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John Edwin Smith and His Two Wives

John Edwin Smith is my gr-gr-grandfather.  He was the son of Samuel E. Smith and Nancy Cusick, born March 30, 1830, in Marion County, Kentucky.

He first married Ellen Lyons, daughter of Augustine Lyons.  The marriage probably took place in Marion County, before December of 1850, when their first child, Melvina Ann Smith, my great-grandmother, was born.  The Marion County Courthouse was burned in 1863 when John Hunt Morgan came through the area.  All records before that date were destroyed.

John and Ellen had four more children, Mary Isabella, Thomas Henry, John Richard and Mary Ellen Smith.  Baby Mary Ellen was born in 1859, Ellen died September 5, 1859, possibly due to childbirth or complications thereof.  Ellen Lyons Smith was buried in St. Charles Catholic Cemetery in Marion County.  Unfortunately her stone was destroyed during a storm when trees fell and crushed it.

Harriet, wife of John E. Smith, born August 7, 1840, died October 20, 1898.  St Rose Catholic Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky.

John Smith married Frances Harriett Carrico October 2, 1860, in Washington County, Kentucky.  She was a daughter of Pius M. Carrico and Mary Magdalene Spalding.  The couple had seven children:  James, Mary Catherine, Ann Elizabeth, George Robert, Cecilia Jane, George Washington and Victoria Mary Jane Smith.  Harriet Carrico Smith died October 20, 1898.

John E. Smith, born March 10, 1830, died February 17, 1907.

After burying two wives John Smith lived another nine years, dying February 17, 1907.  His obituary in The Springfield Sun, Washington County, names him as one of the ‘county’s best known citizens.’  It also said he was ‘born in Marion County March 10, 1830, and at one time owned a distillery in that county, and made considerable money while engaged in that business. In this connection it might be well to say that Mr. Smith was a remarkably temperate man. At the age of seventeen he signed a pledge to never again touch intoxicating beverages of any kind, and we are informed that this pledge was never broken.’  And finally the obituary ended with, ‘The deceased at one time was an extensive land owner in this county, owning 500 or 600 acres of good land, but this he divided among his children when he became incapacitated for business.  Mr. Smith was a liberal and kind-hearted man; he was a good neighbor and a kind and considerate father.’

The children surviving their father were Mrs. J. B. Carrico (my great-grandmother), J. Richard Smith, Mrs. F. M. Carrico, James E. Smith, Mrs. Barton Mattingly and G W. Smith.  Besides his children he left sixty-three grandchildren and twenty-one great-grandchildren.  What a legacy!



2017 Maryland to Kentucky and Beyond Genealogy Conference

How many of you have ancestors that moved to Kentucky from Maryland during the 1785-1810 immigration of families to the counties of Washington, Marion and Nelson – and, also, Scott County and Breckinridge County, as I have recently discovered?  Are you attending the 2017 Maryland to Kentucky and Beyond, Genealogy Conference in Owensboro, Kentucky, next weekend?  Ritchey and I will be there!  We will be in the vendor section, talking about genealogy and selling my CDs to those who are interested.

Holy Cross Catholic Church

In 1785 sixty families gathered in the Pottinger’s Creek area of Washington County (later to become Marion County).  Basil Hayden, Clement Johnson, Joseph Clark, James Dant, Philip Miles, among others, were those early settlers.  Holy Cross Church is the oldest Catholic church west of the Allegheny Mountains, built in 1792.

St. Charles Catholic Church

Some of these groups of families settled along Hardin’s Creek in 1786, worshiped in the home of Henry Hagan, until the first church was built in 1806 – my home parish of St. Charles Church located in St. Mary’s in Marion County, originally Washington County.  John Lancaster, James Elder, William and Andrew Mudd, Thomas and Ignatius Medley, Bennett Rhodes, and others made this area their home – and many of their descendants still live there today.

