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Henry Taylor Buried at Deep Creek Baptist

Henry Taylor, July 19, 1838 – April 28, 1916.  Elizabeth A., his wife, January 1, 1841 – February 13, 1918.  Deep Creek Baptist Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, May 5, 1916

Mr. Henry Taylor, aged about 78 years, died at his home in Dixville last Friday. He was a much esteemed citizen and a devout member of the Baptist church. He had been ill for some time with tuberculosis. The funeral service was held at the home by Rev. W. H. Brengle and the interment was in the Deep Creek cemetery.

Never Give Up – I Found It!!!

linton-notesIn going through my great-grandmother’s notes this morning I found this sheet, in her handwriting, a list of primarily Edwards family members, with a marriage to a Taylor, a Linton and a Montgomery.  This was one of those days when I truly ‘read’ what was in front of me – instead of scanning and going to the next.  What popped out this morning was the middle name of Susan Clark Edwards’ husband, and my third great-grandfather, John C. Taylor.  I always thought the ‘C’ stood for Cotton.

linton-notes-1But if you look carefully you will see John’s middle name is ‘Compton’.  I’ve tried looking for years and years to find a connection with the Cotton family, and all those years I was barking up the wrong family tree!  But this finally means that the mother and father of John Compton Taylor are John Taylor, the youngest son of Henry Taylor and his second wife, Susannah Compton [note the last name!], and Mary Ann Hawkins.  So John Compton Taylor’s middle name comes from his grandmother’s maiden name.  It all makes sense now.  Henry Taylor’s will, in the Loudoun County, Virginia, Will Book A, Pages 318-319, written on March 29, 1770, and probated August 12, 1771, gives to his ‘well-beloved wife Susanna Taylor the lot of land I now live on and the half of my removable estate (except what I bequeath to my former wife’s children)’.  Henry then makes bequests to his children, and a son-in-law, William Cotton – that name again!  And his last bequest ‘I give and devise to my youngest son, John Taylor, all the rest and residue of my movable estate to be immediately possessed with it after my death.  I further devise to my said son, John Taylor, the plantation (or lot of land) I now live on and all the movable estate I bequeathed to my wife Susanna to be immediately in his possession after the death of his mother.’  This very important sentence tells us John is the son of Susanna Compton.  It is so gratifying to search for one piece of information for so long and finally find it!  Never give up!

Now, back to the notes.  The beginning is a list of birth and death dates for Edward Barbour Edwards and Nancy Linton’s children.  Edward Barbour Edwards was the son of Jonathan Edwards and Sarah Barbour.  Nancy Linton is the daughter of Captain John Linton and Ann Nancy Mason.

Edward Barbour Edwards born April 21, 1768, died September 1824, married Nancy Linton about 1796.  Names of children:

  • Susan Clark Edwards born 1797 died December 24, 1836
  • John L. Edwards born 1800, died July 23, 1883
  • Catherine Keturah Edwards born 1803, died 1873
  • Johnathan Edwards born 1806 died about 1890
  • Benjamin Mason Edwards born 1808, died 1850
  • Ann B. Edwards born 1812, died 1830
  • Mary Edwards born 1814, died 1904
  • Martha Edwards born 1817, died December 10, 1880

Susan Clark Edwards married John Compton Taylor in 1827.  Their eldest daughter, Catherine, was born 1828 and their youngest son, Benjamin Springer Taylor, was born November 29, 1833.

Catherine Taylor married Edward Linton in or about 1851.  They have two children, Alice Clark Linton and Frances Linton Montgomery. 

Written between those last two lines is Edgar Linton, Annie Linton, Mary Linton, also children of Catherine and Edward Linton.

