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Adorable Stairsteps

I have the cutest photo to share with you today!  Fourteen children evidently born one just after the other!  Can you imagine all those little boots lined up at night!  The oldest is possibly fifteen or sixteen – the others are stairsteps down the line to the infant held by one of the girls.  All the older children are girls – it is always harder to tell with the little ones since they were usually dressed the same from about three or four and younger.  Do you think their mother made their clothes?

This is a postcard photo.  On back, in the area where it says ‘Place stamp here’, in the corners around it are four triangles, face up, with AZO in lettering, on each side, between the triangles.  This actually tells the postcard stock used.  This particular paper was from Eastman Kodak, and was used for 1904-1918.

What a wonderful glimpse of a bygone era!

Leo, Orvin and Mildred

Scan_Pic1696 1I have a sweet photo to share with you today – three siblings!  Leo, the oldest, and Orvin, middle child, are adorable in their knickers and boots!  But little Mildred steals the show!  Look at the long-waisted dress – it makes her legs look so short!  Her little white lace dress is precious, and the matching bow in her hair!

Scan_Pic1697 1This is a post card photo that can be dated 1904-1918.  Look at the stamp area.  The letters ‘AZO’, with the four corner triangles pointed up give us the information for the date.

Written on the card is, “Leo, 8 yrs the 13 Feb; Orvin, 5 yrs the 27 July; Mildred, 2 yrs the 6 Nov”.  If we only had a last name!  And a date for the photo!  Does anyone recognize these children?

Old Family Photos


What a great photo of the Bechtel sisters!  How I wish we knew their first names!  Notice the teeny waists – did they ever eat?  The front of the house, plants and brick sidewalk are all very nice – much better than a studio background.  Do you think the two sisters in chairs are twins?  Their dresses, shoes and jewelry are identical!

This is a postcard photo.  On the back it says AZO with four triangles pointed up – date 1904-1918.


Isn’t this a fabulous family photo?  Do you think there are two sets of twins – the two girls in dark dresses and the two boys seated in chairs?  There is no mother.  Perhaps she died in childbirth – or another common disease of the time period.  There are no names or place listed.


Four lovely ladies here – look to be related!  The photo was taken by Spafford and Cable in Bloomington, Illinois.


I love this family photo!  The little girls’ dresses are adorable.  I think the younger girl looks like her mother and the older one, her father.  What do you think?  Unfortunately no names or place.


This is a very nice family photo – unfortunately no names listed on the back.  It was made by Root Photography in Cambridge, Illinois.  Does anyone recognize this family?