St. Francis Catholic Church

Also in 1786, a group of Maryland settlers intended to share the Pottinger’s Creek settlement.  They took flatboats down the Ohio River and landed at Maysville, known as Limestone at that time.  They found such beautiful land east of the river, in what was Woodford Count, later Scott, they decided to travel no further.  The first church was built in 1794, St. Francis.  It is the second oldest parish in the state.  The present church was built in 1820 at a cost of $3,600.  Names of those early settlers were Jenkins, Gough, Leak, Combs, Tarleton, Worland, Greenwell, and James.

St. Rose Catholic Church

In 1787 Philip Miles, Thomas Hill, Henry Cambron, Joseph and James Carrico, Thomas Hamilton, Basil Montgomery, many members of the Smith family, and others came to Cartwright’s Creek.  In 1798, they built a church known as St. Ann’s – and this is where many of the older members are buried.  The church was abandoned once St. Rose Church was built in 1806.  There is nothing in the field where St. Ann’s Church and Cemetery used to be.  This is the area most of my ancestors settled in – Montgomery, Carrico, Dillehay, Smith, Cambron and others – lived from those very early days until my grandmother died in 1986.  Such a rich heritage concentrated in one county – since my father’s ancestors also lived in Washington County from 1860.

Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church

The Rolling Fork settlement – today in Calvary, Marion County – was established in 1798.  Leonard Hamilton, Robert Abell, Clement and Ignatius Buckman, John Raley and others left their marks here.  Ignatius Buckman was killed by Indians and was the first buried where Holy Name of Mary Cemetery is now.  The older portion of the cemetery is on a small knoll, at the back of the church.  The newer portion is across the small road that leads back to the cemetery, a nice, flat area with many gravestones.

Basilica of St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral

Captain James Rapier, with his sons Charles and William, settled on southeast of what is now Bardstown, on Beach Fork of Salt River (Poplar Neck).  A few years later Thomas Gwynn, Anthony Sanders and Nehemiah Webb (originally a Quaker) settled close by.  The home of Thomas Gwynn, now the site of the Nazareth Community of the Sisters of Charity, was used for church services until St. Joseph Church was built in 1798 in what is now St. Joseph Cemetery.  The cathedral was built in 1816.  McManus, Reynolds, Howard, Lancaster, members of the Hayden family and William McQuown were early settlers.  Thomas Howard lived in the vicinity where St. Thomas Church is now located.  His home was used for church, and in 1810 he willed the farm to the church.    In 1812 St. Thomas Church was established.  Many old settlers are buried in this cemetery.

St. Thomas Catholic Church

The Cox’s Creek settlement in Nelson County was begun about 1792.  Some of my ancestors came to this area – Gardiner, Elder, Montgomery – along with Thomas Higdon, Richard Jarboe, Valentine Thompson, Hezekiah Luckett and Charles Wathen.  This is the oldest parish in Nelson County, located in Fairfield.  Unfortunately we have not visited this church and cemetery.

The County of Breckinridge was formed in 1799, but eight years previously, when a portion of Hardin County, it was settled by Leonard Wheatley, and soon followed by Richard Mattingly, Elias Rhodes, Barton Mattingly, Ignatius Coomes, William McGary and others.  Richard Mattingly’s house was used as a church until 1811, when St. Anthony was built.  Just found out about the Breckinridge settlement during my research – another to add to our list to visit!

There are many more settlers who came from Maryland to Kentucky in those early years.  It would be impossible to name them all.  This conference first began in 1990 when it was held at Nazareth, Kentucky.  In 1992, it was held in St. Mary’s at St. Charles Church; in 1994 in Cape Girardeau, Perry County, Missouri; and back in 1996 at St. Charles – the first time Ritchey and I attended.  In 1998, Owensboro, Kentucky, was the location, and we attended again.  In 2000 the gathering was held at Leonardtown, in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  2002 found the conference at St. Catharine Motherhouse in Washington County, which we attended; 2004 in Hannibal, Missouri.  2008 at the St. Thomas Farm in Bardstown; back in Leonardtown in 2010.  The last reunion was held at St. Catharine College in Washington County in 2014 – which was my first time to attend as a vendor.  This has been such a wonderful group of people!  I’ve made so many friends and found much information for my families!  If you have any family members that originated from Maryland, especially the counties of Charles, St. Mary and Prince Edward, you may want to come.  Perhaps I will see you there?