Washington County Kentucky Marriages – Cocanougher

Washington County, Kentucky

Marriages – Cocanougher

Andrew J. Cocanougher married Mary Jane Inman 15 Mar 1858
Christopher Cocanougher married Lucinda Elliott 08 Dec 1847
Francis M. Cocanougher married Sarah C. Clark 18 Feb 1862
George Cocanougher married Nancy S. Barnes 01 Aug 1860
George Cocanougher married Ora E. Purdom 21 Jan 1891
George Cocanougher married Patsy Hilton 16 Mar 1824
George W. Cocanougher married Elizabeth Lair 15 Jan 1875
Henry Cocanougher married Maggie Shewmaker 02 Dec 1886
Jacob Cocanougher married Barbara Conder 19 Jan 1807
Jacob Cocanougher married Mariah Funk 08 Jan 1861
John Cocanougher married Emily Canary 12 Mar 1857
John Cocanougher married Parilee Boswell 21 Oct 1875
John H. Cocanougher married Kate Fogle 21 Sep 1871
Joseph Cocanougher married Eliza Logan 29 Oct 1879
R. T. Cocanougher married Annie Murphy 29 Dec 1892
R. T. Cocanougher married Maggie Steele 12 May 1881
Silas Cocanougher married Bettie Garten 01 May 1884
Thomas Cocanougher married Sallie Harmon 15 Jul 1879
William Cocanougher married Elizabeth Young 29 Nov 1849
Robert L. Arnold married Ida E. Cocanougher 13 Jul 1892
W. T. Arnold married Fannie Cocanougher 30 Aug 1883
J. M. Bagley married Mollie K. Cocanougher 15 Nov 1875
S. C. Bagley married Sallie Cocanougher 10 Jan 1871
David Clark married Mattie Cocanougher 13 Feb 1872
Lee Cochran married Maggie Cocanougher 16 Oct 1889
Peter Colvin married Jennie Cocanougher 26 Dec 1888
John M. Coyle married Mattie Cocanougher 07 Aug 1884
Turner Davis married Letitia Frances Cocanougher 04 Mar 1863
Charles Froman married Kate Cocanougher 18 Mar 1880
George W. Glasscock married P. Cocanougher 10 Jul 1883
Berry Graves married Lee Cocanougher 30 Dec 1886
Sansberry Graves married Sallie Cocanougher 19 Oct 1877
W. T. Kimberlain married S. E. Cocanougher 28 Dec 1880
John A. Paddock married Nannie A. Cocanougher 11 May 1878
John A. Paddock married Nannie Cocanougher 11 Apr 1878
Woodson Reynolds married Fannie Cocanougher 17 Jan 1888
R. H. Robertson married Lulie Cocanougher 13 Jan 1892
Jesse Sallee married Mary Ann Cocanougher 03 Sep 1865
Henry Taylor married Lizzie Cocanougher 12 Apr 1888
Marcus D. L. Young married Melvina Cocanougher 08 Jun 1855

Captain John Hancock Linton Family Sheet

Family Group Sheet for John Hancock Linton

Husband: John Hancock Linton
Birth: 1750 in Prince William County, Virginia
Death: 04 Dec 1836 in Washington County, Kentucky
Burial: Washington County, Kentucky
Marriage: Bef. 1772 in Virginia
Mother: Susanna Hancock
Father: Moses Linton

Wife: Ann Nancy Mason
Birth: Virginia
Death: 14 Nov 1832 in Washington County, Kentucky
Mother: Elizabeth Berkeley
Father: Benjamin Mason


Name: Elizabeth Rebecca Linton
Birth: 1771
Spouse: Richard (Dick) Keene

Name: Moses Linton
Birth: 1772 in Virginia
Death: Aug 1854 in Nelson County, KY
Marriage: 17 Dec 1800 in Orange County, VA
Spouse: Ann Nancy Pead

Name: Catherine Linton
Birth: Abt. 1775
Death: Aft. 1836
Marriage: Abt. 1795 in Virginia
Spouse: Henry Taylor

Name: Benjamin Franklin Linton
Birth: 16 Jun 1777 in Virginia
Death: 22 Feb 1861 in Washington County, KY
Marriage: 12 Apr 1805 in Fluvanna County, VA
Spouse: Lucy Crewdson

Name: Nancy Linton
Birth: 1778 in Virginia
Death: 1861 in Washington County, KY
Spouse: Edward Barber Edwards

Name: Susan Linton
Birth: 1782
Death: Aft. 1850
Marriage: 15 Mar 1812
Spouse: William Moran Jr.

Name: William Linton
Birth: 1790 in Virginia
Death: Aft. 1850 in Washington County, Kentucky
Marriage: 05 Apr 1817 in Washington County, Kentucky
Spouse: Elizabeth Lyon Moran

Name: Lewis Linton
Birth: 1796 in Virginia
Marriage: 21 Nov 1820
Spouse: Sarah Janes

Name: Martha Linton
Birth: 1793
Death: 06 May 1836 in Washington Co, KY
Marriage: 26 May 1823
Spouse: Horatio Mudd

Name: John Hancock Linton
Birth: Abt. 1795
Death: 1838 in Washington County, KY
Marriage: 16 Jan 1837 in Washington County, KY
Spouse: Julia Green

Suit of Robert Buchan Against William Whitely

The John Taylor in the following deed is my 4th great-grandfather.  His mother, Susanna Compton Taylor, was the second wife of Henry Taylor, John being their only child.  William Whitely was Susanna Compton’s first husband.

