ten o’clock is a perfect time for good photos, and that’s when we arrived.

Ritchey and Julian came with me today.  They ran around the cemetery five times – the three-year-old is quite a runner.  Nothing like getting rid of a little excess energy!  And I was left to get the best photos I could.  I share the following with you.

Samuel Bunton, born February 10, 1783, died October 22, 1858.

Rachel, wife of Samuel Bunton, born September 1, 1786, died July 9, 1859.

Mandy C., wife of J. B. Compton, born September 21, 1839, died February 1, 1862.  Our infant son Henry born December 23, 1861, died September 20, 1862.

Detail at top of stone.

A small stone added for the infant Henry.  Several in stones in a line had the grave with sides and a foot stone.

Henry P., son of J. B. and M. C. Compton, born December 23, 1861, died September 29, 1862.

Susan, wife of James H. Voorhies, born May 13, 1824, died December 8, 1862.  Notice the beautiful wreath of flowers at the top.

Shot of Susan Voorhies gravestone and foot stone.

Stephen Lyen’s stone has broken off and was leaning on the base.  Ritchey held it to take photos.

Stephen Lyen, born May 18, 1793, died May 31, 1863.

Nancy, wife of Stephen Lyen, born December 10, 1798, died May 4, 1863.  Husband and wife died within a month.  Did they contract a fever or pneumonia?  I doubt we’ll ever know.


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  1. Thank you for posting! It’s so interesting to see these historical stones! I’m looking for the gravestone of Isaac Mitchell 1780-1839 (per FindaGrave is buried at New Providence) m. Margrete ‘Peggy’ Van Dyke. Do you or anyone have any information?

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