Gravestones From St. Charles Catholic Cemetery In Marion County

St. Charles, located at St. Mary in Marion County, Kentucky, was my home parish for many years before my marriage.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t realize the amount of history there at the time – isn’t that the way?  Today I share nine photos of gravestones from this cemetery.

Mother – M. Harriet Hamilton, 1857-1901.  Resting in Peace.

Richard Bowman, October 22, 1915 – September 27, 1918.  ‘A precious one from us has gone, A voice we love is stilled.  A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.  Mama’s Babe.’

W. B. Higdon, 1842-1923.  Emma O’Bryan, his wife, 1847-1933.

Andrew Jackson Mudd, born June 9, 1815, died October 11, 1883.  ‘The just shall be everlasting remembrance.’

S. A. Buckman, relict of B. Spalding, wife of A. J. Mudd, born March 12, 1827, died September 15, 1873.

Cynthia Ann, wife of C. Cissell, born June 15, 1825, died January 7, 1872.

Mahala A., wife of G. L. Hamilton, born May 15, 1824, died September 2, 1876.  ‘Bereft of thee, mother dear, Thy grave will be a holy spot.  But still we’ll think that thou art near, For thou art not to be forgot.’

William Logsdon, 1799-1880.  Alice Logsdon, 1818-1903.

John Lancaster, born in Charles County, Maryland, January 27, 1766, died April 24, 1838.  Catherine Lancaster, born March 29, 1773, died June 29, 1847.

November 23 – Happy Wedding Day!!!

Mercer Cty., KY Anderson Rice married Agnes Alcorn 23 Nov 1789
Woodford Cty., KY John Armstrong married Betsy Mahan 23 Nov 1794
Mercer Cty., KY Henry Creamer married Barbara Garrett 23 Nov 1795
Harrison Cty., KY William Montgomery married Rebecca Lindsey 23 Nov 1797
Harrison Cty., KY James Moore married Rhoda McAdoo 23 Nov 1797
Washington Cty., KY James Hayden married Mary Simms 23 Nov 1798
Mercer Cty., KY John Payne married Rebecca Ricketts 23 Nov 1801
Mercer Cty., KY Samuel McNutt married Susanna Jeffries 23 Nov 1805
Lincoln Cty., KY Phillip Pankey married Polly Stone 23 Nov 1805
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Blandford married Delilah Hays 23 Nov 1812
Washington Cty., KY Aquilla Noe married Martha Thompson 23 Nov 1818
Washington Cty., KY Zachariah Barnes married Nancy Ray 23 Nov 1823
Washington Cty., KY Patrick Mudd married Maria Mildred Mudd 23 Nov 1823
Washington Cty., KY Jeremiah C. Finch married Lydia Galloway 23 Nov 1824
Washington Cty., KY William E. Crawford married Esther McElroy 23 Nov 1825
Washington Cty., KY Joel Gordon married Naomi Bledsoe 23 Nov 1830
Washington Cty., KY William Knott married Mary Downs 23 Nov 1830
Washington Cty., KY Samuel Sandusky married Polly Campbell 23 Nov 1830
Pendleton Cty., KY Peyton Earles married Nancy Ley 23 Nov 1832
Washington Cty., KY John Payne married Ellen Hagan 23 Nov 1840
Hancock Cty., KY Zephenia M. Blackford married Susan A. Hall 23 Nov 1846
Washington Cty., KY Leonard Edelen married Catherine L. Simms 23 Nov 1846
Washington Cty., KY James F. Mudd married Harriett Elder 23 Nov 1846
Washington Cty., KY Rodney Y. McElroy married Frances G. Hardin 23 Nov 1852
Marion Cty., KY J. R. Nelson married Nancy Sandland 23 Nov 1852
Washington Cty., KY Richard Clark married Susan Sutton 23 Nov 1854
Washington Cty., KY Patrick Flynn married Margaret Matthews 23 Nov 1854
Nelson Cty., KY George Washer married Mary Gardiner 23 Nov 1854
Washington Cty., KY James A. Riney married Martha Ann Gettings 23 Nov 1858
Washington Cty., KY Joseph Blandford married Clotilda Medley 23 Nov 1869
Washington Cty., KY Arthur Polin married Bell Clements 23 Nov 1869
Washington Cty., KY Richard P. Yates married Ann E. Smith 23 Nov 1869
Washington Cty., KY Benjamin Bean married Mary Hamilton 23 Nov 1872
Washington Cty., KY Ben F. Simms married Lottie Walls 23 Nov 1876
Washington Cty., KY John C. Whittinghill married Mary E. Ellis 23 Nov 1876
Washington Cty., KY Felix F. Mudd married Fannie Auberry 23 Nov 1880
Washington Cty., KY J. M. Grant married Rachel Emery 23 Nov 1886
Washington Cty., KY Thomas J. Hamilton married Annie L. Mudd 23 Nov 1886
Washington Cty., KY Stephen D. Merritt married Nannie L. Sacray 23 Nov 1887
Washington Cty., KY William M. Seay married Fannie Birch 23 Nov 1887
Washington Cty., KY John D. Bailey married Lena Moffett 23 Nov 1892
Marion Cty., KY Andrew C. Coulter, widower, married Mary T. Nalley 23 Nov 1938