Loudoun County Deed Book I – 1771-1773

pp. 178-179

To all to whom these presents shall come William Ellzey of County of Prince William, Attorney for Robert Buchan of the Province of Maryland, sendeth greeting. Whereas said William Ellzey prosecuted a suit for said Robert Buchan against William Whitely, upon a bond and recovered judgement, and sued out a fiere facias and executed, two slaves, viz., Judy and Lydia, in which Susanna Taylor claimed property and sued out a writ of replevin to buy the title thereof, but upon trial thereof it was adjudged they were liable to said Robert Buchan to satisfy his debt and costs aforesaid. Now know ye that I, the said William Ellzey, as Attorney for Robert Buchan having received of John Taylor, son of said Susanna, the full amount of said execution being one hundred and ten pounds current money at the desire of William Whitely, signified by their signing and sealing these presents, do bargain and sell unto John Taylor said two slaves, Judy and Lydia, and their future increase to have and to hold said slaves unto John Taylor, his heirs and assigns. In testimony whereof as well the said William Ellzey, Attorney of said Robert Buchan, as the said Susanna Taylor and william Whitely have hereunto set their hands and seals this 24th day of November 1772.

W. Ellzey, Susanna Taylor, William Whitely

In the presence of George Summers, William Lane, Henry Taylor, Joshua Taylor

At a court continued and held for Loudoun County March 24th 1773

This bill of sale was acknowledged by William Ellzey and William Whitely on their parts to be their acts and deeds, and proved on the part of Susanna Taylor by the oaths of Henry Taylor and Joshua Taylor, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and is ordered to be recorded.

Will of Thomas Taylor

Loudoun County, Virginia

pp. 317-319

Be it remembered that this thirtieth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven, I, Thomas Taylor of Loudoun County in the State of Virginia, being weak of body but of sound mind and memory, calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory life, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, touching the disposal of what temporal estate I have and this only to be taken as my last Will and none other, hereby revoking all will or wills by me heretofore made:

Imprimis.  I will that my body be decently buried; that all my just debts and legacies be paid;

Item.  I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Anne, one bond of Alexander Sutherland, for one thousand dollars which I lent said Sutherland, now here husband;

Item.  I give and bequeath unto my son, Henry Taylor, his heirs and assigns forever the mill that I purchased of Mercer Brown, situated in Loudoun County in the State of Virginia, on Kittocton Creek, with two hundred acres of land I purchased of Mercer Brown, which said two hundred acres shall be laid off at the lower part of said land, leaving out the upper part next the creek to be sold as my other lands hereafter mentioned with all the utensils to the mill belonging; and then to have full possession of the same at the decease of his mother and not before without a previous bargain with his said mother.  My will is that she shall have the profits of this estate during her natural life;

Item.  I give and bequeath unto my son, Joseph Taylor, his heirs or assigns forever, fifty pounds Virginia money to be paid out of bonds due me in specie;

Item.  My will is and I do hereby ordain that my executors hereafter named do sell and convey in fee simple all my lands and plantations, both in Maryland and Virginia, except the land and mill before mentioned to my son, Henry Taylor, and pay the amount to the several legatees hereafter named;

Item.  My will is that my estate, both real and personal, to be sold except the mill with the two hundred acres left to my son, Henry Taylor, and the money arising to be equally divided between my sons, Thomas and Jesse, my daughters, Mary, Rachel and Sarah, equally between them share and share alike, to them, their heirs and assigns forever;

Item.  I give and bequeath to my sons, Thomas and Jesse, and my daughters, Mary, Rachel and Sarah, all the money I may have by me at my decease, all I have out upon bonds, to be equally divided between them, including all outstanding debts that may be due to me at the time of my decease;

I appoint and ordain my son, Thomas Taylor, and my son-in-law, Benjamin Hough Canby, executors to this my last Will and Testament.

Singed, sealed, pronounced and declared by Thomas Taylor as his last Will and Testament, contained in the presence of us the subscribers:   George Baer, Jr., George Bawman, Jacob Metzger

                                                                        Thomas Taylor

Codicil.  I, Thomas Taylor, in the foregoing or annexed last Will and Testament, having further considered the same that I have an estate depending in England, if it is ever obtained, that it is my will that is should be divided between my sons, Thomas, Jesse, Joseph, and my daughters, Mary, Rachel and Sarah.

At a court held for Loudoun County, July the 10th 1797

This will was proved by the oath of George Bawman and Jacob Metzger, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded; and on the motion of Thomas Taylor and Benjamin H. Canby, the executors therein named (they having made solemn affirmation according to law), and with William  Hough and Samuel Hough, their securities, entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of forty thousand dollars with condition as the law directs.  Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

Teste Chas. Binns, C.L.C.