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1770 Will of Henry Taylor – Loudoun County, Virginia

Henry Taylor, Sr., is my 5th great-grandfather.  His father, Rev. John Taylor was from Lancaster County, Virginia, which was the birthplace for Henry.  His mother, I believe, is Mary Bumbury, but I haven’t any proof.  Henry Taylor was born about 1707 and died in 1771.  His first wife was Margaret Cork, with whom he had Mary, Walter, Joshua, Henry, Sarah, Eleanor and Elizabeth, possibly others that predeceased their father.  After Margaret’s death he married Suzannah Compton, widow of Robert Whitely.  They had one son, John, who was my ancestor.  John Taylor married Mary Ann Hawkins, giving their children names from previous generations – Henry, Matthew, Margaret, Nicholas Hawkins, John Compton (my ancestor), Elizabeth, Susan and Walter.  For years I have tried to make sense of these Taylor lines and I believe I’m almost there!

Will of Henry Taylor, Sr.

Loudoun County Virginia Will Book A, Pages 318-319

In the name of God, Amen.  I, Henry Taylor, Senior, in the parish of Cameron, County of Loudoun, Colony of Virginia, Planter, being at this time weak of body but of a sound and perfect mind, memory and understanding, make and ordain this my last will and testament.  First and principally, I recommend my soul to God who gave it me, and my body to the Earth to be decently interred at the discretion of my executors hereafter named.  And as to my temporal estate I bequeath and dispose of in the following manner.  My mind and will is that all my just debts together with my funeral expenses be first paid and discharged out of my estate.

Item.  I give and devise to my well-beloved wife, Susanna Taylor, the lot of land I now live on and the half of my movable estate, except what I bequeath to my former wife’s children during her life.

Item.  I give and devise to my son Walter Taylor the sum of five shillings current money of Virginia.

Item.  I give and devise to my son Joshua Taylor the lot of land whereon he now lives to him and his heirs.

Item.  I give and devise to my son Henry Taylor five shillings current money of Virginia.

Item.  I give and devise to my son-in-law William Cotton the sum of five shillings current money of Virginia.

Item.  I give and devise to my son-in-law William Williams the sum of five shillings current money of Virginia.

Item.  I give and devise to my son-in-law Thomas Harden the sum of five shillings current money of Virginia.

Item.  I give and devise to my son-in-law Notley Williams the sum of five shillings current money of Virginia.

Item.  I give and devise to my youngest son John Taylor all the rest and residue of my movable estate to be immediately possessed with it after my death.  I further devise to my said son John Taylor the plantation (or lot of land) I now live on and all the movable estate. I bequeathed to my wife Susanna to be immediately in his possession

after the death of his mother, to him and his heirs lawfully begotten.

Lastly and finally, I do make, ordain and appoint my well-beloved wife Susanna Taylor and my son John Taylor executors of this my last will and testament, revoking all will or wills by me heretofore made or declared, confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-ninth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy.

Henry Taylor, Senior

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the within named testator to be his last will and testament in presence of us who subscribed our names in presence of the said testator and of each other –

Mary Sutton, John Burke, Rhoda Burke

At a court held for Loudoun County August 12, 1771, this will was proved by the oaths of Mary Sutton, John Burke and Rhoda Burke, witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Susanna Taylor, Executrix, and John Taylor, the Executor therein named who made oath according to law, certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form, giving security.  Whereupon they, together with Thomas Lewis and William Smith, gentlemen, their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of one thousand pounds current money with condition as the law directs.

Test.  Charles Binns, Clerk Loudoun Court

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  1. I am so happy to see your work on Taylor’s lineage. I myself have not been able to prove via DNA for my Taylor’s past Jessie Irvin Taylor born abt 1792 in now Grayson County Virginia was Wyeth County Virginia to his Son William Riley Taylor born 1820 died Harlan Ky 1904. I commend you on your tenacity and unlocking DNA and via documentation of not only the Montgomery/Carrico lineage but now on your Taylor lineage. Apparently you and I share on both lines, yet I can not prove via DNA yet of the Taylor lineage past Jessie or Jesse Taylor via DNA ! As always I love reading your work and look forward to reading more of you wonderful WordPress posts. I myself have not worked on my WordPress in a long time, but enjoy reading of your hard work and dedication over these past several years ! Thank you for uncovering thins I have not been able to discover as of yet ! One of you off shoot cousins, Peggy Sue Dalton Druck with Taylor and Montgomery direct DNA lineage.

  2. Hello My Friend, hope that you read this. I am the 9th great grandson of Nicholas Minor the founder of Leesburg VA, then Georgetown.
    For years I believed the subject of your blog, the Taylors were my relations. As Daniel Taylor of Perry County Indiana & My Minor Cousins seemed to be settling together in Perry Co, Indiana.
    My Taylors are actually from Spottsylvania, VA. DNA study done by D. Fink proved this. My DNA Helped.
    I always appreciate your blogs, and all your hard work.

  3. My ancestor, Thomas Wyatt, b ca 1700 appointed William Williams to be his executor in his Last Will and Testament made 29 October 1772, Loudon County, Virginia. He also appointed John Tebo (Tebo?) to act with him.

    There may be many William Williams in the area. I didn’t recognize any of the other names in your Taylor will.

    Thomas Wyatt was in Bucks Co PA earlier. His 1st wife was Sarah UNK. His 2nd wife was Margaret Hanks, d/o William Hanks, Quaker. With his 1st wife he had a son, Edward Wyatt who served in the Rev War and applied for a pension out of Anderson Co TN where he went from Greenbrier Co VA ca 1799. Edward Wyatt married Sarah Smith, d/o Samuel Smith b North Farham Parish, Richmond County, VA.

    Their dau, Margaret married Dan Maddox. They lived Anderson Co TN. Their dau Elizabeth A. Maddox married Aaron Hawkins 1814 and went to Ohio County, Kentucky, where they stayed. There were many Taylors in and around Ohio/Daviess Cos KY. as you probably know.


  4. I believe Henry Taylor’s father was named John Taylor but what proof do you have that this John was the Rev. John Taylor from Lancaster?

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