Happy Wedding Day – October 25th

Mercer Cty., KY Joseph Ayers married Rachel Harbison 25 Oct 1787
Mercer Cty., KY Isham Tolley married Isabelle Wilson 25 Oct 1791
Woodford Cty., KY William Page married Nancy Rodding 25 Oct 1797
Mercer Cty., KY Isaac Woods married Nancy Sutton 25 Oct 1797
Pendleton Cty., KY John Crail married Rachel Stephens 25 Oct 1799
Pendleton Cty., KY Edward Downing married Elizabeth Crail 25 Oct 1799
Pendleton Cty., KY James Ingels married Elizabeth Ducker 25 Oct 1799
Lincoln Cty., KY William Masterson married Polly Patton 25 Oct 1803
Lincoln Cty., KY William Mumford married Polly Patton 25 Oct 1803
Washington Cty., KY George L. Epperson married Frances Ray 25 Oct 1819
Pendleton Cty., KY Jacob Franks married Hannah Conyers 25 Oct 1819
Washington Cty., KY Allen Daugherty married Polly Scott 25 Oct 1821
Washington Cty., KY James Maddox married Catherine Jones 25 Oct 1823
Clark Cty., Ky James Crimbul married Sally Brown 25 Oct 1826
Washington Cty., KY Leonard Hamilton, Jr., married Margaret Carrico 25 Oct 1830
Washington Cty., KY William Lynch married Polly Barker 25 Oct 1830
Washington Cty., KY George Sally married Matilda Ford 25 Oct 1830
Washington Cty., KY Thomas M. Claybrook married Lucy Jeffries 25 Oct 1832
Washington Cty., KY James Jones married Elizabeth Allen 25 Oct 1832
Washington Cty., KY Valentine Thompson married Mary Thompson 25 Oct 1834
Woodford Cty., KY Lewis Allen married Lucy Dawson 25 Oct 1836
Washington Cty., KY Edwin A. Broadus married Heathy E. Campbell 25 Oct 1836
Washington Cty., KY Lewis Chelf married Lantuppe Barlow 25 Oct 1836
Washington Cty., KY Lewis Chup married Miss Barlow 25 Oct 1836
Washington Cty., KY Harrison McIntire married Sarah Simmons 25 Oct 1836
Lincoln Cty., KY Francis Lee married Ellen Blain 25 Oct 1847
Washington Cty., KY Elias Dorsey married Catherine Schuler 25 Oct 1849
Marion Cty., KY Thomas Fowler married Margaret Ann Coffee 25 Oct 1852
Washington Cty., KY William Z. Bishop married Maria Jane Curtsinger 25 Oct 1853
Marion Cty., KY Joseph Graham married Minerva Shockley 25 Oct 1853
Washington Cty., KY Alexander Mattingly married Rose Ellen Herbert 25 Oct 1857
Washington Cty., KY Sidney Green married Kate Kimberlain 25 Oct 1860
Washington Cty., KY Thomas S. Ballard married Elizabeth Baker 25 Oct 1864
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Bird married Rhoda Jane Bird 25 Oct 1864
Washington Cty., KY William R. Doolin married Mary E. Harmon 25 Oct 1866
Washington Cty., KY Pius M. Mudd married Mary M. Martin 25 Oct 1870
Washington Cty., KY Sidney Anderson married Susan E. Leathers 25 Oct 1871
Washington Cty., KY Allison D. Reddix married Mattie Richardson 25 Oct 1874
Washington Cty., KY James L. Moran married Martha J. Green 25 Oct 1881
Washington Cty., KY Henry Baker married Jennie Hendrix 25 Oct 1883
Washington Cty., KY Robert Darland married Edna J. Daniel 25 Oct 1883
Washington Cty., KY Jackson Milton married Elizabeth E. Hudson 25 Oct 1883
Washington Cty., KY John Yeager married Sarah J. Colvin 25 Oct 1885
Washington Cty., KY Washington Simms married Mariah J. Wright 25 Oct 1887
Washington Cty., KY Isaac Carney married Eliza Gray 25 Oct 1888
Marion Cty., KY Edward Bradshaw married Ellwood Rush 25 Oct 1893
Marion Cty., KY James F. Brown married Louellen Jarboe 25 Oct 1893
Marion Cty., KY George F. Hughes married Mary A. Head 25 Oct 1893

Richard H. Vandike and Martha E. Anderson 1863 Marriage

This marriage bond from Marion County, Kentucky, is a bit different since the bond amount is $100, rather than the 50 pounds that was bonded in most counties.  Perhaps since this is 1863 – I usually post 1780’s and 1790’s bonds – and a more modern time the bond has changed, not only in amount, but from pounds to dollars!  The writing is a little difficult to read!


Be it known, that we, R. H. Vandike, as principal, and Joseph C. Anderson, as surety, are jointly and severally bound to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the sum of one hundred dollars.

The Condition of this Bond is as follows:

That, whereas Marriage is intended to be solemnized between the above bound R. H. Vandike and Miss Martha E. Anderson.  Now, if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage, this bond shall be void, otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect.

Dated at Lebanon, Marion County, this 13 day of October 1863.

                                 Richard H. Vandike, Joseph C. Anderson

scan022The date of marriage if October 15, 1863, at James Anderson’s in Marion County.  The groom is 34 years of age, was born in Washington County, as were his parents.  This is his first marriage.  Martha Anderson is 31 years of age, born in Casey County, as was her father; her mother was born in Boyle County.  Consent from a writing attested to by Joseph Anderson.  This was a first marriage for both the bride and groom.

Happy Wedding Day – October 16th

Mercer Cty., KY Henry Green married Elizabeth Martin 16 Oct 1790
Woodford Cty., KY Robert McLaughlin married Mary Grayson 16 Oct 1790
Mercer Cty., KY John Gilbert married Catherine Sharrow 16 Oct 1792
Green Cty., KY Simeon Hunt married Betsy Rivers 16 Oct 1797
Washington Cty., KY James Manning married Elizabeth Riley 16 Oct 1797
Garrard Cty., KY John Ballinger married Hannah Jennings 16 Oct 1798
Mercer Cty., KY John Lee married Elizabeth Mitchell 16 Oct 1798
Mercer Cty., KY Ephraim Thompson married Sally Curry 16 Oct 1798
Washington Cty., KY Clement Riney married Elizabeth Gates 16 Oct 1810
Washington Cty., KY James Blair married Elizabeth Stewart 16 Oct 1815
Washington Cty., KY William Bowling married Betsy Sullivan 16 Oct 1815
Lincoln Cty., KY John Murphy married Susanna Dean 16 Oct 1815
Washington Cty., KY William W. Walker married Susanna H. Schooling 16 Oct 1821
Washington Cty., KY Peyton Simpson married Sarah McCarty 16 Oct 1822
Washington Cty., KY Lloyd Simpson married Rebecca Milburn 16 Oct 1823
Washington Cty., KY James R. Herbert married Rosanna Cambron 16 Oct 1824
Washington Cty., KY John McDonald married Margaret Frakes 16 Oct 1827
Washington Cty., KY Samuel B. Montgomery married Nancy Daugherty 16 Oct 1833
Washington Cty., KY John Whitten married Sarah Lewis 16 Oct 1833
Washington Cty., KY Charles Hungate married Sarah Coulter 16 Oct 1837
Washington Cty., KY Arthur McKenna married Dicie McElroy 16 Oct 1838
Washington Cty., KY William Sansbury married Catherine L. Clements 16 Oct 1838
Hancock Cty., KY Richard Boucher married Sarah Anderson 16 Oct 1839
Washington Cty., KY James Z. Lanham married Elizabeth McCain 16 Oct 1847
Washington Cty., KY Harrison G. Thompson married Harriett Bottoms 16 Oct 1847
Hancock Cty., KY Jonathan G. Bozarth married Susan T. Duncan 16 Oct 1848
Marion Cty., KY P. B. Hamilton married Mary Jane ?, 36, born Marion County 16 Oct 1855
Washington Cty., KY John Tewney married Paralee Peter 16 Oct 1855
Washington Cty., KY John McMullins married Sarah Ann Wilkerson 16 Oct 1856
Washington Cty., KY G. W. McMillan married Mary Eliza Coward 16 Oct 1865
Washington Cty., KY James T. Williams married Savilla Frances Goatley 16 Oct 1865
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Smith married Martha E. Seay 16 Oct 1867
Washington Cty., KY J. W. Hays married Sarah Hardesty 16 Oct 1873
Washington Cty., KY Mansen D. Hendren married Kisiah M. Lea 16 Oct 1873
Washington Cty., KY Philip Miller married Annie Mills 16 Oct 1873
Washington Cty., KY John Shields married Mary Louisa Coulter 16 Oct 1873
Washington Cty., KY Andrew Stines married Margaret Prather 16 Oct 1873
Washington Cty., KY John O. Anderson married Clarice Smith 16 Oct 1877
Washington Cty., KY Daniel Devine married America Roberts 16 Oct 1877
Washington Cty., KY Zachariah Crow married Sinia A. Toon 16 Oct 1879
Washington Cty., KY James A. Seay married Nancy A. Mays 16 Oct 1881
Washington Cty., KY John Bean married Emma Mahoney 16 Oct 1888
Washington Cty., KY Lee Cochran married Maggie Cocanougher 16 Oct 1889
Washington Cty., KY James Colvin married Margaret Moore 16 Oct 1892
Washington Cty., KY Dudley Corn married Elizabeth F. Hatchett 16 Oct 1892
Washington Cty., KY John O. Dorsey married Eliza A. Pullium 16 Oct 1892
Marion Cty., KY George Hayden married Lillie Florence Smith 16 Oct 1901